School questionnaire asks students how many guns family owns and how they’re used

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This is from Liberty UnYeilding.

These are questions that no school system needs an answer to.

This is one more reason to homeschool.


As noted at LU earlier this month, Vivek Hallegere Murthy, the surgeon general hand-picked by Barack Obama, is of the opinion that banning guns is part of medicine. To this end, he believes that questions about guns in the home should be a routine part of a patient’s medical history.

Of course, not every family goes to the doctor regularly, so to fill the void in learning about handgun ownership, Hendrickson High School in Pflugerville, Texas, has taken the initiative to have students fill out a questionnaire that asks whether their family owns any guns and, if so, whether they are used for self-defense, hunting, or something else.

In case the survey isn’t already invasive enough, it goes on to ask students to identify their parents’ political views, quantifying their family’s ideological outlook on a scale of 1 to 1o, “where 10=strong liberal and 10=strong conservative.” Give the school credit. For 10, they could have substituted “bitter clinger.”

Here’s the questionnaire in its entirety.


survey gun ownership

The survey was reportedly brought to the public’s attention by Michael Cargill, a gun rights activist and host of the radio show “Come and Talk It.” Cargill is quoted by Infowars as having said:

[The Second Amendment] is a great conversation for kids to have in the classroom and definitely for journalism because it applies directly to our Constitution… but the questions that concern me are the ones that ask ‘how many firearms does your parents have at home?’ and ‘what political affiliations do your parents have?’ That’s private.

The Infowars article goes on to point out that the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms is increasingly partnering with public schools.



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This is from Patriot UpDate.

Another reason to homeschool your children.


The United States has a rich history of which all Americans can be proud. It’s not perfect, but it is very good. America’s record among the community of nations is a sterling example of what people of good will can do when they enjoy the blessings of liberty, freedom, and self-determination. But liberals don’t see things this way. To them America’s history is a shameful record characterized by military adventurism, imperialism, and exploitation. Most liberals can find little good to say about America—past or present—and they use our nation’s public schools, colleges, and universities to pass their disdain on to successive generations of susceptible young people. Here are some examples of how liberals view America’s history and teach it in the public schools:

  • The American Revolution was flawed because it failed to free the slaves. The French Revolution was better (in spite of the orgy of mass murder).
  • America’s Founding Fathers were a bunch of patriarchal slaveholders unworthy of more than a brief mention in history books.
  • Democracy is a good thing—provided the left is in control.
  • All southerners during the War Between the States were bad—they all fought to preserve slavery.
  • California and Texas were taken from their rightful owners—Mexico—by Yankee imperialists backed by the U.S. military. Those Americans killed at the Alamo got what they deserved.
  • The Panama Canal is an example of the forceful expansionism and international bullying of an American president.
  • Hoover caused the Great Depression by relying on free-market economics and FDR ended it through government intervention. World War II had nothing to do with America’s economic recovery.
  • World War I and II were fought to help America’s imperialist allies retain their colonies worldwide.
  • Dropping the atomic bombs on Nagasaki and Hiroshima amounted to war crimes on the part of the U.S. military.
  • Joseph McCarthy was wrong about there being communists in the U.S. government.
  • Vietnam was an unjust war, soldiers who fought there are baby killers, and the only heroes of the war are those who burned their draft cards and refused to serve in the military.
  • Johnson’s “war on poverty” is an excellent example of how government programs can make the world a better place.
  • Because of the crushing remnants of slavery, minorities in America will perpetually need and should be given special privileges such as Affirmative Action to level the playing field.
  • Ronald Reagan was an over-the-hill politician who acted his way into the presidency. He was one of the worst presidents in America’s history.
  • Government programs, statism, and socialism are good. Private enterprise and free markets are bad.
  • Freedom of the press is a good thing, but conservative talk radio should be outlawed.
  • The Bill of Rights is commendable, but the Second Amendment should be repealed.
  • The religious freedom in the First Amendment does not apply to Christian businesses that are singled out for bullying tactics by homosexual advocacy groups.

Readers can probably add examples of their own concerning how liberals view America’s history. Nothing is more hypocritical than exploiting the Constitutional freedoms granted to all Americans to distort the history of the nation that affords those very freedoms to its citizens. But this is exactly what liberals do when they purposefully distort America’s history. What is worse is that these distortions are what liberals are teaching your children if you send them to public schools.

Islamic Indoctrination in TN Schools

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This is from Victoria

Our public schools have gone to Hell.

One more good reason to home school.


Monday night, Oct. 6, at the Point of Grace concert, I ran into a concerned mom who told me that she appreciated my work opposing Common Core and its anti-Christian, pro-Islamic propaganda. She told me that in Sumner County, TN, her son in 7th grade has been studying Islam since school started. That’s over a month of Islamic propaganda.

Andprayer, Bible reading, the word “Christmas”, and any mention of Jesus, (unless it’s a curse word) is not allowed.

The Liberals who shout ‘separation of church and state’ seem to ignore this dichotomy, this contradiction in their ideology; that they allow any belief system except Christianity to be promoted in the public square.

A proper education would include the study of all belief systems and what makes them different.

(By the way, Christianity is different from other “faiths” because it does not preach good works for salvation. All other religions require good works for salvation; crawl on your knees to Mecca, say Hail Mary’s, go to confession, do good deeds, earn your way back as a higher life form by being good, find your higher self, etc. The Bible teaches that “our righteousness is as filthy rags,” we could never be good enough to enter a perfect Heaven. Ephesians 2:8-9, it says, “For by grace are you saved through faith, and that not of yourselves, it is a gift of God; not of works lest any man should boast.” John 3:16, “For God so loved the world, that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him, should not perish, but have everlasting life.” This is ‘the gospel’ or good news – that we could never be good enough to earn salvation, so God, Jehovah, came down to earth in the form of a man, Jesus, and died for us, redeemed us, paid the price for our sin, so that we could be with Him after our physical bodies die. “He himself likewise shared in the same, that through death, He might destroy him who had the power of death, that is, the devil, and release those who through fear of death were all their lifetime subject to bondage.” Hebrews 2:14-15 “”If we died with Christ, we believe that we shall also live with Him, knowing that Christ, having been raised from the dead, dies no more.” Romans 6:8-11

And, by the way, separation of church and state is nowhere in our founding documents. It was a phrase taken from a letter that Thomas Jefferson sent to the Danbury, Connecticut Baptists who were worried that this new government would limit their preaching of the gospel (John 3:16); Jefferson was assuring them that there was a separation of church and state and that the government would not interfere with the propagation of the gospel of Jesus Christ. Link here.

Below is what is currently being taught in 7th grade at Vance Middle School in Bristol, TN.


What are we going to do about this? Nothing?

Ask your children what they are being taught all day long when they are away from you.

When you connect the dots, you can see that Islam has infiltrated our FBI, CIA, White House, courts, universities, media, and even our children’s minds.

Read Shariah The Threat. Link here.
Go to Center for Security Policy here and Muslim Brotherhood in America here to see how the satanic cult of Islam is creeping into America.

Teacher Asks Second Graders To Draw What They See In Clouds, Boy Sees Gun, Teacher WRITES UP BOY


This is from The Daily Caller.

Anti gun hysteria, Zero Tolerance and down right ignorance is very clear in this article.

This nonsense is why we homeschool our daughters.


YouTube screenshot/G Thais., KKTV screenshot

Another little boy has gotten in trouble at a taxpayer-funded public school for having something – or, in this case, drawing something – that represents a gun but isn’t actually anything remotely approaching a real gun.

This week, a second-grade teacher in Colorado filed a behavioral report on a boy after he drew a picture of a gun because she instructed him to go outside, look up at the clouds and draw what he saw.

The incident unfolded at Talbott Elementary School in Colorado Springs, reports local CBS affiliate KKTV.

“Draw a picture of what you see in the clouds from your imagination,” 8-year-old Kody said, describing the teacher’s assignment.

“And that picture is a gun,” he added, proudly pointing to the gun he drew — based on the cloud he saw.

Kody’s cloud portrayal was deemed wrong by his unidentified teacher, who marched him into the office and then filed the behavior report.

The boy’s crime, according to the behavioral report, was exhibiting behavior that is disruptive to the learning community at Talbott Elementary.

Kody’s parents were not pleased.


It hurts,” father, Jeff Smith told KKTV. “It hurts that he was so scared for being penalized for his imagination.”


The boy’s mother, Angel Rivers, flatly told the station she believes her son did nothing wrong.


In the image attached to this story, the drawing on the right is Kody’s drawing. The image on the left is not the cloud he saw. It’s just one of a dime-a-dozen fluffy clouds on earth that might look like a gun to an imaginative eight-year-old boy.


School district officials have promised the frustrated parents that the behavioral report will not show up on Kody’s permanent academic record. They also issued a statement proclaiming that they “exercised an age-appropriate reaction to an incident.”


Last year’s national frenzy of school officials suspending kids as young as kindergarten for having stuff that represents a gun, but isn’t actually anything close to a real gun, has slowed down this year.


In November, an Arizona couple pulled their 8-year-old son out of a charter school after school officials threatened to expel the boy for his colorful drawings of a ninja, a soldier and a character from Star Wars. All three impressively-drawn figures are clutching guns and knives. (RELATED: Principal Threatens To Expel Third-Grader Over These Awesome Drawings)


In September, a Rhode Island seventh grader with a perfect school attendance record made the mistake of bringing a tiny, silver keychain shaped like a gun to his middle school. The two-inch keychain fell out of his backpack. A teacher impounded the roughly quarter-sized hunk of cheap metal. School officials sprang into action, suspending the boy for three days. (RELATED: Insanity: seventh-grader suspended three days for gun keychain the size of a quarter)


Last school year, school officials all over the nation were swept up in an epidemic of anti-gun hysteria involving things that somehow resemble guns but aren’t actually real guns.


In May 2013, school officials at Dowell Elementary School in Lusby, Md. allegedly interrogated a kindergartener for over two hours after the boy brought a plastic, orange-tipped cowboy-style cap gun on a school bus because he “really, really” wanted his friend to see it. Worried sick about the pop gun, school officials called the boy’s mother. By the time she arrived, he had wet his pants. (RELATED: Kindergartener interrogated over cap gun until he pees his pants, then suspended 10 days)


In April 2013, an eighth grader in West Virginia was suspended and, astonishingly, arrested after he refused to remove a t-shirt supporting the National Rifle Association. The courageous 14-year-old then returned to school wearing exactly the same shirt, which depicts a hunting rifle with the statement “protect your right.” Prosecutors later dropped the charges. (RELATED: Eighth-grader arrested over NRA shirt returns to school in same shirt)


In March 2013, school officials at Park Elementary School in Baltimore, Md. suspended an 8-year-old boy because he nibbled his strawberry breakfast pastry into something resembling a gun. School district officials later refused to remove the incident from the boy’s permanent academic record.(RELATED: Second Grader Suspended For Having Breakfast Pastry Shaped Like A Gun)


Also in March, officials at an elementary school in small-town Michigan impounded a third-grader boy’s batch of 30 homemade birthday cupcakes because they were adorned with “insensitive” plastic figurines representing World War Two soldiers. (RELATED: School Confiscates Third-Grader’s Cupcakes Topped With Toy Soldiers)


In February, a 7-year-old boy got suspended because he lobbed a pretend grenade – probably heroically far – toward make-believe bad guys on the playground during recess. (RELATED: Seven-Year-Old Boy Lobs Pretend Grenade During Recess, Gets Suspended)


In January 2013, school officials at D. Newlin Fell School in Philadelphia yelled at a student and then searched her in front of her class after she was found with a paper gun her grandfather had made for her. (RELATED: Paper Gun Causes Panic)


Also in January, a six-year-old boy at Roscoe R. Nix Elementary School in Silver Spring, Maryland was suspended for making the universal kid sign for a gun, pointing at another student and saying “pow.” That boy’s suspension was later lifted and his name cleared. (RELATED: Pow! You’re Suspended, Kid)


Another January anti-gun hysteria story took place in rural Pennsylvania involving a kindergarten girl who was suspended after she told another girl that she planned to shoot her with a pink Hello Kitty toy gun that bombards targets with soapy bubbles. The kindergartener also had to submit to psychological testing before she could return to school. (RELATED: Kindergartener Suspended For Making ‘Terroristic Threat’ With Hello Kitty Bubble Gun)


Read more:

OH Bill Would Require Parents to Undergo State Investigation Before Homeschooling

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This is from Truth Revolt.

Senator Capri Cafaro (D-Ohio)  is bowing down and licking the

boots of of his master the teachers unions.

The public schools need to be investigated not homeschoolers.

I also understand this is an attack on Christianity and


As most homeschoolers fall into both categories.


A new bill proposed by Senator Capri Cafaro (D-Ohio) would require parents who have decided to homeschool their child to undergo an investigation by social services, who would then decide whether or not it would be permitted.

The Home School Legal Defense Association (HSLDA) website is reporting that on December 3, 2014, Senate Bill 248 was introduced in Ohio. This bill is the latest attack against families from state legislatures who want to severely restrict choice to homeschool children. The HSLDA summarizes this bill:

It requires all parents who homeschool to undergo a social services investigation which would ultimately determine if homeschooling would be permitted. Social workers would have to interview parents and children separately, conduct background checks and determine whether homeschooling is recommended or not. If it is not recommended, parents would have to submit to an “intervention” before further consideration of their request to homeschool.

The reasoning for this bill stems from one incident in January 2013 where a 14-year-old boy died after being beaten by his mother’s boyfriend while being taught at home. The mother had pulled him from public school after school officials reported signs of abuse to authorities. Seemingly, she attempted to cover up the abuse by homeschooling him, keeping him from the watchful eyes of public teachers.

However, that brings up an interesting point to counter the need for such a bill. The abuse was reported by the public school teachers to authorities and nothing was done. There is no reason to conclude that homeschooling the child had anything to do with facilitating a murder. This bill “unfairly targets homeschooling” by taking the focus away from the state – who did not protect the child when it was first reported – and laying it on an often stigmatized educational choice.

The HSLDA is fighting for withdrawal of this bill in the Ohio state legislature. They are on the side of protecting parents who choose this educational path for their children. Here is what they are saying:

SB 248 turns fundamental American values upside downThis law replaces parents with unqualified social workers to make educational decisions for children. Rather than target tens of thousands of decent Ohioans who homeschool, policymakers like Cafaro should try to discover what prevented police and social workers who knew what was going on from taking action and faithfully enforcing Ohio’s already adequate child protection laws. This bill is misguided and a step in the wrong direction.

The state should uphold the parent’s right to choose an education that is best for their family, not restrict their choice because of one bad apple. They have the evidence from the thousands of families in Ohio that are successfully homeschooling their children without incident. If SB 248 passes, parents will be viewed as guilty until proven innocent.


The Left Alleges “Unregulated Abuses” Among Homeschoolers

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This is from Politi Chicks.

When was the last news story about a homeschooling

female student being raped by a male teacher?

When was the last news story about a homeschooling

male student seduced and raped by a female teacher?

As far as I know there has never been such headlines.


As the Common Core curriculum is rolled out around the country, parents are just beginning to get a taste of what is in store for them and their children in the coming years, and many parents aren’t happy about what they see.  Add this to the reality of our already failing school systems and many parents are being forced to look at other options for their children’s education.  One option that is
standing out for many parents is the option of homeschooling.

Homeschooling, once considered to only be the choice of religious families, has suddenly become the choice of many non-religious families who are fed up with the schools in our country. As this happens, and homeschooling grows at a rapidly increasing rate, progressives around the country are starting to look for ways to discredit this type of education.  Why would the liberal progressives care whether or not a family chooses to homeschool?  Because if families choose home education over state run education, the liberal progressives can’t indoctrinate our children with their liberal propaganda, and God forbid that our country might actually have a few free-thinking individuals left to mess up the future of their socialist utopia. 

The liberal progressives suddenly have to come up with a way to stop, or at least slow down, the growth of the homeschooling movement and find a way to control the families that do choose to homeschool.  The best way to slow down the growth of homeschooling and inflict as much damage as possible is to discredit the movement as a whole and what better way to do this than to use the liberal media.  In a recent article published on the Daily Beast, called “The Sinister Side of Homeschooling“, the author equates homeschooling with abusive homes and families, stating that:

Some families [who homeschool] are simply trying to hide abuse and keep kids wholly under their control.

In the article, the author relays several stories about homeschooling children who have been abused, sometimes even killed, by the families who were homeschooling them. One story the author tells is about Erica Lynn Parsons, a girl from North Carolina who was being homeschooled by her adoptive parents.  Her adoptive brother reported her missing in August of this year and it was then found out that Erica hadn’t been seen since 2011.  The girl’s birth mother is now calling for greater regulation and oversight of homeschooling and pushing for a bill called “Erica’s Law”.

There is no doubt that the stories the author relays are heartbreaking, but these stories, and stories like them, aren’t the real reason for this particular Daily Beast piece.  Before we get to the real reason why the article was written, let’s first look at the supposed reason–which was to expose the sinister, abusive side of homeschooling.  According to the author’s statistics, there are approximately 1,500,000 homeschoolers currently homeschooling in the United States, and in the past 13 years there have been approximately 70 reported cases of abuse coming from homeschooling families.  (*I have seen numbers as high as 2.1 million but we will use her numbers for continuities sake) 

When you divide 70 by 13, we come up with a total of 5.3 abuse cases per year or approximately .00000353% of the total number of homeschoolers.  Now let’s compare the homeschool abuse statistics to child abuse statistics as a whole:

·  In 2011, there were 676,569 children abused in the United States or approximately .0091% of the total population of children under 18.

·  493,219 of the children abused were either school age or preschool age.

·  Children in the general population were 2,578 times more likely to be the victims of abuse than children in the homeschooling population alone.

Some might argue that the reason the number of abuse cases are so low within the homeschooling movement is simply because the children are “hidden” or as the author of the article said, “It’s easy for the world to forget that they exist”.  While this might be true in some cases, as a homeschooling mom who just started her third year of homeschooling, I can tell you that for most homeschooling families nothing could be further from the truth.  My children, and most homeschooling children I know, are well integrated into society.  These children attend any number of activities including homeschool co-ops, sports activities (including public school sports activities), church functions, dance classes, art classes, music classes, doctor’s visits, etc. It would be more than a little difficult to “hide” abuse when most homeschooling children are seen by numerous “outside” people daily, don’t you think?

So let’s get back to the real reason why this article was written:  to discredit the homeschooling movement as a whole—because if liberals can’t force homeschooling children to attend their liberal progressive schools, they will do everything in their power to control the families that choose to homeschool, and the best way to do that is through stricter regulation and oversight.

Throughout this article the author repeatedly calls for “greater regulation” of homeschooling.  She wants to make sure that all states make it harder for families to homeschool and she wants government to have a greater say in what we are allowed to teach our children.  These progressives are trying to force every child to fit their liberal mold so that the future of our country will be shaped by the next generation of young socialists (or communists).

As conservatives we must fight back against the lies that are being perpetrated against the families that are trying to break out of the public school mold and protect their children from the liberal progressive agenda. The best way to fight back is to point out the fallacies that are continually being told by the liberal propaganda machine, or in other words, the mainstream media.

Read the rest of this article here:


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