This is from CNSNews.

The media will  always try to show Israel the aggressor.

In truth Hamas is the aggressor.

Israel is constantly under attack by Hamas from Gaza.

But the media does not portray it that way.


If you’ve never been to Israel it’s hard to imagine just how small it is. It’s just a sliver of land about the size of New Jersey bordered on one side by the Mediterranean Sea and on the other sides by enemies. It’s like living with a pack of wolves surrounding your house just waiting for an open door or window to jump through and tear out your throat.

Yet this tiny nation beset from within by extremely different political persuasions and from without by rocket attacks, suicide bombers and armies of Islamic zealots is criticized and ostracized by the nations of the world and the target of millenniums-old vendettas and a dishonest, hostile world media stands proudly fertile, progressive and strong, as an example of what could be accomplished by their neighbors if they could only put their hate and swords away and concentrate on the welfare of their state and it’s people.

We hear so much about a Palestinian homeland and Israel’s enemies try to make it appear that the Israelis are the only things standing in the way. The truth of the matter is that there are thousands of square miles of unused land in the Middle East for a Palestinian homeland, but the sad truth is that nobody wants them, not their Arabic brothers and sisters or the Persians who use them for suicide bombers and cannon fodder.

The problem is that the only homeland the Palestinians want is the one that God deeded to the children of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob forever. It was not a lease, but a gift sealed by the promise of the Creator, and anyone else who lays claim to the land is an interloper and does so at the displeasure of Jehovah who told Abraham that anyone who cursed him would be cursed by God.

If you watch the networks in the U.S. or the BBC or CNN International around the world, they will try to convince you that Israel is the instigator, on the offensive, firing missiles into populated areas and schools in the Gaza Strip. They’ll show you pictures of a bloody child and bombed out houses in an effort to convince you that Israel is the aggressor, even if some of the photos being passed off as Palestinian casualties are from recent Syrian internal violence.

They basically ignore the bloody children and bomb-damaged buildings on the Israeli side of the border and omit the fact that rockets had been raining down on Israel for months before they began a major retaliation.

To put the situation into perspective, imagine that somebody in the adjacent county was lobbing rockets into your backyard and your children’s schoolyard. Just how many of these attacks would you tolerate before you started shooting back to protect your family?

In a nutshell that’s what’s happening in Israel, and what has been happening and nobody in the world has the right to prevent them from protecting themselves.

The rockets from the Gaza Strip fall indiscriminately with no warning and no regard for innocent life. The Israelis drop leaflets warning the civilians in Gaza to vacate areas where they are going to bomb and passionately try to protect innocents and prevent collateral damage while the other side neither tries nor cares.

There’s a lot about the state of Israel people don’t realize. For instance, there is an immense Arab population living and working with the Jews, and the most holy place in Israel, the Temple Mount, has a mosque and a shrine to Mohammed on top.

Jerusalem is truly an international city and practically every major religion known to man has a presence there.

The Jews supply water, electricity, food and medicine in the Gaza Strip and just want to live in peace with their neighbors.

I can’t figure the anti-Semitic tilt in most of the world’s media, but it’s there and evident in editorial policies. So, when you digest news about Israel, do so with several large grains of salt and remember: there will be wars and rumors of wars.  Jerusalem will be surrounded by armies and the military might of the world will gather in the Jezreel Valley below Har Megiddo. And, though the world may stand against it, there will be Israel; that’s a fact.

It’s in the book.

What do you think?

Pray for our troops, our country and for the peace of Jerusalem.

God Bless America

Charlie Daniels