This is from The Black Sphere.

The Brady Campaign is stupider than I thought.

Shooting a scumbag raping or attempting to rape

a woman is not a crime.


In what has to be one of the most offensive ad campaigns for gun control, the Brady Campaign people have lost it!

If you are attacked, and there is threat of sexual assault, what should you do ladies? Grin and bear it.

These people call us the misogynists. Talk about Barbarians.

The Brady Campaign site states:

The Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence works to pass, enforce, and protect sensible laws and public policy that address gun violence at the federal and state level.  We do this by engaging and activating the American public, electing officials who support common sense gun laws, and increasing public awareness of gun violence.

Through our advocacy campaigns and Million Mom March and Brady Chapters, we work locally to educate people about the risks of gun ownership, honor victims of gun violence, and pass sensible gun laws.

Sensible? Is it sensible to leave women defenseless? Is it sensible to equate the shooting of an innocent and the shooting of a violent sexual predator?

Murder lasts forever,” but sexual assault doesn’t. I don’t know much about sexual assault, but I can’t believe women don’t live with that scenario forever. For me, that falls under the category, “There are some things worse than death.”

This ad demonstrates the lengths to which the Left will go to get guns. What if a woman were to STAB her assailant to death? Or what if that frail, helpless little man-needing creature were to just kick the crap out of her assailant, and kill him with her bare fist? Are any of those scenarios the answer?

The ACT of rape may last 30 seconds; the effects of rape can haunt for a lifetime.

On the other hand, shooting a rapist in self-defense is not murder, but a justified shooting.