7 States Which Are Banning Sharia Law: Is Yours? The List…


This is from Joe For America.

If you want Sharia Law take your sorry goat humping ass to some Muslim third world shit hole.

I am glad to see my home state of Indiana is on the banning list.

So far seven states have banned Sharia law.




In the US, our laws are supposed to be based on the principles set forth in the United States Constitution.

Last we looked the Koran was not a part of the Constitution.

The states where “foreign law” is banned include Alabama, Arizona, Kansas, Louisiana, North Carolina, South Dakota, and Tennessee.

 Oklahoma, passed an amendment to their state constitution that was struck down by a federal judge because it specifically referred to “Sharia law.”  Missouri’s legislature passed a ban on international law that was vetoed by Democratic Governor Jay Nixon.

Bans are being considered in a number of states including Arkansas, Florida, Indiana, Iowa, Kentucky, Mississippi, South Carolina, Texas, Virginia, Washington, West Virginia, and Wyoming.South Carolina, Texas, Virginia, Washington, West Virginia, and Wyoming.

You may be saying, “Wait a minute. The First Amendment is supposed to keep church and state separate.”

Apparently that only applies to Christianity

Everywhere Muslims immigrate they begin to demand the imposition of sharia law. There have been numerous criminal trials in the US where a father has murdered his daughter and justified it using Sharia law.



An Iraqi immigrant was found guilty of second degree murder today for running over his daughter, a crime motivated, prosecutors said, by the Arizona Muslim man’s belief that the 20-year-old woman had become “too Westernized.”[…]

According to prosecutors, Almaleki and his daughter fought over her adoption of Western ways, including her decision to attend college, her rejection of an arranged marriage and her chosing [sic] a boyfriend her parents did not approve of.

The usual suspects are claiming that banning Sharia law is, well, racist.

In a disturbing trend, anti-Muslim bigotry has recently crept into state legislatures around the country. Several states have passed or attempted to pass laws designed to prevent courts from applying Islamic or “Sharia” law, as well as “foreign” or “international law.” Some, such as a constitutional amendment passed in Oklahoma, mention Sharia specifically,  in addition to international law.  Others only mention foreign or international law. Whatever the specific terminology, all of these attempts raise serious red flags.

Efforts to single out Muslims and to advance the ugly idea that anything Islamic is un-American are unjust and discriminatory and should be rejected.

That little gem is from our friends at the American Civil Liberties Union. Virtually every group on the political left is experiencing hysteria over the idea that Sharia law should not be used in US courts.

We have seen Supreme Court Justices refer to international law in their decisions. We wouldn’t be surprised to see imposition of Sharia law creeping into US courts. We think it’s pretty obvious that as long as Muslims have their Public Relations man sitting in the Oval Office, Sharia law will be given free reign, so it is important for the states to block imposition of “international law” at the state level.


Has your state taken a stand in favor of Constitutional law? Is your state considering banning “international law”? If not, why not.


Instead of Buying a Round for the Troops, College Students ‘Thank’ Wounded Vets – by Hurling Beers at Them

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This is from Independent Journal Review.

I became physically ill after reading about the spoiled POS disrespecting our veterans this way.

The whole Damned bunch needs to be packed up and sent to live in some Muslim third world shit hole.


This past weekend, the semi-annual Warrior Beach Retreat was held in Panama City, Florida, to honor American veterans who were wounded in battle, as well as their families and caregivers.

But at the Lake Town Wharf Resort, where many of the veterans were staying, there were numerous reports of college students:

  • Making inappropriate comments toward veterans and their spouses
  • Breaking American flags off of vets’ vehicles and ripping flags out of the ground
  • Throwing beer and objects off balconies and onto veterans and their vehicles

According to Nicholas Connole, a wounded veteran who attended the retreat:

“They actually spit on me, and my service dog as well.”

And Linda Cope, the founder of Warrior Beach Retreat, made this shocking claim:

‘They were urinating on the American flag.”

Members of the Zeta Beta Tau fraternity from both the University of Florida in Gainesville and Emory University in Atlanta, Georgia, were also at the hotel for their spring formal.


Image credit: YouTube


After the alleged incident, Cope received letters from both schools’ administrations. The letter from Emory read in part:

“To date, no evidence has been found to implicate Emory students in these reported incidents.”

Cope was not swayed by the assurances contained in the letter:

“There were too many students from Emory for none of them to be involved… This denial is a slap in the face of veterans.”

The University of Florida’s president W. Kent Fuchs also penned a letter to Cope, which promised:

We are pursuing an investigation of the matter to learn… whether disciplinary action will be needed.”

Cope’s response to this letter also urged action, not just words:

“I said, ‘Do your investigation, but I want to know what you’re going to do…’ I’m hoping that this will make a dramatic change in their life to realize they do not need to take the sacrifice and the service of these men and women in vain.”


Image credit: YouTube

Arguably the most substantive letter Cope received came not from the schools, but from one of the chapters of the fraternity itself:

We have suspended the operations of the chapter until close of this investigation. Individuals found to have violated our membership standards or our values will be removed from the organization effective immediately.”

No criminal charges have been filed, nor student suspensions issued, thus far.


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