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I hope many DemocRats lose their jobs on November 4,2014.


A new Wall Street Journal/NBC News/Annenberg survey had some stunning results and they certainly will have a huge impact in next month’s elections.

Some of the results:

  • 52% of likely voters said they wanted the election to produce a Republican-led Congress.
  • 41% wanted a Democrat-led one.
  • This 11-point lead from this week was up from 5 points last week.
  • Among registered voters, a larger group than likely voters, there was a 46% to 42% lead for the Republicans, a 100% increase from the week before.
  • 57% disapprove of the President’s handling of ISIS, with 87% saying it was not aggressive enough.

The current polling for next month’s elections show a pretty close race for the Senate, with each party safe with 45 seats and 10 states considered toss-ups:

Image credit: Real Clear Politics

The House will remain in Republican hands with the only question being if they will pick up more seats:

House Race 2014

Image credit: Real Clear Politics

As far as governorships, it looks like Republicans will also advance here, with the only question being the size of the gain:

Governor's Race 2014

Image credit: Real Clear Politics

The countdown is now measured in weeks and days, and it will be incredibly interesting to see what happens.

If this poll is any indicator, it is likely to be a midterm election of historic levels. And one that makes a very clear statement by voters in which direction they’d like the country to be heading.