Damn Just Damn!!

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I returned home about four thirty from my pain management doctor.

She informed me that do to the location of the pain in my back(facet joint)

there is a 98% chance some of my hardware has came loose.

The pain and facet joint are located at L-5 S-1 so according to Medicare rule

changes we must know if the hardware is coming loose.

If so the surgery to fix my  hardware should able to stop the pain.

If I do not get 85-90%  pain relief she can shut down the facet joint nerves.

So now I wait to get in to see a neurosurgeon.

If surgery happens it will be number eight.

Please keep me in your prayers.

I will keep you posted.




I Survived


I made it through the surgery fine-on Tuesday.

I needed some muscle work done on the inside of my right knee.

The muscle was to be thin and long.

But it was wide and short.

I am doing pretty good the pain my pain level is very LOW.

Blogging will be light but I will blog starting on Saturday.


No More Lower Back Pain

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The pain management Doctor I am seeing has stopped my pain in

my left lower back.

I am four moths free from Morphine and Oxycontin.

I have a small amount of pain in the lower right side.

After having my lateral release on my right knee cap 

I physical therapy and   recover.

I will have the same procedure done on my right side.

Then after thirty years of the above mentioned pills 

and chronic pain I will be 100% pain-free.

I want to say Thank-You for your prayers.


I am back sorta

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I was able to get some pain medicine.

So I will be able to blog some.


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