Illinois Democrats Warn Rauner Is Trying To Eliminate Unions

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This is from The Daily Caller.

I say Bravo to Gov. Bruce Rauner for standing up to the union thugs.

Gov. Mike Pence is standing up to the unions here in Indiana.

Like Illinois, Indiana is looking to do away with the union inspired prevailing wage law.

This law adds between 12-20% for projects like schools and hospitals the amount is put on the taxpayers’ tab. 


Democrat lawmakers in Illinois are warning that Gov. Bruce Rauner’s stance against union power is nothing more than an attempt to eliminate them completely.

In the two months since taking office, Rauner has tackled union power is several ways, arguing that many laws that unfairly benefit organized labor hurt the state economically. Fair share dues, a fee nonunion employees must pay to the union to cover the costs of collective bargaining, quickly became the main target of his reforms.

In February Rauner went after fair share dues in two ways. He ordered state agencies to stop collecting them while also filing a federal lawsuit to end the state law that requires them. Democrat lawmakers in the state are now warning, despite his claims he is not anti-union, that these reforms are nothing more than a way for Rauner to rid the state of labor unions.

According to Democrat sources for The Times of Northwest Indiana, the governor expressed his alleged plans to completely destroy unions at a private meeting. They claim Rauner suggested that if his policies are adopted by the legislature, union membership will be eliminated in Illinois within the next four years.

Democratic state Sens. Andy Manar and John Sullivan, who were at the private meeting, argue Rauner is wasting time and energy by fighting unions.

“We ought to be talking more about the budget,” Sullivan told The Northwest Indiana. “Instead of traveling around, he ought to be meeting with people about the budget.”

“Actions speak louder than words. His actions have indicated that he’s not pro-union,” Sullivan continued. “I came away from the meeting believing that he believes in what he’s saying.”

Prior to the executive order, Rauner pointed towards prevailing wage laws and project labor agreements as some of the few examples of how labor unions are hurting the state through unfair laws.

Project labor agreements are deals between owners of construction projects and construction unions in which firms must enter into collective bargaining with a union, hire workers through the union and pay union wages and benefits. In government contracting, a prevailing wage is the hourly wage, benefits and overtime that must be paid to the majority of workers within a particular area.
According to a report by the libertarian Cato Institute, project labor agreements alone can add 12 to 18 percent to the cost of public projects.

Rauner has argued that reforming labor policy and unions will allow the state to overcome some major economic obstacles that have hindered progress in recent years. According to the Illinois Policy Institute, the state is struggling in jobs and education, two areas vital to economic growth and stability.

“Illinois’ low standing for total job growth is unusual given that Illinois has the largest population in the Midwest and the fifth largest nationally,” the Institute noted in a report for 2014. “It takes a particularly toxic combination of bad policy and corrupt dealings to hinder such a large and talented workforce from keeping up with the likes of Kentucky and Connecticut.”

“Illinois tracks last of all states for private-sector job creation in 2014, one of only four states to be negative for jobs on the year,” the report added.×9&widgetId=2&trackingGroup=69017


Veterans Place Corrupt County Board Under Citizen’s Arrest – They Laugh, Until the Sheriff Shows Up

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This is from Freedom OutPost.

This is the way we need to deal with corrupt politicians at every level.


Don’t you love it when ordinary citizens bring justice to bear on corrupt politicians? Isn’t it even sweeter when our veterans do it? Well, that was what two military veterans did in Illinois to the Clark County Park District Board last year.

Illinois, like many states, is filled with corrupt politicians from the state legislature on down to the city and county level.

So, what are those that these corrupt public servants supposed to do about it? Two of them took action.

Kirk Allen and John Kraft, nicknamed the “Watchdogs,” decided that it was time to hold county public servants accountable. These two military veterans decided to deal with their County Board of Clark County Park District.

The Ocala Post reports on the two veterans’ efforts:

In an effort to take back their government from self-serving politicians and bureaucrats, Kraft and Allen established a group called the Edgar County Watchdogs. Through a combination of public pressure, Freedom of Information filings, lawsuits, and media exposure, they have created a system that deeply threatens Illinois’ corrupt, entrenched political establishment. They operate a blog called Illinois Leaks that exposes corruption at the state and local levels. The blog is so popular that, it is trusted more than the local paper.

Considering the fact that, according to Forbes, their home county’s government has racked up over $79 million in debt all on its own while serving only 18,000 residents, Kraft and Allen have their work cut out for them.

By relentlessly pursuing justice for even the smallest infractions by bureaucrats and politicians, the Edgar County Watchdogs have driven 102 public officials to resign from their posts, including 33 officials in Edgar County alone. The pair busted the mayor of Redmond for attempting to hold office while living out of town. They represented themselves in court and beat Illinois Assistant Attorney General Emma Steimel in a lawsuit seeking access to state e-mails. Officials who have resigned due to the Watchdogs’ efforts include a property tax assessor, the Edgar County board chairman, an entire airport board and its manager, the attorney for Kansas Township’s fire department, Shiloh’s superintendent of schools, and Effingham’s health department administrator, among others. After they exposed corrupt, illegal, and self-serving spending habits by the Ford-Iroquois County health department, the entire bureaucracy was dissolved. In some cases, federal agents have even stepped in to investigate and issue subpoenas to local officials after receiving tips from Kraft and Allen.

So, this isn’t these two veterans’ first rodeo.

The entire event involving the County Board was captured on video below.

On May 13, 2014, Kraft and Allen placed the Clark County Park District Board under citizen’s arrest for violating the Illinois Open Meetings Act, which is a Class C misdemeanor.

The response from board members demonstrated their arrogance towards those they served. They belittled the men and when the call for a vote to see if there would be public comment, one board member said “I vote no,” followed by the other five doing the same.

In fact, the board’s attorney, Kate Yargus, also told board members there would be no public comment at that night’s meeting and that the members were free to go, following Kraft’s announcement that they had been placed under citizen’s arrest.

As Yargus attempted to cite a statute, Kraft said, “Just sit down, you are making yourself look like a fool.”

Clark County Sheriff Jerry Parsley showed up in the middle of a situation that seemed like it was about to get out of hand. Though his deputies had been dispatched to the scene, Sheriff Parsley believed it would be best if he personally handled the situation. And handle it, he did.

Parsley knew the board was in violation of the Open Meetings Act because they were not allowing the public to speak and he said that Kraft handled the citizen’s arrest properly.

“It’s not that they should have. They’re mandated to,” Parsley said. “The people need to have their voice. It’s not a dictatorship. It’s a democracy.”

Though board members had laughed openly at the citizen’s arrest, which promptly stopped when Sheriff Parsley arrested six of the members. One board member was not arrested as he voted against them.

Though the board called Kraft and Allen “troublemakers,” both the Sheriff and the State Attorney’s Office viewed things quite different.

“Every citizen, in every state, county, and city, should take note,” said Kraft. “Make sure their local government officials are working for the people, and not for themselves.”

Most people complain about “doing something.” These two veterans didn’t complain, they just had enough. However, they knew enough about what was going on and what to do in order to get the job done… and they did it! This is an example to all of us of how we can hold elected public servants accountable.

I’ll be starting down that road with South Carolina’s US Senator Lindsey Graham (R) on Saturday, February 28 at 2pm EST at his office in Rock Hill for those that wish to come stand alongside me as we bring Round 2 (Take a look at Round 1 from January) of the AmericaAgain! Good Guys campaign to every federal representative in the nation this year! Let’s not talk anymore. Let’s get the job done!

Top 5 states with most deep-fried turkey accidents

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This is from Fox News.





Although a mighty delicious tradition, deep-frying a turkey on Thanksgiving can be risky.

Every year deep-fryer fires are responsible for five deaths, 60 injuries, the destruction of 900 homes, and more than $15-million in property damage, according to the National Fire Protection Association.

So you want to know which state has the most accidents?

For the last seven years, Texas has led the country in most grease- and cooking-related insurance claims on Thanksgiving Day, with 38 according to insurance company State Farm.  Illinois follows, with 27 reports and Pennsylvania and Ohio are tied for third with 23.  New York ranked fourth, with 22 claims and South Carolina and Georgia claimed fifth with 16 claims each.


Chicago robberies drop 20% after concealed carry permits are issued

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This is from Hot Air.

The Chicago and national press will sweep this under the rug.

Then Karen Lewis will be elected mayor and she will get radical on guns, then the robbery rates increase once more.


When’s the last time you heard any good news out of Chicago, at least as it relates to crime figures? Well, prepare yourselves for a change from the status quo. While the murder rate and gang violence are still bad – and frequently in the local news – the robbery rate has gone down recently. And the police think they might know why.

Since Illinois started granting concealed carry permits this year, the number of robberies that have led to arrests in Chicago has declined 20 percent from last year, according to police department statistics. Reports of burglary and motor vehicle theft are down 20 percent and 26 percent, respectively. In the first quarter, the city’s homicide rate was at a 56-year low.

“It isn’t any coincidence crime rates started to go down when concealed carry was permitted. Just the idea that the criminals don’t know who’s armed and who isn’t has a deterrence effect,” said Richard Pearson, executive director of the Illinois State Rifle Association. “The police department hasn’t changed a single tactic — they haven’t announced a shift in policy or of course — and yet you have these incredible numbers.”

The article also tells the story of an 86 year old resident (not being named to protect his safety) who fired his legal, concealed carry weapon at an armed robber causing the suspect to freeze in his tracks, allowing the police to make the arrest. He also stood outside the scene of the robbery, preventing other potential shoppers (and potential victims) from entering and being at risk in the middle of the crime scene. It’s only one isolated incident, but as an example it demonstrates how even on the streets of Chicago, one good guy with a gun was able to make a difference.

I don’t expect to see these numbers being touted by Chicago’s mayor or the national media, but they should. The Windy City is one of the areas of the nation most plagued by violence and their efforts to make the entire metropolis a “gun free zone” have only fueled further violence by those who weren’t going to pay attention to the laws in the first place.

Illinois: Anti-Gunner ‘Wish List’ Legislation Introduced

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This is from AmmoLand.

I say when, not if this bill passes the people of Illinois should tell Springfield to go pound sand.

Stand united like the patriots of California and Connecticut.




Charlotte, NC –-(  Last week, Senate Bill 3659, misleadingly named the “Illinois Public Safety Act,” was introduced by notorious Illinois anti-gun state Senator Dan Kotowski (D-28).

SB 3659 seeks to ban the possession, delivery, sale and purchase of many semi-automatic firearms and accessories, as well as .50 caliber rifles and cartridges unless the items have been previously owned and registered within an arbitrary period of time.  SB 3659 would also amend the Firearm Owners Identification Card Act to require background checks for private transfers of firearms, except those between family members, and would restrict magazine limits to those with a capacity of 15 rounds and smaller.

SB 3659 embodies the anti-gunner “wish list” in Illinois.  This legislation is a comprehensive anti-gun package which echoes the unconstitutional legislation passed in New York and Connecticut last year( and soon NJ).  The laws passed in those states are currently subject to lawsuits due to their significant infringement on Second Amendment rights.

With the 2014 legislative session winding down, this bill has not yet been assigned to a policy committee. However, your NRA-ILA will continue to keep you updated when more information is available on this legislation
Established in 1975, the Institute for Legislative Action (ILA) is the “lobbying” arm of the National Rifle Association of America. ILA is responsible for preserving the right of all law-abiding individuals in the legislative, political, and legal arenas, to purchase, possess and use firearms for legitimate purposes as guaranteed by the Second Amendment to the U.S. Constitution. Visit:

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Illinois readies to spend $100M for Obama museum in Chicago


This is from The Washington Times.

Illinois is broke the city of Chicago is broke.

The state and city can not pay the pensions extorted from them by the unions.

This 100 million dollars coming from where?

Possibly the magic money machine aka the taxpayers?



Illinois wants President Obama’s museum and library in Chicago so badly that lawmakers are set to devote as much as $100 million in state funds to securing the project.

An Illinois House committee on Thursday unanimously voted in favor of the $100 million expense, the Associated Press reported. The full legislature would still need to approve, and it’s not clear yet where the money would come from — or what effect using the funds for the museum and library would have on other items in the budget.

Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel said $100 million is nothing compared to the revenue and tourist dollars the museum and library would generate, AP reported.

The investment would give back “well beyond” its price tag — and would also serve as a solid means of showing Mr. Obama just how much his hometown still reveres him, Mr. Emanuel said, according to AP.

Hawaii and New York are competing with several sites in Chicago — most on the South Side — to win the nod for the presidential sites.

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Illinois Dem condemned for racial remark directed at black Republican

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This is from The Daily Caller.

This will soon blow over because Illinois is a DemocRat Plantation.

A plantation where they have such great DemocRats like Jessie Jackson Jr. and  Rod Blagojevich to name a few. 



An Illinois Democratic state legislator apologized — but later backtracked and said she was quoted out of context — after seemingly referring to black Republican state legislator John Anthony as a “half” in a derogatory manner.

Rep. Linda Chapa LaVia was discussing charter school reform on the state House floor when she noted that most of the racial minorities in the room were on the Democratic side.

“Listen to me minorities, I’m over here because we’re all over on this side, right?” she said, according to the Illinois Mirror.

After Republicans objected, she then added, “wait, we have a half.” A logical interpretation of her remark is that when she said, “wait, we have a half,” she was conceding the existence of black Republican John Anthony, media outlets reported.

She soon apologized, and said that did not mean to offend anyone.

But later, she claimed that her remarks were taken out of context.

“The comments were taken out of context,” she said in a statement to The Beacon-News. “It’s extremely frustrating.”

She explained that she was asking Republicans to let her talk to the Democratic “half” of the room


But the Illinois Mirror’s Eric Kohn wrote that the remarks were definitely not taken out of context:


Even putting the “we have a half” remark aside, her suggestion that Republicans are incapable of caring about the outcomes for minorities is putrid and demagogic. Rep. Chapa LaVia should be ashamed of herself.  For what she said.  For the disingenuous apology. And for the preposterous explanation she offered her hometown newspaper after the fact.


Kohn wondered what the reaction would have been like if a Republican lawmaker had called a certain bi-racial former Illinois legislator — President Barack Obama — a “half.”


Chapa LaVia did not immediately answer a request for clarification. This story will be updated with her comments if she responds.

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Judge wants back on bench after insanity ruling

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This is from the Chicago Tribune.

This daughter of Obama in insane and has had psychotic episodes while on the bench.

She also assaulted a police officer and now wants her job back.

Sadly she will most likely get her job back.

Judge Cynthia Brim

Judge Cynthia Brim, center, on trial for assaulting a deputy, passes through the Daley Center lobby today. (Nancy Stone, Chicago Tribune / February 3, 2013)


Can a suspended Cook County judge return to the bench after being declared legally insane at the time she shoved a sheriff’s deputy in 2012?

For the first time in Illinois, attorneys on the case say, a judicial disciplinary panel has begun tackling the question of whether a judge whose psychotic episodes can apparently be controlled through medication should be allowed to return to the bench.

Judge Cynthia Brim, 55, testified before the Illinois Courts Commission for more than two hours on Friday in a bid to save her $182,000-a-year job. The seven-member panel – made up of judges from outside of Cook County as well as two citizens – will later issue a written decision.

rim was found not guilty of misdemeanor battery by reason of insanity last year for shoving a sheriff’s deputy outside the Daley Center during a manic episode in March 2012. A day earlier, while on the bench, she broke into an extended rant while presiding over a traffic court call at the Markham courthouse.

“I just broke like a pencil,” Brim told the commission Friday, saying she was feeling stressed that day because there was only one courtroom deputy present for a busy call. “It was totally inappropriate for me to say what I did at that time – or any other time.”

Brim was effectively suspended from her duties as a judge after the battery charges were filed but was nonetheless returned to the bench by voters weeks later. She has continued to collect her $182,000 salary since her 2012 suspension.

On Friday, Brim said she was once again able to fulfill her duties as judge. Over the last two years, she said, she has consistently taken her medications – a requirement of her probation in the battery case – and has not had any psychotic episodes.

“I can serve as a judge with full capability as long as I continue to take the medication as prescribed,” she said. “I’ve had two years to think about this, and I have a different perspective and understanding of my condition. I realize now I have to stay on my medications and see a psychiatrist on a regular basis.”

But John Gallo, an attorney for the Judicial Inquiry Board that filed the disciplinary charges, questioned whether it was proper to return Brim to the bench.

If she was allowed to serve again, parties who had important cases before her would soon learn about her past and wonder about her ability, he said.

“They’re looking at a judge who said to a court that she was at one point in time…insane,” Gallo said.

Brim “bears some responsibility for putting herself” in the position that led to her highly public breakdown in 2012, he said.

“Judge Brim decided to go without any kind of psychiatric treatment of any sort after 15-plus years of these episodes while she was a sitting judge,” Gallo said.

Brim, who has been hospitalized at least nine times for mental illness since 1994, acknowledged she had once been carried out of a Bridgeview courtroom on a stretcher after going “catatonic” during her court call. Her physicians had repeatedly allowed her to discontinue taking mood-stabilizing drugs, she said, but she wasn’t diagnosed with a bipolar type of schizoaffective disorder until 2009.

Still, she had once gone off medication on her own and in the two years before her 2012 breakdown had stopped taking medications or seeing a psychiatrist or therapist.

But her psychiatrist, Dr. Roueen Rafeyan, told the commission there was only at most a 10 percent chance that Brim would ever have another relapse and he said others in stressful, important fields can function with the illness.

“There are heart surgeons who have the same diagnosis and operate on patients all day long,” he said.

Brim’s attorney, James Montgomery, suggested that the commission could allow the judge to return to the bench for two years and then revisit the case if it was concerned about her continued stability.

llinois Attacks Freedom! Every Gun Maker & Gun Owner Should Leave Illinois Now!

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This is from United States Concealed Carry Association.

I think instead of moving out gun owners should ban together and elect Pro Second Amendment politicians.

Moving out only if the elections go against them.




That’s right. Every gun maker or gun owner should leave Illinois now! I know, the economy sucks and now is not the time to make a big move, but a recently introduced piece of legislation in the Illinois state house should prompt an exodus of Biblical proportions!

This bill, HB4715, proposes that EVERY SINGLE firearm in the state of Illinois be registered.

First came the Firearm Owner Identification (FOID) card, which required all Illinois gun owners to carry their “papers” if they even wanted to touch a gun. We have all seen how well THAT restriction on the freedoms of law-abiding citizens worked to reduce crime.

Now comes the next step: full and complete registration of all firearms! Not only is this heinous bill directed only at law-abiding citizens, it goes beyond “simple” registration of firearms to include a provision that says Illinois residents cannot buy ammunition unless they can prove that they have registered a gun capable of firing that ammunition! Here is a direct quote from the bill: “Provides that a person shall not purchase or possess ammunition within this State without having first obtained a registration certificate identifying a firearm that is suitable for use with that ammunition…”

Does anyone really believe that inner city criminals sitting on a pile of drugs and money or people who are willing to kill for their street corner or crappy run-down crackhouse are going to be lining up to register their guns? Do you think there will be no black market for ammo? Does anyone remember the folly of Prohibition and what it did to Chicago? Is there no lawmaker in Illinois with a combination of brains and backbone to stand up to this?

In the past, I have suggested that people take action and work to defeat such idiotic laws. Now, I have changed my mind. I suggest gun owners move out of Illinois. If you are a gun maker or firearms accessory maker, move your business out of Illinois. South Dakota has a great deal for you in a gun-friendly state with a wonderful business climate.

I know that there will never be an exodus big enough to open the eyes of the most corrupt and inept lawmakers in the country, but maybe, just maybe, it will get someone’s attention.

Vacate the state. Vote with your U-Haul trailer. Leave Illinois behind.

Illinois girl, 13, charged with homicide in tragic joyride crash death of friend

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This is from The New York Daily News.

A daughter of Obama from Illinois age 13 kills one of

her 12 year old friends while driving a stolen car.

‘I just hope he didn’t suffer,’ says 12-year-old dead boy’s grief-stricken mom Regina Anderson of the Olympia Fields wreck that took her son’s life. ‘He was a special little boy.’

Almani Creamer, 12, tragically died in the car crash last month.

 Almani Creamer, 12, tragically died in the car crash last month.

A 13-year-old girl was charged with reckless homicide for allegedly driving a car filled with her friends during a joyride that turned tragic last month.

Almani Creamer, 12, died when the car crashed into a tree in Olympia Fields, Ill. on Nov. 27, WMAQ-TV reported.

“He was a special little boy,” his mother, Regina Anderson, 35, told the Chicago Tribune.”I just hope he didn’t suffer.”

The girl was formally charged with reckless homicide, reckless conduct and possession of a stolen motor vehicle, the Cook County State’s Attorney‘s Office said.

Authorities are withholding the girl’s name because of her age. She was released to her mother’s custody following her arraignment on Thursday.

At the time of the incident, Armani was actually grounded for missing school assignments. He sneaked out of his home to join the packed car, according to Anderson.

“He was just a boy,” she said. “He’s bad some days – he’s good some days.”

The car smashed into a tree in a suburb of Chicago.

The car smashed into a tree in a suburb of Chicago.

The boy was in the backseat wearing his seatbelt during the crash, according to the Illinois paper.

Four other passengers under the age of 16 were treated at nearby hospitals and released, the local NBC affiliate said.

Almani was buried Saturday.

“He was a fine young man,” neighbor Beverly Reed Scott said to The Tribune. “We loved him.”

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