First NRA anti-Clinton ad features Benghazi hero walking in military cemetery 

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This is how to beat Hillary hit her with the truth about her record and actions.

The National Rifle Association’s first ad in the 2016 presidential election launched Wednesday and it features a Benghazi hero asking voters to respect his dead friends by voting against Hillary Rodham Clinton. Says Mark Geist, who helped save 25 in the Battle of Benghazi: Hillary as President? No thanks. I served in Benghazi My friends didn’t make it. They did their part. Do yours. The NRA Political Victory Fund ad shows Geist walking through a military graveyard and ends with an image of Trump 2016. The NRA and Geist have endorsed Trump.

Source: First NRA anti-Clinton ad features Benghazi hero walking in military cemetery | Washington Examiner


Biden consults with Warren as he mulls 2016 presidential bid

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This is from My Way News. 

I would love to have been a fly on the wall during the meeting between Slow Joe (The Crazy Uncle) Biden and Princess Fauxcahontas Elizabeth (The Phony Indian) Warren.

WASHINGTON (AP) — Vice President Joe Biden left the seclusion of the Delaware home where he’s been weighing a presidential run to meet Saturday with Elizabeth Warren — another influential Democrat who has faced calls to enter the 2016 race.

The unusual weekend huddle with Warren, a Massachusetts senator, took place at the Naval Observatory, the vice president’s official residence, said an individual familiar with the meeting. An Obama administration official said Biden had traveled at the last minute to Washington for a private meeting and planned to return to Delaware the same day. Both of the individuals spoke on condition of anonymity because they weren’t authorized to discuss the meeting publicly.

Biden’s meeting with Warren was the latest sign that the vice president is seriously considering entering the race, and that he’s increasingly discussing it with Democratic leaders outside of his small cadre of longtime advisers.

A rising star in the party, Warren was the subject of an intense lobbying campaign by a group called Draft Warren that sought to persuade her to enter the race. Warren ruled out running in 2016, and a super PAC similarly named Draft Biden later emerged and has been laying the groundwork for a potential Biden candidacy.

Warren, a vocal advocate for economic fairness and Wall Street reform, has notably refrained from endorsing Hillary Rodham Clinton, Sen. Bernie Sanders or the other candidates. She retains the vocal support of many in the liberal wing of the Democratic Party, making her endorsement one of the most highly sought in the primary.

Biden’s quick trip to Washington wasn’t on his official public schedule, which listed him as remaining in Delaware through Sunday. He’s spent the past several days at his home in a secluded, wooded suburb of Wilmington spending time with family — but also meeting with his longtime political aides to assess what it would take to launch a viable presidential campaign against well-funded Democratic opponents with a huge head start.

Spending time with Biden in Delaware has been longtime Biden confidantes Mike Donilon and former Sen. Ted Kaufman, along with his sister, Valerie Owens Biden, who has played a top role in all his previous campaigns. The Associated Press first reported on the Delaware meeting, while CNN first disclosed the session with Warren.

Although Biden has yet to make a decision, his advisers have started gaming out mechanics like fundraising, ballot deadlines and an early primary state strategy. Another key consideration is the personal consequences for Biden and his family, who are still mourning the death of the vice president’s son, Beau Biden, a few months ago.

A look at the deliberations:



Biden’s team has settled on a one-month window in September in which he could potentially announce plans to run.

The longer he waits, the less time he has to build a formidable campaign. But competing events on the administration’s calendar make it difficult to launch in the next couple of weeks, making it more likely an announcement would wait until late September, aides said.

If Biden’s not in by Oct. 1, it will be increasingly difficult for him to run, people who have spoken to Biden recently said. He’ll need at least two full months to get the petition signatures and delegates lined up by the beginning of December to qualify for the ballot in early primary states.

Biden’s aides are also eyeing the first Democratic primary debate — on Oct. 13 — as potentially a make-or-break moment. That first debate is expected to attract a huge audience among Democratic primary voters, giving Biden a powerful opportunity to establish himself as a credible alternative to Clinton.



Clinton and Sanders have already amassed millions of dollars while securing support from many of the party’s top fundraisers.

With that reality in mind, his political advisers have discussed $5 million in hard money — direct campaign contributions — as a bare minimum of what they’d likely need in the first two months to open campaign offices and compete in the first primary contests. Separately, Draft Biden has set a goal to raise $2.5 million to $3 million in the next six or so weeks.

As a super PAC, Draft Biden is exempt from contribution limits, and could pay for pro-Biden television advertising. But the trappings of his current job make campaigning extremely expensive for Biden. When the vice president travels for political events, his campaign has to reimburse the government for much of the cost of Air Force Two.

It remains to be seen whether Biden could attract enough major donors and bundlers to fund a competitive campaign. After all, many of the party’s top fundraisers are already committed to Clinton.



Aiming to prove Biden would be competitive in key primary states, Draft Biden has been organizing and recruiting Democratic talent in Iowa, New Hampshire and South Carolina. This week Steve Schale, who ran Obama’s presidential campaign in Florida, joined the super PAC, becoming the most senior Obama campaign staffer to publicly support a Biden run.

Biden’s team has said it’s optimistic about South Carolina, which holds the third primary contest and where Biden has deep political roots. Aiming to lock up support there, Clinton’s campaign has dispatched top advisers John Podesta and James Carville to campaign for her in South Carolina.

In a bout of encouraging news for Biden this week, a Quinnipiac University poll of three battleground states — Florida, Ohio and Pennsylvania — found Biden faring as well as or better than Clinton against the top Republican candidates. In Ohio, 48 percent said they’d support Biden over Republican Donald Trump, giving Biden a 10-point lead over the GOP front-runner.

Gowdy asks Clinton to turn over email server for review

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This is from CNSNews.

Cue the Clinton stonewalling  and character assassination on Rep. Trey Gowdy R-S.C. in 5, 4,3,2.

WASHINGTON (AP) — The chairman of a House committee investigating the deadly 2012 attacks in Benghazi formally requested Friday that Hillary Rodham Clinton turn over her email server for an independent review.

Rep. Trey Gowdy, R-S.C., sent a letter requesting that Clinton, a likely Democratic presidential candidate, turn over to the State Department inspector general or other third party the server she used for official business while serving as secretary of state. The aim would be to have a third party determine what records should be made public.

“Though Secretary Clinton alone is responsible for causing this issue, she alone does not get to determine its outcome,” Gowdy said in a statement. His request to turn over the server is “in the interest of transparency for the American people,” Gowdy said.

Clinton has pledged that all her work-related email will be made public but has acknowledged deleting thousands of messages related to personal matters. Clinton has said the server “will remain private.”

A Clinton spokesman said Friday that when all her work emails are released, “it will offer an unprecedented opportunity for the American people to see for themselves that they are all there and then some.”

Gowdy set an April 3 deadline for Clinton and her lawyers to respond. If she declines to make the server available, “I will inform the speaker of the House of Representatives so that he can use the full powers of the House to take the necessary steps to protect the best interests of the American people,” Gowdy wrote in a letter to Clinton’s attorney, David Kendall.

House Speaker John Boehner has not ruled out a vote in the full House to force Clinton to turn over the server if she declines to make it available.

Clinton is considered the Democratic front-runner if she decides to seek the presidency, and the high-profile Republican investigations are likely to dog her in the run-up to the 2016 election.

Rep. Elijah Cummings of Maryland, the top Democrat on the Benghazi panel, said Gowdy’s letter seemed “designed to spark a fight with a potential presidential candidate rather than follow the standard practice in congressional investigations.”

When congressional Democrats investigated emails sent by White House staffers under President George W. Bush from accounts at the Republican National Committee, they did not demand access to RNC servers or backup tapes, Cummings said.

“We should follow this responsible approach to resolve any remaining questions” about the Clinton emails, he said.

Meantime, the Justice Department said this week that it shouldn’t be required under the Freedom of Information Act to provide emails from Clinton that were sent from or received by her private account. Government lawyers said in a filing to a federal appeals court late Thursday that the FOIA law “creates no obligation for an agency to search for and produce records that it does not possess and control.”

The Justice Department acted on the State Department’s behalf in a lawsuit by Freedom Watch, a conservative group led by Larry Klayman, who has filed dozens of lawsuits against the Clintons in the past. Klayman asked the U.S. Court of Appeals for the D.C. Circuit to hold the former secretary and top aide Cheryl Mills in criminal contempt in relation to its request for documents.

Klayman says the court also should issue a subpoena for the seizure and production of the computer file server that was used to store and process Clinton’s emails. The Justice Department said the requests should be denied.

Gowdy has set a March 27 deadline for Clinton to respond to a subpoena for emails and documents related to Libya.


7 Other Times President Obama Said He Found Out About World Events By Watching the News

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This is from Independent Journal Review.

Does anyone believe this crap other than the Obamabots?


In an interview with CBS News, President Barack Obama claimed not to know that his former Secretary of State, Hillary Rodham Clinton, was using a personal email address to conduct government business while in office.

On Friday, Obama told CBS News’ Bill Plante that he learned about Clinton’s email address:

“…The same time that everybody else learned it, through news reports,” the president told CBS News’ Bill Plante Friday about when he learned about Clinton’s email address.

Obama’s statement seems to contradict White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest’s announcement that the President did, in fact, know about her email address, since he emailed her directly on several occasions.

This isn’t the first time the commander-in-chief has claimed not to know about a controversial issue. In a Facebook post on Monday, congressional candidate Dan Bongino wrote:

Daniel Bongino

Public Figure · 79,765 Likes

· Yesterday at 10:06am· Edited ·

Is anyone else bothered by the fact that our President rarely knows what’s going on in his own administration? He cavalierly admits this over and over and yet few on the Left, or in the media, want to acknowledge just how embarrassing this is.

Here’s the short list of scandals occurring under this President which he claims he learned about from the media:

-The Hillary Clinton email scandal
-The Fast & Furious gun running scandal
-The NSA spying on foreign leaders scandal
-The Petraeus scandal
-The IRS targeting of conservative groups
-The Department of Justice’s wiretapping of reporters at The Associated Press
-The Department of Justice’s wiretapping of Fox News’ James Rosen
-The VA healthcare “waiting list” scandal

Isn’t the President’s feigned ignorance of what’s going on under his nose, and on his watch, the biggest scandal of them all? How does the President of the United States not know that the government he presides over as its Chief Executive is failing in its most basic duties?

Doesn’t the fact that the President (a passionate advocate for big government as a positive force for change) claims he doesn’t know what’s going on in his own administration, make the case that big government is a bankrupt, failed approach?

Here’s a quick look back at some other times the President has claimed innocence, as pointed out by both Bongino and former CBS reporter Sharyl Attkisson:

  1. Fast and Furious: When asked about the gun-running scandal that resulted in the death of border agent Brian Terry in 2010, President Obama told reporters on Oct. 11, 2011, “I heard on the news about this story, that, uh, Fast and Furious.”
  2. NSA spying on foreign leaders: President Obama said he didn’t know his administration was spying on foreign leaders like German Chancellor Angela Merkel. He told the press on Oct. 28, 2013 that, “I can assure you that I certainly did not know anything about the IG report before the IG report had been leaked through the press.”
  3. The General David Petraeus sex scandal: Petraeus, then the director of the Central Intelligence Agency, was forced to resign in Nov. 2012 after news surfaced that he was having an affair with his biographer. The White House repeatedly refused to answer questions about when the President was finally briefed about Petraeus’ situation.
  4. The IRS’s targeting of conservative groups: President Obama told the media in May 2013 that he first learned about the IRS’s improper targeting “from the same news reports that I think most people learned about this. I think it was on Friday.”
  5. The Justice Department’s wiretapping of AP and Fox News reporters: When asked about the secret seizure of reporters’ phone records, Obama spokesperson Jay Carney told the media that the president “found out about the news reports, uh, yesterday on the road.”
  6. The Department of Veterans’ Affairs healthcare ‘waiting list’ scandal: The White House appeared to be in the dark about the waiting list scandal and cover-up related to medical care for the country’s military vets. Then-Press Secretary Jay Carney told reporters that, “We learned about them through the reports. I will double check if that is not the case. But that is when we learned about them.”
  7. The Unauthorized Air Force One photo-op: New York City residents were panicked when, in April 2009, Air Force One — sans President Obama — flew over the Statue of Liberty for a pre-scheduled photo-op. Obama’s response: “It was something that, uh, we found out about, uh, along with all of you.”

Ashley Judd Compares Hillary Clinton to Thomas Jefferson and George Washington

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This is from Godfather Politics. 

To call Ashely Judd a vapid twit would be an insult to vapid twits.


In an interview, Ashley Judd said that she loves Hillary Rodham Clinton. Then she went on to say that Mrs. Clinton “might be the most overqualified candidate we’ve had since – you know – Thomas Jefferson or George Washington.”

Delusion is a hard thing to shake by the person who is delusional. Does Ashley Judd know anything about Thomas Jefferson? One has to wonder. None of this should surprise us. In 2012, she said the following about Bill Clinton: “I think that he is a powerful leader. I think he’s a brilliant man. I think that he has an incredible devotion to our constitution.” Devotion to our Constitution?

What are Hillary Clinton’s major accomplishments? If she wasn’t the wife of Bill Clinton, would we know anything about her? What has she done that is even remotely comparable to Thomas Jefferson or George Washington? Name these accomplishments.

What did she do as a Senator that’s memorable? Her stint as Secretary of State was a disaster.

Then there are her political views that hardly line up with Jefferson’s.

When President John F. Kennedy welcomed forty-nine Nobel Prize winners to the White House in 1962, he said, “I think this is the most extraordinary collection of talent, of human knowledge, that has ever been gathered at the White House, with the possible exception of when Thomas Jefferson dined alone.”

Hillary Clinton is no Thomas Jefferson.



Here is a list of some of Jefferson’s accomplishments:

  • Appointed to revise Virginia laws.
  • Wrote Notes on the State of Virginia.
  • Advocated states’ rights over national institutions in stark difference to his predecessor John Adams.
  • Serve as Minister of the United States to France.
  • Served as Secretary of State under George Washington.
  • Served as Vice-President under John Adams.
  • Served as the third president of the United States
  • Purchased the Louisiana Territory from France (1803) for $15 million and doubled the size of the United States.
  • Drastically cut federal government spending and reduced the national debt by more than 25 percent.
  • Primary author of the Declaration of Independence and the Statute of Virginia for Religious Freedom.
  • Founder of the University of Virginia.

Then there are Jefferson’s inventions:

  1. Dumbwaiters for wine bottles
  2. Great Clock
  3. Hideaway bed
  4. Macaroni and cheese, not to mention a macaroni extruding device
  5. Pedometer
  6. Plow moldboard of least resistance
  7. Polygraph (not a lie detector, but a handwriting copying machine – poly = many + graph = writing)
  8. Revolving bookstand
  9. Spherical sundial
  10. Improved swivel chair
  11. Wheel cipher

Let’s not forget that he designed his own home.

Jefferson did own slaves, and like Hillary’s husband, there are some who say that he had a few sexual dalliances. While Jefferson did own slaves by inheritance, the politics of Hillary would make us all slaves to the State.

I’ll leave it to someone else to compare Hillary Clinton to George Washington.


Hillary Clinton to be Honored as “Children’s Advocate”

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This is from Minuteman News.


Hillary a children’s advocate?

What next will Jack The Ripper be honored as a women’s advocate?

Hillary is an abortion advocate.

Chelsea Clinton didn’t seem to pick up on the irony of lamenting about how  her great-grandmother didn’t have access to abortion. Her grandmother was born  of two unwed, teen parents. If they had had access to abortion and had gone  through with one, Chelsea would have never had a grandmother. There would have  been no Hillary and no Chelsea. Chelsea and her mom wouldn’t be here today  showing their support for abortion that would have prevented their own  existence. (I guess that’s not such a bad thing after all.)

What’s equally ironic is Hillary being honored by the Children’s Defense Fund  later this month for being a “children’s advocate.” The CDF President Marian  Wright Edelman said:

“The Children’s Defense Fund is commemorating its 40th Anniversary by  recognizing champions who are changing the odds for children. Although critical  gains have been made for children over these past four decades, much remains to  be done. As we celebrate the great milestones in CDF’s history, we will honor  the servant leaders across generations who have worked hard with us in the  trenches to build a more just nation for all our young. We are pleased to  recognize Hillary Rodham Clinton who has been a tireless voice for children and  was with the Children’s Defense Fund at the beginning as a young staff attorney,  then board member and board chair.”

How can she be said to be a children’s advocate when she’s perfectly fine  with unborn babies receiving death sentences if the mother feels inconvenienced  by them? These unborn babies have done nothing wrong. They’re physically  incapable of doing anything wrong. They are the most innocent of human beings,  and over 50 million of them have been slaughtered in America.

Read more:


Top 5 sins of Hillary Clinton

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This is from Bizpac Review.

This list only scratches the surface of Hillary’s sins.

We can not afford a Hillary presidency.

Then again we can not afford eight years of Obama either.

Three years before the 2016 election, the Democratic Party is touting former Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton as our next president, but she’s displayed a pattern of lies and deceit that makes her far from an ideal candidate.

The following are but a few examples, but are my top five so far:

#5:  Whitewater

Whitewater involved both Clintons in a land development deal, which eventually became closely aligned with a small local bank purchased by Clinton confidante James McDougal. Federal regulators eventually questioned the bank’s loose investments and lending practices, including money that was allegedly improperly withdrawn from depositors’ accounts to help pay off Clinton campaign debts.

Quoting a 2000 Wall Street Journal editorial, ThinkFY noted:

“Just as Bill could have settled the Paula Jones case, the Clintons could have chosen to out the Whitewater mess and move on, for example by waiving privileges. Instead, the Clintons and their lawyers established an ethos of stonewalls, shady statements, slick lawyering, witness intimidation, and rhetorical assaults on public servants. The key players either kept quiet or were completely discredited by a brutal White House attack machine.”

#4: TravelGate

hillary first ladySeven White House travel office employees were fired during the first year of the Clinton administration, accused of mismanagement. Then-White House spokeswoman Dee Dee Myers hinted at criminal activity and claimed the former employees were under FBI investigation.

Critics have charged that the entire affair was a ruse so the seven could be replaced with friends of the Clintons.

Just like Whitewater and many other scandals, the venial sin, many believe, was in the act — the mortal sin was the cover-up.

“There is ‘substantial evidence’ that First Lady Hillary Rodham Clinton lied under oath in denying that she played a role in the 1993 White House travel office firings, independent counsel Robert W. Ray reported Thursday,” ThinkFY wrote, quoting a Los Angeles Times editorial.

#3: Bosnia sniper claim

During her 2008 presidential bid, Clinton related a “war story” to the press that implied her life was in peril at one instance during her time as first lady.

“I remember landing under sniper fire,” she said, referring to a 1996 trip to Bosnia, according to CBS News. “There was supposed to be some sort of a greeting ceremony at the airport, but instead we just ran with our heads down to get into the vehicles to get to our base.”

CBS News called her out on that one, and it had the footage to prove it. On the video, Clinton and daughter Chelsea could be seen leisurely greeting visitors at the airport. When confronted with the evidence, Clinton claimed she “misspoke.”

One doesn’t misspeak about something like that. The way she’d embellished the details was as total fabrication from start to finish, and she got caught.

#2: Watergate

hillary-rodhamWhen Clinton was a 27-year-old staffer for the House Judiciary Committee and working on the Watergate investigation, a supervisor accused her of writing a fraudulent legal brief and covering her tracks with confiscated public documents. As a result, lifelong Democrat Jerry Zeifman, the committee’s general counsel and chief of staff, said he fired her and refused to provide her a letter of recommendation.

“She was a liar,” Zeifman said, according to theWestern Center for Journalism. “She was an unethical, dishonest lawyer. She conspired to violate the Constitution, the rules of the House, the rules of the committee and the rules of confidentiality.”

#1: Benghazi attack

For weeks after the Benghazi terrorist attack that resulted in the loss of four American lives, Clinton referred to the incident as a “spontaneous demonstration” emanating from an anti-Muslim “YouTube video,” even though she had to have known almost from the outset that it was anything but.

Gregory N. Hicks, who served as deputy chief of mission at the U.S. Embassy in Libya, testified that he spoke to Clinton directly during the attack. There was no question that she knew it wasn’t just some demonstration that had gotten out of hand, he said.

When asked how he felt when he saw the false narrative being presented to the country by Clinton and others, Hicks replied, “I’ve never been as embarrassed in my life, in my career as on that day.”

These are but a few in a long list of glimpses into the Clinton character, and they should be remembered when 2016 comes rolling along.



Even New York House Guests Don’t Support Hillary 2016

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Hat Tip To Opus#6.

These are her words.

I have my friends from Brooklyn over this weekend and they suggested asking anybody who supports Hillary for President in 2016 to name something she did as Secretary of State. Something positive.


Netanyahu ready for ‘whatever action’ is needed in Gaza, as Clinton arrives for talks

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This is from Fox News Politics.

 Israel needs to drive Hamas out of the Gaza Strip.

Then Israel needs to wipe out Hamas from Gaza.


Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, while affirming his support for diplomatic efforts to reach a cease-fire in Gaza, underscored that Israel would take “whatever actions” are necessary to defend itself.

Netanyahu made a brief statement beside U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, who had flown to the Mideast on Tuesday to help advance diplomatic talks intended to avert an escalation of the weeklong conflict with Hamas, which controls the Gaza Strip.

Clinton said the United States is pushing for a “durable outcome” promoting stability, but the cease-fire talks brokered by Egypt had failed to yield a truce as of late Tuesday, with Hamas reportedly saying an agreement won’t come any earlier than Wednesday.

Earlier Tuesday, a senior Hamas official had told the AP that a truce agreement was within reach, while Reuters quoted an Israeli spokesman who said that while a cease-fire wasn’t finalized, the “ball is still in play.”

Reuters later quoted a Hamas official saying they “must wait until tomorrow,” blaming Israel’s failure to respond to proposals.

Efforts to end a week-old convulsion of Israeli-Palestinian violence drew in the world’s top diplomats on Tuesday, with President Obama dispatching Clinton to the region on an emergency mission and the U.N. chief appealing from Cairo for an immediate cease-fire.

“The goal must be a durable outcome that promotes regional stability and advances the security and legitimate aspirations of Israelis and Palestinians alike,” Clinton said after meeting with Netanyahu.

Israel and Gaza’s militant Hamas rulers have staked tough, hard-to-bridge positions, and the gaps keep alive the threat of an Israeli ground invasion. On Tuesday, grieving Gazans were burying militants and civilians killed in ongoing Israeli airstrikes, and barrages of rockets from Gaza sent terrified Israelis scurrying to take cover.

Meanwhile, Israel reported its first military causality in the conflict after a rocket strike.

Reuters reported that Palestinian gunmen rode motorcycles and dragged the body of a man suspected of working for Israel.

There is broad consensus among Palestinians that informers for Israel deserve harsh punishment, and it is rare to hear someone speak out against killings of alleged collaborators. Such public killings been carried out in the West Bank and Gaza since the first uprising against Israeli occupation in the late 1980s.

From Egypt, U.N. chief Ban Ki-moon said he came to the region because of the “alarming situation.”

“This must stop, immediate steps are needed to avoid further escalation, including a ground operation,” Ban said. “Both sides must hold fire immediately … Further escalation of the situation could put the entire region at risk.”

The U.S. considers Hamas, which has killed hundreds of Israelis in suicide and other attacks, to be a terror group and does not meet with its officials. The Obama administration blames Hamas for the latest eruption of violence and says Israel has the right to defend itself. At the same time, it has warned against a ground invasion, saying it could send casualties spiraling.

The conflict erupted last week, when a resurgence in rocket fire from Gaza provoked Israel to strike back, killing Hamas’ military chief in an air attack and carrying out hundreds of assaults on militants’ underground rocket launchers and weapons stores.

The onslaught abruptly turned deadlier over the weekend as aircraft were ordered to go after Hamas military commanders and buildings suspected of housing their commands and weapons caches. In the narrow alleys and warrens of crowded Gaza, where militants often operate from residential areas, civilian casualties mounted.

By Tuesday, civilians accounted for 54 of the 113 Palestinians killed since the operation began. Some 840 people have been wounded, including 225 children, Gaza health officials said.

Early Tuesday, Israeli aircraft targeted another Hamas symbol of power, battering the headquarters of the bank senior Hamas officials set up to sidestep international sanctions on the militant group’s rule. After Hamas violently overran Gaza in June 2007, foreign lenders stopped doing business with the militant-led Gaza government, afraid of running afoul of international terror financing laws.

Read more:


House Dems Call McCain Racist, Sexist and Say He ‘Battered’ Susan Rice

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This is from CNSNews.

The DemocRats have added to the tired old race card.

Now  they have add the sexist label to the race card.

Sadly they will keep using the same old tired charges.

Even more sadly they will work with so many people.

John McCain is a RINO but not a racist or sexist.


( – Several House Democrats on Friday attacked Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz) as a racist, a sexist, and said that his criticism of U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations Susan Rice amounted to mugging and battering.

“There is a clear, a clear in my opinion, sexism and racism that goes with these comments that are being made by – unfortunately – Senator McCain and others,” Congressional Black Caucus chairwoman Rep. Marsha Fudge (D-Ohio.) said in a press conference Friday on Capitol Hill.

“And I strongly stand by that statement.”

Fudge said that Republican critics of Rice including McCain had never called a man “unqualified” or “not bright”, referring to comments he made on CBS’ This Morning program Thursday.

“All of the things that they have disliked about things that have gone on in this administration they have never called a male unqualified, not bright, not trustworthy. I don’t recall it ever happening,” Fudge said.

During the same press conference, Rep. Gwen Moore (D-Wis.) said that McCain and other “men” should not be allowed to “attack” or “batter this woman” Rice.

“What unmitigated gall for these men to attack the permanent representative to the United Nations Susan E. Rice,” Moore said.

“We all understand that all of us have been disappointed in one way or another about the results of the election – but to batter this woman because they don’t feel they have had the ability to batter President Obama is something that we, the women, are not going to stand by and watch.”

Moore said that because of his criticism of Rice, she no longer considered McCain a “gentleman.”

“There was a time when I regarded Mr. McCain in particular as a gentleman. I am sad that this is not one of those moments,” she said.

Ambassador Rice is reportedly on the short list to be nominated to replace Hillary Rodham Clinton as Secretary of State, and on Wednesday, McCain said that he “will do everything in my power to block her (Rice) from being the United States secretary of state.”

Rice stirred up controversy when she told a series of Sunday talk shows on Sept. 16 that the attack on the U.S. consulate in Benghazi, Libya, five days earlier had been a “spontaneous reaction” to an online video clip denigrating the Prophet Mohammed.

U.S. Ambassador Chris Stevens and three other Americans were killed in the attack, which was subsequently dubbed a terrorist attack.

McCain told Fox News: “Susan Rice should have known better and if she didn’t know better, she is not qualified. She should have known better.”

Referring to Rice on “CBS This Morning,” McCain said the ambassador was, at the least, guilty of “not being very bright, because it was obvious that this was not a ‘flash mob’ and there was additional information by the time she went on every news show in America.”

Graham, on CBS “Face the Nation” on Sunday, had said of Rice: “I think Susan Rice would have an incredibly difficult time getting through the Senate. I would not vote for her unless there’s a tremendous opening up of information explaining herself [on Benghazi] in a way she has not yet done.”

At a White House press conference on Wednesday, President Obama said if members of Congress have a problem with the way his administration handled the aftermath of the terror attacks – blaming them on an obscure video — they should take their complaints to him:

“If Senator McCain and Senator Graham and others want to go after somebody, they should go after me. And I’m happy to have that discussion with them,” Obama said.

“But for them to go after the U.N. ambassador, who had nothing to do with Benghazi and was simply making a presentation based on intelligence that she had received, and besmirch her reputation, is outrageous,” he said.

In response, Senator Lindsey Graham tweeted: “Mr. President, don’t think for one minute I don’t hold you ultimately responsible for #Benghazi.”


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