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This is from Human Events.

It will be a close race between New York City, Chicago and Los Angeles to be the next Detriot.

People that are old enough will remember  New York City got bailed out by Gerald Ford and Jimmy Carter.

Will Jimmy Carter Jr. (Obama) bail out New York City?


New York City just elected a proud and ambitious left-winger, Bill de Blasio, to be the mayor. He plans to raise taxes again and spend yet more money.

Will New York City become the next Detroit?

Detroit was once the center of American manufacturing. Ford, Chrysler, and General Motors stood astride the world economy. Michigan and Detroit’s high standards of living seemed immortal, immune to economic challenge.

But decades of liberal mayors brought the city to bankruptcy and moved much of automobile manufacturing overseas or into Right to Work states. The population of Detroit fell from 1,850,000 in 1950 to 701,000 today. It continues to fall.

Is New York City next? Is Wall Street immortal? Immovable?

The storm petrels have given warning for years.  John Lindsay, the liberal Republican who then ran for the Democrat nomination for president, gave municipal labor unions a blank check. Surely the financial center of the world could pay for gold-plated pensions and benefits without breaking a sweat. Taxes rose. The middle class began to flee crime and taxes.

New York City has the largest big city tax burden in the nation. The highest income earners owe 12.7% of their personal income to the government, second in the nation only to California. With a 2013 budget of about $69 billion and just over 8.3 million residents, the city is spending more than $8,273 per resident. The second largest US city, Los Angeles, by comparison spends $1,137 per resident.

Between 1992 and 2010, on net,  New Yorkers leaving the city to work and live elsewhere brought with them an annual income of $48.8 billion. Between 1995 and 2010 — although the population of New York state rose 1,285,000 — the state lost on net more than $58.6 billion a year due to high net worth out-migration.

The vast majority of people and income fleeing New York are leaving the city. The relative hollowing out of northern New York is a small fraction of those leaving Gotham city. And these financial numbers are net. They take into account that some people move into the state and city—but net more income is leaving the state and city than entering. And the population relative to other states is declining such that New York had 47 electoral votes in 1950 and only 29 today.

It is difficult to move a manufacturing plant or build a new automobile assembly line in South Carolina or Tennessee. It is less difficult to have the computerized, virtual world of banking, investment and finance move across city, state, and national lines.

De Blasio’s inauguration was a celebration of the welfare state and demands for higher taxes and more government spending. The Obama campaign should remind us that when liberals promise to break the bank, spend without end and view taxes as free money, it is not a figure of speech. It is a plan. This is not cheap rhetoric for the left’s baseit is a promise.

De Blasio has already announced his first target: increasing the top income tax rate paid by those earning more than $500,000 from 3.86% to 4.4%. This, if no one flees or retires, will raise $530 million in higher taxes. This tax is advertised as the funding source for “high quality” full day universal preschool in New York City that the New York Citizen’s Budget Commission reports will cost the city between $619 million and $896 million depending on the per pupil funding formula.

So all this happy talk about taxing the rich is clearly only the first part of the sentence. “We will tax the rich….first.” Somehow and from someone’s hide the Mayor will have to raise another $89 million – $366 million per year in higher taxes to finance his first territorial demand.

Remember that the mayor was elected with the enthusiastic support of the public sector union bosses whose wish list for higher pensions, benefits, and pay would embarrass the Detroit union bosses.

Such tax hikes would be on top of the 18.5% property tax increase in 2002. (Mayor Bloomberg had demanded a 25% hike).

Raising the income tax in New York City will require the approval of the New York State legislature and governor. Republicans who have marginal control of the state Senate have promised to stop any such state approval.

The special spending interests that backed De Blasio have been promised taxpayer money. It is now the new mayor’s “job” to find those billions in the pockets and savings accounts of those who stay behind in New York.

De Blasio is practicing “trickle down” taxation. He promises to tax only the rich, but such taxes always trickle down to hit the middle class.

We have seen this movie before.


Christmas As I Knew It

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A lovely song (well ballad really) from the Great Johnny Cash.

Not heard very often but should be as it’s a lovely song. Enjoy

World War II veteran en route to Pearl Harbor ceremony booted from flight

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This is from Fox News.

Why was it just two people booted from the flight?

This veteran is 90 years old with failing eyesight he should

have priority on this flight.

Oh silly me no one respects the elderly and veterans any more.



  • December 7, 1941: Members of the U.S. Military stand near airplane wreckage during the surprise Japanese aerial attack at Naval Air Station at Pearl Harbor in Hawaii. (REUTERS)



A 90-year-old World War II veteran en route to a ceremony marking the 72nd anniversary of the attack at Pearl Harbor was booted from his flight to accommodate the weight of additional jet fuel needed for the trip.

According to Hawaii News Now, Ewalt “Walt” Shatz, a WWII veteran credited with shooting down a Japanese plane during the 1941 attack, was scheduled to take a United Airlines flight direct from Los Angeles to Honolulu on Wednesday, but was re-booked on an American Airlines flight leaving eight hours later that included a layover in Maui.

“I was surprised.  I didn’t know which way to go.  Here I am at LAX with all these people and it’s all new to me. I was just lost I didn’t know what to do which is an awful feeling,” Shatz told the paper.

Shatz was traveling alone and suffers from macular degeneration, an eye condition that limits his sight. “They just left me kind of stranded. Here I’m 90 years old, and I don’t know — I really didn’t have anybody else I could call.”

Shatz said he was told by a United Airlines agent at LAX only two passengers on the Boeing 737 to Honolulu had been booted.

“I thought that they just overbooked the deal and they were trying to get rid of a couple of customers and somebody had my seat — and that’s what made me mad, because I paid for that seat.  I paid for that seat and somebody else is sitting in it,” Shatz told WOAI News 4. “I was lost. I didn’t know what to do.”

Shatz reportedly told two United desk agents — and a supervisor — he was a WWII vet invited to attend a remembrance ceremony at the USS Arizona memorial to mark the attack’s anniversary.

United, in a statement to Hawaii News Now, said, “Inclement weather in the path of United flight 1226 required the flight to carry additional fuel and, as a result, reduce the number of passengers on board by 41.

“United agents in Los Angeles re-booked those customers, including Mr. Shatz, on the best available alternate flights on United and other airlines. We look forward to speaking with Mr. Shatz and the other affected customers.”

Shatz arrived in Honolulu just before midnight and in time for the ceremony.

Word of his Shatz’s plight traveled quickly on the Internet, and 71 people – mostly U.S. service members – organized a last-second welcoming party for him at the airport in Honolulu.

“Getting ready to put my khakis on and go greet a WWII vet (Pearl Harbor Survivor)… If you are on island and would like to come greet and honor this hero, come on out,” Navy Chief Benjiman Scott wrote in part on his Facebook page, according to the paper.

“Everybody wanted a picture with me and they were making out like I was hero, but I’m not really.  It was embarrassing in a way, but I liked it.  It was nice,” Shatz told WOAI News 4.

Reportedly added Chief Navy Counselor Rex Parmelee: “This is why we’re serving.  We’re here to tell their story.  We’re here to show our respect for them.  It’s a tremendous honor and that’s why we take it so serious. Heritage is huge.”

Shatz was 18 years old in 1941 when Japanese warplanes attacked Pearl Harbor. The Navy has reportedly credited him with shooting down a Japanese plane during the battle with an anti-aircraft gun.

“I don’t know if I did or not; somebody said I did,” Shatz reportedly said. “I fired a 50 caliber machine gun and it’s possible I did shoot at some planes, but whether I hit any or not — that’s another story.  I don’t take any credit for any of that. Whether I did or not, probably only God knows.”

Click for the story from Hawaii News Now.

Bar fights city to keep sign that salutes veterans

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This is from BizPac Review.

It seems Commieafornia is lost.

Will the last sane person leaving the state

Please turn out the lights bring the American flag

POW-MIA sign

The city of Huntington Beach, Calif., is ordering a bar to remove a sign honoring its most frequent clientele – veterans returning from the Middle East.

Johnny’s Booze and Pool’s message, a fixture for 10 years, proclaims to all passersby, “Thank a veteran for your freedom!”

“I love this place. The sign gives me the pride back that I lost,” an Army veteran told CBS2 Los Angeles. “I struggled a lot when I first came back.”

But after 10 years, someone complained, prompting the city to order the sign’s removal.

“We received a letter in the mail from the city stating that we have to remove it within two days or they were going to fine us, like, $940,” co-owner John Marovic said.

CBS2 reported:

Huntington Beach Mayor Pro-Tem Matthew Harper says he has contacted the city manager about the issue and is waiting for an answer. Harper says he would support granting a variance to allow the sign to remain standing.

The issue has some of the sign’s supporters scratching their heads.

“I can understand city ordinances, but it’s been up there for 10 years,” customer-veteran Tarah Crawford told the station. “I don’t understand why it’s a problem

Watch the newscast from CBS2 LA, and if you haven’t done so already, be sure to check out Story of waitress stiffed for being gay a ‘fraud,’ diners say




California Muslim planned to fake his own death and become “soldier for jihad”

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This is from Jihad Watch.

I am shocked this Kalifornia man could get such racist and

Islamophobic idea about the religion of peace.SNARK!

Anyone with an IQ above a bag of hammers knows Islam

is a murdering cult of death that has a pedophile leader. 


Somehow this convert to Islam got the outrageously mistaken and frankly Islamophobic idea that jihad meant waging war against unbelievers. How did he get that idea? No one seems to care. After all, it has never happened before and never will again, right? Why should law enforcement care about such a remote possibility?

“Prosecutor: American arrested in California planned to assist al-Qaida, aid terrorism,” from the Associated Press, October 21 (thanks to Kenneth):

LOS ANGELES – A 24-year-old American charged with attempting to assist al-Qaida in international terrorism was enticed into confessing to an undercover FBI agent who posed as a recruiter for the extremist organization and provided him with a false passport, a prosecutor told a judge Monday.In an extensive inquiry, U.S. District Judge John Walter demanded more information on the case against Sinh Vinh Ngo Nguyen of Garden Grove, expressing skepticism about some of the evidence. His questioning revealed new facts about the case that depicts Nguyen as a wannabe terrorist with no special skills to offer al-Qaida.

Nguyen appeared in court with his hands shackled to his waist. His appearance was dramatically changed from the time of his arrest, when he had long hair and a beard. He was clean shaven with a close cropped haircut and made no comment during the hearing. He was ordered held without bail.

Nguyen has pleaded not guilty to two charges of making a false statement on a passport and attempting to provide material support and resources to a terrorist organization.


Assistant U.S. Attorney Judith Heinz said evidence against Nguyen was gathered by a confidential informant and an undercover FBI agent who posed as an al-Qaida recruiter. Nguyen had reached out on the Internet and on his Facebook page to join the terrorist group, the prosecutor said.He was arrested Oct. 11 at a Santa Ana bus station as he prepared to board a bus for Mexico with plane tickets to his ultimate destination in Pakistan, authorities said. The undercover agent escorted him to the bus and had told him they would be meeting “his sheik” in Peshawar, the prosecutor said.

When agents moved in to arrest him, Nguyen exclaimed, “‘How did you guys find out?'” Heinz said.

The prosecutor said Nguyen had his fake passport, $1,850 in Syrian currency and a pamphlet with extensive instructions on shooting and setting up battle plans.

In his home, she said they found three swords, two large axes, two hatchets and a copy of the famous tome, “The Art of War.”

Heinz said the government would allege that Nguyen planned to offer himself as a trainer of some 30 al-Qaida forces for an ambush against coalition forces in Syria, where he had already spent five months fighting with rebels.

“He would train them in shooting,” Heinz said….

“He confessed on the 50 hours of interviews,” the prosecutor said, relating Nguyen’s plan to go to Pakistan, fake his own death and assume a new identity “to be a soldier for Jihad.”

The FBI operative told Nguyen getting a fake passport would be a lot easier than faking his death and offered help. The prosecutor said Nguyen filled out the passport request with a new name, Hasan Abu Omar Ghannoum, and gave it to the agent, who sent it to the U.S. government which issued the passport….




Criticizing Obama: Does it really get you blacklisted in Hollywood?

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This is from Fox News Entertainment.

James Woods is spot on with is comments about HollyWeird.



LOS ANGELES –  This week, actor James Woods took to Twitter to criticize President Obama amid the government slimdown and also said he now expects to struggle to find work in left-leaning Los Angeles. So is Woods on target, or just paranoid?

According to Mell Flynn, President of the Hollywood Congress of Republicans, discrimination against Republicans in Hollywood indeed runs rampant.

“I have known quite a few people who were let go from a job after they made their political affiliation known. Maybe it was a coincidence, but I doubt it. This type of discrimination is hard to prove though, especially where actors are concerned,” she told FOX411. “They just won’t get hired or even called in to read for a part.”

Producer Gary Michael Walters noted that “outspokenness can definitely be held against someone’s career prospects” in the largely liberal land of entertainment, and another show business insider told us that a director friend won’t take on any conservative-type projects for fear of not getting work.

“I have a prominent actress friend who lives in holy terror of losing her position on a TV show if she is outed as a born-again Christian and conservative,” another source told us.

Early last year, Kelsey Grammer scooped a Golden Globe for his performance in the Starz series “Boss,” and at the after-party boasted to us that being a Republican was “easy” for him “because [he] was such a revolutionary” and refused to be told what to do. Yet several months later it seems Grammer had a change of heart after he was surprisingly snubbed for an Emmy nomination.

“I’m a declared out-of-the-closet Republican in Hollywood,” he told Jay Leno. “Do I believe it’s possible that some young person, young voting actor – or even older voting member for the Emmys – would sit there and go, ‘yeah, that’s a great performance but ooooooooh, I just hate everything he stands for?”

And not long after Obama’s first swoop into the White House, actress Angie Harmon told us that she was left with the “racist” label for vocalizing her disappointment in the Democratic leader, and claimed that she had been rejected for jobs over the years due to her right-of-center views.

“The Hollywood names who advocate acceptance are the first to shut the door on a conservative,” observed Angie Meyer Olszewski, who has worked in publicity for both entertainment and political sectors. “But Republicans are finding their voice. They’ve had enough.”

A couple of months ago, “Patridge Family” mom and proud conservative Shirley Jones told FOX411 that while “it’s pretty bad here” as “they’re all Democrats” she doesn’t feel as though going against the political grain hurt her career. “I didn’t care one bit about that stuff,” she said. “I do my thing my way, if you don’t like it then tough!”

And earlier this month, life-long liberal supporter Rob Schneider, 50, happily declared his political party switch, citing the mess that the State of California is in, and how the Democratic majority is no longer serving the people.

“Dozens of Republicans have come out of the closet recently with no repercussions,” insisted producer Mark Joseph, a self-proclaimed registered independent. “That wasn’t always the case. It’s a healthy thing. We need more diversity in all areas in Hollywood if we’re going to better serve our consumers.”

Some industry experts have even gone as far as to say that the so-called GOP discrimination is pretty much a myth.

Last year, the former head of MGM and powerful Hollywood Republican, and former member of President Reagan’s Advisory Committee, Harry Sloan wrote in the Hollywood Reporter that he has never actually heard of GOP bias actually happening.

But one “Clueless” star Stacey Dash came under enormous attack in the Twitterverse last year when she dared endorse GOP candidate Mitt Romney for the Presidency – yet she told us just weeks ago that not a single person has challenged her political views to her face, and work is going great in terms of developing her own television projects, mobile apps and inking a book deal.

And then there’s the likes of Gary Sinise, a devout GOP-er who is deemed one of the most respected TV actors as a star on the long-running “CSI: NY,” as well as Patricia Heaton who has managed to keep her job on the ABC sitcom “The Middle.” And of course there’s Clint Eastwood, a conservative Republican who has not only held a position in public office for his party but yelled at a chair during the Republican National Convention last year – yes, he is still working and yes, he is still pretty celebrated.

“The growth of alternative media has encouraged more stars like Stacey Dash and James Woods to be open about their beliefs,” added Dan Gainor, VP of Business and Culture at the Media Research Center. “They know the risks [of possible work ramifications] but take them bravely.”


Kansas school board brings back student-led prayer

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This is from BizPac Review.

It is reassuring to see people standing up for their faith.

Christians have been pushed and shunned for too long.

All America need to stand up and say “No more Christian bashing’.

A rural Kansas School Board courageously defied 50 years of U.S. Supreme Court rulings by allowing student-led prayer at all school activities, even broadcasting them on the school’s public address system.

What began as an unscheduled, impromptu suggestion at a Monday ISD No. 480 School Board meeting ended up as a motion that was immediately seconded, discussed and unanimously approved, according to the Leader and Times.

“I think that’s one of the greatest things we’ve ever done,” said Board Member Tammy Sutherland-Abbott, who seconded Board Member Nick Hatcher’s motion.

Hatcher had spontaneously introduced the idea.

“I would like to see us bring prayer back to the games,” he told his fellow board members. “I have struggled with that — not having prayer at our activities — because it’s ‘not the thing to do,’ but if the board thought it was important enough that they would support it, and defend it if the time came, I’d like to ask that we do that at our next meeting.”

The schools superintendent questioned why the board should wait until the next meeting.

“We do live in a democratic society, and I personally feel like our community would support that decision, regardless of the rest of the world,” Hatcher said.

The Leader and Times reported:

Several years ago, LHS discontinued prayer at events like football games. Administration voiced concern that, by making the P.A. system available for prayers led by students or community members, the district could be perceived as sanctioning or even promoting traditional Christian prayer in violation of federal law. Student-led prayers then moved to the football field itself, prior to the game. However, no microphone or speaker system allowed spectators to hear such prayers. Monday night’s vote will permit students to utilize the P.A. system for prayer before football games and all other special activities in the district.

The Warren Supreme Court declared school-sanctioned prayer unconstitutional in the 1962 case of Engel v. Vitale. In that case, the New York officials were challenged for encouraging public schools to recite prayers written by them.

The 2000 case of Santa Fe Independent School Dist. v. Doe, however, is more directly on point. In that case, the court ruled 6-3 that student-composed and -led prayer prior to football games is unconstitutional as a violation of the First Amendment’s establishment clause.

Kansas is a part of a Middle America region unflatteringly known as “flyover country,” where residents pay their taxes without squabble, send their sons and daughters off to fight our wars and whose word is unhesitatingly their bond.

Note that it wasn’t small-ttown bankers that had to be bailed out in the waning days of 2007. They wouldn’t dream of making an investment that could jeopardize the hard-earned life savings of their depositors and shareholders — not when they have to face those same people at the local supermarket, pharmacy or in chuech on Sunday.

More than anything, the people inhabiting flyover country are expected to do all they can for their country and countrymen and keep their mouths shut while the geniuses in Washington, New York and Los Angeles make the really important decisions.

It’s both encouraging and heartwarming to see the people in this area of Kansas rise up and revolt, Spartacus-like, as they tell Washington, D.C.: “We tried your way, thank you. We’ll go back to doing it our way.”

LA Community College drops NRA class after six years due to new regs

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This is from Campus Review.

The city of Los Angelese as well the state of Kalifornia is the

land of wussies.

We have forever lost the state of Kalifornia.


Faculty at Los Angeles Community College (LACC) have canceled a longstanding National Rifle Association (NRA) class thanks to new restrictions laid down by the school’s board of trustees.

The new regulations, which apply to all nine campuses of the LACC system, will begin this year, and ban all firearms, including those that are “non-operational and in the instructional setting” from school grounds.

The rules make an exception for “non-operational” weapons used in “theatrical performances,” but not for the non-credit firearms class which the school has offered in conjunction with the NRA for the last six years.

Board of Trustees Vice President Scott Svonkin, author the resolution that ushered in the new rules, told Campus Reform last Monday he believes school’s have no place teaching students how to use guns —but that its educators and faculty do have a responsibility to “promote gun control.”

“We should make sure that students don’t come to campus being afraid to run into somebody with a gun,” Svonkin said.

He argued it was necessary to ban  “non-operational” guns, because although they could not hurt anyone, they could scare students.

Gerry Koehler, the teacher of the now cancelled gun classes at Los Angeles Pierce College for the past six years, however, said the idea that a student might “run into somebody with a gun” due to NRA classes was ridiculous — considering they were taught in a locked classroom with the shades pulled down.

He added that the classes were incredibly popular, with each session filling up and resulting in another full overflow class.

Koehler said the college informed him last month that he would not be teaching his summer class — which was supposed to begin on

August 3 — after a member of the Woodland Hills Warner Center Neighborhood Council complained about it.

“They said, ‘Let’s cancel it for the summer, and hopefully it will die down and we can continue it for the fall,’” he said.

Koehler said neither he nor any other gun advocates were invited to the meeting in which the class was cancelled. He said  he did not find out  about the cancellation until Sunday — in an email from an NRA lawyer — that the classes were cancelled permanently.

Koehler said he called the president of Pierce, Dr. Kathleen Burke-Kelly, to ask if plastic model guns were included in the “non-operational” ban, or if he could use one to keep teaching the class.

“She said they are not allowed to even have the mention of the world ‘gun’ in their campus catalog, which I find utterly ridiculous and a total violation of the First Amendment … now this is a First Amendment issue,” he said.

Burke-Kelly did not respond to a request for comment from Campus Reform, but a search of thecourse catalog revealed the word “gun” does not appear.

Svonkin, who authored the resolution, told Campus Reform that he himself was not sure what “non-operational” meant.

“You know, I’m not an expert in guns,” he said.

Koehler said his dealings with the board on the issue made him believe that the real purpose of resolution was not safety, but political opposition to the NRA.

Svonkin openly expressed negative views of the organization during his interview with Campus Reform.

“I believe that the NRA’s goal is to promote gun ownership, and that guns lead to deaths,” he said. “So, not having the NRA teach classes, not having the NRA classes on our campuses, is a good thing.”

“I’m much happier with the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department protecting our students and our staff and our faculty than having some random person who took a three-hour class and thinks that they’re Dirty Harry,” he added.


Would They Be Proud?

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This is by Walter E. Williams in Town Hall.

There is no doubt in my mind Dr.King and other civil right leader’s

would be disappointed in today’s blacks.

Dr.King and others fought hard for black children to get a better education.

While  many of today’s blacks want to shun a good education.

They are contented to speak the gutter ghetto language of ebonics.

Then they call blacks that get an education Uncle Tom,Oreo and 

Whitey’s Hose Ni@@er.

Today’s blacks are content living on the DemocRat Plantation.


One can’t imagine the fear in the hearts of the parents of those nine black students who walked past shouting placard-carrying mobs as they entered Little Rock Central High School in 1957. Each day, they were greeted with angry shouts of “Two, four, six, eight, we don’t want to integrate.” In some rural and urban areas, during the school desegregation era, parents escorted their 5 and 6-year-old children past crowds shouting threats and screaming racial epithets. Often there were Ku Klux Klan marches and cross burnings. Much of this protest was in the South, but Northern cities were by no means exempt from the turmoil and violence of school desegregation.

Most of the parents and civil rights leaders whose sacrifices and courage made today’s educational opportunities possible are no longer with us. My question is: If they could know what many of today’s black youngsters have done with the fruits of their sacrifice, would they be proud? Most schools identified as “persistently dangerous” are predominantly black schools. To have a modicum of safety, many schools are equipped with walk-through metal detectors, security cameras and conveyor belt X-ray machines that scan book bags and purses. Nationally, the black four-year high-school graduation rate is 52 percent. In some cities, such as Detroit and Philadelphia, it’s considerably lower — 20 percent and 24 percent, respectively. In Rochester, N.Y., it’s 9 percent.

What black politicians, parents, teachers and students have created is nothing less than a gross betrayal and squandering of the struggle paid in blood, sweat and tears by previous generations to make possible the educational opportunities that were denied to blacks for so long.

Born in 1936, I’ve lived during some of our racially discriminatory history. I recall being chased out of Fishtown and Grays Ferry, two predominantly Irish Philadelphia neighborhoods, with my cousin in the 1940s and not stopping until we reached a predominantly black North Philly or South Philly neighborhood. Today that might be different. A black person seeking safety might run from a black neighborhood to a white neighborhood.

On top of that, today whites are likely to be victims of blacks. According to the Bureau of Justice Statistics’ 2008 National Crime Victimization Survey, in instances of interracial crimes of violence, 83 percent of the time, a black person was the perpetrator and a white person was the victim. Most interracial assaults are committed by blacks. What’s worse is there are blacks still alive — such as older members of the Congressional Black Caucus, NAACP and National Urban League — who lived through the times of lynching, Jim Crow and open racism and who remain silent in the face of the current situation.

After the George Zimmerman trial, in cities such as Baltimore, Los Angeles, Milwaukee, Chicago and New York, there have been a number of brutal revenge attacks on whites in the name of “justice for Trayvon.” Over the past few years, there have been many episodes of unprovoked attacks by black gangs against white people at beaches, in shopping malls, on public conveyances and in other public places in cities such as Denver, Chicago, Philadelphia, New York, Washington and Los Angeles. There’s no widespread condemnation, plus most of the time, the race of the attackers was not reported, even though media leftists and their allies are experts in reporting racial differences in everything else.

Would those black Americans who fought tooth and nail against Jim Crow, segregation, lynching and racism be proud of the findings of a recent Rasmussen poll in which 31 percent of blacks think that most blacks are racists and 24 percent of blacks think that most whites are racists? Among whites, in the same Rasmussen poll, 38 percent consider most blacks racist, and 10 percent consider most whites racist.

Black people don’t need to have a conversation with white people on matters of race. One first step would be to develop a zero tolerance for criminal and disruptive school behavior, as well as a zero tolerance for criminal behavior in neighborhoods. If city authorities cannot or will not provide protection, then law-abiding black people should find a way to provide that protection themselves


Alan Dershowitz: I Would Find Zimmerman ‘Not Guilty’

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This is from NewsMax.

No matter what you think of Alan Dershowitz

he knows the law.

I hope he is right about the riots not happening.

The verdict is in from Alan Dershowitz: if the renowned Harvard Law professor were on the jury hearing the George Zimmerman murder trial, he would find the defendant not guilty.

“I would say there’s reasonable doubt. I would say nobody knows who started the initial fight,” Dershowitz told “The Steve Malzberg Show” on Newsmax TV.

“Remember, it’s monumentally irrelevant who’s morally guilty here.”

Zimmerman, who identifies himself as Hispanic, is charged with second-degree murder in the death of Trayvon Martin, an unarmed teenager in Sanford, Fla.

Zimmerman, a 29-year-old neighborhood watch volunteer for his community, says he shot Martin, 17, in self-defense during an altercation. But prosecutors charge that Zimmerman profiled the African-American youth as he walked back from a convenience store to the home of his father’s fiancée.

“Whether or not Zimmerman was a racist and racially profiled and shouldn’t have been doing it and didn’t listen to police, that’s all irrelevant in Florida law,” Dershowitz said.

“The case begins when the first blow was struck, essentially. And we don’t know who struck the first blow. We don’t know if Trayvon Martin came out from behind of a dark area and jumped him and got him down.

“And as long as we don’t know that, [and] we don’t know whose voice it was who was yelling, ‘Help me! Help me!’ That’s reasonable doubt.”

He said reasonable doubt boils down to percentages.

“If you think it’s 60 percent likely or 70 percent or even 80 percent likely that Zimmerman is guilty and doesn’t deserve self-defense, you have to acquit,” Dershowitz said.

“It has to be much higher than that. It has to be certainly like 90 percent likely before you can say there’s no reasonable doubt. So, if I were on the jury, I would find reasonable doubt.”

But that doesn’t mean Zimmerman is a choirboy, according to Dershowitz.

“I might not want to be friendly with George Zimmerman at the end of the case … I certainly would not declare him innocent. There’s a big difference between declaring him innocent and declaring him not guilty,” he said.

As to the possibility of violence in the streets should Zimmerman walk free, Dershowitz believes calm will prevail.

“The Martin family are very decent people. They seem to have, in every way, indicated that they would not want that kind of a response,” he said.

“So, unless some irresponsible people come from out of town to try to stir something up, I don’t think we’re seeing a Rodney King-type response.”

Dershowitz said there are many differences between the cases of Zimmerman and King, who in 1991 was beaten by Los Angeles cops who were later acquitted — a verdict that sparked six days of riots in which 53 were killed.

“This is not a Rodney King case. Rodney King, you saw it on video. There was no justification for doing what they did to that poor man,” Dershowitz said.

“In this case, it’s very confusing. It’s very conflicted … Self-defense is a very important principle in American law and people forget, too, that the government has the burden of proving beyond a reasonable doubt that he didn’t act in self-defense. They have to prove a negative beyond a reasonable doubt which is not easy to do.”

The Zimmerman case could go to the jury as early as next week.

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