This is from Independent Journal Review.

One of the best explanations of the Hamas and Israel conflict and Obama’s foreign policy failure.


Noted author, commentator, speaker, and comedian Evan Sayet was at a pro-Israel rally in Los Angeles this past weekend. Interviewed by Scott Jacobs of Democracy Broadcasting News, Sayet answered a handful of questions and made these direct points:

  1. Israel cannot let its citizens be attacked and must respond.
  2. The liberal mainstream press invariably supports Hamas, assuming Israel has done some wrong to provoke attacks.
  3. The fight in Afghanistan, Israel, and elsewhere in the world are the same jihad: Islam killing infidels.
  4. Obama’s policies encourage Hamas’ behavior, just as it has encouraged the influx of illegals crossing the southern U.S. border.
  5. The explanation of the leftist association with Hamas is simple: the enemy of my enemy is my friend.

What do you think of the points he makes? Can Israel do anything right in the American left’s eyes?