Liberal logic once again proves to be hypocritical

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This is from Patriot Update.

Liberal Logic is an oxymoron.



In my recent article entitled “According to their own twisted logic,” I highlighted the hypocrisy of a government that labels its own citizens terrorists by comparing their reasoning to the definition of “white privilege.” In the article I argued that because a universal truth must exist, the definition of “white privilege” must be backed by a universal truth that would apply to other situations. White privilege, if you remember, teaches us that because white people are the dominant race in America, and we have the power of the institutions to apply discriminatory practices, only we can be racist. If this is true; then because the government has the monopoly on applying the power of the institutions against the people, in order to silence and intimidate, then only the government can be terrorists. Seems like pretty simple logic to me; however, we all know that the left has a way of making their rules apply to only those they disagree with. They don’t apply to the left because the lefts intentions are usually more sincere, and implemented out of a sense of compassion, so they would argue. It remains unclear how accusing their own fellow citizens of being terrorists in order to scare them into silence is compassionate, but I digress.

In another stunning display of liberal hypocrisy, Senator Ed Markey (D-MA) recently introduced S.2219- The Hate Crime Reporting Act of 2014, to the senate floor. This bill would essentially empower the National Telecommunications and Information Administration with scouring the internet and reporting anything they suspect may lead to the commission of a hate crime. This is extremely dangerous legislation as it could be used to silence anyone who opposes the lefts grand “utopian” vision for America.

As it stands right now, the only demographic group in America that is not in a protected status of some sort is the white male. This essentially means that anyone can say anything about you, or discriminate against you in any way, and there is no fear of repercussion, because you are white and privileged. The question that I have been asking for some time still remains unanswered. How does labeling a particular group as being “privileged,” and having things they didn’t fairly earn, not contribute to an atmosphere of hatred? By all rights, anyone who is teaching “white privilege” should be brought up on hate crime charges because it encourages minorities to believe that white people, particularly on the right, are racist and working to keep the black man down. We all know that these are lies, but it contributes to the development of anger and hatred while empowering minorities to commit acts of violence; therefore its proponents should be charged with a hate crime, according to their logic anyhow.

At the same time, we have a government that is actively seeking to keep society as divided as possible by labeling anyone that speaks out against their tyranny as “terrorists.” This is clearly motivated by a sense of “hatred” directed at an opposing ideology because no one was calling the left wing inspired “Occupy Wall street” terrorists. Those people were clearly advocating for a socialist takeover of the country, and because their ideology was not only in line with the left, but organized by the left, it didn’t matter that they burned down buildings, and threatened people’s homes. The left would have you believe that acts of violence carried out while standing for socialist principles like “wealth redistribution” are honorable and done in the pursuit of “social justice.” Also, calling American citizens “terrorists” for standing for their constitutional rights contributes to an atmosphere of hatred as it encourages fear and uncertainty. It dehumanizes a group of people simply for having the courage to stand not only for their rights, but the rights of others as well. Many of these people are also veterans, so the government is encouraging the population to treat veterans with suspicion simply because they are afraid of being exposed by people willing to live up to oath they took as a member of the U.S. military, and that is to support and defend the Constitution against all enemies foreign and domestic. In my opinion, you have to be a pretty hateful person to accuse American citizens, veterans in particular, as terrorists simply for disagreeing with your statism.

Perhaps passing S.2219 would not be such a bad thing after all. It would give people of honor and integrity, (words not often associated with today’s politicians) the power and ability to stop the left wing agenda in its tracks because everything they do is motivated by hate. President Obama and his left wing minions are deliberately trying to incite civil unrest by accusing the right of racism and extremism at every turn, this is surely motivated by a hatred of American values and he must be stopped. His politics of class envy and racial divisiveness have created more hatred and discontent than has existed for a long time. Every time he accuses the right of racism, it is done with the intent of causing more division and inflaming the passions of a misinformed population. It is President Obama and the left wing politicians that support this legislation as a way of hiding their socialist agenda that need to be charged with hate crimes. There I said it!

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Eye-Crossing: Liberal Logic and Helping the Oppressed

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This is from Clash Daily.

I had forgotten about the Revolutionary Communist Party until I read this article then I Googled them.

If you want to read some scary stuff go to their web page.

I will not provide a link.

I went there because of the search result.

The stupidity in this article is mind numbing.


Useful Idiots.

At a militant Revolutionary Communist Party (RCP) demonstration held in New York City recently, scowling women in combat boots who believe in armed conflict stood on soapboxes rallying against patriarchy. Their battle cry: “Abortion on Demand without Apology.” The twisted premise of the rally was that women should be vindicated if they kill unborn babies (without apology), including female babies, which, in turn, would somehow liberate the gentle sex from oppressive males.

Similarly, when it comes to health care, liberals applaud beneficence, unless it’s bestowed by way of evil conservatives with lots of money, like the Koch brothers.

That’s why on one street corner in New York you might find liberals staging a perfectly illogical “Quality Care, not Koch Care” protest, and on another, an equally illogical “Stop the War on Women…Stop Patriarchy…Abortion on Demand without Apology” convention.

Recently it was reported that Americans for Prosperity humanitarian David Koch contributed mega-millions to a new ambulatory care center due to be built at New York-Presbyterian Hospital. The left’s reaction to David Koch’s philanthropic gift is similar to the reasoning that killing female babies is key to liberating women who care about people.

Brothers Charles and David Koch rank #59 behind other political contributors, including the liberal billionaire Steyer brothers, who called David Koch “famously evil” for doing malevolent things like contributing enormous sums of money to charitable causes.  Koch’s latest contribution is “the largest philanthropic donation” in the history of New York-Presbyterian Hospital and will help provide “patients with the best personalized and integrated outpatient care, from diagnosis to treatment to aftercare, in a single, patient-friendly and technologically sophisticated environment.”

“Patient-friendly” environments aside, liberals apparently believe they can further healthcare for the poor by protesting huge donations by rich conservatives, even if those donations lead to job creation and improved healthcare facilities for the poor.

For greater understanding, here’s how it works: the left defines David Koch funding of an outpatient ambulatory care center as “defeating and repealing healthcare to all Americans,” and his oil tycoon money helping create new jobs as “attacking workers.”

That’s why, “Quality… not Koch” militants recently marched in front of the “soon-to-be-built” David H. Koch Center location. The complainers included such notables as the New York State Nurses’ Association (NYSNA), who apparently are angered because, by 2018, Koch’s donation will help create new nursing jobs. Also in attendance were the NAACP New York State Conference and SEIU Local 1199, as well as guitar-playing people in red jackets who’ll march for anything if it gets them a free pancake breakfast.

In 2012, in the midst of layoffs at non-profit Washington Hospital Center, ardent abortion supporter/former President Bill Clinton received a $225,000 speaking fee. Remarkably, Bill Clinton’s insensitivity toward laid-off hospital workers failed to rouse even one concerned lesbian to host a “Speak out for Quality Care, Not Clinton Care” street march. But let a conservative donate $100 million to a hospital, and rampant ire is the response from the “Abortion on Demand without Apology” crowd.

On International Women’s Day protesters were annoyed because the “oil tycoon” contributing the money has an anti-abortion conviction – without apology – that is contrary to liberal ideology, which includes the unfettered right to abortion without apology!

So, evidently a huge donation to supplement jobs and provide a spanking-new health pavilion that is poised to enhance healthcare in New York City is unwelcome if the philanthropist doing the donating does not support the Revolutionary Communist Party’s stance that abortion should be available to anyone, anytime.

Adding to that irritation, the “soon-to-be-built” New York-Presbyterian Hospital pavilion will be located on the wealthy Upper East Side, where Mayor Bill ‘Tale of Two Cities’ de Blasio would likely agree that, as punishment for success, residents should be left to die in snowdrifts.

So there you have it – liberal logic in action:  protest for a cause and feign concern for the oppressed, then turn around and oppress the ones for whom you were feigning concern.

According to the Revolutionary Communist Party, the way to address male oppression of women is to kill unborn women. For the “Quality Care, not Koch Care” activists, it means biting the hand that provides healthcare and jobs just because on Election Day that hand pulls the Republican lever.

ZoNATION: They’re Not Food Stamps, They’re Munchie Stamps


This is from Alfonzo

Zo does a great job of explaining the lack of liberal logic.

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