McCain dies fighting for ISIS

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This is from Joe For America.

There is one less terrorist in the world now this punk is dead.

May he rot in Hell.

The link below takes you to NBC”s story which includes the standard BS concerning how good a boy this thug was.


Not that one! American Douglas McAuthur McCain Dies Fighting for ISIS in Syria

I just couldn’t resist the opportunity… It also goes further to the point that Americans are fighting on the side of ISIS in Syria.

As reported by NBC…

Photo from Facebook

The battle in itself seemed tragically normal. Two Syrian opposition groups fought and there were heavy casualties on both sides. Then victorious rebels rifled through the pockets of the dead. One contained about $800 in cash — and an American passport.

Douglas McAuthur McCain, of San Diego, California, was killed over the weekend fighting for the Islamic State of Iraq and al-Sham (ISIS), according to the Free Syrian Army. Photos of McCain’s passport and of his body — which feature a distinctive neck tattoo — have been seen by NBC News. According to an activist linked to the Free Syrian Army who also saw the body and travel document, McCain was among three foreign jihadis fighting with ISIS who died during the battle.

Senior administration officials told NBC News they were aware that McCain was killed in Syria, adding that they believe dozens of Americans have gone there to fight with extremist groups – including, but not limited to, ISIS.
“The threat we are most concerned about to the homeland is that of fighters like this returning to the U.S. and committing acts of terrorism,” a senior administration official told NBC News.

NBC News has contacted several members of McCain’s family and dozens of friends – including his mother, sister, aunts and cousins. A woman who said she was McCain’s aunt confirmed that he had “passed” and referred calls to McCain’s mother.

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Poll: Chicago Residents Feel Less Safe with Concealed Carry Legal

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This is from The Truth About Guns.

This is the place that elected men for Mayor as “Big Bill Thompson,

Richard J. Daley,Richard M. Daley and Rahm “The Ballrenia” Emanuel.

Chicago also supported Barack Obama. Enough Said.


I’ve written before about the difference between feeling safe and actually being safe, but it’s a concept around which most in the anti-gun population will never be able to wrap their heads. Their entire argument is based on emotion, so asking them to think rationally about the issue is like asking a cat to recite a Shakespeare sonnet. A new poll was released on Monday reinforcing this disconnect between logic and emotion in the Windy City, as apparently 55% of Chicago residents feel “less safe” now that concealed carry is legal.

According to the Chicago Tribune, 55 percent of poll-takers said they felt “less safe” with the law permitting licensed gun owners to bear hidden weapons in public. Meanwhile, 15 percent said they felt “more safe” and 30 percent said they were indifferent.

The numbers coincide with a rise in Chicago shootings this summer — headline-making cases include the tragic death of 11-year-old Shamiya Adams — and a decline in Mayor Rahm Emanuel’s job approval rating. The Trib reported last week that his rating slipped from 50 percent around this time last year to a current low of 35 percent, revealing significant dissatisfaction with how the incumbent Democrat — up for re-election this February — is handling the city’s myriad problems, crime being one of them. The mayor blames “economic stress” for his poor reviews.

There are two problems here.

First, despite Chicago residents having been conditioned over decades to fear “concealed carry killers” thanks to the civilian disarmament extremist crowd, people with a concealed carry permit are FAR less likely to commit a murder than even the police. In reality, Chicago citizens would be more justified in their lack of perceived safety if Rahm Emanuel put more cops on the streets as opposed to legalized concealed carry, but the population has been so well conditioned to think that all guns are evil and all gun owners are criminals that their perception of the situation in no way matches up with reality.

The second issue is that the NBC article conveniently correlates the availability of concealed carry permits with a “rise in Chicago shootings this summer.” I’ll give you a hint: no one involved in those incidents had a concealed carry permit. If someone with a legal concealed handgun permit went on a shooting spree in Chicago we’d hear about it non-stop from the Moms Demand Action crowd, but they have been oddly radio silent on this issue. NBC, just like the gun control establishment, believes that guns cause crime, and if we could just remove all firearms from the world then we would have finally achieved that utopian ideal where everyone is naturally good and kind to each other.

There’s just one problem: life is indeed nasty, brutish, and short. There really is true evil in the world, and the availability of firearms (on balance) does vastly more to allow individuals to protect themselves than contributes to the commission of crimes. But, of course, NBC doesn’t see it that way. To NBC and their ilk, firearms are a talisman of evil — a magical item that forces the holder to commit crimes. Without that firearm, those same criminals would have been perfect law-abiding angels helping old ladies across the street. I think not.

Perception is reality. It doesn’t matter if the crime rate plummets and murders become few and far between — we still have our rights on the chopping block so long as the public perceives our ability to defend ourselves as a threat to their safety. There is one silver lining to this story, namely that the percentage of people in Chicago scared of concealed carry is only 55%. While it’s a solid majority, it’s not everyone. With some luck, hopefully they too will start to realize that law abiding citizens are not the issue and come around on the gun rights issue. A man can dream, anyway…

Ben Carson educates NBC’s David Gregory on slavery, Obamacare and neo-Marxists

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This is from BizPac Review.

The leftist wants to destroy Ben Carson as they see him as a threat to them as he may run for president.

The liberals do not want a black conservative making the first black socialist president look bad.  



Appearing Sunday on NBC’s “Meet the Press,” Ben Carsonstood by an earlier comment he made about Obamacare being the worst thing since slavery.

Speaking at the Values Voter Summit in October, the retired neurosurgeon said the Affordable Care Act is “the worst thing that has happened in this nation since slavery.”

“And it is in a way,” he said then. “It is slavery in a way, because it is making all of us subservient to the government, and it was never about health care. It was about control.”

Host David Gregory ran a clip of the comment, then put Carson on the spot.

Obama, US embassies fail to recognize Armed
Services Day, see what they tweeted instead

“First, recognize what I said,” Carson replied. “The worst thing since slavery. I didn’t say it was slavery.”

“You said it is slavery in a way,” Gregory chimed in, reading Carson’s quote back to him.

“In a way anything is slavery that robs you of control of running your own life,” Carson answered, showing a verbal fluency that rivals the great orator of the left, Barack Obama. ”And, when you take the most important thing you have, which is your health care, and you put that in the hands of government bureaucrats, I think you have done the wrong thing.”

Carson made reference to “neo-Marxist literature,” which had the assembled panel’s full attention.

“You go back and look at the neo-Marxist literature and look at what they say, you don’t have to look at what I say, about taking control of the health care of a populace and making the people dependent,” he said. “This is not what America is about.”

Illinois girl, 13, charged with homicide in tragic joyride crash death of friend

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This is from The New York Daily News.

A daughter of Obama from Illinois age 13 kills one of

her 12 year old friends while driving a stolen car.

‘I just hope he didn’t suffer,’ says 12-year-old dead boy’s grief-stricken mom Regina Anderson of the Olympia Fields wreck that took her son’s life. ‘He was a special little boy.’

Almani Creamer, 12, tragically died in the car crash last month.

 Almani Creamer, 12, tragically died in the car crash last month.

A 13-year-old girl was charged with reckless homicide for allegedly driving a car filled with her friends during a joyride that turned tragic last month.

Almani Creamer, 12, died when the car crashed into a tree in Olympia Fields, Ill. on Nov. 27, WMAQ-TV reported.

“He was a special little boy,” his mother, Regina Anderson, 35, told the Chicago Tribune.”I just hope he didn’t suffer.”

The girl was formally charged with reckless homicide, reckless conduct and possession of a stolen motor vehicle, the Cook County State’s Attorney‘s Office said.

Authorities are withholding the girl’s name because of her age. She was released to her mother’s custody following her arraignment on Thursday.

At the time of the incident, Armani was actually grounded for missing school assignments. He sneaked out of his home to join the packed car, according to Anderson.

“He was just a boy,” she said. “He’s bad some days – he’s good some days.”

The car smashed into a tree in a suburb of Chicago.

The car smashed into a tree in a suburb of Chicago.

The boy was in the backseat wearing his seatbelt during the crash, according to the Illinois paper.

Four other passengers under the age of 16 were treated at nearby hospitals and released, the local NBC affiliate said.

Almani was buried Saturday.

“He was a fine young man,” neighbor Beverly Reed Scott said to The Tribune. “We loved him.”

Read more:

Reporter: Ammunition in house fire “could have fired off wildly.” Uh, no.

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This is from Bearing

At one time I believed this myth about fires and ammo.

Throw a single cartridge, box, or even  cases of ammunition into a burning building, and you run no risk of of being shot by bullets whizzing out of the engulfed structure. That is a proven fact apparently not only lost on South Florida’s news media (which we frankly expect), but also apparently on  firefighters who recently fought a blaze at the home of a Dania Beach gun collector.

“What we don’t know, is what’s contained in a person’s home and that’s one of the biggest dangers we have,” Broward Sheriff Fire Rescue Assistant District Chief Bruce Caruso said.

Vaughn was a gun collector and had pieces dating all the way back to World War I. Along with all of the weapons, he also had quite a bit of ammunition. All of it was in the house when it went up in flames.

“The ammunition was already starting to degrade from the heat,” Caruso said. “It wasn’t only the box that melted. The ammunition itself was near the point where it would’ve gone off.”

Neighbor Gloria Lawson told NBC 6, “I was standing in front of his house before the fire department got here. I had no idea there was such danger, imminent danger.”

Thanks to Vaughn’s neighbor and friend Frank Lopes, firefighters were aware of the potential explosive situation.

“I said the man was a gun collector and there could be ammunition in the house,” Lopes said. “When I told them that, that’s when they cleared the roads and got everybody out of the neighborhood and told me to go back in my house.”

Caruso said that’s when crews started what is called a defense attack. Firefighters stayed back a bit and took cover when they could.

It is sad that firefighting professionals aren’t better educated on the fact proven fact that modern ammunition doesn’t explode, or “fire” when burned, it simply “pops” like popcorn, posing little to no risk to firefighters, or anyone else.

The Sporting Arms and Ammunition Manufacturers’ Institute (SAAMI) created a training film called Sporting Ammunition and the Fire Fighter over a year ago, in which they tortured hundreds of thousands of rounds of ammunition to show just how stable modern ammunition is, even in large quantities.

Whether it was run over, shot, or burned by the case, modern ammunition is incredibly stable in even the worst conditions.

It looks like far too few professional firefighters have incorporated this this information into their training. Let’s help get that information out there!



CDC Data Refutes New Anti-Gun Study’s Claims

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This is from The Buckeye Firearms Association.

Facts never get in the way of the anti gun crowd.

Gun owners need to remain vigilant. 


Firearm-related deaths among children have decreased since the mid-1990s, but new research heralded by gun control supporters claims the opposite. A research abstract entitled United States Childhood Gun-Violence – Disturbing Trends, presented during the American Academy of Pediatrics National Conference & Exhibitions by physicians Arin L. Madenci and Christopher B. Weldon, claims that from 1997 to 2009, in-hospital deaths of children resulting from gunshot wounds increased nearly 60 percent, and hospitalizations of children for gunshot wounds increased 80 percent.

Predictably, gun control advocates and their allies in the media have taken the researchers’ claims as the gospel. With its usual degree of precision, MSNBC reported that the “[n]umber of American children who have died from guns has spiked 60% in a decade.”

The study in question uses data from several editions of the Kids’ Inpatient Database(KID), which contains information on only pediatric hospitalizations. However, data reported by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) show that firearm-related deaths among persons aged 0-14 years actually decreased 39 percent from 1997 to 2009, and decreased 45 percent if the trend is carried through 2010, the most recent year for which data are available.

One glaring mistake in the study’s abstract, is that it fails to stipulate what ages it includes in its definition of “children.” As longtime readers of the Alert well know, anti-gun advocates have often exaggerated the number of firearm-related deaths among children by counting deaths among juveniles and young adults ages 15-19 along with those among children. However, firearm-related deaths among all persons ages 0-19 decreased 33 percent through 2009 and 37 percent through 2010.

More importantly, the per capita rate of such deaths has decreased to an even greater extent. Among persons ages 0-14, it dropped 44 percent from 1997 to 2009, and 48 percent from 1997 to 2010, while among all persons ages 0-19 it dropped 42 percent through 2009 and 45 percent through 2010.

Some of the media coverage of Madenci and Weldon’s presentation gives the impression that accidental firearm deaths among children are a growing problem. NBC’s coverage was typical, highlighting the case of a three-year-old who died tragically after finding an unsecured firearm under his parents’ bed.

In reality, from 1997 to 2010, the rate of firearm accident deaths decreased 62 percent among children (ages 0-14), 69 percent among ages 15-17, and 62 percent among ages 18-19.

The CDC’s data show that the country is trending in the right direction and has been for some time. The fact that this trend is occurring alongside an increase in the number of privately owned firearms should help to divorce some from the notion that more guns inherently mean more gun deaths. Further, we hope that in the future, the media will be more critical when reporting research findings that conflict so profoundly with the other available data on the subject. But we won’t hold our breath.

© 2013 National Rifle Association of America. Institute for Legislative Action. This may be reproduced. It may not be reproduced for commercial purposes.


ANIMALS: 16yr. old Girl, raped/beaten ’til her ear bled by 2 girls & 3 boys who recorded attack on cell phone

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This is from Clash Daily.

More rapes and beatings by sons and daughters of Obama.

These feral animals need to put down.

This report comes from the U.K. Daily Mail.

Was this covered by  the Amerian  Media?

Look at these feral animals.

Screen Shot 2013-11-05 at 10.19.56 AM

A teenage gang of two girls and three boys have been accused of raping and beating a 16-year-old girl so badly she broke bones in her face and bled from her ear.

The victim was allegedly set upon when she visited a friend’s house in Hollywood on Friday night.

Police claim she was raped by one of the accused, 19-year-old Jayvon Woolfork, while she was held down by Lanel Singleton, 18, and three minors – a 17-year-old male, 15-year-old female and a 14-year-old girl.

The victim claimed she was kicked, thrown down stairs and had her face smashed on concrete, breaking bones near both her eyes.

Hollywood Police told NBC 6 they were able to identify all five of the teenagers allegedly involved because one of the accused took video of the fight and sexual assault on their cell phone.

Woolfork and Singleton were jailed without bond when they appeared in court yesterday, dressed in jailhouse scrubs with their wrists handcuffed behind their backs, for the first hearing in their case.

According to the Sun Sentinel, Broward County Judge John Hurley said: ‘This 16-year-old woman, both of her eyes were closed from being beaten, she had blood coming from one of her ears.

‘The court is concerned for the safety of this 16-year-old alleged victim.’

Read more:


MSNBC Has Full Deck of Race Cards

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This is from Town Hall.

PMSNBC sees a racist under every bed and behind every tree.

Now we know why not even the Hubble telescope can’t find

the ratings for PMSNBC.

“Why do they seem so determined to also make it racial?”

So asks Joy-Ann Reid, the managing editor of The Grio, a web magazine owned by NBC News whose mission is to “focus on news and events that have a unique interest and/or pronounced impact within the national African Americans audience.” The “they” in question are conservatives and journalists asking, among other things, why President Obama hasn’t inserted himself into this case the way he did in the Trayvon Martin tragedy.

The irony-impaired Reid was asking that question about a heinous murder in Oklahoma, where, according to police, an Australian student was shot by a black youth with the help of two friends (one of whom was white) “for the fun of it.” Police allege that the bored teens spotted Christopher Lane jogging and decided to follow him and shoot him in the back.

Reid asked the question while guest-hosting a show on MSNBC, a network that has mastered the art of making unracial things racial. Just two days earlier, Reid had insisted that there’s a “neoconfederate thread” running through the gun-rights movement. Whatever that means.

Then there’s MSNBC fixture Chris Matthews, who insists, with considerable regularity, that any criticism of Barack Obama is driven by “white supremacy.” Critics of Obamacare, Matthews claims, believe that “the white race must rule.”

Another MSNBC host, Martin Bashir, recently insisted that outrage over the ongoing scandal at the IRS is really nothing more than coded racism. The IRS is the new “n-word” according to Bashir. “So this afternoon, we welcomed the latest phrase in the lexicon of Republican attacks on this president: the IRS. Three letters that sound so innocent but we know what you mean.”

Lawrence O’Donnell, another MSNBC host, assured viewers during the Republican National Convention last summer that Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell‘s joke about Obama playing too much golf was really a deliberate racist dog whistle. “These people,” O’Donnell insisted, “reach for every single possible racial double entendre they can find in every one of these speeches.”

And that of course leaves out Al Sharpton, an MSNBC host who can best be understood as the racial equivalent of an ambulance chaser.

Against this backdrop, Reid asking why anyone would bring race into the discussion is a bit like a pornographer asking, “Why make this about sex?”

But let’s get back to her question. One high-minded response might be that conservatives are bringing race into this discussion because they are simply doing what has been asked of them by Reid and countless others, including the president and the attorney general: They’re trying to have that coveted “national conversation about race.” Of course, the conversation that the conversation-mongers want is entirely one-sided; they only want to talk about why their ideological enemies are racists. Any other discussion is an incomprehensible and unjustifiable tangent distracting us from what they want to hear and say.

But the truth is, that’s not what is going on. To the extent that people are bringing up race it is to turn the tables, rhetorically at least, on people like Reid and her MSNBC colleagues for their relentless — some might say shameless and disgusting — effort to exploit the George Zimmerman murder trial.

Recall that there was no evidence Zimmerman was motivated by racial animus, a fact so inconvenient to NBC News that it unethically edited Zimmerman’s 911 call to make it sound like he was racist. (NBC later apologized and Zimmerman is rightly suing.) This inconvenient truth was also why numerous news outlets insisted on describing Zimmerman as a “white Hispanic” — to bend the facts to fit the preferred narrative.

Australian and British newspapers — which do not care about imposing a monolithic liberal narrative on race — are reporting that Lane’s alleged murderers may have been driven by motives other than boredom. But even if the initial reporting proves accurate and these thugs were just trying to break the monotony of the dog days of summer, the lesson for the MSNBC crowd should be the same.

From Obama down to his cheerleaders in the press, liberals have declared unremitting war on their ideological opponents, cynically polarizing the country along racial — and, when possible, gender — lines. They, not conservatives, have been the ones dragging race into any and every political dispute they can. This disgusting strategy has worked well for them, galvanizing minority voters and tarring the Republican brand. I don’t particularly welcome the fact that conservatives are fighting fire with fire, but you can hardly blame them given how liberals like Reid have been asking for it for so long.

Disabled veteran kicked off boardwalk because of service dog

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This is from NBC 40 in South Jersey.

It is time for the North Wood Police Chief to step up and admit the officer

screwed up big time the apologize to the veteran.

This is clearly a case of discrimination.




A disabled U.S. Army veteran, who served our country for 19 years, says he was kicked off the North Wildwood boardwalk last night, simply for having his service dog by his side.

Jared Goering served 1 tour in Iraq, 2 in Afghanistan, and spent 19 years as an active member of the Army. Jared said, “I served from 1993 to 2012.” He then told NBC40 he couldn’t sleep Thursday night because he felt so disrespected by a North Wildwood police officer.

Goering said, “Just like any veteran with disabilities with a service dog, to come back and be harassed and shown no respect, it upset me – it really bothered me. I was up most of the night thinking about it.”

A North Wildwood police officer issued Jared and his wife a summons because of the dog. Goering said, “I expected to get more respect from him because of the jobs that we both have to do.”

“He mockingly asked if all veterans get service dogs,” said Jared’s wife, Sally Goering, “his dog is medically necessary and he is a service dog.”

In 2009, Jared was serving in Afghanistan when his vehicle was blown up by IEDs, twice, within 36 hours. Now, Jared uses his 3-year-old service dog, Gator, short for Navigator, to help him walk, and to get up and down stairs.

Jared explained, “I also suffer from PTSD, severe anxiety, depression – and my dog plays a big part in my life. His main purpose is mobility but he also helps me with all my emotional problems from combat.”

Jared and his wife Sally say the incident occurred on the 26th street North Wildwood boardwalk. The Goering family said, even after showing the officer the dog’s service identification card, he still issued them a summons and kicked them off the boardwalk.

Sally said, “We want the public to be aware that there are different types of disabilities and different types of service dogs – and police officers need to be educated about this.”

North Wildwood police officials say there are no pending charges, but that there are other circumstances surrounding the case.

The mayor of North Wildwood says they will issue a formal apology, if appropriate, pending the outcome of the investigation.



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This is from Breitbarts Big Journalism.

Talk about strange bedfellows Media Matters and the RNC.

While Media matters is pretending to side with the RNC they are only in

the CYA mode for CNN,NBC and PMSNBC.

Media Matters wants to help knock off and GOP candidate in 2016.

They also want the Hilda Beast elected in 2016.


In a bizarre turn of events, the hard-left Media Matters for America (MMfAhas sided with the Republican National Committee’s call for CNN and NBC to cancel their respective projects surrounding former Secretary of State and potential 2016 presidential candidate Hillary Clinton. Unless these projects are canceled, the RNC will not partner with either network for its primary debates.

In letters sent to both networks, MMfA founder David Brock tried to make it sound as though his opposition is based on journalistic integrity. But a look between the lines reveals Brock’s real motivation, which is to protect the brands of the left-wing CNN and NBC for the coming battle to put Hillary Clinton in the White House.

In both letters, Brock asks the network heads, “How will your network respond to the right-wing noise machine that is already pressuring you to adopt its ideological lens on Clinton?” and “Is your network prepared to respond to criticism that it is not providing equal time to other candidates?”

That reveals a concern that has nothing to do with the high ideals of objective journalism and everything to do with a fear that CNN and NBC are leaving themselves open to legitimate criticism from the political right. And it is just a fact that the more CNN and NBC sully themselves in the minds of the public, the less effective they will be at persuading the public to vote for Hillary Clinton.

For as long as I can remember, but most certainly during the ’08 and ’12 presidential elections, CNN and NBC (as well as offshoot MSNBC) were both invaluable in the wars to destroy the Republican ticket and usher Barack Obama into office.

Brock is apparently concerned that these Hillary projects are a bridge too far in the coming war, and that the damage these projects will do to the reputations of both networks will, in the long term, do more harm than good to Hillary’s chances.

And if past is prologue, CNN and NBC hosting GOP primary debates is a much more effective way to put Clinton in the White House than a Hillary miniseries and documentary.

The left understand that CNN and NBC are at their most effective at winning elections for Democrats when they hide behind a phony shield of objectivity. For good reason, the left is concerned these Hillary projects might weaken that shield.


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