Happy Mothers Day

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The poem below is from The Poets’ Corner.

This is dedicated to Mother’s World Wide.

God Bless Mothers every where.

The Hand That Rocks The Cradle
Is The Hand That Rules The World

    Blessings on the hand of women!Angels guard its strength and grace,In the palace, cottage, hovel,Oh, no matter where the place;Would that never storms assailed it,Rainbows ever gently curled;For the hand that rocks the cradleIs the hand that rules the world.
    Infancy’s the tender fountain,Power may with beauty flow,Mother’s first to guide the streamlets,From them souls unresting grow–Grow on for the good or evil,Sunshine streamed or evil hurled;For the hand that rocks the cradleIs the hand that rules the world.
    Woman, how divine your missionHere upon our natal sod!Keep, oh, keep the young heart openAlways to the breath of God!All true trophies of the agesAre from mother-love impearled;For the hand that rocks the cradleIs the hand that rules the world.
    Blessings on the hand of women!Fathers, sons, and daughters cry,And the sacred song is mingledWith the worship in the sky–Mingles where no tempest darkens,Rainbows evermore are hurled;For the hand that rocks the cradleIs the hand that rules the world.

William Ross Wallace



Who Am I?

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A Big hat Tip To Dr. Jim over at Every Blade Of Grass.


I’m sure this has been floating around the Web, but it’s the first time I’ve seen it.

I was born in one country, raised in another. My father was born in another country.

I was not his only child. He fathered several children with numerous women.

I became very close to my mother, as my father showed no interest in me.

My mother died at an early age from cancer.

Although my father deserted me and my mother raised me, I later wrote a book idolizing my father not my mother.

Later in life, questions arose over my real name. My birth records were sketchy.

No one was able to produce a legitimate, reliable birth certificate.

I grew up practicing one faith but converted to Christianity, as it was widely accepted in my new country, but I practiced non-traditional beliefs and didn’t follow Christianity, except in the public eye under scrutiny.

I worked and lived among lower-class people as a young adult, disguising myself as someone who really cared about them.

That was before I decided it was time to get serious about my life and embarked on a new career.

I wrote a book about my struggles growing up.

It was clear to those who read my memoirs, that I had difficulties accepting that my father abandoned me as a child.

I became active in local politics in my 30’s then, with help behind the scenes,

I literally burst onto the scene as a candidate for national office in my 40s.

They said I had a golden tongue and could talk anyone into anything.

I had a virtually non-existent resume, little work history, and no experience in leading a single organization.

Yet I was a powerful speaker and citizens were drawn to me, as though I were a magnet and they were small roofing tacks. I drew incredibly large crowds during my public appearances. This bolstered my ego.

At first, my political campaign focused on my country’s foreign policy.

I was very critical of my country in the last war, and seized every opportunity to bash my country.

But what launched my rise to national prominence were my views on the country’s economy.

I pretended to have a really good plan on how we could do better, and every poor person would be fed and housed for free. I knew which group was responsible for getting us into this mess.

It was the free market, banks and corporations.

I decided to start making citizens hate them and, if they became envious of others who did well, the plan was clinched tight.

I called mine “A People’s Campaign.” That sounded good to all people.

I was the surprise candidate because I emerged from outside the traditional path of politics and was able to gain widespread popular support.

I knew that, if I merely offered the people ‘hope,’ together we could change our country and the world.

So, I started to make my speeches sound like they were on behalf of the downtrodden, poor, ignorant, to include “persecuted minorities”.

My true views were not widely known and I kept them unknown, until after I became my nation’s leader.

I had to carefully guard reality, as anybody could have easily found out what I really believed, if they had simply read my writings and examined those people I associated with. I’m glad they didn’t.

Then I became the most powerful man in the world. And then the world learned the truth.

Who am I?


If you were thinking of SOMEONE ELSE, you should be scared, very scared!


Thugs mug 3-year-old boy sitting in his stroller

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This is from The New York Post.

Why was a three year old wearing a $400.00 necklace?

That is just begging to be robbed.

Things are getting so rough in the Big Apple that even toddlers are getting mugged.

A cruel thug ripped a $400 gold chain off the neck of a 3-year-old boy who was sitting in his stroller and being pushed by his mom in Bedford-Stuyvesant in Brooklyn on Tuesday, law-enforcement sources said.

The crook and an accomplice attacked tot Harvey Hernandez in the lobby of his family’s Malcolm X Boulevard apartment building at 11:45 p.m. after following him, his teenage brother and mom Riyana Guerrero home from a Laundromat.

“I was screaming ‘Let go of my baby! Let go of my baby!’” the mom told The Post in Spanish yesterday.

“[The man] didn’t say anything — he just looked at us and laughed, almost mocking us.

“How could he do this to a helpless little baby!”

Guerrero believes that the thieves might have even kidnapped the boy if neighbors, alerted by her screams, didn’t scare them away.

“I just started screaming and fighting with him, trying to get him away from my baby,” Guerrero said of the teenage creep who snatched the necklace.

He and his thug pal had stalked the family back to their home from the laundry, where Guerrero had just finished her weekly wash.

“They were eye-balling them — and the chain,” said one police source.

The duo attacked as the family got inside the lobby of their building, kicking in the door after the desperate mother had locked it.

After neighbors started coming out of their apartments at the sound of the mother’s screams, the crooks fled with the necklace.

The chain was a gift from Harvey’s godparents for his baptism. It has a small medallion on it with the image of hands holding a child.

Guerrero said she’s just happy that she and her children weren’t hurt.

“I didn’t care about the gold; I was just worried about my [kids],” Guerrero said. “It was horrible. I don’t feel safe going out into the street now.”

The mom said her 13-year-old son was “traumatized’’ to the point where he’s afraid to go outside.

“Now, none of us feel safe,’’ she said. “We plan on moving.’’

The chain-snatcher and his pal, believed to both be about 16 or 17, remain at large.

“I just want the police to catch all of them and do what needs to be done,” Guerrero said.


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