Sheriff Clarke furious at deputy’s murder; who really started the ‘war on police?’

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This is from BizPac Review.

I can answer  Sheriff  Clarke’s question the people who are responsible for the war on the police are as follows.

Barack Obama,Jessie Jackson,Al Sharpton,Eric Holder and Louis Farrakhan.

Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke Jr. laid it out for Judge Jeanine Pirro in an interview Saturday, and he wasn’t holding back.

Saying he was “too pissed off to be diplomatic” about Friday’s ambush and murder of a uniformed deputy sheriff in Houston, Clarke blamed the White House for the “war on police.”

On Saturday, authorities announced the arrest of Shannon J. Miles, 30, a man with a criminal record, in the shooting death of Harris County Deputy Darren Goforth. Charged with capital murder, Miles could face the death penalty.

“I said last December that war had been declared against the American police officer, led by some high-profile people,” Clarke told Fox News host Jeanine Pirro on “Justice With Judge Jeanine” Saturday.

“One of them coming out of the White House, another one coming out of the United States Department of Justice. And it’s open season right now, there’s no doubt about it.”

Clarke referred to members of the Black Lives Matter movement who chant “No justice, no peace” as “black slime that needs to be eradicated from the American society.”

Pirro observed that “without leadership … people seem to be emboldened by this kind of thing.”

“Right,” Clarke said. “And that’s why I said the president of the United States started this war on police.”

Watch the interview, via Fox News.

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Killer’s manifesto? TV gunman sent bizarre message to ABC after murders

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This is from Fox News.

Any bets on the fact he came from a home without a father.

Jessie Jackson, Al Sharpton, Louise Farrakhan, Eric Holder and Barack Obama are as responsible for these murders as if had pulled the trigger.

They have preached anti white rhetoric and the victim hood of blacks to the point we are seeing the beginnings of a race war.

The man who killed a reporter and her cameraman on live television Wednesday is believed to have sent a chilling manifesto to ABC News hours later, calling himself a “human powder keg” and detailing a long list of grievances.

Vester Lee Flanagan, who killed himself along a Virginia highway some time after allegedly faxing the 23-page manifesto to the network news office, blamed his rage on the June 17 shootings of nine black worshipers in a Charleston, S.C., church, grievances he had while working as a reporter with the two victims and discrimination he faced as a gay black man.

“Why did I do it?” read the fax purportedly from Flanagan, who reported for the WDBJ-7 under the name Bryce Williams. “I put down a deposit for a gun on 6/19/15. The Church shooting in Charleston happened on 6/17/15.”

The fax came in at 8:26 a.m., some two hours after reporter Alison Parker and cameraman Adam Ward were gunned down in in Moneta, Va. In it, the writer claimed that the initials of the Charleston victims were scratched onto the bullets used Wednesday. The frightening missive also praised Virginia Tech gunman Seung Hui Cho, calling the man who killed 32 people in a 2007 rampage in Blacksburg, “my boy.”

“Yes, it will sound like I am angry … I am. And I have every right to be. But when I leave this Earth, the only emotion I want to feel is peace….”

Shortly after ABC received the fax, a man claiming to be “Bryce” called the station and said he had shot two people. He apparently told the station that police were after him and hung up. ABC News said it contacted authorities.

Authorities are investigating the manifesto and have not confirmed its author. ABC News said Wednesday that a man claiming to be Bryce Williams called repeatedly weeks ago, saying that he wanted to pitch a story and needed fax information.

The 41-year-old gunman, who died from a self-inflicted gunshot wound, was from California, studied broadcast journalism at San Francisco State and– after working in various media roles– joined WDBJ7 as a multimedia journalist in March 2012. A LinkedIn profile for Bryce Williams showed he worked for the station from March 2012 to February 2013.

WDBJ general manager Jeffrey Marks said Flanagan had a reputation as being an unhappy man who was difficult to work with. Marks says Flanagan was fired after “many incidents of anger.” He said when Flanagan was fired, the station had to call police to escort the man out of the office. A Twitter account linked to Flanagan included accusations that Parker had made racist comments in his presence and Ward had complained about him to human resources, accusations Marks said were not founded.

“We think they were fabricated,” the station manager said. Marks said Flanagan alleged that other employees made racially tinged comments to him, but that his EEOC claim was dismissed.

Dan Dennison, now a state government spokesman in Hawaii, was the WDBJ news director who hired Flanagan in 2012 and fired him in 2013.

“We did a thorough investigation and could find no evidence that anyone had racially discriminated against this man,” Dennison told the Associated Press. “You just never know when you’re going to work how a potentially unhinged or unsettled person might impact your life in such a tragic way.”

Parker and Ward were doing a local tourism story at an outdoor shopping mall. The shooting aired live, capturing Parker’s screams of “Oh my God,” as she fell. Ward fell, too, and the camera he had been holding on his shoulder captured a fleeting image of the suspect holding a handgun.

WDBJ quickly switched back to the anchor at the station, her eyes large and jaw dropping as she said, “OK, not sure what happened there.” The station later went live again, reporting on their own station and staff as the story developed.

But Flanagan himself also videotaped the shooting, holding a cellphone as he carried out the methodical murders. His video was later posted on Twitter and Facebook pages registered to “Bryce Williams,” showing the shooter walking up to the victims and standing a few feet away while holding the weapon. The three, in the midst of a live TV interview, do not seem to notice the gunman, who doesn’t start shooting until Ward points the camera at Parker and her interview subject.

Parker is then seen screaming and scrambling in vain to get away as roughly 15 shots are be heard, including several that were fired after the video goes dark.


HPD officer shot in back during traffic stop expected to make full recovery

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This is from Click 2

Barack Obama, Jessie Jackson, Al Sharpton and the Obama Media share the blame for the hostile environment that led to this shooting in Houston. 

A Houston police officer is recovering after being shot in the back during a traffic stop in Midtown Tuesday evening. Houston police are now looking for the shooter. Mark Boyle reports.

HOUSTON –A Houston police officer is recovering after being shot in the back during a traffic stop in Midtown Tuesday evening.

Officer Terry Smith and another motorcycle unit officer were conducting traffic duties in the 4200 block of Main Street, across from Sears, around 6 p.m.

The driver Smith pulled over had already left the scene and the officer was chatting with the other motorcycle officer.

At some point, a shot was fired in the direction of the officers and Smith was struck in the back.

“The officer was putting away his ticket book and stuff he needed for the traffic stop,” HPD Capt. Dwayne Ready said. “He was leaning over into his saddlebag when they heard the pop and it was shortly thereafter that he felt pain.”

Just before the shooting, both officers saw a champagne-colored Buick, believed to be involved in an accident with a white Jeep minutes before, pull into the parking lot.  The driver was a man and the passenger was a pregnant woman.  They both fled after shots were fired.

Officers are gathering surveillance footage from nearby cameras, hoping to find evidence that could lead them to the mysterious shooter.

“We’re on the hunt for videos as well as other evidence,” Ready said.

The shooting happened next to a busy METRO rail line, but investigators said they think the shooter was in a car.

“We believe at this time, since there wasn’t a lot of foot traffic, it’s got to be a passing vehicle that fired the rounds,” Ready said.

HPD Chief Charles McClelland said Smith underwent surgery and is in good condition. McLelland said Smith is expected to make a full recovery. Several officers and family members were at Memorial Hermann Hospital to support Smith.

“A small-caliber projectile (was) lodged in his frontal stomach area,” McClelland said.

The bullet did not hit any of Smith’s vital organs. Smith is a 20-year HPD veteran and father of six children.

McClelland’s concern is that police don’t know why Smith was shot.

“This is particularly troubling because we don’t know how it happened, why it happened at this point,” he said. “We’re still gathering those facts.”

Mayor Annise Parker joined McClelland fellow officers and family members who rallied to Smith’s side as he went into surgery.

“We were pleased to learn that he was awake and alert and communicating when he came in, but they moved him to surgery,” Parker said.

McClelland and Parker said they don’t know yet if Smith was targeted or whether the shooting is connected to tensions between officers and the public in other parts of the country.

Douglas Griffith, the vice president of the Houston Police Officer’s Union, said he is concerned about these possibilities.

“All over the nation you see attacks on police officers for no apparent reason other than they’re wearing a uniform,” Griffith said. “It saddens me.”


Police forced to do something APPALLING after Boston terror shooting

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This is from Allen B.

Barack Obama, Jessie Jackson, Al Sharpton and Eric Holder built this distrust and hatred of the police.

Damn them.

Whether we want to admit it or not, islamic jihadism and terrorism is here amongst us. There are no borders or boundaries to this battlefield and with the proliferation of social media, the tentacles of savage barbarism first unleashed by Mohammad have an unbelievably wide reach. How incredibly ironic that we have been debating the issue of domestic surveillance when this latest jihadist plot was uncovered.

As we reported yesterday, and Fox News now details, “The man shot and killed Tuesday by Boston police was plotting with another suspect to behead a cop, according to a law enforcement source. The dead suspect, 26-year-old Usaama Rahim, was under surveillance by the Joint Terrorism Task Force, which is comprised of state, local and federal law enforcement agents, when he was shot at about 7 a.m. near a CVS in the city’s Roslindale neighborhood, when he brandished the blade at police.”

 “Later Tuesday, authorities arrested another suspect, David Wright, in connection with the case, police said. “We believe the intent was to behead a police officer,” one official told The Boston Globe. “We knew the plot had to be stopped. They were planning to take action Tuesday.”

“Rahim, Wright and an unidentified third person met Sunday on a Rhode Island beach to discus plans, the affidavit, which was released Wednesday, said. Wright, who waived his Miranda rights, told the FBI the plans included an attack on a victim in another state, the court papers said.”

And by the way, that “victim in another state” is apparently Pamela Geller, who organized the Mohammed cartoon contest in Garland, Texas.

Hours prior to the shooting, Rahim told Wright he had changed plans and was going to “go after” the “boys in blue,” the court papers said.

This of course reminds us of the attack in New York City against two NYPD officers by an axe-wielding jihadist who was shot dead — who could forget the video images of his closing in for his strike?

However, what I saw on Wednesday gave me cause for greater concern. It appears that in America there are those who have learned in the case of a law enforcement shooting, the false narrative has to be promulgated.

In this case, there were family members of Rahim who immediately began to spread the lie that he was shot in the back three times while on a cell phone. And horribly enough, there were those in the community who immediately became skeptical. Not only have we entered into the realm of constant jihadists attacks, but we’re also now in a state of dysfunction where law enforcement is put on the defense.

It was very telling that the Boston Police Commissioner had to hold a special viewing of a video that detailed the incident surrounding the shooting of Rahim for community “leaders” such as the Urban League and Muslim clerics. Hat tip to the Boston Police Department Commissioner who clearly understands the new normal and defused a situation before Al Sharpton showed up in Boston and started ranting “Cell Phone hang up, don’t shoot.” I’m glad the Task Force personnel had the smarts to video the engagement so as to put all rumor and innuendo to bed.

All across America, we’re seeing the result of the persecution and distrust of our law enforcement officers. Violent crimes are up in just about every major urban center. Therefore, if there were a time for Islamic jihadists to strike – particularly black ones — it would be now.

Sure, I don’t agree with the massive metadata collection but what are we going to do? Somehow our law enforcement officers tracked, monitored and were able to confront and kill Rahim who had a nefarious intent. And in waiving his Miranda rights, Wright appears to have no remorse about the plot he intended to unleash.

But what if this plot was not aimed toward a law enforcement officer but rather just an innocent citizen — which as been the case in Australia. How do we protect ourselves on this modern borderless battlefield?

We are restraining ourselves through political correctness. We are restraining ourselves by allowing the enemy to hide in plain sight turning our liberties against us. We are demonizing our law enforcement — granted, there are bad apples in any bushel.

But are our domestic rules of engagement worse than those on the distant battlefields? I always hear people speak out against “profiling” — well, I prefer to term it as “trend analysis” — but for instance, Tamerlan Tsarnaev and Usaama Rahim had something in common — the same Islamic center in Boston. It’s not profiling, it is good investigative work to connect the dots. Look, I don’t want to know the exact TTPs (Tactics, Techniques, and Procedures) used to track down Rahim leading to the confrontation. I’m glad he wasn’t wounded but shot dead – I’m sick of these bleeding heart trials, and covers on Rolling Stone celebrating jihadists.

I think we should all consider the neutering of our law enforcement officers, especially in the heavily populated urban centers. It will be very hard for jihadists to launch an attack in “flyover country America.” But in the inner cities they’re able to blend in and execute their heinous actions. If we continue down the path of making our law enforcement tentative — just the same as in the combat zone restrictive ROE cause troops to hesitate — nothing good will result.

It was a sad day to watch the Police Commissioner of Boston, which has already suffered one horrific Islamic terrorist attack, forced to show a video to prove they acted correctly. Then again, it was President Obama who first castigated law enforcement officers in Cambridge, Massachusetts as “acting stupidly” — and thus the declining respect and regard for our police began.

Today’s black leaders ‘worse than KKK, skinheads combined’

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This is from World Net Daily.

The decline of the black family started with Lyndon Johnson’s Great Society.

Then the race baiter twins Jessie Jackson and Al Sharpton and now Barack Obama are finishing the demise of the black families.

We may ‘continue to be divided for another 50 years’


Rioting in Baltimore in response to the death of Freddie Gray

Baltimore is in crisis. Violent crime is surging. Police are afraid to chase crooks, because they fear for their jobs. And State’s Attorney Marilyn Mosby, who filed charges against six officers in the death of Freddie Gray, is partying with pop stars even as her case falls apart.

Rev. Jesse Lee Peterson calls it nothing less than a “betrayal” of the civil-rights movement and says the situation in Baltimore illustrates how African-Americans are worse off than they were 50 years ago.

And he’s not hesitant to pin the blame.

“Modern-day civil-rights leaders are the worst enemy of black Americans,” he charged. “These black ‘leaders’ are worse than the Ku Klux Klan and skinheads combined.”

More than 50 people have been shot in Baltimore since the city was gripped by riots and disorder following the death of Freddie Gray. Homicides are up from last year after last weekend’s wave of shootings. There are even safety concerns for the upcoming Preakness horse race in Baltimore Saturday.

And Mosby may be jeopardizing her case against the police officers by her political grandstanding, legal tactics and appearance with pop star Prince on stage during a tribute concert to Freddie Gray.

Get all the details of the fight over race, in “Scam: How the Black Leadership Exploits Black America.”

Some of the violence in the Baltimore area even has taken on racial overtones, notably in the case of an elderly white man savagely attacked by a mob of black youths. But most of the victims of crime and political incompetence in Baltimore are African-Americans.

Peterson, author of “Scam: How the Black Leadership Exploits Black America,” pins the blame for the Baltimore disaster firmly on those “civil rights leaders.”

He said the KKK comparison comes to mind, “because these people have deceived black Americans and enslaved them to programs.”

“They’ve also made them dependent on false leaders.”

Peterson believes the situation in Baltimore is an outgrowth of the culture of grievance adopted by too many African-Americans. He even charges that African-Americans are worse off now than they were before the civil rights movement.

“Blacks are less independent. The black family unit, for the most part, has been destroyed. Blacks today are more dependent on government programs and handouts,” he said.

Peterson also believes whites are enabling black dysfunction by refusing to tell the truth about race.

“If whites are not willing to be honest about race and blacks don’t drop their anger and stop blaming whites, we will continue to be divided for another 50 years,” he said.

Lawyer, talk-radio host and author of “Dear Father, Dear Son: Two Lives … Eight Hours,” Larry Elder sees the collapse of the black family as the root cause for feelings of disenfranchisement and dissatisfaction among African-Americans.

In an interview with WND, Elder observed that in 1965, 25 percent of black children were born out of wedlock, while today the figure is more than 70 percent.

“Even Obama said a kid growing up without a father is five times more likely to be poor, nine times more likely to drop out, 20 times more likely to end up in jail,” said Elder.

Elder points to decades of failed federal policy as one cause of rise in single-parent families.

“Lyndon Baines Johnson’s ‘war on poverty’ in the mid-60s and the explosion of single-parent families corresponds with the growth of federal spending on ‘anti-poverty’ programs,” he noted. “According to the Heritage Foundation, we’ve spent over $22 trillion – and poverty has flatlined.”

More ominously, Elder warned the same problems are now taking root among white Americans.

“Whites, too, have seen an explosion in out-of-wedlock births. In 1965, 3.1 percent of whites were born to a single parent. Now the number is over 25 percent. If anything, the rate of growth of white out-of-wedlock births is far more rapid that the black rate.”

Peterson also sees the “lack of love” and the “absence of good fathers” as two of the leading problems the black family faces today. Yet as Jack Cashill notes, the lack of fathers in the African-American community isn’t just an economic or social disadvantage for blacks but a powerful contributor to a culture of grievance.

Cashill, author of “If I Had a Son: Race, Guns, and the Railroading of George Zimmerman,” told WND that Jesse Lee Peterson “has made the powerful case that the root cause is the anger generated by growing up without fathers and sometimes without mothers.”

“For a half century, black leadership has channeled that flood of anger into a hatred of the white man and ‘white’ institutions. Yes, white families are also falling apart, but the resulting anger is much more diffuse, much less focused,” he said. “So the young people in question do not instinctively hate those who would help them.”

Cashill said the collapse of the black family is the inevitable result of liberal social policy. He identifies mistaken incentives provided by the government that have the effect of directly encouraging the father to leave the home.

“At the same time these destructive policies were implemented,” Cashill said, “liberal thought leaders were working on a number of fronts to diminish the value of family.

“A charismatic black Democrat political leader could have addressed this issue on both the policy and philosophy fronts. Obama’s refusal to do so stands as the greatest failure of his administration.”

In contrast to trying to help blacks with what Elder calls the “race card,” the “sage of South Central,” as he is known, says the best thing the federal government can do is get out of the way.

When asked how to repair the black family and cities like Baltimore, Elder responded quickly: “End welfare at the federal level. Allow the needs of the needy to be handled at the state level, ideally by nonprofits and community involvement. Leaders, like Obama, should keep the race card in their pocket rather than whipping it out over every new controversy.

“In cases like the encounter between professor Henry Gates and a Cambridge cop, Trayvon Martin, Ferguson, and now Baltimore, where we still don’t know how Freddie Gray died, Obama used each as an opportunity to discuss ‘root causes,’ which is code for spend more money. Of course, Baltimore schools are some of the best funded schools in the nation, spending almost $16,000 per year, per student, yet still have a high dropout rate and most graduates unable to read, write and compute at their grade level.”

Colin Flaherty, author of “White Girl Bleed a Lot: The Return of Racial Violence to America and How the Media Ignore It,” believes the country would have been better served by listening to the findings of the late Sen. Daniel Patrick Moynihan, D-N.Y., who famously warned of the collapse of the black family in his 1965 report, “The Negro Family: The Case for National Action.”

Flaherty told WND: “Moynihan was a pioneer in his revolutionary observations that the black family was in shambles, getting worse, and everything the government did was probably creating and increasing the problem. Thus the ‘benign neglect’ recommendation. He was right about that.”

But Flaherty also believes the treatment of Moynihan paved the way for the national refusal to discuss race, leading to a permanent culture of grievance and conflict playing out in cities like Baltimore.

“Fifty years later, we must also acknowledge he was among the first targets of the politically correct crowd,” he said. “And everything they tried on him, they perfected over the remaining 49 years since. They would not engage him, just vilify. They did not refute, just scorn. They said he was ‘blaming the victim,’ by pointing out dangerously high levels of black pathology and black family disintegration. Any leader who could deliver us back to the days when Moynihan’s predictions were just about to hit the inflection point would be a national hero.”

Peterson agrees.

“If blacks and the country at large had listened to Moynihan, instead of attacking him as a ‘racist,’ black families would still be intact, and they would be better off across the board. The country would be united based on truth, rather than divided by lies.”

He remains pessimistic about the situation of blacks in America.

“I cannot think of any notable positive developments taking place at this time,” he said.

Regarding the disintegration of public order in Baltimore, Peterson said nothing will change unless blacks stop trying to blame everyone else for their community’s problems.

“Blacks need to get over their ‘blackness’ and become Americans rather than ‘African-Americans,’” he said. “They must overcome their false sense of victimhood and stop blaming whites. They need to stop relying on the government and leaders so they can become independent and think for themselves.”


Sheriff Clarke: ‘I’m trying to figure out why Al Sharpton isn’t in federal prison’

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This is from BizPac Review.

The question being asked by Sheriff Clarke is the same question I have been asking about both Sharpton and Jackson.

Outspoken conservative Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke wondered aloud earlier this week why self-described civil rights leader Al Sharpton hasn’t gone to prison for what he considered obvious crimes.×9&widgetId=2&trackingGroup=69017

“I’m trying to figure out why Al Sharpton isn’t in federal prison for tax evasion,” he said Thursday on Fox News’ “Your World with Neil Cavuto.”

Clarke excoriated Sharpton for calling for a national police force in the wake of the shooting death of Walter Scott by a North Charleston, S.C., police officer.

“I find it interesting he has so much faith in the federal government, when in the 1960s, the FBI surveilled Dr. Martin Luther King during the civil rights movement and then went on a smear campaign to discredit him,” Clarke said. “Now, all of a sudden, he trusts the federal government.”

Clarke said it all came down to politics for Sharpton, a frequent White House visitor and adviser.

“I bet he wouldn’t make this recommendation if a Republican president was in the White House, and who had appointed a more conservative United States attorney general,” he added.

Local policing is both a civil liberties and a state’s rights issue, Clarke said.

“We have 50 different states in this country, and they’re all unique. That’s why I say it’s a state’s rights issue,” he said. “They know how to police their communities best. The guiding principle for all 50 states, and every law enforcement agency in the United States, is the United States Constitution.”

The video of Scott’s shooting death disgusted not just the black community but other police officers, too, Clarke said.

“From what saw, I was as horrified as anybody in the United States, but I want to make it very clear what we saw in Charleston, South Carolina, is not a macrocosm of the profession of policing,” he said. “It’s an outlier. It’s an anomaly, and that guy, as soon as the investigation is complete, will get what he deserves. But I’m going to continue to defend the honor, the integrity, the character of the American police officer, because 99.9 percent of our officers do not go out — and I’ve talked to officers all over the place over the last 48 hours after that video was released, and I didn’t find one officer that wasn’t disgusted by what they saw. That is not the character of the American police officer.”

The Scott family has warned Sharpton to stay clear of the funeral.

Shortly after his Fox News appearance, Clarke delivered a rousing address at the National Rifle Association convention in Nashville.

Read more:


THUG LIFE: Dude Gets Brutally Jumped in the Street While Bystanders Watch!

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This is from Clash Daily.

Where are the protests from Al Sharpton and Jessie Jackson because of this brutal attack?

Oh yes, it is a group of feral blacks attacking another black man so there will be nothing but silence from the race baiters.

The black community will be silent due to the no snitching rule among blacks.

What are you supposed to do when someone gets jumped in front of you? Record with your phone and do nothing, duh.

Police: Third person dies after shooting at Nebraska party

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This is from Yahoo News.

Cue Jackson and Sharpton leading protests in oh, never mind this is a case of black on black crime.


OMAHA, Neb. (AP) — Gunfire erupted during a crowded party in a vacant house in Omaha early Saturday, leaving three people dead and five wounded, and most witnesses refusing to help investigators, according to police.

 As many as 50 people were in and around the small home when shots were fired “by multiple shooters” around 2 a.m., Omaha Police Chief Todd Schmaderer said. No arrests have been made, and police said they were confident the shootings were gang-related.

The vast majority of people at the scene refused to help police, the chief said during a news conference Saturday evening. He said he understood witnesses’ fear but pleaded for them to come forward.

“Now that you are away from that scene and have opportunity to be away from any intimidation, I’m asking you for the sake of the community to contact law enforcement,” Schmaderer said.

Police said 19-year-old JaKela Foster and 24-year-old Latecia Fox were declared dead at the scene, while 26-year-old Cameron Harris died several hours later. Schmaderer said it’s unclear if the victims were intended targets or bystanders.

Foster’s mother, Kristina Young, waited for hours outside the small, tan house in the city’s northeast side while investigators gathered evidence. She said she wasn’t going to leave until the body of her daughter was taken away.

Young said her boyfriend got a call from an aunt shortly before 2 a.m. telling him there was a shooting that may have involved Foster, who had a 1-year-old son. She said a friend later called to say Foster had been shot.

Young said her daughter knew the person throwing the party. She said she asked her daughter not to go, knowing there would be drinking and worried there could be violence.

“I’ve been in Omaha long enough to know generally what happens at these parties,” she said.

She said her daughter agreed and told her she was going elsewhere Friday night, but that she apparently went to the party anyway.

“To the person who pulled the trigger, I want to say it’s just senseless. It just needs to stop. I now have a 1-year-old grandson that has no mother,” Young said while fighting back tears.

The five people who were wounded were identified as Adrelet Bush, 25; Treveon Lillard, 20; Trenelle Miller, 21; Johnny Tiller, 21; and Jordyn Zyla, 20. Schmaderer said they were in stable condition late Saturday afternoon, though other details about their conditions weren’t released.

Police were investigating whether the shooting was related to another shooting that happened just blocks away about four hours earlier that injured a man and a woman. Schmaderer said that shooting was also gang-related.

Douglas County property records list the home as belonging to Alonzetta Stevenson. A phone number for Stevenson at the Parker Street address was disconnected.

Dorothy Wayne, who lives across the street from the home, said she and her husband were asleep when a shot passed through the wall of their front bedroom and lodged in the far wall. Neither was hurt.

“I just immediately hit the floor,” Wayne said. “I’m just glad we weren’t hurt.”

Much of Omaha’s violent crime happens in the area, but Wayne said she was surprised by the shootings because it’s always been a quiet street.

“There are mostly old people on our block,” she said.

Police arrested two people on suspicion of disorderly conduct at the hospital following the shooting, police said. Officers were called to the hospital after a disturbance among victims’ relatives who had gathered at the hospital erupted.

Defiant sheriff’s heated response when reporter scolds him for being unafraid of a gunfight

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This is from BizPac Review.

How long before the race baiter twins Sharpton and Jackson start calling, Sheriff Grady Judd racist? 


A tough-talking sheriff has no regrets about telling four murder suspects that his officers were ready for a gunfight.

A reporter asked Polk County, Fla., Sheriff Grady Judd if had any regrets about comments he made as his police were hunting the suspects in which he said “Make no mistake, if they pull guns on us, we will shoot them. A lot.

“Some of the comments you made last night about shooting the suspects, possibly, and the comments today about ‘ready for a gunfight,’ was that in the heat of the moment?” the reporter asked at a press conference Friday. “Do you have any regret about that?”

Judd didn’t back down.

“I not only have no regret, I’m pretty excited about telling you that. That’s exactly what would’ve happened,” Judd said. “Make no mistake about it. There’s nothing about politically correct in a gun fight. There’s nothing about politically correct when you are keeping people alive and well and safe. And the people of this community and these law enforcement officers come first.”

Saying he meant “every word,” the sheriff had a warning.

“If you surrender peacefully, that’s the way we prefer it,” he said. “You start pointing guns at us, you can not only plan on, but you can guarantee that we are going to shoot you.”

Four men were arrested Thursday on charges that they burglarized a pawn shop at gunpoint, shot at police and killed a mother and daughter in a manner “much too graphic to describe,” Judd said, according to ABC News.

Authorities captured one suspect after a police chase ended with the getaway car crashing. The other three assailants briefly got away.

One man was later apprehended after police surrounded a home in which he was hiding. Police say the man drove a car out of the garage, charging at officers, who shot at him. The car crashed, and police dogs pounced on the suspect, according to ABC News.

The third and fourth suspects were arrested soon after, police announced Friday.

This isn’t the first time the PC police were angry at comments the Sheriff made.

When a reporter asked him in 2006 why his officers shot 110 rounds at a man who was suspected of killing a deputy, hitting him 68 times Judd replied “I suspect the only reason 110 rounds was all that was fired was that’s all the ammunition they had.”

If you are a criminal it may be a good idea to cross Polk County, Fla. off your list.

Read more:

Black Teen Family Members PUNCH, BEAT, KICK & CHOKE POLICE OFFICERS While Serving Warrant (Video)

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This is from Gateway Pundit.

The Obama Media has made the choice to ignore this story because the thugs are black.

What do the race hustlers Jessie Jackson and Al Sharpton have to say? Crickets chirping.

Deport them back to the third world shi@ hole Haiti, where they belong.


Two Boston police officers were brutally beaten when they went to serve a warrant in Dorchester.

The officers were punched, kicked and choked.
Family members from two apartments beat the officers after Woobenson Morisset resisted arrest and called out for help.


The family says the officers overreacted.
family boston police

The officers will be off work for “some time” due to their injuries.
The Boston Herald reported:

One Boston police officer took an elbow to the throat that left his vocal cords bleeding and a second officer, punched in the face, will require further treatment for her head and hand after an effort to serve a warrant turned into a brawl with a Dorchester family, police and prosecutors said.

Police Commissioner William B. Evans said his officers were “pretty banged up” and will be out of work for “some time” because of injuries received trying to arrest Woobenson Morisset, 19, on Monday.

“It stresses the dangers of our job every day, going into situations that we never know what can happen,” Evans said.

Cops say Morisset resisted, began fighting and was joined by relatives who poured out of two apartments and joined the fracas.

“From there on it’s essentially a melee. The officers were punched, kicked and choked. It was seven on two,” assistant Suffolk District Attorney Dana Pierce told Roxbury District Court Judge Ernest L. Sarason of the chaos in the narrow stairwell Monday morning at an apartment complex at 6 Wayne St.

Woobenson and his brother, Lorcen Morisset, 18, a high school junior, pleaded not guilty yesterday to assaulting police officers. Lorcen Morisset was released on personal recognizance and given a 9 p.m. to 6 a.m. curfew and placed on a GPS.

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