H/T The Washington Examiner.

If Hillary and the DemocRats steal this election there will be a second shout heard around the world.

Hillary Clinton vowed Sunday evening that she would nominate Supreme Court justices who agree with her on the need for stricter gun laws.

“I respect the Second Amendment, but I believe that there should be comprehensive background checks,” the Democratic nominee said Sunday, “and we should close the gun show loophole and close the online loophole we have to save as many lives as we possibly can.”

Clinton’s remarks were a response to the specific question: “What would you prioritize as the most important aspect of selecting a Supreme Court justice?”

She said she believes the current court has “gone in wrong direction.” Though the issue of gun control was mentioned only briefly Sunday evening during the debate, it has been an ongoing theme of the Clinton campaign.

Vice presidential candidate Sen. Tim Kaine, D-Va., a gun-owner, said last week in his debate with Indiana Gov. Mike Pence that he is, “a strong Second Amendment supporter.”

“But I’ve got a lot of scar tissue, because when I was governor of Virginia, there was a horrible shooting at Virginia Tech,” Kaine said in reference to a 2007 mass shooting event that claimed the lives of 32 people. “We can support the Second Amendment and do things like background record checks and make us safer, and that will make police safer, too.”

Clinton said last week during the first presidential debate that stricter gun control measures could go a long way toward healing race relations.

“[W]e’ve got to get guns out of the hands of people who should not have them,” Clinton said. “The gun epidemic is the leading cause of death of young African-American men, more than the next nine causes put together.”

“So we have to do two things,” she added. “We have to restore trust, we have to work with the police, we have to make sure they respect the communities and the communities respect them and we have to tackle the plague of gun violence, which is a big contributor to a lot of the problems that we’re seeing today.”

Clinton also said in a recent interview that gun violence poses as serious a problem to Americans as terrorism.

“[I]t’s not only terrorists we need to be worried about,” the Democratic nominee said in an interview published last week by AARP.

“I’m looking at violence broadly,” Clinton said. “Terrorism is part of it, but gun violence kills 33,000 Americans a year… We’ve got to get serious about stemming violence and terrorism in every way we can.”