Pelosi: If We Win, We’re Going to Turn Back the Clock By Repealing the New Law and Massively Increasing Taxes

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H/T Town Hall.

If the DemocRats win the Midterm election they will impeach President Trump and try the Damnedest to repeal the Second Amendment.

The DemocRats will try to implement an Australian style gun grab.  

Nancy Pelosi didn’t have a great day yesterday, making an embarrassing, Anchorman-style mistake on social media, then handing Republicans another ready-made attack line against Democrats heading into the fall.  On the Twitter faux pas, it looks like she or somebody on her staff was supposed to tag a tweet with names or handles of certain individuals prior to publication — but that somebody must have missed the memo.  Oops:

That’s a silly mistake, akin to this error, that’s basically straight out of Veep.  Less of a laughing matter, however, was Pelosi’s strong implication that if they win in the fall, her party will seek to repeal the totality of the GOP-passed tax law and start from scratch:

NTK Network


WATCH: Nancy Pelosi said that Democrats would indeed repeal the GOP tax law if they are successful in retaking the House in November. 

Pelosi: Democrats Will Repeal the GOP Tax Law When We Retake the House

“It’s not about chipping at this piece or that piece it’s about a comprehensive look at what our tax policy should be for the future.”

The moderator of the event asked Pelosi if Democrats would re-write the tax bill from scratch or focus on reversing specific elements. “One of our complaints about what they did with the tax bill is they did it in the dark of night with the speed of light,” Pelosi said…“We’ll sit down at the table and say … what would be a tax bill that creates growth, that creates good paying jobs as it reduces the deficit?” Pelosi said. “It’s not about chipping at this piece or that piece, it’s about a comprehensive look at what our tax policy should be for the future.”

Uprooting the entire tax law would inflict massive tax increases on nearly every American family. Approximately nine-in-ten taxpayers are experiencing a reduction in their tax burden thanks to the new policy, on which every last Democrat in Congress voted ‘no.’  Republicans’ parallel programs of de-regulation and tax relief have helped fuel and sustain a sizzling US economy, the positive effects of which are simply undeniable.  Voters, who are quite wary of President Trump overall, recognize this, and have rewarded him with much stronger marks on taxes and the economy than on other fronts.  Public support for tax reform has flipped from badly upside-down to right-side-up, as Democratic myths and demagoguery have been disproven in real time by people’s lived reality — even as people like Pelosi sneer at the progress.  Talking about undoing tax reform means that Democrats are willing to hammer families, individuals and small businesses with tax increases, including the overwhelming majority of middle income households.

Liberals would likely focus the rhetoric justifying their clawback by targeting that evil corporate tax cut, which is a big element of why the economy has taken off.  It’s why hiring is up, and why hundreds of companies have shared their tax windfalls with millions of their employees through bonuses and other enhanced benefits.  It’s why tens of millions of Americans are seeing utility bills slashed.  And it’s why small business owners are feeling as optimistic as ever about the prospects for their businesses.  Are Nancy Pelosi and friends intent on erasing these gains?

Rep. Steve Scalise


Largest bonuses yet → Wichita Railway Services gave its employees $3,000-6,000 because of tax cuts 🚂 

Wichita Railway Services Gives Nation’s Highest Tax Cut Bonuses

In February, Wichita Railway Services LLC president and CEO Bob Aldrich summoned his five employees to his office. “I called them into the office which is always fun. We are like a big family here….

Two more points: First, while demagoguing corporate tax cuts will be an easier political sell for Democrats, it’s important to remember not only that those reductions are a key driver of the robust economic climate, but also that the new corporate rates are a sorely-needed correction to a previous status quo that put American companies at a distinct competitive disadvantage.  Prior to reform, US corporates rate — both statutory and effective — were among the very highest in the developed world.  The Republican law brings the United States roughly into the middle of the pack on these measures, a major improvement.  The problem was so glaring that even President Obama proposed slashing corporate taxes during his term in office.  The GOP finally delivered results on that front, providing pro-competitiveness parity and sorely-needed certainty to job creators.  Threatening to scramble the rules again would threaten to undermine the important economic gains achieved under the new law.

And second, to Pelosi’s claim that the reform plan was rammed through at “the speed of light,” the truth is that it was passed under a process at least somewhat resembling regular order.  It entailed committee hearings, amendments and votes in each house, full debate on both floors, and a bicameral conference committee to iron out differences between the two chambers’ legislative text.  It took months of work, and years of groundwork.  Oh, and the notion that Nancy Pelosi — a top Obama ally — is worried about deficits is laughable on its face.  Her position is that the government virtually always spends too little.


The 25 Most Obnoxious Quotes Of 2014

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This is from Town Hall.

25) I am one of your biggest fans (Barack Obama), if not the biggest, and have been since the inception of your campaign….It would be wonderful if we were able to give this man all of the power that he needs to pass the things that he needs to pass…You’re so handsome that I can’t speak properly. —Gwyneth Paltrow

24) Everyday sexual practices on college campuses need to be upended, and men need to feel a cold spike of fear when they begin a sexual encounter. — Ezra Klein

23) Now, I’m for interracial marriage. I’m for same-sex marriage. I’m the one that introduced the bill to have same-sex marriage. I don’t care who marry who. If a man meet a little mule and he wanna get married to the little mule, as long as he and the little mule get along all right, that’s fine with me. It doesn’t bother me any kind of way. — Alvin Holmes

22) But I would say, you know, if you’re getting married — why are you getting married? Why would you get married? Why would anybody get married? —Nancy Pelosi

21) Don’t let anybody tell you that it’s corporations and businesses that create jobs. — Hillary Clinton

20) You know, the eleven million people living in the shadows, I believe, they’re already American citizens… These people are just waiting, waiting for a chance to contribute fully. And by that standard alone eleven million undocumented aliens are already Americans in my view. — Joe Biden

19) It bothers me a lot that you want to broadcast that you’re associating with black people. Do you have to? — Donald Sterling

18) There’s a certain level of vehemence, it seems to me, that’s directed at me [and] directed at the president. You know, people talking about taking their country back. … There’s a certain racial component to this for some people. I don’t think this is the thing that is a main driver, but for some there’s a racial animus. — Eric Holder

17)I want to tell you one more thing I know about the Negro and in front of that government house the door was usually open and the older people and the kids – and there is always at least a half a dozen people sitting on the porch – they didn’t have nothing to do. They didn’t have nothing for their kids to do. They didn’t have nothing for their young girls to do. And because they were basically on government subsidy, so now what do they do? They abort their young children, they put their young men in jail, because they never learned how to pick cotton. And I’ve often wondered, are they better off as slaves, picking cotton and having a family life and doing things, or are they better off under government subsidy? They didn’t get no more freedom. They got less freedom. — Cliven Bundy

16) I voted for Barack because he was black. ’Cuz that’s why other folks vote for other people – because they look like them. That’s American politics, pure and simple. [Obama’s] message didn’t mean [bleep] to me. — Samuel L. Jackson

15) Are they these extreme conservatives who are right-to-life, pro-assault-weapon, anti-gay? Is that who they are? Because if that’s who they are and they’re the extreme conservatives, they have no place in the state of New York, because that’s not who New Yorkers are. — Andrew Cuomo

14) I get always a little uptight when I hear politicians say how exceptional (America is). — John Kerry

13) I think the Prime Minister is the first to acknowledge that Malaysia’s still got some work to do. Just like the United States, by the way, has some work to do on these issues. Human Rights Watch probably has a list of things they think we should be doing as a government. — Barack Obama

12) I don’t particularly like babies. They are loud and smelly and, above all other things, demanding. No matter how much free day care you throw at women, babies are still time-sucking monsters with their constant neediness. — Amanda Marcotte

11) Time for some traffic problems in Fort Lee. — Bridget Kelly, former deputy chief of staff to New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie

10) There have been periods where the folks who were already here suddenly say, ‘Well, I don’t want those folks,’ even though the only people who have the right to say that are some Native Americans. — Barack Obama

9) Here is what Muslims and Muslim organizations are expected to say: “As a Muslim, I condemn this attack and terrorism in any form.” This expectation we place on Muslims, to be absolutely clear, is Islamophobic and bigoted. — Max Fisher

8) Barack Obama is the president of the United States of America. More specifically, Barack Obama is the president of a congenitally racist country, erected upon the plunder of life, liberty, labor, and land. This plunder has not been exclusive to black people. — Ta-Nehisi Coates

7) Put a man in uniform, preferably a white man, give him a gun, and Americans will worship him. It is a particularly childish trait, of a childlike culture, that insists on anointing all active military members and police officers as “heroes.” The rhetorical sloppiness and intellectual shallowness of affixing such a reverent label to everyone in the military or law enforcement betrays a frightening cultural streak of nationalism, chauvinism, authoritarianism and totalitarianism, but it also makes honest and serious conversations necessary for the maintenance and enhancement of a fragile democracy nearly impossible. — David Masciotra at Salon

6) Slapping the dog s— out of a “disrespectful” woman might save her life. — Rapper Glasses Malone

5) If a jayvee team puts on Lakers uniforms, that doesn’t make them Kobe Bryant. — President Barack Obama on ISIS

4) I hope Roger Ailes dies slow, painful, and soon. The evil that man has done to the American tapestry is unprecedented for an individual. — Think Progress editor Alan Pyke

3) Man-made climate change happens. Man-made climate change kills a lot of people. It’s going to kill a lot more. We have laws on the books to punish anyone whose lies contribute to people’s deaths. It’s time to punish the climate-change liars….Denialists should face jail. They should face fines….I’m talking about Rush and his multi-million-dollar ilk in the disinformation business. I’m talking about Americans for Prosperity and the businesses and billionaires who back its obfuscatory propaganda….Those malcontents must be punished and stopped. — Gawker’s Adam Weinstein

2) But, you know, the NRA members are the current incarnation of the brownshirts from Germany back in the early ’30s, late ’20s, early ’30s. Now, of course, there came the Night of the Long Knives when the brownshirts were slaughtered and dumped in the nearest ditches when the power structure finally got tired of them. So I look forward to that day. — Mike Malloy

1) Burn this motherf—er down. Burn this bitch down! — Michael Brown’s stepfather Louis Head helped inspire arson and rioting in Ferguson after police officer Darren Wilson wasn’t indicted for killing his son.×9&widgetId=2&trackingGroup=69017

The Obamacare Abyss: Why Can’t Millions of Americans Afford Coverage?


This is from Godfather Politics.

This monster known as the affordable care act aka Obanmacare is destroying the medical profession.

Obamacare is killing patients by denying them care or medications.


We’ve all heard it said hundreds of times that under the Affordable Care Act every American will have affordable healthcare insurance. Barack Obama and Nancy Pelosi still try to convince us of this even though they both know it’s nothing but a lie.

Rachel Garfield, Senior Researcher for the Kaiser Family Foundation and Associate Director for the Kaiser Commission on Medicaid and the Uninsured explained just how the ACA was supposed to help get everyone insured. It’s based upon three basic tiers of income. The poorest Americans would qualify for Medicaid, especially under the ACA expansion of Medicaid coverage. The middle income group would obtain their coverage through their employer or from the Obamacare marketplace. The rich group can basically afford to purchase whatever coverage they want from whomever they want.

That is the way the system was supposed to work. However, there are two main factors that have broken the system and created an abyss for many Americans.

The first factor is that coverage through the Obamacare marketplace on the average costs more for less coverage than many of the health insurance plans it replaced. In some states the ACA increased the costs of coverage by 30% to 50%, making it unaffordable to many.

People with pre-existing conditions were told that they would be guaranteed coverage but they never promised it would be affordable. For many people with pre-existing conditions, the coverage is too expensive. Take my wife and me for example. We both have pre-existing conditions and the cheapest AFA plan we could find, (a bronze plan with a $4,000 deductible and then it will only cover 60% after reaching the deductible) would cost us $816 a month. There is no way we could pay that much a month, even for a plan with no deductible and 100% coverage. It will cost us less to pay the penalty at the end of the year than it would to pay so much for so little coverage and there are many others like us.

The second factor creating an abyss for the uninsured rests with the Supreme Court’s decision on Medicaid. They ruled that as written in Obamacare, Medicaid could not be forced upon the states. Consequently, twenty-one states opted not to accept the ACA expansion and there are two other states that are still debating the issue.

In those states that did not accept the federal expansion of Medicaid, a number of people have been left in the uninsured abyss. They make too much money to qualify for Medicaid but they don’t make enough money to afford the outrageous premiums of exchange purchased policies.

Garfield commented:

“Because the intention was that there would be this continuum, the way the law was written was so that those at the lowest income levels are not eligible for tax credits to purchase coverage in the marketplace. So, if they’re in a state that doesn’t expand Medicaid, they are left with no financial assistance for coverage under the ACA.”

Basically, the Affordable Care Act has and still is a broken and failed attempt to force Americans into socialized medicine. Instead of having more Americans covered by healthcare insurance today there are less and the gap seems to be widening at every turn. Hopefully the new GOP Congress will be able to do something to fix or replace Obamacare before it bankrupts us and the country.


Canadian Writes Misguided Letter Asking Us to Send Obama to Canada


This is from the Tea Party Bulletin.

I think that Richard Brunt must be hooked to an IV of the Obama Kool-Aid as well as smoking with the Choom Gang.

I say send Obama, Mochelle, Dingy Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi  and Eric Holder to Canada.


I like folks from Canada. I’ve had close friends who are Canadian, and my impression is that they are genuinely nice people.

But every group apparently has crackpots.

Take this guy: Richard Brunt  wrote a letter to The Detroit Free Press actually titled, “America doesn’t know how good they have it with Obama.” Yes, really.


He says that many Canadians don’t understand why Americans gave the smackdown to Democrats in the recent mid-term elections. He says that Obama lowered unemployment rates, lowered gas prices, got Osama Bin-Laden, and made the U.S. a leader in the world again and… get this… respected in the world again.

Now, I don’t know what Kool-Aid this guy has been drinking, and I don’t know where he is getting his information, but I have never gotten the impression that Obama brought “respect” to the U.S. internationally. Respect? Really?!?

And, how about those gas prices and decreased unemployment? Maybe this guy doesn’t understand how the unemployment rate has been recalculated to make it look good because areal unemployment rate of 12.6% doesn’t look low or lowered to me. And it still costs out the nose to fill up my gas tank.

Brunt actually says that the U.S. “deficit is rapidly declining.” Interesting, because it really sounds like he is confusing deficit and debt. Just to be clear:

Debt: Total owed from past and present borrowing. Deficit: This year’s borrowing.

You can get more detail about the deficits over the past two administrations here. The point to be made is this, though: it doesn’t matter if the deficit is decreasing if there is no surplus because the amount of debt will keep increasing without a surplus to pay it off.

So, wow, Obama decreased the amount of budget deficit from some of his previous years. Woo-hoo, I’m excited now because that just means that he slowed how quickly we’re digging a hole. Itdoes not mean that the hole is getting smaller or being filled in to get us back to level ground.

So, he misuses terms and makes questionable assertions and then says that voting for candidates that lean toward Tea Party policies “defies reason.”

What really defies reason is this guy’s Liberal Logic and his closing request: “When you are done with Obama, could you send him our way?” Let me tell you, Mr. Brunt, if Biden didn’t scare me so much, I’d ask you to take Obama now.



Always On Cue, Nancy Pelosi Says Something That Will Make You Say “Umm, What?!”


This is from Independent Journal Review.

San Fran Nan is the face and the voice of the Democrat party.


Former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is no stranger to absurdity.

She once infamously claimed that the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) had to be passed before we could learn the actual contents of the bill. In 2008, she equated the departure of George W. Bush from The White House to a “10-ton anvil” being lifted.

Now, Pelosi is up to her old ways reflecting on the past midterm elections.

Despite the fact that the GOP took control of the United State Senate, retained control over the House of Representatives, and won gubernatorial contests in Democratic states such as Illnois, Maryland and Massachusetts, Pelosi denied that what occurred was a Republican wave.

From Politico:

“’I do not believe what happened the other night is a wave,’ Pelosi said in her first sit-down interview since Democrats lost a dozen House seats to Republicans on Nov. 4. ‘There was no wave of approval for the Republicans. I wish them congratulations, they won the election, but there was no wave of approval for anybody. There was an ebbing, an ebb tide, for us.’”

Her opinion is a stark contrast to a recent Gallup poll which indicates that at least 53% of Americans favor a GOP-led Congress setting the agenda, rather than President Obama.


Gallup Poll - Congress

I understand that we all can be a little delusional on some things, but someone needs to inform the new Minority Leader that the handwriting is already on the wall.

Pelosi Asks Dems To “Stand With Her And Fight Against The Tea Party”…

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This is from Weasel Zippers.

San Fran Nan has some serious brain damage.

I think most Democrats want to steer clear of Pelosi,Reed etc.



If it wasn’t for Nancy Pelosi this country would have been overrun by Tea Party terrorists a long time ago.

Dear Drew,

This was a tough November, there’s no doubt about it. The Tea Party has even more allies in Congress.

But we cannot be defeated. It is more important now — maybe more important than it’s ever been — that we stand with Nancy in the fight for middle class families.

Will you sign on to stand with Nancy and fight against the Tea Party?

The Tea Party is almost certain to ram through the Ryan Plan to end Medicare as we know it. They could try to privatize Social Security or restrict women’s access to health care.

Everything we’ve fought so long to achieve is still on the line.

Nancy will not sit by and watch the Tea Party chip away at America’s middle class. She is running to be the Democratic Leader in the 114th Congress so she can continue to fight for our families and our future.

She needs each and every one of us with her.

Stand with Nancy in support of middle class families and values. Sign on today.

Thank you.

Team Pelosi

18 of the Most Cringe-Worthy Phrases Ever Spoken By a Politician

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This is from Independent Journal Review.



When we think of politicians, we tend to think (or at least hope) that they are somewhat intelligent people. However, sometimes even the most intelligent people have some not-so-intelligent moments. Here are 18 of them:

1.) “If a president of the United States ever lied to the American people he should resign.” – President Bill Clinton (D)


2.) “The Gulf War was like teenage sex. We got in too soon and out too soon.” – Senator 
Tom Harkin (D)


3.) “I don’t understand how they can call me anti-Latino when I’ve made four movies in Mexico.” – former California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger (R)

2014 TCA Winter Press Tour - CBS/CW/Showtime Panels - Day 2

4.) “I cook occasionally just to see how easy women’s work is.” – former Speaker of the House Tip O’Neill (D)


5.) “In Delaware, the largest growth of population is Indian Americans, moving from India. You cannot go to a 7/11 or a Dunkin’ Donuts unless you have a slight Indian accent. I’m not joking.” – Vice President Joe Biden (D)


6.) “I am not a chauvinist, obviously. . . . I believe in women’s rights for every woman but my own.” – Chicago Mayor Harold Washington (D)


7.) “It’s a racist tax.” – Florida Rep. Ted Yoho (R) on the civil-rights consequences of taxing tanning salons, which supposedly discriminates against white people


8.) “I don’t care anything about your disability.” – Texas Rep. Sheila Jackson-Lee (D), quoted in a federal lawsuit brought by an employee who alleged failure to accommodate her disability


9.) “I think incest can be handled as a family matter within the family.” – Arkansas Rep. Jay Dickey Jr. (R)


10.) “The roads in Missouri were much more terrifying to me than the attacks on the World Trade Center, because I really did think my life was far more at risk.” – former HHS Secretary and Kansas Gov. Kathleen Sebelius (D)


11.) “No, no. I have been practicing… I bowled a 129. It’s like — it was like Special Olympics, or something.” – President Barack Obama (D)


12.) “I know what Victoria’s Secret is. She’s a slut.” – Wyoming Rep. Barbara Cubin (R)


13.) “I am working for the time when unqualified blacks, browns and women join the unqualified men in running the government.” – Texas State Rep. Frances “Sissy” Farenthold (D)


14.) “I’m not against the blacks, and a lot of the good blacks will attest to that.”- Arizona Gov. Evan Mecham (R)


15.) “Every month that we do not have an economic recovery package, 500 million Americans lose their jobs.“- California Rep. and House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D)


16.) “In two previous gentlemen’s statements on the amendment, both of them referred to the Affordable Care Act, which is the accurate title of the health care reform law, as ‘ObamaCare.’ That is a disparaging reference to the President of the United States. … It is clearly in violation of House rules against that.” – Florida Rep. and DNC Chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz


17.) “My fear is that the whole island [of Guam] will become so overly populated that it will tip over and capsize.” – Georgia Rep. Hank Johnson (D)

Rep. Hank Johnson

18.)  “I personally find the word ‘alien’ offensive when applied to individuals, especially to children. An alien to me is someone from out of space.” – Florida Rep. Frederica Wilson (D)

Frederica Wilson

Makes you wonder how they managed to get elected in the first place…

Rand Paul: Let’s trade Dems, not Taliban

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This is from The Politico.

I have to say Rand Paul sometimes swerves into a good line or two.

I will add the other two names Rand may have thought of, but could not say Barack and Michelle Obama.



FORT WORTH, Texas — Sen. Rand Paul on Friday likened Democrats to the recently released Taliban detainees at Guantánamo Bay in a speech here at the Texas GOP convention.

“Mr. President, you love to trade people,” the Kentucky Republican and likely 2016 contender said to laughs, a reference to the deal made for the return of Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl.


“Why don’t we set up a trade? But this time, instead of five Taliban, how about five Democrats? I’m thinking John Kerry, Hillary Clinton, Nancy Pelosi, couldn’t we send them to Mexico?”

He nodded to a Marine being detained in Mexico before making his proposal.

Paul’s suggestion came after he criticized the deal struck to bring back Bergdahl, who had been held captive by the Taliban for five years and was freed in exchange for the five prisoners.

“I don’t know about y’all, but I’ve been a little bit annoyed with the president,” Paul said. “Releasing five Taliban senior officials is not only against the law, it’s illegal and wrong and he should never have done it.”

Asked about his comments in a news conference after the speech, Paul replied, “It was a joke. Except for Nancy Pelosi, I was serious about her.”

When pressed, he added: “Well, I mean, it’s humor, and I hope there’s room for humor. I thought it was funny. It was meant to be humorous.”

Turning more serious, Paul said some circumstances could allow for a “reasonable swap” — such as if the Taliban were “laying down arms” and planned to become “part of democratic policy in Afghanistan.”

But at this stage, he said, he’s uncomfortable with the national security and legal implications of the deal.

Read more:

7 Filthy Rich Liberals Railing Against ‘The Rich’ In Quotes


This is from Town Hall. 

I will say this about the  article is Pot meet kettle. 



ne of the biggest myths in politics is that Republicans are the “party of the rich.”

If only….then the rich might be voting for us and pouring massive money into the Republican Party.

But, but, butKOCH BROTHERS! Yes, the evil, terrible, awful Koch Brothers who live in Harry Reid’s head for free and eat the dreams of Occupy protesters. In actuality, those guys are only the 59th biggest donors in American politics. Just the six biggest union donors in American politics combined give 15 times more money than the Koch brothers have – and, of course, that money went almost exclusively to Democrats.

The rich vote Democrat as well. Eight of the ten richest congressional districts in America are represented by Democrats. Eight of the ten richest counties in America also voted for Obama.


Crony socialism.

Democrats talk about “change,” but they’re the party of stagnation. Their welfare policies keep the poor mired in poverty, crush the middle class and keep them from becoming wealthy, while doing little to impact the richest Americans. If you’re Warren Buffet or George Soros, Democrat policies don’t hurt you, but they do hamstring the next generation of entrepreneurs and keep them from ever competing with you. In other words, it’s a win/win for rich liberals.

So, how does the party of George Soros co-exist with the Occupy Movement?


Democrats go to $32,000 a plate fund raisers where they plan out their legislative agenda with plutocrats over caviar and truffles and then they turn around and denounce “the rich.” The rich Democrats line their pockets, their Republican-voting middle class competitors get blocked off from the high life, and the Occupy Crowd is content because it heard what it wants to hear. Liberal celebrities who’ve earned more acting than they could spend in ten lifetimes trash Republicans as the “party of the rich” and then vote for the party that carves out special tax benefits for them. It’s all a huge con game.

Meanwhile, Republicans get cast as the “party of the wealthy” because we believe in the free market, think low taxes produce a strong economy and because we agreed with Ronald Reagan when he said, “We’re the party that wants to see an America in which people can still get rich.”

You don’t think it’s true? You don’t think the liberals are engaged in a huge scam designed to pull the wool over the eyes of gullible socialists and low information voters who don’t know any better? Well then, maybe you’ll change your mind after seeing all these quotes from filthy rich liberals railing against “the rich.”


1) “I first would allow the guilty bankers to pay… back anything over 100 million in personal wealth because I believe in a maximum wage of 100 million dollars and if they’re unable to live on that amount then they should go to the reeducation camps, and if that doesn’t help, then be beheaded.” — Roseanne Barr. Net Worth: 80 Million.


2) “This book is about how Washington is rigged to work for those who can hire armies of lobbyists and lawyers and make sure that everything that they want gets done in Washington. The game is rigged to work for those who already have money and power.” — Elizabeth Warren. Net Worth: 14.5 million.


3) “If you’ve got a business, you didn’t build that. Somebody else made that happen. The Internet didn’t get invented on its own. Government research created the Internet so that all the companies could make money off the Internet.” — Barack Obama. Net Worth: 11.8 million


4) “These billionaire oil tycoons (the Koch brothers) are certainly experts at contributing to climate change. That’s what they do very well. They are one of the main causes of this.” — Harry Reid from the senate floor. Net worth: 5 million


5) “What more do they want? They have a number of homes, the bigger the yacht, da da da da da, the taller the mast, the whole thing. They have museum quality art. They want immortality. (laughter) They want so much money that their names are all, for prestige they could never get any other way, they could buy with endless money. Because what else could you possibly want?” — Nancy Pelosi. Net worth: 26.43 million


6) “How in the world do you, Mitt Romney, justify making more in one day than the median American family makes in a year while paying the effective tax rate of the guy who has to scan your shoes in the airport?” —Jon Stewart. Net worth: 80 million.


7) “It’s time to make the rich pay. Tax them! How much? Not enough! How much? Still not enough! They are thieves. They are gangsters. They are kleptomaniacs. They have tried to take our democracy and turn it into an hypocrisy.” — Michael Moore. Net Worth: 50 Million.


Guess Who Bailed on Lerner’s Contempt Vote?


This is from Town Hall.

San Fran Nan is a shameless  soulless DemocRat hack.

San Fran Nan is hoping to become Dictator  Speaker of the House once more.   



In case you missed it last night, Democrats and Republicans in the House of Representatives voted 250-168 to hold Lois Lerner in contempt of Congress. Guess who bailed out on the vote? Former Madam Speaker Nancy Pelosi. More from The Hill:

 House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) did not attend the Wednesday evening vote series to hold former IRS official Lois Lerner in contempt for refusing to testify about the agency’s improper scrutiny of Tea Party groups.

She was, however, at a Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee fundraiser attended by the president and roughly 90 guests at the home of Disney Chairman Alan Horn in Bel Air, Calif., according to a White House pool report.


Pelosi also failed to cast a vote on a resolution asking the Department of Justice to appoint special counsel to investigate the IRS scandal.

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