This Teacher Was Suspended Because a “Black Lives Matter” Leader Was Offended by His Facebook Status


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It seems that the truth caused this Black Lives Matter Thug a little butt hurt.

Black Lives Matter was started by black activists who saw color instead of truth. We never heard of them until Trayvon Martin and Michael Brown. Trayvon Martin had a record and when stopped by George Zimmerman, was found to be carrying items commonly used in burglaries. When Zimmerman tried to stop him, Martin physically attacked him, bashing Zimmerman’s head into the concrete.

In the case of Michael Brown, he had just robbed a convenient store and assaulted the store clerk. He refused to comply with Officer Darren Wilson’s orders to stop. Instead, Brown attacked Wilson while he was still in his patrol car, fracturing the officer’s eye socket. When Brown continued his physical assault on Wilson and reached for the officer’s gun, Wilson feared for his life and shot Brown in self-defense. Eventually, a number of eyewitnesses, including several blacks, testified before a grand jury that Wilson was being attacked by the nearly 300-pound teenager and that the shooting was justified.

Both black teenagers were criminals and up to no good. Had they complied with the orders given to them, they would both still be alive. Yet, all black activists saw was a black teen killed at the hands of a white and Hispanic. They ignored the facts and claimed the black teens were little angels that were senselessly murdered. Black Lives Matter evolved from the black activists who ignored the truth and saw an opportunity to throw gasoline on the fires of racial hatred. They started protesting which led to violence and public unrest. Officer Wilson, who was doing his job and protected his own life had his life and career ruined by the unfair and unjust persecution of Black Lives Matters.

Since that time, Black Lives Matter has become the antithesis of the Ku Klux Klan. The Klan hates blacks and refuses to see them as equal members of the human race. Likewise, Black Lives Matter appear to hate everything and everyone white and like the Klan, refuse to see them as equal members of the human race.

Black Lives Matter has encouraged violence against law enforcement officers nationwide. Whenever a black person is shot by a white police officer, Black Lives Matters instantly makes it out to be about race. Yet when a white cop is shot by a black, Black Lives Matter either remains silent or they praise the black. Some even consider Black Lives Matter to be a terrorist organization. Where is Black Lives Matter when blacks violently attack and kill awhite woman in her own home?

The really sad part of Black Lives Matter is that they really don’t care about black lives. If they did, they would be spending more time protesting black on black violence. Most of the violence occurring against blacks in America is at the hands of others blacks, not whites, not Hispanics, not Orientals, etc. The lack of any protests or actions about the black on black violence helps demonstrates that their purpose has nothing to do with the value and protection of black lives and everything to do with their racial hatred against whites.

Consequently, they continue to support and enforce violence if it suits their purpose, like what’s happening in the St. Paul public schools. The schools have been plagued with an increase in student violence. The school district used to discipline students with suspensions, but when it was made known that more blacks than whites were being suspended, they brought in a liberal firm from San Francisco to help them adapt a more non-punitive form of discipline, which has only emboldened students to be more disruptive and violent. The schools were being accused of harsh disciplinary actions that led many students, especially black students, to a life of crime and jail.

Knowing they aren’t going to be suspended, students are more defiant to teachers and are now starting to physically attack and assault teachers. Last October, several teachers were attacked by violent students. In one instance, teachers tried to break up a fight and ended up being injured. In another instance, a teacher was injured when a disruptive student refused to leave the classroom. In December, another teacher was severely injured while trying to break up a fight. That teacher has since filed a lawsuit against the school district for failing to provide a safe work environment. More recently, a male teacher was attacked by two male students in the classroom and ended up in the hospital.

The issue of the growing violence in the schools and the criticism leveled at teachers and administrators led Theodore Olson, a special education teacher at Como Park High School, to take to Facebook to condemn the violence. He posted:

“Anyone care to explain to me the school-to-prison pipeline my colleagues and I have somehow started, or perpetuated, or not done enough to interrupt? Because if you can’t prove it, and campaigns you’ve waged to deconstruct adult authority in my building by enabling student misconduct, you seriously owe us real teachers an apology. Actually, an apology won’t cut it.”

Believe it or not, Olson’s post offended Rashad Turner, leader of the St. Paul Black Lives Matter. Turner was so enraged by the post that he threatened to use his group to shut down Como Park High School. Consequently, Olson was removed from the classroom and placed on paid leave from the district in an attempt to appease the local Black Lives Matter.

The St. Paul Black Lives Matter group hasn’t condemned the growing violence among students towards teacher, mainly because most of the students committing the violence are black. Instead they take their offense by a teacher taking to social media and asking for evidence of the charges leveled at them.

Just like in the cases of Trayvon Martin, Michael Brown and so many others, Black Lives Matter activists care nothing for the truth and become irate when their hatred is challenged. They don’t want to resolve racial tension in the United States. They are having too much fun creating it and fueling the fires of racial hatred.

Ironically, many of the same people that condemn the Ku Klux Klan for their racial hatred endorse and support Black Lives Matter who are just as bad as the Klan. This supports what I’ve been saying for years that in our warped and perverted society, only whites are considered racist while blacks with the same kind of racial hatred are considered to be justified. The only difference is the skin color; the racial hatred is the same.


If Black Lives Matter Why do Blacks Treat Themselves and Each Other so Badly?

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This is from Patriot UpDate.

Black lives only matter when they involve a thug with a lengthy criminal record gets killed by a white police officer.

I find the “Black-Lives-Matter” movement confusing and even a little hard to take. We now have demonstrators showing up at any event where they might garner free publicity carrying signs and wearing t-shirts which read “Black Lives Matter.” The obvious implication of the signs and t-shirts is that black lives don’t matter. Thus the demonstrators are forced to take to the streets to protest this outrage. The problem with the presumption behind the “Black-Lives-Matter” movement is that it seems that black lives do matter to everyone except blacks.

Dr. Ben Carson was asked for his thoughts concerning “Black Lives Matter” as he strolled through the streets of Harlem recently. I suspect his response was not what the audience gathered there wanted to hear. His response is summarized succinctly by the title of this column: “If black lives matter why do blacks treat themselves and each other so badly?” Carson turned the question around on the individual who asked it and gave a pointed lecture on personal responsibility and the destructiveness of government dependence.

I thought Carson’s lecture to that crowd in Harlem was the perfect antidote to those who carry signs and wear t-shirts displaying the message that “Black Lives Matter” but do nothing to demonstrate the fact. Consequently, I would like to ask the leaders of this movement several questions:

  • If black lives matter, why are so many young black men killed every day in America by other young black men? The “Black-Lives-Matter” movement grew out of several instances in which police officers shot and killed young black men in circumstances some black leaders found questionable (e.g. Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri). But the hard truth is that in cities such as Chicago, New York, Detroit, and Baltimore to name just a few, young black men kill more black people in a week than all of the police officers in America kill in a year. Further, whereas the majority of instances in which police officers kill black men can be classified as justifiable homicide, when young black men kill each other the incident typically amounts to murder. Can the BLM demonstrators really claim that black lives matter to black people when black-on-black murder is the leading cause of death for young black men?
  • If black lives matter, why are so many black babies aborted every year? Since 1973 more than 13 million black babies have been aborted. On average, 1,876 black babies are aborted every day in America. Black women are five times more likely to have an abortion than white women. Take away abortion and the black community in America would now number more than 52 million people instead of the current 36 million. This incredible loss of human resources represents more than just a self-inflicted wound, it is genocide by choice. It amounts to blacks killing blacks. When black women choose of their own free will to abort 1,876 black babies every day, can the BLM demonstrators continue to pretend that black lives matter to black people?
  • If black lives matter, why do so many black men father children and then abandon them? The overwhelming majority (72 percent) of black children are born to unmarried mothers. Consider what is widely known about young people who grow up without a father: a) 63 percent of youth suicide victims are from fatherless families, b) 90 percent of all homeless children and runaways are from fatherless families, c) 85 percent of children who display behavioral disorders are from fatherless families, and d) 80 percent of rapists with anger problems are from fatherless families. With these facts widely known, how can BLM demonstrators claim that black lives matter to black people?

Other questions concerning crime, dropout rates, and drug use could also be asked, but the point has been sufficiently made. The Black-Lives-Matter movement is misguided and even hypocritical. Those who carry the signs and wear the t-shirts have no credibility because they are aiming their anger at the wrong people. If they are angry because they believe black lives do not matter, they need only look in the mirror to see why this is the case. If BLM demonstrators want to protest, let them carry their signs in front of abortion clinics that kill black babies every day in epidemic numbers. Let them march through inner-city ghettos where young black men from rival gangs shoot each other down with regularity. Let them take their demonstrations to those irresponsible cowards who father babies and then abandon them. Do these things and maybe black live s will begin to matter as much to other blacks as they do to the rest of us.

Another “Loving Kid” Killed Committing Armed Robbery

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This is from Bearing Arms.

I am sick of the families getting on TV News and social news sites and claiming how innocent these violent thugs are.

The line on this thug he was a loving person that did silly stuff and never hurt anyone.

This feral ghetto rat along with three others tried to rob a couple.

 Lavauntai Broadbent  was armed that is not loving or a person that would never hurt anyone.

1 (1)

16 year-old Lavauntai Broadbent was a violent teen thug with alleged gang ties who was shot and killed as he attempted the armed robbery of a concealed carrier in St. Paul, Minnesota last week

Thug culture claimed another victim recently, when 16-year-old Lavauntai Broadbent and three other young violent offenders attempted to rob a couple out enjoying a nice evening in a St. Paul, Minnesota park. One of the the two victims was a concealed carrier who reacted to the sight of Broadbent’s (illegally possessed) gun by drawing his licensed concealed weapon and firing in lawful self-defense.

Four juvenile males approached the adults Friday night and one, wearing a mask and gloves, pulled a handgun and tried to rob the adults, police said. One of the victims has a permit to carry a handgun, pulled his own weapon and shot the suspect, they told police. The teenage suspect from West St. Paul died at the scene near a World War I monument at Summit Avenue and Mississippi River Boulevard.

Lavauntai Broadbent, who was to start 11th grade at Henry Sibley High School in Mendota Heights in the fall, had already been on the radar of police.

Broadbent pleaded guilty to a gang-related gross misdemeanor charge in May, though he denied he was a gang member, saying he’d only hung out with them, according to a juvenile petition.Broadbent’s family regarded him as sweet and funny, but said he had also become “messed up with the wrong crowd,” according to Shawn Distad, a family friend whom Broadbent called “Auntie.” “He did silly stuff, but nothing to hurt anybody and that’s what’s really confusing about this, if it is true, that he did go to rob somebody,” Distad said Monday. “That’s not his character. He was a loving kid.”

The concealed carrier immediately attempted to provide first aid to Broadbent. Broadbent’s “every man for himself” criminal friends ran off, but were subsequently arrested.

One thing that seems to come up consistently in the stories we post of Guns Saving Lives is that the friends and family members of young violent offenders almost universally refuse to admit—even to themselves—is that the violent offender is a violent offender.

How many times have we heard from the friends and relatives of dead and injured armed robbers that “he was a good boy,” and that his violent crimes were “out of character,” even though theses young criminals almost always have prior arrests? It’s so predictable that journalists have developed a rote formula for telling the stories of their deaths: summarize the crime that got the young offender killed, mention his prior arrests, and then interview family and friends who claim that the special young snowflake was on his way to do great things, if it wasn’t for that infamous “wrong crowd” of which he was, somehow, never actually a part.


It’s past time that we be blunt. What we’ve taken to calling “thug culture” thrives because the lifestyle is warmly, publicly accepted, especially in some minority communities.

Pathetically, “thug life” and “gangsta” culture is not just popularized, but is celebrated in music and in Hollywood. Even the President of the United States warmly interacts violent former drug dealers.

Barack Obama has warm relations with Jay Z, a violent drug dealer turned entrepreneur. What sort of message does this send to our youth?

Sadly, we have a President that all but encourages violent thug culture behavior, who has continually attacked law enforcement, and who has publicly supported violent criminals from Trayvon Martin to Michael Brown, both of whom were lawfully shot and killed committing violent felonies.

Instead of looking inward to solve the thug culture problem, an Obama-inspired (and Marxist and socialist supported) “Black Lives Matter” movement has been created that attacks law enforcement for daring to combat this violent thug culture. The end result is that law enforcement has been all but driven from some communities, which has led to an increase in violent behavior by the thug culture people of all races should be working to eradicate.

Then the same people who vilify the police cry out in anger that the very criminal culture they are encouraging has turned on them. It would be comical, if innocent people weren’t being caught in the crossfire.

Unfortunately, this thug culture will persist as long as it is celebrated, defended, and even denied. Until real leaders step forward to stop this behavior, we’ll continue to see good guys with guns like this concealed carrier in St. Paul being forced into a situation where they must shoot these violent young men in order to protect their own lives, and the lives of other law-abiding citizens.

It’s a shame that things have to be this way, but you cannot help those who do not wish to be helped, and who consistently attack those who would help them. All law-abiding citizens can do in such an environment is to arm themselves, get trained, and when they encounter a violent criminal like Lavauntai Broadbent, remember three important words.

“Front sight. Press.”

Police Officers’ Facebook Page Posts Controversial Memorial Of Michael Brown

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This is from Opposing Views.

I had to share this.

Photo Credit: Facebook Screenshot

A popular page on Facebook, entitled ‘Police Officers,’ recently posted a controversial memorial of Michael Brown, the teen who was killed last year by a cop in Ferguson, Missouri.

The fake memorial reads:

There once was a thug named Brown
Who bum-rushed a cop with a frown
Six bullets later
He met his creator
Then his homies burnt down the town

The Facebook page’s administrator page wrote in the comments section:

Mike Brown chose his path, one that has lead this country into complete divisiveness. He’s not a martyr, he was a thug, who robbed a clerk and then made the adult choice to fight a cop, of which he intended to murder.

Mike Brown and his cronies have been responsible for the perpetuation of a movement founded in thuggery and lies.

At the end of the day, the person truly responsible for the killing of Mike Brown is Mike Brown himself.

There were over 3,000 “likes” for this posting, but The Free Thought Project notes that some police officers were offended by it.


WHERE’S BARACK OBAMA’S OUTRAGE? Slain NYPD Police Officer Brian Moore?

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This is from Clash Daily.

Obama will never be outraged over the death of  NYPD Police Officer Brian Moore, because Brain Moore is white.  


 The overwhelming anguish being felt all along the Thin Blue Line of law enforcement is nearly immeasurable with the recent murder of slain 25-year-old NYPD cop Brian Moore. Yet, the calls for justice for the slain police officer have never been uttered for him or in large measure for the countless others who defended the innocent and lost their lives in doing so.

According to the NY Daily News, NYPD Officer Brian Moore’s suspected killer, 35-year-old Demitrius Blackwell, is charged with the shooting of Moore. He shot the police officer in the face which resulted in the death of Moore days later. But only the sound of crickets can be heard from President Obama, who is quick to respond to all imagined wrongs that have been enacted by police officers against poor defenseless individuals like Michael Brown of Ferguson, Missouri.

The very fact that Obama has decided to place a verbal target on the back of law enforcement in urban areas of America is more than obvious. In fact, those actions by the president and his former Justice Department Attorney General Eric Holder to convict police officers like Darren Wilson of Ferguson in the media first, before any evidence was even collected, was and is morally outrageous.

Having worked with police officers, and having law enforcement in my family, has given me, like many others, a unique perch to observe the true emotion and passion for justice police have. They fully embrace the oath to protect and serve literally and in far too many instances they are injured or die in the line of duty as a result.

The fact that Al Sharpton and all of the others who are bred from the same morally corrupt sinkhole continue to blame the majority of police for the actions of a microscopic few is dangerous. Why not spend time with the police officers in the community that each detractor lives in and ride along with them as they do their job?

Wouldn’t it be better for them to have a true perspective of what life is like when your life is actually on the line instead of fictionalizing what police conduct is largely like? Would it not make more sense for Sharpton to go to Chicago and actually stay there for a month and experience the horrendous anguish and pain that a mother or a family experiences when the so-called innocent thugs – yes, thugs — attack and murder innocent loved ones? Perhaps his view which is spurred by leeching off of lies and fictions would be changed to compassion and understanding and action to end the carnage. Don’t bet on it happening.

Yet for the family of NYPD Officer Brian Moore, the words of compassion and understanding which will never be uttered for this fallen hero by an insensitive Obama or a race-baiting Al Sharpton are of no true importance. In reality if they had mentioned the murdered officer, it would be framed in some way to pin a medal on the alleged murderer Blackwell for growing up black and risking his life in taking the life of one of New York’s finest.

Hannity interview with stubborn Ferguson protester disintegrates quickly

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This is from BizPac Review.

This is the mentality that elected and reelected Obama.

Castrate Ivory before he pollutes the gene pool.


Support for Michael Brown, the Ferguson, Mo. teen who was killed in August, remains at fever pitch. It was demonstrated on Thursday when an interview with one of Browns admirers fell completely apart.


Fox News host Sean Hannity admonished Brown supporter Ivory Ned for not deploring the shooting of two police officers in Ferguson early that morning, even though he was a witness to that shooting.

“People shouldn’t be shooting cops, I don’t hear you saying that, why not?” Hannity asked.

“You look at the facts first,” Ned said, and then proceeded to give Hannity his version of the “facts,” which bore little resemblance to the Justice Department’s report.

Both a St. Louis county grand jury decision and a Department of Justice report exonerated the police officer who shot Brown. Hannity read a portion of the DOJ report to Ned, indicating the Ferguson officer was justified in shooting the teen.

“Why don’t you believe Eric Holder’s Justice Department?” Hannity asked.

“It sounds like your head is a one-way street,” Ned answered.

“You have to listen to the facts,” he kept repeating to Hannity.

“Did Michael Brown rob a store, Sir? He did,” Hannity asserted, which is where the interview began disintegrating.

“Did he [Brown] intimidate a clerk? He did. Did he charge a police officer? He did. Did he fight a cop for his gun? He did,” Hannity said, listing the facts in the Brown case, as Ned kept shouting “How do you know? How do you know?”

He knows because that’s what the grand jury and the Department of Justice concluded. Meanwhile there are two cops who were shot and seriously wounded less than 24 hours before the interview, an incident Ned witnessed but apparently has little compassion for.

Instead he continues to show blind loyalty to Brown — despite the evidence.

Read more:

OBAMA FORGOT THIS IN HIS SELMA LECTURE: ‘Blacks Are 8X More Likely to Commit Crime than Whites’

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This is from Clash Daily.

This will piss lots of people off.


The lies just keep on piling up.  Largely because a drugged-out, giant black thug robbed a store and tried to murder a white police officer, losing his own life in the process instead, the full force of our modern black-supremacist government has descended on an already beleaguered police department in America’s heartland.

The gestapo agents of Eric Holder and Barack Obama have formally concocted an official, bogus narrative which is obviously designed to help Black Grievance Industry attorneys win huge civil settlements on behalf of Michael Brown’s family, seeing as they completely failed to turn their shameless race-hoax into a criminal case against officer Darren Wilson.

Fresh from their federal witch-hunt in Ferguson, the anti-white shakedown scam enforcers want you to believe the predominantly white police department there is exceptionally racist and corrupt because of a few emailed jokes, and because blacks are stopped, cited, and arrested in higher numbers, slightly disproportionate to their local representation, compared to whites.

What they purposely fail to include in their dishonest report is that according to Eric Holder’s own Justice Department/FBI statistics, minimally mentioned even on CNN, blacks are actually 8 times more likely to commit crime than whites.

So the real tale of the Ferguson police department, and of law enforcement all over the country, is that blacks are, in reality, stopped, cited, and arrested nowhere near as much as they really should be!

Yet of course the official lies continue, and apparently continue to be believed by gullible dupes comprising the majority of our society.  Lies, especially from the grievance-hustler-in-chief, Obama.

Obama spoke in Selma, Alabama, at the 50th anniversary observance of the 1965 civil rights protest march there this pastSunday.  He depicted our present-day society as one where blacks are often still oppressed by whites.

What a load of garbage.  Blacks pretty much do whatever the hell they want in all aspects of our society, with nothing remotely resembling the accountability and consequences faced by whites.

Author Colin Flaherty (not to be confused with the disgraced, pathetic racial opportunist Colin Powell) has thoroughly debunked lie-bertarian GOP senator Rand Paul’s pandering nonsense, and the lies of countless others, about how blacks are supposedly unfairly treated by our criminal justice system, in a brave and explosively well-researched article here.

While we’re on the topic of racial disparities and law enforcement, let’s take a look at just one nearby jurisdiction to Ferguson, the city of Pine Lawn, Missouri.

Showing, by comparison, also that Ferguson is being singled out because it has whites in key government positions, Kevin Jackson of reports on data analysis taken directly from the website of the Attorney General of the State of Missouri.

The municipal government of Pine Lawn has a black city council and mayor.  Both municipalities have black-majority populations.  In Ferguson, blacks are 63% of the population, yet 86% of all police traffic stops are of black motorists. In Pine Lawn, whites are a tiny 1.42% of residents, yet are represented in 27.5% of all traffic stops by police.  That’s a “Disparity Index” of a whopping 19.32 against whites in Pine Lawn, whereas blacks in Ferguson have a mere “Disparity Index” of only 1.37.  Pine Lawn’s D.I. against whites is 14 times that of Ferguson’s against blacks.  Furthermore, Ferguson’s D.I. against blacks is below the statewide average of 1.59.

There are countless other case studies and withering aggregate analysis which rebut the crap being shoveled by the Obama/Holder propagandists, but not enough space here to belabor the point.

What’s the point?  It’s that instead of falsely depicting modern-day blacks in America as frequent victims of white racism, we desperately need leadership which instead more accurately sounds the alarm to the masses of gullible, vulnerable innocents about blacks’ more likely propensity to be violent criminal predators.  When over half the violent crime including murder in our society is done by such a terroristic (less than 3%) minority — young black males — to deliberately (for a political agenda) mislead the country about such a life-and-death matter is no less than high treason.

Finally, we need a president which, instead of telling discouraging lies about race, encourages our society to recognize and appreciate that it is mainly whites who envisioned and created an advanced society so prosperous and inclusive that non-whites eagerly clamor to reach our shores — including a Kenyan communist who arrived in Hawaii (where the skies are not cloudy all day) in 1959, thanks to the generosity of our then-white president, and whose alleged bastard spawn, the current occupier of the Oval Office, opportunistically lies about the Selma of 1965 having supposedly inspired his own birth circumstances in 1961.

Someone has to tell the truth.

Madison Police Officer Saves His Own Life From Vicious Criminal Attack

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This is from Bearing Arms.

How long before this hood rat’s mother goes to the media that her son was turning his life around?

The media has run with the false narrative that the police just gunned down an innocent black man.

When the opposite is true this hood rat is a violent predator.


“Officer Shoots Violent Felon In Self Defense”

In any world where sanity mattered, that would be the headline dotting a number of local Wisconsin news outlets over the past few days, and the story wouldn’t appear anywhere else.

Unfortunately, we live in a world turned upside down, where criminals are given extra rights, and police officers and law abiding citizens are treated like villains when they dare defend themselves against feral human predators.

We saw it with Trayvon Martin, a street-fighting suspected burglar, confirmed drug abuser, and illegal gun dealer, who was shot while “unarmed” and attempting to beat a man’s head to jelly against a concrete sidewalk, after attacking him from behind.

We saw it with Michael Brown, a strong-arm robbery suspect and attempted cop-killer who charged a police officer and died in a second and fatal attempt to take that officer’s service weapon.

And we’re seeing it again with Tony Robinson.



Oops… that photo isn’t the one that his poor-grieving mother and supporters put out as she claimed that he was a peaceful and loving boy who never did any wrong.

No, this December photo is a result of Tony Robinson’s April 2014 arrest that came after he was apprehended in armed home invasion. He pled guilty in October.

Our friend Andrew Branca, author of The Law of Self Defense, notes a pattern to these “poor little victim” fantasies.

Stop me if you’ve heard seen this one before: the now tiresome and wholly predictable cycle of news coverage when a white police officer shoots and kills an unarmed black teenager:

Step 1:Build the false narrative. Mainstream media outlets report that a police officer has shot an unarmed black teenager, and provide extensive coverage of the victim’s grieving family alongside flattering photographs and background stories of said teenager. The event is followed within hours–hours!–by well-organized protests, family spokespersons, and (naturally) lawyers (these last two typically combined).

Step 2: Watch the false narrative implode.  These mainstream media reports are inevitably followed by factually correct and comprehensive reports of the victim’s violent and criminal background and actions at the time of the shooting. These facts place responsibility for his death squarely on the victim’s own shoulders, and make it clear that the police acted appropriately.

Sounds familiar, right? In case you’ve not yet had enough of that cycle, allow me to introduce you to the late Tony Robinson, the “unarmed black teenager” who was shot and killed by a veteran Wisconsin police officer this past Friday evening (so, not even 48 hours prior to the writing of this post).

The false narrative being offered up here is that the “non-violent” Robinson was pursued and then “murdered” by a cop with five shots to the chest “for no reason.”

The reality of the matter is that this convicted felon who was on probation for armed robbery was the suspect in an assault that very day. When veteran Officer Matt Kenny chased Robinson into a building to take him into custody, Robinson attacked, striking Officer Kenny repeatedly, knocking him down in an apparent attempt to overpower the officer.

Kenny drew his weapon and fired until Robinson ceased his attack, and then immediately transitioned into life-saving mode, attempting to save the life of the violent felon that had just attacked him.

If you are one of those sad souls that is so easily led by an agenda-driven media that you’ve bought into the sucker’s argument that someone without a weapon isn’t a threat, then you’re a gullible soul, and I pity you.

There are some very bad officer involved shootings out there, and we’ve covered them. Sometimes they lead to murder charges. Sometimes the officers really do get away with what appears to be an execution.

This is not one of those times. When a person intentionally attacks a police officer in an apparent attempt to overpower the officer and take his weapon, the officer doesn’t just have the right to defend his life, but the responsibility to do everything in his power to keep that violent suspect from gaining control of the officer’s weapon.

Tony Robinson’s hero was the violent fictional drug lord Tony Montana, even adopting that handle for his Twitter account (not remotely safe for work).

Tony Robinson idolized a cop-killing savage, and attempted to emulate him.

He failed, and deserves nothing but scorn for the attempt.

Update: Post updated to note that the photo above was from December, and was not taken after his arrest in April.


Sheriff David Clarke Destroys Holder’s New Ferguson Charges

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This is from The Daily Surge.

Eric Holder is a racist turd that has abused the power of his office since day one.

We would never expect Holder to operate within the law.×9&widgetId=2&trackingGroup=69017

Despite his Justice Department’s declining to bring civil rights violation charges against former Ferguson, MO. police officer Darren Wilson in the shooting death of Michael Brown last August, Eric Holder’s DoJ is set to sue the Ferguson Police Department for racial discrimination.

 That’s a move that Milwaukee County sheriff David Clarke calls an “abuse of power.”

“Eric Holder has gone 15 for 15 in terms of indicting police departments of some sort of wrongdoing,” Clarke said Friday on Fox and Friends. “There’s no objectivity in his investigations and oftentimes the conclusion is written before the investigation even starts.”

The Department of Justice filed a lawsuit in late July against The Pennsylvania State Police’s requirement that all state-police applicants, male or female, pass the same exact physical fitness test to be admitted for cadet training. The Pennsylvania State Police challenged the federal lawsuit.

Sheriff Clarke is advising the Ferguson PD to follow suit and fight the feds’ phony, feel-good lawsuit. “If I were the city of Ferguson I would fight this.”

“Look, the Ferguson grand jury got it right,” Clarke contended. “Officer Darren Wilson acted reasonably in defending his life against Mike Brown. It was a tragedy, we all know that. But Eric Holder early on before that investigation had started said we’ll get this right and the fact that the grand jury ruled not the way he thought they should have, he’s still going to try to extract his pound of flesh.”

Clarke also mentioned that Holder’s new witch hunt will be “costly” to taxpayers and it “takes up time, valuable time that takes [officers] away from the street.”

Last August Clarke said Eric Holder “owes every officer in America an apology” for his “irresponsible” and “inflammatory” rhetoric.

Watch the full interview above.

Watch Deneen Borelli Debate Black Children Anti-White Brainwashing on Hannity

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This is by  Deneen Borelli.

Deneen is exposing the lack of tolerance and ignorance of the race baiting left.

Jacques DeGraff is one of those clueless race baiters.

What kind of name is  Coatlupe?  


The ramifications of the propaganda campaign surrounding Michael Brown’s killing are still unfolding.

A couple of black parents in California have organized a girl scouts type group that focuses on social justice.

The Washington Times reported on the group.

The small groups of 8- to 11-year-old girls were organized about a month ago by Marilyn Hollinquest and her friend Anayvette Martinez, after Ms. Martinez’s daughter Coatlupe told her she wanted to join a girls group, a local CBS affiliate reported.

“How amazing would it be to have a girls’ troop that was really focused around social justice and where girls could even earn badges?” Ms. Martinez mused.

The first earned badge is a fist with the slogan “Black Lives Matter.”

The consequences of the brainwashing doesn’t stop there. In interviews, the girls expressed resentment against white police officers for killing blacks including Michael Brown.

Watch Deneen debate the issue on Hannity with host Sean Hannity and guest Jacques DeGraff.


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