While Sharpton marched in DC, black teen, 15 was shot for his jacket

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This is from BizPac Review.

Al and Jessie remain silent about black on black murders because they can not scream about racism.

Not being to scream about racism is not profitable because there is not any way to shake anyone down.


A march  against the killing of black men by police officers organized by the National Action Alliance on Saturday in Washington, was interrupted by a group of youth activists from Ferguson, Mo., who rushed the stage demanding to be heard and accused Sharpton of turning their cause into a show.

While this made-for-TV moment was being broadcast, Demario Bailey, 15,  was murdered in the Englewood  neighborhood of Chicago. He and his twin brother, Demacio, were walking to Demacio’s basketball practice when four hoods demanded the teenager’s jacket.

“Some guys came upon him and tried to rob him of his jacket,” said Demario’s aunt, Michelle Fitzpatrick. “Our nephew wouldn’t give up his coat, and they shot him in the chest.”

The shooting happened at 12:40 p.m. on West 63rd Street. Seven minutes later, Demario was pronounced dead. Here is footage:

Self-appointed black leaders such as Sharpton, the Rev Jesse Jackson and the rest of the “poverty posse” will not address black on black killings in America, turning a blind eye to fixing the problem.

According to NBC Chicago reports, three were killed while 27 were wounded in violent crimes in the Chicago area this weekend. When will something be done to expose these criminals in the community instead of grandstanding 400 miles away for the CSPAN cameras?

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On 9/11′s Eve, Four Firefighters Suspended for Refusing to Remove Tiny Displays They ‘Never Forget’

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This is from Independent Journal Review.

Political Correctness running wild.


Ahead of the anniversary of the 9/11 attacks, four firefighters from Chicago are being suspended for having American flags and pro-military stickers on their lockers and helmets. NBC Chicago reported:

The Maywood firefighters say they were ordered to go home for refusing to remove stickers of American flags after their fire chief implemented a ban on all stickers.

When the Maywood Chief was asked about disciplining the firemen, he claimed that it was due to a picture of a monkey and an American flag placed on a locker which equated to racism. However, the four firefighters (one of whom is an African American and another of Cuban descent) disagree and say that was a 10-year-old practical joke.

The firefighters explained that this was a personal attack and that it had nothing to do with racism. They decided to post American flag and pro-military stickers on their lockers, after the chief had ordered an American flag to be removed from the inside of the fire station without giving any reason why.

Here’s the thing: the firefighter uniform has an American flag embroidered on the shoulder, so the firemen couldn’t comprehend removing the ones they had on their lockers and helmets.

Fortunately, the four firemen’s voices have been heard. According to WGN-TV, the chief made the decision to put “department issued flags on every locker in every room.”

One of the reinstated firefighters, David Flowers, said, “For guys to have 9/11 memorials on their helmets, that means somethingIt’s burned into some guys helmetsit means a lot.”

Those who put their lives on the line for others should be given the freedom to express themselves and inspire others to follow their outstanding examples. When patriotism and pride in one’s job and nation are marginalized, it makes the country a less united place.


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