5 Things Obamacare Teaches You About Liberals

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This is from Town Hall.

Enough said.


1) It’s inherently dishonest: In many ways, Obamacare is a typical liberal program. Unfortunately for Barack Obama, there are two key differences. The first is that the Affordable Care Act was implemented on a short enough timetable for people to remember the promises that were made about it. Furthermore, because it is such an enormous program, it impacts a lot more lives. Otherwise, it’s a standard liberal program that makes promises it never intends to keep and does more damage than good. Liberal programs usually have huge, yet very predictable downsides that are systematically hidden, ignored and downplayed because liberal ideas can’t survive an educated, honest debate about whether they work or not.

2) Results are irrelevant: Barack Obama promised that if you like your insurance, you can keep it. He said the same thing about your doctor. He claimed Obamacare would REDUCE the cost of health care, save the average person money and provide universal coverage. Not only are all of those promises untrue, it’s hard to miss the fact that no one on the Left SEEMS TO CARE. That’s because whether Obamacare actually works or not is secondary to left-wing goals like centralizing government power, gaining more control over the American people and making liberals feel good about themselves. This is the rule, not the exception when it comes to liberals. Put another way, whether a liberal supports a program doesn’t have anything to do with whether it works or not.

3) It penalizes success: Contrary to what you’d believe if you listen to the Left,85% of Americans were perfectly happy with their insurance before the Affordable Care Act came along. Yet because of Obamacare, tens of millions of those people are going to lose their health insurance and most of them will pay more. In other words, our health care system was working just fine for the vast majority of Americans until Barack Obama took a wrecking ball to it. So, in order to help a relatively small number of people, liberals are perfectly willing to penalize Americans — who worked hard, played by the rules and took care of themselves — with much higher costs and lost plans. This is standard operating procedure for liberals who act as if doing well enough to live your life free of welfare, food stamps and government nannies is “cheating.”

4) It doesn’t work: A hammer is a good tool to use for pounding nails. It’s not such a great tool to use in place of a screwdriver, saw or wrench. Government can be a good tool as well when it’s used for the limited purposes for which it’s designed — such as putting up street signs, building roads and forming a military to protect us from other nations. The problem with liberals is that they want to use their government hammer for every task imaginable instead of letting the free market provide the right tool for the job. You think a billing dispute with an insurance company is unpleasant? Wait until you’re hashing it out with the IRS. You don’t like to deal with your insurance company? Wait until you have a problem with your insurance and can’t get it corrected until you get approval from a government agent. Our government is slow, stupid, arrogant and generally unfriendly to consumers. The more government you have in your life, the more unpleasant your life is likely to be.

5) There are no trade-offs: Liberals seem to be incapable of mentally comprehending trade-offs. So instead, they present Utopian visions of how life would look in a perfect world and offer that up as a political alternative to the messy, oftentimes unpleasant reality we live in. It would be fantastic if Santa Claus, Star Trek replicators, and genies were real, but when you seek heaven on earth, you’re more likely to start wandering towards hell.



Miller Time: The ObamaCare architect

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This is from Fox News.


Obamacare Premiums Higher than the Mortgage

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This is from The Black Sphere.

There are horror stories like this one needing told.

But  the Obama Media will try to suppress them.



By now every American is familiar with the ongoing unnatural disaster that is Obamacare, and most are familiar with the sky-high premiums of ACA-compliant plans.

Economists and health care providers alike warned of the impending, back-breaking expense entailed with insuring everyone in America, even those here illegally. But no one could have foreseen the degree of economic and personal destruction this egregious bill would cause.

Heritage Action contributor, Katherine Rosario, writes of a real-life couple she calls “Jen and husband” and their real-life experience with the ruinous bill.

Jen and her husband, North Carolina residents, selected a health insurance plan that had a low monthly premium.  The Blue Advantage Saver offered by Blue Cross Blue Shield (BCBS) of North Carolina worked for them and fit their needs.

They received a letter dated September 24, 2013 that said, “We value your continued membership and want to let you know about some changes.”

But Jen found that the letter was about more than “some changes” as she read through the infuriating letter.  The letter outlined the three key ways her health care plan would be affected “due to the ACA regulations.”  Her BCBS plan would no longer be offered in 2014 because it did not match up to Obamacare requirements; it its stead, they offered her a “new plan that both meets the guidelines of the ACA and offers all the features you’re used to from BCBS.”

The letter added, “to make it easy for you, we have transitioned you to a plan that most closely matches the benefits of your 2013 plan.”

There was just one problem with the suggested plan, the Blue Advantage Bronze.  It was way more expensive.  In fact, Jen told said that the new premium was more than her monthly mortgage payment for her home.

I’m well aware of the verbiage. I, too, received one such letter, although my letter dated September 2013 was not mailed until mid-November 2013. I, too, was told my current Regence Blue Cross Plan was not ACA-compliant. Translation: your modest plan is deemed a “junk plan” by all of us enlightened elitists who know better than you.

And like Jen and hubby, I discovered that the wonderful plan Regence would transfer me to if I did nothing, the “Bronze” plan, was a mere 250% more per month than my current premium. That might be fine if money were no object. But, as an independent contractor who writes and edits to support myself, money is a huge constraint. Or should I say LACK of money is a huge constraint.

On Friday I received a follow-up letter from Regence instructing me that, since HRH Obama spoke “never mind, I shall allow you to keep your policies for one more year,” the Oregon Insurance division has generously agreed to comply with the Emperor’s wishes and I MAY keep my policy until December 2014. Except, pages 2 and 3 state I will need to re-apply and choose a new plan or choose a plan through Cover Oregon.

In case you’ve not heard, as of mid-November, Cover Oregon was non-functional and had yet to enroll 1 single Oregonian. In fact, all Cover Oregon can boast about is an insipid, hippy-influenced song.

And I did personally tell the CSR at Regence that I would rather die than sign up for Obamacareaka the government dole.

You see, this is why socialism is a bad idea. Everyone becomes poorer so that everyone can be “taken care of.” Premiums higher than mortgage payments be darned.

Hegel would be proud; Obama is preening.

And Americans, true patriots across this great land, will not be quiet in the face of ravenous socialism devouring our nation. We will protect the Constitution against all enemies foreign and domesticeven those residing on Pennsylvania Avenue.



Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee Claims Cancellation Notices “Not the Truth”

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This is from Town Hall.

This woman is more delusional that anyone ever imagined.

Is it possible to remove this mentally defective woman 

from office?.


Oh, Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee.

Despite the fact that thousands and potentially millions of Americans have had their plans canceled due to noncompliance with minimum standards of the Affordable Care Act, that’s just no big deal to Rep. Lee.

Speaking to National Review Online (emphasis added):

Representative Sheila Jackson Lee, a Texas Democrat, told National Review Online today that instead of sending out cancellation letters, insurance companies should have told their customers that their coverage was about to get better.

She said she wrote an amendment before the president’s announcement that would require insurance companies to “tell the truth.”

“The cancellation notice was not the truth,” she says. “It should have been: ’We intend to or expect to modify your insurance.’”

Really, Rep. Lee? Really? How else could you possibly describe a letter from an insurance company that blatantly states that their plan will no longer be offereddue to Obamacare? It is, in the literal sense of the word, a cancellation letter.

And that’s the truth.


Will states accept Obama’s insurance exchange fix?

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This is from Yahoo News.

I hope more states tell Obama to shove this

phony fix.

This so-called fix is just an attempt to distract the 

sheeple to get them to reelect DemocRats.

States react to Obama's insurance 'fix'

Will states play along with President Barack Obama and his new plan to allow people who like their health insurance plans to stay on them an additional year?

 The proposed fix, which Obama announced Thursday under intense pressure from his own party, was meant to address criticisms that he had lied to the American people when he said “if you like your plan, you can keep it” while campaigning for the health care overhaul. Between 7 million and 12 million people were set to receive cancellation notices because their plans don’t meet the minimum standard of coverage required under the new law.

The uproar forced Obama to backpedal. He’ll now allow health insurance companies to continue to offer plans that do not meet his law’s standards for an additional year, to give people more time to transition to the new federal marketplace.

But Obama’s fix does not actually guarantee that millions of people will be able to keep their plans. Insurance is regulated at the state level, and state officials can reject Obama’s request. Secondly, insurers themselves are not required to reoffer the out-of-date plans to consumers.

As of Friday afternoon, regulators in at least three states had already announced they plan to reject the president’s request.

Arkansas Insurance Commissioner Jay Bradford said the change would be “too confusing” and would create “chaos.” Meanwhile, regulators in Vermont and Washington said they too were rejecting the renewals.

Erin Yang, a spokeswoman for the National Association of Insurance Commissioners, said the organization is concerned the president’s extension “could potentially be pretty damaging.” The organization worries that changing the rules so late in the game — when rates and plans for next year are already set — could create uncertainty and disruption in the market, Yang said.

Insurers and regulators were already three years into the process of phasing out plans that did not meet the law’s requirements and transitioning to the new federal and state marketplaces that rolled out on Oct 1.

Some states, however, jumped at the opportunity to re-enroll people in their old plans. Florida’s insurance commissioner said the state would allow the change, and Florida Blue, the state’s largest insurance carrierannounced it would send new letters to the 300,000 people who received cancellation notices and offer to extend their old coverage.

Ohio and Kentucky’s commissioners also said they would allow the change, but mentioned it would be up to the insurers themselves whether to reach out to people with canceled plans and offer them renewal.

The vast majority of states are still deciding what to do, Yang said, as they try to work out with insurance companies whether the extension is even feasible.

“What we’ve heard from the rest of our members is, we’re talking to our carriers,” Yang said.

The insurance industry has not reacted favorably to Obama’s plan. America’s Health Insurance Plans’ President and CEO Karen Ignagni said in a statement Thursday that Obama’s fix could “destabilize the market and result in higher premiums for consumers.”

Ignagni said the change means more people could end up staying on their old plans, which will hike up costs for people participating in the new exchange. Many people on the individual market are younger and healthier, which means they are especially needed to participate in the new marketplace and offset the costs of older and sicker consumers.

But the federal subsidies available for many people through the federal exchange may lure consumers over on their own. People who stay with their old plan will not be eligible for subsidies.

And if many state regulators end up rejecting the change, it doesn’t appear that there would be a big affect on the exchange. Timothy Jost, a health care expert at Washington and Lee University, told Yahoo News he believes the impact on premiums and the insurance market will be negative, but small.

It would be a different story, however, if Congress compelled regulators and insurers to play ball. Thirty-nine House Democrats joined with more than 200 Republicans to pass a bill Friday that would go a step further than Obama’s plan, by actually requiring the insurers to extend their plans to people who received cancellation notices. Obama has threatened to veto the bill if it passes the Senate.

About 106,000 Americans signed up for individual coverage on the exchange in its first month of operation, far below the Obama administration’s targets. Federal budget officials expected 7 million people to enroll by the end of March.

Administration proposes favors for unions to hush Obamacare complaints

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This is from BizPac Review.

If your surprise by Obama kissing the unions assess

Please stand up.

I do not see anyone standing so I know you were

Not surprised.


Labor union leaders, among the biggest financial backers of President Obama’s campaign efforts, now want something in return — subsidies under the Affordable Care Act.

The unions have been hounding the administration for subsidies provided to low-income policyholders who purchase health insurance under the Obamacare individual mandate, but they are not available to employers or organized labor.

But new rules suggest the unions be receiving a tax subsidy instead, according to Kaiser Health News, which reported:

Buried in rules issues last week is the disclosure that the administration will propose exempting “certain self-insured, self-administered plans” from the law’s temporary reinsurance fee in 2015 and 2016.

That’s a description that applies to many Taft-Hartley union plans acting as their own insurance company and claims processor, said Edward Fensholt, a senior vice president at Lockton Cos., a large insurance broker.

Insurance companies and self-insured employers that hire outside claims administrators would still be liable for the fee, which starts at $63 per insurance plan member next year and is projected to raise $25 billion over three years.

Fox News host Megyn Kelly jumped all over the new development on Wednesday’s “The Kelly Report.”

“The unions, who spent $400 million to get the president elected twice, are getting a little bit of payback,” said Kelly’s guest, J. Justin Wilson, managing director of the Center for Union Facts.

Wilson said the administration’s decision only came after the unions went public and called for a repeal of the Affordable Care Act.

“They [the Department of Health and Human Services] made the carve-out so specific, that basically only union plans that are going to be exempted from paying upwards of $600 million,” Wilson said.

Watch the interview below from Fox News.


Orphans, Obamacare and Condolences

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This is from The Black Sphere.

Will the GOP be able to use the Obamacare SNAFU for

 Political advantage?

Sadly I do not see the establishment Republicans being

able to exploit it.

The RINO’s will be trying to beat then destroy The Tea Party.

Before the invasion of Iraq, Colin Powell warned, “If you break it – you own it.”Orphans

This same china shop principle applies to Obamacare, as well as the broader healthcare system in the United States. It can be little argued that Barack Obama and the Democrat party are in the process of breaking healthcare in this nation.

Whether done so intentionally, as a transition to get to a single payer system, or via incompetence – you be the judge.

For anyone actually paying attention to recent developments, exactly who is at fault for the upheavals should be self evident. But as crazy as this may seem, the actual linking between the “breakers” and the “breaking” must still be made to the average person.

The coupling of issues demonstrating cause and effect must be made in no uncertain terms. This is an unfortunate necessity in low information America.

Even so, rarely in politics has such a ripe opportunity ever existed as does now with the disastrous rollout of Obamacare. The website has been a debacle of gargantuan proportion. Millions of dollars have already been wasted. Soon it will be billions and ultimately trillions.

Insurance premiums are doubling, if not tripling. The same is true with deductibles. The $2500 in average savings promised by Barack Obama has grotesquely mutated into a $7500 increase. Meanwhile, up to sixteen million people are losing their health insurance.

It turns out you can’t keep your insurance. Why? Probably because you didn’t build it.

Regardless, any opportunity to make inroads into an electorate is precious. A chance to shift the future politics of multiple generations is solid gold. That is precisely what is occurring now.

Make no mistake; defining and cataloguing the failures of Obamacare provides the political opportunity of this century. What is most needed now is a comprehensive accounting of the misery.

Going forward, a central focus for Republicans should be voter outreach to the orphans of Obamacare. The orphans are those who’ve been kicked off their insurance and mercilessly thrown out into the harsh cold; upon the rainy, muddy, dead-end street of Obamacare.

These orphans are the people most likely to care because they are directly impacted by big Obamacare.

First, the House Oversight Committee should drag up the insurance executives to Capitol Hill. Once there, the committee should subpoena each insurance company to provide a comprehensive and complete list of names for everyone who was sent a letter canceling their current health insurance policy. This is appropriate oversight and a legitimate function of government.

In the meantime, letters of condolence should be drafted by members of both the House and Senate. Additionally, a letter should be written by the Republican National Committee. All letters should be respectful and heartfelt.

These letters should simply state that Republicans are sorry to hear of the recent loss of your health insurance policy while also gently reminding that Republicans did everything they could to stop the law. Each letter should be as apolitical and sincere as possible. After all, it is to lament a loss.

Using the names and addresses of those orphaned by Obamacare, each congressional member of the GOP should use franking privileges to deliver these letters of condolence to each of their affected constituents. Any people who fall outside the geographic districts of elected republicans should be sent a letter by the RNC.

Every person who loses their insurance and becomes an Obamacare orphan should receive at least one condolence letter. Some people could conceivably receive four letters – one from their representative, two from their senators and one from the RNC.

In the process, it would make the Democrats own it – at least for the people to which it matters most.

Either way, a smart strategy would be to find these people and reach out to them – if for no other reason than to send condolences.

Republicans have an opportunity unlike any in years to communicate our values, own the narrative, and reach the hearts and minds of those abandoned and bruised by Obama and Obamacare.

GOP: Seize the day.


5 Scandalous Obamacare Horror Stories

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This is from Town Hall.

See liberals do have consequences.

I am wanting for more Obamabots to find out they have a

massive rate increase or are losing thier coverage.


Obamacare is hurting people. A lot of people — and not just the ones who are wasting all day trying and failing to sign up for the dysfunctional 600 million dollar website. Millions of Americans are losing their insurance, losing their doctors, and taking huge hits to their wallets because of Obamacare. Here are some of their stories…


 1) Man with leukemia loses his health insurance: Michael Cerpok is a high school drop-out, one of six kids born to a school teacher, and doesn’t come from a wealthy family. He has run two businesses for more than 25 years and says he may have to do more to literally stay alive. 

“I’ve worked hard because I’ve had to, and I’ve had to, because cancer runs in my family, says Cerpok, who picked his current health insurance based on that family history. His monthly premium is just about half of his monthly take-home pay.

Back in 2006, he found out he had an incurable form of leukemia that requires ongoing treatment until he dies.

In 2012, his treatment bill was more than $350,000. But because of his insurance, his out-of-pocket was only $4,500.

That is about to change because Michael just got a letter from his insurance carrier saying as of January 1, he would be dropped from coverage because of new regulations under Obamacare. His doctor at the Mayo Clinic may be gone as well.

“Now it doesn’t mean I can’t go see my current doctor, but my $4,500 out-of-pocket, is going to turn into a minimum of $26,000 out-of-pocket to see the doctor that I’ve been seeing the last seven years,” he said.



 2) I was laughing at Boehner until the mail came: Cindy Vinson and Tom Waschura are big believers in the Affordable Care Act. They vote independent and are proud to say they helped elect and re-elect President Barack Obama

Yet, like many other Bay Area residents who pay for their own medical insurance, they were floored last week when they opened their bills: Their policies were being replaced with pricier plans that conform to all the requirements of the new health care law.

Vinson, of San Jose, will pay $1,800 more a year for an individual policy, while Waschura, of Portola Valley, will cough up almost $10,000 more for insurance for his family of four.

“I was laughing at Boehner, until the mail came today,” Waschura said, referring to House Speaker John Boehner, who is leading the Republican charge to defund Obamacare.



 3) Premiums will cost 25% of their after tax income:: Take, for example, Jacqueline Proctor of San Francisco. She and her husband are in their early 60s. They have been paying $7,200 a year for a bare-bones Kaiser Permanente health plan with a $5,000 per person annual deductible. “Kaiser told us the plan does not comply with Obamacare and the substitute will cost more than twice as much,” about $15,000 per year, she says. 

This new plan, Kaiser’s cheapest offering for 2014, would consume about 25 percent of their after-tax income. The new plan still has a $5,000 deductible but provides coverage for things her current policy does not, such as maternity care, healthy child visits and coverage for dependents up to age 26. Proctor has no use for such coverage, since her son is 30.



 4) Liberal blogger at the Daily Kos: Hey, Obamacare’s doubling my monthly premium: My wife and I just got our updates from Kaiser telling us what our 2014 rates will be. Her monthly has been $168 this year, mine $150. We have a high deductible. We are generally healthy people who don’t go to the doctor often. I barely ever go. The insurance is in case of a major catastrophe. 

Well, now, because of Obamacare, my wife’s rate is gong to $302 per month and mine is jumping to $284.

I am canceling insurance for us and I am not paying any f*cking penalty. What the hell kind of reform is this?



 5) ) Obamacare “has raped my future” My name is Ashley Dionne and I’m a 26-year-old recent graduate from Michigan. 

…I went back to school and got a second degree and finally found work at a gym. I work nights and only get 32 hours a week for eight dollars an hour. I’m unable to find a second job at this time.

I have asthma, ulcers, and mild cerebral palsy. Obamacare takes my monthly rate from $75 a month for full coverage on my “Young Adult Plan,” to $319 a month. After $6,000 in deductibles, of course.

Liberals claimed this law would help the poor. I am the poor, the working poor, and I can’t afford to support myself, let alone older generations and people not willing to work at all. This law has raped my future.

It will keep me and kids my age from having a future at all.

This is the real face of Obamacare and it isn’t pretty.



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This is from Breitbarts Big Government.

I bet these disillusioned people are they same ones that believed every word Obama spoke. 

They were counting on utopia with rainbows and unicorns.

These fools called Conservatives racist and terrorist because we tried to tell the

country Obamacare was a dangerous scam and full of lies. 


On Thursday, the government’s official Obamacare Facebook page was riddled with people expressing sticker shock over the government’s high cost premiums after struggling for hours to wade through the technical failures vexing Obamacare exchanges all across the country.

“I am so disappointed,” wrote one woman. “These prices are outrageous and there are huge deductibles. No one can afford this!” The comment received 169 “likes.”

“There is NO WAY I can afford it,” said one commenter after using the Kaiser Subsidy Calculator. “Heck right now I couldn’t afford an extra 10$ [sic] a month…and oh apparently I make to [sic] much at 8.55/hour to get subsidies.”

Another person shared a link found on the federal government’s main Obamacare page listing premium estimates for small business employers:

The information is not very complete as I don’t see anything about deductible or other detailed info, but it does given an actual price as to the “Premium.” It is VERY SCARY!! For example, my insurance plan right now for my spouse and I costs $545 a month with 100% coverage after my $2500 deductible. We are both 32 years old. When I looked at this site for 80% coverage it says it will be $954.78 a month!!!! So compare my old Plan: 100% coverage for $545 a month To New Plan: 80% Coverage for $945 a month. This is only only an estimate but it is VERY Scary for me to see this kind of increase in rates and reduction in benefits!

A single mother of two said she is in school and working full-time while living “75% below the poverty level.” She said she was shocked to learn she did not qualify for a healthcare subsidy. “Are you F’ing kidding me????” she wrote on the government’s Obamacare Facebook page. “Where the HELL am I supposed to get $3,000 more a year to pay for this ‘bronze’ health insurance plan!?!??? And I DO NOT EVEN WANT INSURANCE to begin with!! This is frightening,” she wrote.

Amid scores of comments expressing frustration with technical failures, one woman said she is “just amazed you could even get to the point of seeing pricing” and that she had been trying to access the system for three days to no avail.

Obamacare sticker shock will not affect millions of low-income Americans; a New York Times analysis published on Wednesday found that Obamacare “will leave out two-thirds of the poor blacks and single mothers and more than half of the low-wage workers who do not have insurance, the very kinds of people that the program was intended to help.”

Obamacare will cost taxpayers an estimated $2.6 trillion over the next 10 years.



A Whopping 167 People Signed Up For Healthcare Exchanges in Connecticut

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This is from Town Hall.

As bright Blue as Connecticut is they exchange website would have been swamped.

Sounds like Blue State people do not want the crap known as Obamacare.


The State of Connecticut has a population of roughly 3.5 million. Of that 3.5 million, about 344,000 people lack insurance. Given these facts, one would think that Access Health CT, the health insurance marketplace for the state under the Affordable Care Act, would be flooded with applications the first day.

After all, according to the New Haven Register, “experts expect about two-thirds of the state’s uninsured will gain coverage under health care reform.” Two-thirds of 344,000 is roughly 229,000 people.

So were people signing up in droves? Not exactly. According to Connecticut Congressman Jim Hines, less than 200 applications were filed for health insurance on the first day of the exchanges. That is approximately 0.07 percent of the total number of people expected to gain coverage under the new law.

Today, the CT health exchange @AccessHealthCT received 28k visitors, and took 167 applications for health insurance. Day 1.

Wow! 167 applications?! That’s a smaller number than the senior class at North Haven High School. Of those 167 applications, only 83 were from people looking to find private insurance with a federal subsidy. The other 84 applications were for Medicaid.

By 2:11 p.m. on October 1, only 44 people had enrolled in an exchange program through Access Health CT.

Despite the fact that less than one percent of eligible people were enrolled in some sort of health insurance by the end of the first day of the program, Gov. Malloy ispleased with his state.

 “You get a lot of proud moments when you are governor, and this is one of the proudest.”

Alrighty then.


Even with technical difficulties as the site launched, @AccessHealthCT, the official Twitter account of Access Health CT, did not confirm a single healthcare enrollment until nearly 11 hours after the programs began.

We just confirmed our first enrollment! A family of 3 just got access to affordable health care coverage thanks to


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