Up Date part 3

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I go today to get my staples and stitches removed.

I will also get a new hinged brace to allow more leg  

movement while keeping it from bending too much.

It will be a long road to recovery because of the

muscle work that need done.

It will be about ten weeks before I can drive.





Update On The Walking Wounded

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Thank-you for your prayers and Well wishes.

I am getting more strength as time progresses.

My Doctor had to fixed some muscles that he was not

counting on needing fixed.

The muscle on the inside of my right knee that should

have been long and narrow was short and wide.

So he had to over lap it the muscle then stretch it.

It means 3 weeks in a straight leg brace.

The 3-6 weeks in a hinged brace.

There will not need to be any  physical therapy.


I Survived


I made it through the surgery fine-on Tuesday.

I needed some muscle work done on the inside of my right knee.

The muscle was to be thin and long.

But it was wide and short.

I am doing pretty good the pain my pain level is very LOW.

Blogging will be light but I will blog starting on Saturday.


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