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This is from WatchDog Wire.

What is happening in Maryland and America?

Is there a SWAT Raid in your or your family’s future?


Maryland law enforcement agencies conducted more than 6,500 SWAT raids over the last four fiscal years.

Maryland law enforcement agencies that maintain a special weapons and tactics unit are required by law to report specific action and deployment data to the Maryland Statistical Analysis Center, within the Governor’s Office of Crime Control and Prevention.  The reports were mandated into law in 2009 in the wake of the Prince George’s County Police Department’s mistaken SWAT raid on the home of Berwyn Heights, Mayor Cheye Calvo, which resulted in in Calvo’s two black Labrador retrievers dead from gunshot wounds and no criminals apprehended.

According to the four published SWAT reports for fiscal years 2010-2013 show that SWAT units in Maryland conducted 6,560 raids an average of 4.5 raids per day.

Prince George’s County conducted the most raids by far of any agency over that time period 1,195 accounting for 31 percent* of all SWAT raids, followed by Baltimore City and Montgomery County with 11 percent each.   The Maryland State Police conducted 201 SWAT raids during that time.

The overwhelming majority reason for SWAT deployments each year (90 percent) was to execute search warrants.  In FY2013 the majority of SWAT deployments (54 percent) were activated to through the commission of Part II crimes as defined by the Federal Bureau of Investigation.  According to the FBI, Part I crimes consist of homicide, rape, robbery, aggravated assault, breaking and entering, larceny/theft, motor vehicle theft, and arson.  Part II crimes are described as a “variation of offenses.”  In other words the majority of SWAT deployments last year were activated to respond to non-violent crimes.

SWAT units deployed between FY2010-FY2013 used forcible entry on 68 percent of deployments, and seized property on 84 percent of deployments.

The public’s eye has turned to the “police militarization” with the civil unrest marked by heavily armed police clashing with protesters in the St. Louis suburb of Ferguson Missouri sparked by the shooting of Michael Brown, an African-American teenager, by a Ferguson police officer.  The expansive use of SWAT teams and proliferation of use surplus military equipment by civilian police forces through the Defense Logistics Agency’s 1033 program.

Screen Shot 2014-08-18 at 12.34.45 AM

According to the Baltimore Sun, Maryland law enforcement agencies have received more than $12 million in surplus military gear from the 1033 program, including 2,000 assault rifles, 873 semiautomatic handguns and 220 12-gauge shotguns—many of the same weapons the state’s recent Firearms Safety Act bans private citizens from acquiring.  Queen Anne’s and Wicomico Counties acquired armored mine resistant vechicles through the program.  Wicomico County Sheriff, Mike Lewis told the Delmarva Daily Times that he secured the48,000-pound MRAP armored vehicle for use in the event of mass shootings and barricade.



PATHETIC: Brawl Breaks Out Betwixt Parents at High School Graduation

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This is from The New York Daily News.

So the Sons and Daughters of Obama cannot control their animal impulses.

You can take the animal out of the jungle, but you cannot take the jungle out of the animal.

Two adults were charged for the fiasco outside Towson University’s SECU Center. Students and staff at Randallstown High School were embarrassed by the not-so-grown-ups’ immaturity at such an important event.

A high school graduation in Maryland is gaining national attention for the immaturity of the adults in attendance rather than the success of the students onstage.

A massive brawl broke out outside Towson University’s SECU Center on Tuesday after the Randallstown High School class of 2014 took the stage for their diplomas, according to local media.

Full-grown men and women were exchanging punches while their embarrassed children looked on in graduation gowns.

“It was a display of childish behavior and the fact that it wasn’t even students, it was grown people, they should have known better to take away the shine of their child graduating and to have a fight over something stupid at graduation,” April Freeman, a student at Randallstown, told WBAL-TV.

The fiasco was shot on camera cellphones and posted to the Internet in a series of Vine posts. Some of the not-so-grown-ups can be seen piling on while others are seen trying to break it up.


Dante Smith, 23, of Woodlawn, was charged with resisting arrest and assault. Natanya Johnson, 33, of Gwynn Oak, was charged with disorderly conduct, the NBC affiliate reported.

The high school’s staff and students say they want to put the incident behind them and put the focus back on the school’s proud record for scholastic achievements.

“We’re not immature people,” Freeman told the station. “We actually get work done; we have a 90% graduation rate.”

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BERETTA: Maryland disrespects us and gun owners, so we expand in Tennessee

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This is from The Washington Times.

Elections have consequences you vote for DemocRats the working men and women get shafted.

Would you like to make a wager with me?

I say when the Berreta plant in Tennessee gets up and running the Maryland Berretta plant moves to Tennessee.


My family has operated our business from the same small town in northern Italy for 500 years. This means that when we make a commitment to a local community, our hope is to do so for decades, if not centuries, to come.

We apply this same philosophy to all of our factories and locations throughout the world. Such a commitment is not a one-way street, though.


n return for our investment in jobs, facilities and assistance to the local economy, we ask for respect and a supportive business climate.

We deserve such respect. We make the standard sidearm for the U.S. armed forces. We also make firearms that police and consumers use to save their lives and the lives of others.

We also make sporting firearms that are enjoyed by tens of millions of people worldwide, from Olympic shooters to weekend hunters.

Our business has grown in recent years, and because of that, we needed to expand production in our U.S facility, located in Accokeek, just outside of Washington, D.C., in the Maryland suburbs.

Unfortunately, as we were planning that expansion, Maryland’s governor and legislature voted in favor of new regulations that unfairly attack products we make and that our customers want.

These regulations also demean our law-abiding customers, who must now be fingerprinted like criminals before they can be allowed to purchase one of our products.

We have seen these types of legislative proposals in Maryland before, and they never seem to reduce crime. Maybe this is because the proponents of such legislation blame the product instead of human misconduct.’

But in any event, because of these new restrictions and the pattern of harassment aimed at lawful firearm owners we have seen in Maryland over the decades, we decided to expand our facilities in a state that shows more respect for citizens who exercise their Second Amendment rights.

We chose Tennessee for our new facility expansion. Our plans for that location are extensive and long-lasting.

We chose Tennessee because the governor and legislators in that state understand what it means to support businesses (such as through job recruitment and training programs) that improve employment in the state without treating companies as a necessary evil.

We chose Tennessee also because the vast majority of its residents and their elected officials have shown that they respect and honor the American tradition of personal freedoms, including the right to bear arms.

Ugo Gussalli Beretta is CEO and president of Beretta Holding S.p.A.

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Jackson: Gun owner unarmed, unwelcome in Maryland

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This is from The Tampa Tribune.

This is outrageous.

Why was Mr Jackson stopped?

I borrowed a quote from a commenter.


As for grounds for arrest: “The carrying of arms in a quiet, peaceable, and orderly manner, concealed on or about the person, is not a breach of the peace. Nor does such an act of itself, lead to a breach of the peace.” (Wharton’s Criminal and Civil Procedure, 12th Ed., Vol.2: Judy v. Lashley, 5 W. Va. 628, 41 S.E. 197)..


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This is from Breitbarts Big Government.

Yes Virginia elections have consequences.

How many potential companies will avoid Virginia because

Terry the punk McAuliffe’s future tax increases?


Until Virginia Governor-elect Terry McAuliffe (D) was elected on November 5, Beretta USA had the Old Dominion on a short list of states in which it could build a new factory.

The USA side of Beretta has been based in Maryland, but Governor Martin O’Malley‘s (D) gun control push convinced them to move to a more gun-friendly climate.

According to The Washington Times, Beretta already “has a distribution center in Spotsylvania, VA,” so building the new factory in the state made sense–when Virginia had a pro-gun governor.

Beretta USA’s general counsel Jeff Reh said, “The anti-gun ads that McAuliffe ran in northern Virginia were particularly offensive. And the fact that he could gain a voting advantage by doing so caused us additional concern.”

Red added: “All this was a real disappointment because of the great pro-gun and pro-business response we received from the Commonwealth and local political and business leaders throughout our search process in [the state].”

Until McAuliffe was elected VA was “one of six finalist locations” being considered by Beretta executives.


Obama Gestapo Raids Reporter’s Home, Takes Notes

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This is from Godfather Politics.

Who will be the next victim of the Obama Gestapo?

I can see gun owners and The Tea Party as the next victims. 

I also see retired military I the cross hairs also.

When Maryland police and federal agents raided Washington Times investigative reporter Audrey Hudson’s home, they were supposed to be looking for guns but wound up taking her personal notes and papers she had obtained under the Freedom of Information Act.

Hudson had previously written stories exposing problems in Homeland Security’s Federal Air Marshal Service.

Some of the papers that were taken in the predawn raid by agents in full body armor pertained to Hudson’s sources and research in the air marshals stories.

The warrant used by the police and federal agents said they were at Hudson’s house to look for unregistered firearms and a “potato gun” allegedly owned by her husband, Paul Flanagan, who is a Coast Guard employee. The warrant made no mention of any notes or documents to be seized.

A Coast Guard agent was present during the raid, but Flanagan has not been charged with any crime since the Aug. 6 raid. Flanagan has a criminal record from the mid-1980s relating to the illegal possession of firearms.

Times Editor John Solomon said Friday the Times is preparing legal action over the unlawful seizure of Hudson’s notes and documents.

“While we appreciate law enforcement’s right to investigate legitimate concerns,” Solomon said, “there is no reason for agents to use an unrelated gun case to seize the First Amendment protected materials of a reporter. This violates the very premise of a free press, and it raises additional concerns when one of the seizing agencies was a frequent target of the reporter’s work. … Homeland’s conduct in seizing privileged reporters’ notes and Freedom of Information Act documents raises serious Fourth Amendment issues, and our lawyers are preparing an appropriate legal response.”

Maryland police declined comment except to say the documents were under review. The Coast Guard issued a statement admitting the documents were seized but denying that anything was done improperly.

Hudson said that during the raid, Coast Guard investigator Miguel Bosch, who formerly worked for the air marshal service, asked her if she was the same Audrey Hudson who had written “the air marshal stories” for the Times.

The agents seized several small arms during the raid. Hudson said she didn’t even realize until almost a month later that the agents had seized five file folders with her notes and documents.

Attorney David Fischer, who has been retained by Hudson and her husband, said, “Obviously, the warrant is about a gun, nothing about reporters notes. It would be a blatant constitutional violation to take that stuff if the search warrant didn’t specifically say so. … This is a situation where they picked very specifically through her stuff and took documents that the Coast Guard, or the Department of Homeland Security, would be very interested in.”

Hudson said that while her husband has a record from more than two decades ago relating to firearms, she believes her notes may have been the real target of the raid.

“They tore my office apart more than any other room in my house,” she said, adding that the agents didn’t take any non-TSA-related documents.

“I had a box full of [Department of Defense] notes. They didn’t touch those,” she said.

Eventually, the documents were returned to Hudson, but only after Bosch said he had distributed copies to officials in the TSA for “clearance.”

“Essentially, the files that included the identities of numerous government whistleblowers were turned over to the same government agency and officials who they were exposing for wrongdoing,” Hudson said.

The stories Hudson wrote about the air marshals date back to 2005, under the Bush Administration,  so this is a bureaucratic vendetta that has been simmering for eight years.

As they say, revenge is a dish that is best served cold. It’s difficult ever to say who’s really behind activities like this that are so blatantly illegal and so clearly targeted because the culprits are protected behind an opaque wall of bureaucracy and government.

Is it possible Bosch transferred from the air marshals to the Coast Guard, spied the name of Hudson’s husband on a list somewhere and seized an opportunity? A one-man vendetta seems unlikely.

Rather, this seems like the product of the Obama Administration’s culture of paranoia, revenge and official intimidation of Americans who cross the bureaucracy. It fits seamlessly into the pattern of accessing reporters’ phone records, shunning certain news organizations and using the IRS to investigate people and groups who rub the Administration the wrong way.

The government that thinks it rules its citizens and not vice versa is by definition a tyranny. That increasingly seems to be the case with our federal government.

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CareFirst says 76,000 customers will lose current coverage due to Obamacare

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This is from The Washington Examiner.


Obama has still got his low information shele votes fooled.

Like my wife supposedly educated uncle that lives in the communist

 capitol of Indiana  the People’s Republic of Bloomington.

He say Obamacare is a gift from God.

While Conservatives know it is a spawn of Lucifer


CareFirst BlueCross BlueShield is being forced to cancel plans that currently cover 76,000 individuals in Virginia, Maryland, and Washington, D.C., due to changes made by President Obama’s health care law, the company told the Washington Examiner today.

That represents more than 40 percent of the 177,000 individuals covered by CareFirst in those states.

Though Obama famously promised that those who liked their health care coverage could keep it under his program, in reality, the health care law imposes a raft of new regulations on insurance policies starting Jan. 1 that are forcing insurers across the country to terminate existing plans.

In theory, rules were supposed to allow pre-existing plans to be “grandfathered in,” but they were written so narrowly that they leave out many plans.

“Of the 177,000 individuals under age 65 who are covered by CareFirst, about 76,000 of them are in a non-grandfathered plan — a plan that will not comply with the guidelines imposed by the Affordable Care Act at their time of renewal this year or next,” CareFirst said in an email in response to an inquiry by the Examiner.

It continued, “These individuals in Maryland, Washington, D.C., and portions of Northern Virginia will be required by the health law to purchase a new ACA-compliant health plan. This phenomenon is not unique to CareFirst and its members, but rather a result of industrywide changes in accordance with new ACA health plan standards.”

While individuals in Maryland and Virginia will have the option of shopping for new plans either on the Obamacare exchanges or the individual market, D.C. residents who get cancellation notices will be forced to purchase insurance on the exchange.


Common Core Student Survey Wants Parents’ Political Affiliation

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This is from Godfather Politics.

This is one of thousands of reasons to fight and remove

common core it from the school system.

Common Core is one more reason to home school.


Parents of high school students in Montgomery County School District in Maryland were outraged recently by a survey given to sophomores under the new Common Core education standards.

The survey asked numerous intrusive questions that a school has no business asking students.

Among them were questions like “what is your sexual orientation,” “what’s your religion,” “what’s your parents’ political affiliation” and “should assault rifles be banned?”

Angry parents notified the news website The Blaze about the survey, and shortly after a Blaze reporter began to ask about it, the survey disappeared from the Poolesville High School website.

According to The Blaze story, school officials at first denied such a survey existed, then when they were presented with evidence that it was on a school website, they denied that students were not given the right to opt out. When presented with evidence to the contrary, the district apparently took down the survey. Eventually, the district’s public information officer admitted the survey had been on the site, but insisted that it was a student project, not something put together by teachers.

It appears that students presented with the survey had to log in with their usernames to a school support site called Edline, where they filled out the blanks and multiple choice questions on the survey.

In addition to the questions mentioned above, the survey also asked who was to blame for the government shutdown and how students felt about Obamacare. There was also this question: “If President Obama were Caucasian how much more or less criticism do you think he would he receive?”

The school district’s line on the survey is that it was created by students in a government class who were studying polls, and that the survey was strictly voluntary. According to parents, however, students in at least one class were told to take out their smart phones, log in to Edline and take the survey. Reportedly, one student who refused was “forced” by the teacher to comply.

The district also maintains that students taking the survey were anonymous, but a system operator who spoke with The Blaze on condition her real name not be used said it would be impossible for students to remain anonymous if they logged in to the Edline system.

At least one parent has claimed to have direct knowledge that the survey was not a voluntary student project but an assignment and that most of the questions were written by one teacher.

This is just the latest in a string of outrages from “Common Core-compliant” schools. The nationwide push for a  uniform curriculum is fast becoming the education system’s Obamacare.

Although the federal government is prohibited by law from creating a national curriculum, the Obama Administration has gotten around the law by pawning the job off on the National Governors Association. The NGA in turn pawned off the job on a private firm, which dumped it on the desk of a fellow named David Coleman, who has never been a classroom teacher.

To make things even scarier, Coleman is now the president of the College Board and has promised to rewrite the SAT that most students take to get into college so that it conforms to Common Core. The story in the rumor mill says that the plan is then to have Coleman start writing standards for the nation’s colleges.

There is a lot to criticize about the Common Core mold being forced on students, but one of the most pernicious aspects is the gathering of student information. This isn’t the first intrusive survey that has surfaced under this program, which is an Obama Administration program, no matter how they try to disguise it.

It won’t be the last outrage to come out of this program, either.

Read more:

GOP bill would defund schools with rules against playing with imaginary guns

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This is from The Hill.

The rules against imaginary guns is crazy.

Boys will be Boys playing Army and using imaginary guns is

what Boys do.

However the Liberal Wussies that run our nations schools

want to turn Boys into limp wristed  metrosexuals.


Rep. Steve Stockman (R-Texas) introduced legislation this week to block federal funding for schools that enforce rules that punish students for playing with imaginary weapons.

The Student Protection Act, H.R. 2625, is a reaction to what Stockman says is the zero tolerance policy at some schools that has led to several suspensions of very young children who engage in these activities, including cases where students pretended their thumb and index finger is a gun.


The bill finds that these school policies are being used to outlaw “harmless expressions of childhood play,” and are only teaching students to “be afraid of inanimate objects that are shaped like guns.”

Stockman cited several examples, such as a school in Nebraska that demanded a three-year old deaf boy change his name because it resembled a gun when expressed in sign language. He said a seven-year-old in Colorado was suspended for throwing an imaginary hand grenade, and that two six-year-old boys in Maryland were suspended for playing cops and robbers and using their fingers as guns.


He also noted the 14-year-old Kentucky student who was suspended from school for wearing a National Rifle Association shirt that said, “Protect your rights.”

“This government-sanctioned political correctness is traumatizing children and spreading irrational fear,” the bill states.

The legislation seeks to stop these practices by blocking federal funds to any school that punishes students for a select list of activities. Those activities include carrying miniature toy guns, and “brandishing a pastry or other food which is partially consumed in such a way that the remnant resembles a gun.”

The pastry language is a response to a Maryland student who partially ate a Pop Tart to make it look like a gun and was suspended.

Schools would also have funding blocked if they get students in trouble for possessing a Lego gun, using fingers and thumbs or writing instruments to simulate a gun, wearing clothing supporting the Second Amendment, and drawing or possessing pictures of guns.


Read more:
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Empire State DA: I won’t prosecute Cuomo’s new gun law

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This is from Jews For The Preservation Of Firearms Ownership.

More and more Sheriffs and District Attorneys are saying

 we will not enforce these laws or prosecute people.

We need to get Obamacare nullified also.

Empire State DA: I won’t prosecute
Cuomo’s new gun law

Still virtually continuing for now on the theme of ‘nullification’, as we have over the last 2 days, here we present a case where a NY DA decides not to prosecute a misdemeanor due to having 9 rounds in a magazine instead of the now restricted 7. It was a reported case here recently from mid May but this represents a decidedly sensible change in events.

NY Governor Cuomo’s ludicrous “SAFE Act” is going to be heavily contested and hopefully not by just this one DA but also many other DA’s as well as county sheriffs. In New York State, as well as Colorado, Connecticut and now even Maryland, we see absurd intrusions regarding the abuse of the Second Amendment.

Much is not only to do with essentially unenforceable aspects to the new stringent laws but also, fortunately, a tendency to see local law enforcement realizing that their oath counts for more than this trend towards trashing of the 2A. Read “I won’t prosecute Cuomo’s new gun law” to find out the rationale and general comment.

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