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Racist, Son Of Obama (Cop) Slays White Driver Who Uttered N Word.  Words More Important Than Murder

Are they going to let him go because he’s black and the driver said the N word?? Probably, because blacks have special rights.  Whites are the victims.  Don’t ever, ever, ever say the N word.  It’s more important than murder, rape, beatings, or being robbed.

Whites, get armed and stay clear of the royalty of America, blacks.

A black New Jersey cop facing a possible life sentence for the racially charged road-rage slaying of a white driver

NJ cop in road-rage slay: ‘Law is on my side’

New Jersey detective Joseph Walker (Murderer) wants his day in court following a road-rage shooting.

Dead victim:

Prayers for the family.


-David Ben Moshe