Connecticut man fights Navy for return of WWII sailor’s remains

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This is from Fox News.

Edwin Hopkins should be able to rest with  family.

Edwin Hopkins gave his last full measure of devotion for

His comrades and Hls nation.

We owe it to Edwin Hopkins to return his remains home.



Edwin Hopkins, left, sits with his mother and father in an undated photograph prior to Hopkins joining the Navy. (TOM GRAY)

Nearly 72 years after his second cousin was killed during the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor, Tom Gray is still fighting for the remains of the Navy fireman buried half a world away.

Gray, of Guilford, Conn., and his relatives want to bury 3rd Class Fireman Edwin Hopkins in a family cemetery in his hometown of Keene, N.H. The remains of Hopkins, who was 19 when he was killed in the engine room on the USS Oklahoma in 1941, were designated as unknown by the Navy and remain in the National Memorial Cemetery of the Pacific in Hawaii — also known as the “Punchbowl” — along with the remains of five other veterans.

“We just want him returned to his family, that’s what this is all about,” Gray, 64, told “This boy deserves to rest with his mother and father. It’s a burden and we want closure.”


The entire process to retrieve Hopkins’ remains has been tedious and agonizingly slow, Gray said. After providing mitochondrial DNA as proof of relation following a request from Navy officials, the remaining issue is the sanctity of the graves, he said.

Gray’s campaign for the remains has included letters to Secretary of the Navy Ray Mabus, local elected officials and U.S. Sen. Kelly Ayotte, R-N.H. He has also obtained documentation indicating that Hopkins’ remains were uncovered and buried in the Halawa Navy Cemetery in 1943. Six years later, it was recommended that Hopkins’ remains be transferred to another gravesite along with his identity, but an anthropologist refused to sign the certificate because she didn’t have all of the remains to make a full identification. Hopkins’ remains were ultimately transferred as unknown, Gray said.

“I’m doing everything I can to put pressure on them,” he said. “I know it’s an expensive process, but you know they have the means to do it.”

Further complicating matters, Gray said he has also been told by Navy officials that they do not want to disturb the sanctity of the graves in the casket in Hawaii.

“That’s still the case,” Navy spokeswoman Sarah Flaherty told the New Haven Register. “The grave has been disturbed a number of times. We don’t want to keep doing that.”

State Sen. Edward Meyer, D-Guilford, is now assisting Gray to connect with local lawmakers to “make a pitch” to Navy officials to exhume the remains, the newspaper reports.

Flaherty said plans for a USS Oklahoma memorial are now being discussed, but that won’t satisfy Gray and his mission to provide a final resting place for his second cousin.

“It’s something that I really want to happen,” he said. “Let’s put it this way: I’m 64 and if I live to be 84, I’m going to work on it that long. The honorable and moral thing to do is to identify this man.”




Woman Gunned Down By DC Police Identified As 34 Year-old Dental Hygienist


Hat Tip to You Viewed/Editorial.

Meet Miriam Carey, Suspect Reportedly Killed In The Capitol Hill Shooting
This just shoots their narrative all to hell , doesn’t it ?

” Here’s what we know about Miriam Carey, the woman identified in news reports as the suspect in a shooting incident that left Capitol Hill on lockdown for a brief period Thursday afternoon, and has now reportedly been shot dead by police.

Carey, a 34-year-old dental hygenist has been identified by ­­­the New York Post and the New Haven Register newspaper as the suspect (victim) in a shooting incident that took place in the nation’s capital. 

ABC News reported that Carey had “a history of mental health issues.”


    It would appear that the latest “shooting” , which the minions of the State were preparing to use as a cudgel on the NRA , Tea Party and the rest of us “right-wing extremists” was in fact , another instance of the agents of the State doing the shooting and the unarmed citizens , disturbed or otherwise , doing the dying.



A Whopping 167 People Signed Up For Healthcare Exchanges in Connecticut

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This is from Town Hall.

As bright Blue as Connecticut is they exchange website would have been swamped.

Sounds like Blue State people do not want the crap known as Obamacare.


The State of Connecticut has a population of roughly 3.5 million. Of that 3.5 million, about 344,000 people lack insurance. Given these facts, one would think that Access Health CT, the health insurance marketplace for the state under the Affordable Care Act, would be flooded with applications the first day.

After all, according to the New Haven Register, “experts expect about two-thirds of the state’s uninsured will gain coverage under health care reform.” Two-thirds of 344,000 is roughly 229,000 people.

So were people signing up in droves? Not exactly. According to Connecticut Congressman Jim Hines, less than 200 applications were filed for health insurance on the first day of the exchanges. That is approximately 0.07 percent of the total number of people expected to gain coverage under the new law.

Today, the CT health exchange @AccessHealthCT received 28k visitors, and took 167 applications for health insurance. Day 1.

Wow! 167 applications?! That’s a smaller number than the senior class at North Haven High School. Of those 167 applications, only 83 were from people looking to find private insurance with a federal subsidy. The other 84 applications were for Medicaid.

By 2:11 p.m. on October 1, only 44 people had enrolled in an exchange program through Access Health CT.

Despite the fact that less than one percent of eligible people were enrolled in some sort of health insurance by the end of the first day of the program, Gov. Malloy ispleased with his state.

 “You get a lot of proud moments when you are governor, and this is one of the proudest.”

Alrighty then.


Even with technical difficulties as the site launched, @AccessHealthCT, the official Twitter account of Access Health CT, did not confirm a single healthcare enrollment until nearly 11 hours after the programs began.

We just confirmed our first enrollment! A family of 3 just got access to affordable health care coverage thanks to


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