In These 13 States, Gas Is Selling for Below $2 a Gallon

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This is from The Daily Signal.

In my part of Indiana gas is still $2.39.9 per gallon.

Yet 92.4 miles away in Franklin, Indiana gas is $1.87.9 per gallon. 



Just two weeks ago, a sole gas station in Oklahoma swept headlines for dropping gas prices below $2 a gallon. Today, 13 states have joined that list, and the trend is expanding.

Gas for less than $1.90 a gallon can be found in at least one station in Oklahoma, Louisiana and Ohio, according to CNN. CNN cites 10 additional states– Alabama, Arizona, Colorado, Indiana, Mississippi, Missouri, Nebraska, New Mexico, Texas and Virginia– that now have gas below $2 a gallon.

“What we’re seeing is markets at work,” Heritage Foundation economist Nick Loris said. “Significant increases in supply and a relatively weak demand is lowering prices not just at the pump, but for most of the goods and services we pay for.”

The national average has dipped to $2.55 a gallon, marking the lowest drop since October 2009, according to AAA’s Fuel Gauge Report. Just a year ago, that average was $3.23.

“Oil prices are plunging because there is so much oil in the market,” AAA spokesman Mark Jenkins said in a press release. “It’s unclear exactly how long this will continue, but gas prices will keep falling as long as oil prices do.”

Jenkins said oil prices are predicted to continue dropping through the first half of next year, increasing the “likelihood of $2 gasoline.”

CNN partially attributes this drop in prices to decreased oil demand because of the “economic slowdowns” across Europe and Asia along with increasingly fuel-efficient vehicles.

Another key reason for the drop is the increase in U.S. output. Domestic oil production is at a three-decade high, contributing to the increase in supply and driving down costs.

But Loris cautions against celebrating too soon.

“The falling prices are certainly a welcome relief,” he said. “But that doesn’t mean policymakers should ignore the government-imposed regulations and restrictions that artificially inflate prices and prevent markets from working more efficiently.”





30,000 Indiana Residents To Lose Their Insurance Due To Obamacare [VIDEO]

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This is from The Daily Caller.

I hope every one of them is a Obama supporter.

But it will be sadly the average mom and dad that will take the hit.



Notifications have been sent out to 30,000 residents of Indiana informing them their health insurance plans no longer meet the requirements of the Affordable Care Act, also known as Obamacare, and will be cancelled at the end of this year.

Indiana joins Virginia (the hardest hit with 250,000 cancellations),Kentucky, Colorado, North Carolina, New Mexico, Tennessee and Maine, among the more than dozen states and the District of Columbia that are experiencing another round of health insurance cancellations this year.

New Mexico: House Bill 44 Pre-Filed, Reincarnation of Gun Control House Bill 77

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This is from the NRA/ILA.

People of New Mexico wake up contact your State Legislators

 then make your opposition to this Bill known loud and clear.

The gun grabbers are not going away so be prepared to fight.

Anti-gun state Representative Miguel Garcia (D-Bernalillo) has introduced House Bill 44, legislation which criminalizes non-dealer firearm transfers at gun shows and takes the first step toward a universal ban on private gun sales, for the upcoming thirty-day legislative session that begins on January 21st.  This bill mirrors the version of House Bill 77 that was being debated on the floor of the state Senate when the 2013 legislative session was gaveled for adjournment before a final vote on the measure.

Although HB 44 contains language that would require improved reporting to the FBI of persons prohibited from purchasing firearms and protect against the development of any registry of lawful gun buyers by state or local agencies, make no mistake: gun control remains the centerpiece of this very flawed legislation.  This will be just the first step toward banning ALL private gun sales and transfers – in fact, that’s exactly what the original language of HB 77 did when it was introduced last year!  If enacted, gun control advocates will check this scheme off their list and they will move toward gun bans and magazine limits, just like in Colorado.

Additional reasons why you should be concerned about House Bill 44 are provided below.

We expect anti-gun activists and lawmakers to press for consideration of HB 44 during the thirty-day session, even though the state Legislature is limited to dealing with budget-related items or measures that receive an executive message.  That’s why it’s critical that you contact your state Senator and Representative, and urge them to oppose HB 44 and to focus instead on the state’s important fiscal matters.

Information on how to reach your state lawmakers can be found here.

If you are unsure who represents you, you may enter your address here to find out.

Why You Should Be Concerned About HB 44

  • This is just the first step toward criminalizing ALL private transfers of firearms; in fact, as mentioned above, the introduced-version of HB 77 in the 2013 session did just that.  No background checklegislation will ever be “universal” since criminals simply ignore the law.
  • It’s an ineffective crime control proposal.  In April of 2013, PoliceOne conducted a national survey of 15,000 active and retired law enforcement officers of all ranks and department sizes on the topics of gun & crime control.  Nearly 80 percent said that a prohibition on private non-dealer transfers of firearms between individuals would not reduce violent crime.
  • Current laws are not being enforced.  According to a 2012 report to the U.S. Department of Justice, more than 72,000 people were turned down on a gun purchase in 2010 because they didn’t clear a background check.  Only 44 of those cases – or just .06 percent – were prosecuted.  Existing laws are not even being enforced and proponents are calling for expanding background checks to cover private firearms transactions.
  • Gun shows aren’t a source of crime guns.  A U.S. Bureau of Justice Statistics survey of state prison inmates who had used or possessed firearms in the course of committing their crimes found that 79 percent acquired their firearms from “street/illegal sources” or “friends and family.”  This includes theft of firearms, black market purchases of stolen firearms and straw purchases.  Only 1.7 percent obtained a firearm at a gun show.
  • Most importantly, because a January 2013 internal U.S. Department of Justice memorandum summarizing so-called “gun violence” prevention strategies stated that the effectiveness of “universal background checks” depends on “requiring gun registration.”  Even though HB 44 currently contains prohibitions on the development of a state or local registry of gun buyers, supporters of the bill are likely to eventually claim the need to repeal these important protections in order to enforce its provisions.

Cowboy Rules for the Western States

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This is from The Black Sphere.

Here is a little humor hopefully it will make you smile.


Thousands of emails swamp our email boxes daily, but every once in a blue moon one lands which must be shared: this Cowboy Solution is just one such missive.

Since I grew up in Central Oregon (cowboy country) and spent many summers combining on the family grass seed farm in the mid-Willamette Valley in Oregon, these guidelines made me smile from start to finish!

The author is unknown, but whomever he or she is, God bless you for saying what should be said! For the last 5 years “Flyover Folks” and “Bitter Clingers” have been ridiculed and condescended to incessantly by the Lefties in DC.

Well guess what you Elitist snobs? Those “Flyover Folks” are the salt of the earth patriots, the rugged individualists that built this nation, fought for this nation, and keep us strong today in the face of your Progressive (Marxist) attacks.

Enjoy the read!


Cowboy rules for Arizona, Texas, Oklahoma, Colorado, New Mexico, Wyoming,Montana, Utah, Nebraska, Oregon,Idaho, Nevada, and the rest of the Wild West are as follows:

1. Pull your pants up. You look like an idiot.

2. Turn your cap right, your head ain’t crooked.

3. Let’s get this straight: it’s called a ‘gravel road.’ I drive a pickup truck because I want to. No matter how slow you drive, you’re gonna get dust on your Lexus. Drive it or get out of the way. 

4. They are cattle. That’s why they smell like cattle. They smell like money to us. Get over it. Don’t like it? I-10 & I-40 go east and west, I-17 & I-15 goes north and south. Pick one and go.

5. So you have a $60,000 car. We’re impressed. We have $250,000 Combines that are driven only 3 weeks a year. 

6. Every person in the Wild West waves. It’s called being friendly. Try to understand the concept.

7. If that cell phone rings while a bunch of geese/pheasants/ducks/doves are comin’ in during a hunt, we WILL shoot it outta your hand. You better hope you don’t have it up to your ear at the time.

8. Yeah. We eat trout, salmon, deer and elk. You really want sushi and caviar? It’s available at the corner bait shop.

9. The ‘Opener’ refers to the first day of deer season. It’s a religious holiday held the closest Saturday to the first of November.

10. We open doors for women. That’s applied to all women, regardless of age.

11. No, there’s no ‘vegetarian special’ on the menu. Order steak, or you can order the Chef’s Salad and pick off the 2 pounds of ham and turkey.

12. When we fill out a table, there are three main dishes: meats, vegetables, and breads. We use three spices: salt, pepper, and ketchup! Oh, yeah … We don’t care what you folks in Cincinnati call that stuff you eat… IT AIN’T REAL CHILI!! 

13. You bring ‘Coke’ into my house, it better be brown, wet and served over ice. You bring ‘Mary Jane’ into my house, she better be cute, know how to shoot, drive a truck, and have long hair.

14. College and High School Football is as important here as the Giants, the Yankees, the Mets, the Lakers and the Knicks, and a dang site more fun to watch. 

15. Yeah, we have golf courses. But don’t hit the water hazards – it spooks the fish.

16. Turn down that blasted car stereo! That thumpity-thump ain’t music, anyway. We don’t want to hear it anymore than we want to see your boxers! Refer back to #1!

And there is more!

The COWBOY Solution to save Gasoline.

OBAMA wants us to cut the amount of gasoline we use…

The best way to stop using so much gasoline is to deport 15 million illegal immigrants!

That would be 15 million less people using our gas.

The price of gas would come down.

Bring our troops home from Afghanistan to guard the borders.

When they catch an illegal immigrant crossing the Border, hand him a canteen, rifle and some ammo and ship him to Afghanistan.

Tell him if he wants to come to AMERICA then he must serve a tour in OUR military.

Give him a soldier’s pay while he’s there and tax him on it.

After his tour, he will be allowed to become a citizen since he defended this country.

He will also be registered to be taxed and be a legal resident.

This option will probably deter illegal immigration and provide a solution for the troops in Afghanistan and the aliens trying to make a better life for themselves.

If they refuse to serve, ship them to Afghanistan anyway,without the canteen, rifle or ammo.

Problem solved.



Bloomberg Eyes Five More Fronts In The Gun Control War

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This is from Talking Points Memo.

Bloomberg’s deep pockets failed him in Colorado.

I hope his losing streak is long and expensive.



New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg‘s gun control group took a beating this week with the recalls of two state senators in Colorado, but officials with the group said Thursday they believe the battle nationwide is far from over.
The officials told TPM that Mayors Against Illegal Guns is eying five other states where they think they could make their mark if they invest resources. Nothing is set in stone, but they hope there might be room to move despite this week’s loss.
“The short answer is full speed ahead,” the group’s executive director, Mark Glaze, said by phone.
The officials spoke two days after a critical defeat for the group. It poured big money and resources into the effort to save two Democratic state senators, including Colorado’s Senate president, who had helped narrowly pass a slate of gun restrictions there earlier this year. But those senators, John Morse and Angela Giron, were thrown out of office by voters in their districts on Tuesday after pro-gun groups, including the National Rifle Association, helped fund recall efforts against them.
Bloomberg himself reacted to the defeat hours after the polls closed on Tuesday, saying the fight would continue. Glaze echoed the sentiment in an interview with TPM as he and another official previewed what could come next.
The states the group is looking at are:


The state legislature there was forced in July to pull a package of gun measures after state Sen. Betsy Johnson, a Democrat, refused to join her colleagues who were voting for it. Johnson’s lack of support meant the package was one vote short of passage.

“We’re looking to see whether — maybe we can get a Republican or maybe we can figure out a way to work with her on something,” an official with Bloomberg’s group, who spoke on the condition his name not be used, told TPM.

Bloomberg’s group has also been talking with the governor’s office to try to get Johnson to support the package. The official said the group had already tried pushing Republicans in the legislature, but so far nobody was budging on the issue.


Efforts to pass a new background check bill in Minnesota failed recently, but Bloomberg’s group is hopeful that advocates in the state could help usher in new legislation.

“We’re sort of building a team up there in the state, lobbyists,” the official said, “to maybe get something done this legislative session.” The group is looking at the possibility of supporting a bill for universal background checks on gun purchases.

New Mexico

A gun show loophole bill was making its way through the New Mexico legislature earlier this year before it hit a snag on the Senate floor. New Mexico Gov. Susana Martinez (R), however, has said she would sign the proposal into law if it reached her desk. Martinez is an advocate of gun rights. Mayors Against Illegal Guns is hoping it can possibly work with Martinez and her office to help pass a new gun bill.


Nevada’s legislature passed a universal background check bill for firearms purchases but in June, Gov. Brian Sandoval (R) vetoed it.

The bill’s sponsor was state Sen. Justin Jones (D), who plans to introduce the proposal again in the next legislative session. Jones could face a recall, and if he does, the official from Bloomberg’s group said Mayors Against Illegal Guns could possibly get involved to defend him. The group has also considered targeting other Nevada legislators who were obstinate on the gun bill in their upcoming elections, the official said.


Supporters of stricter gun laws in Washington have introduced a ballot initiative that would add background check requirements for a host of gun sales. Opponents of stricter gun laws have their own initiative as well. The official said Mayors Against Illegal Guns will likely get involved there with money or by helping the get out the vote with the field operation. Technical support has already been provided for drafting the legislation, the official said.



This is from Breitbarts Big Government.

Why is it Christians have to compromise  their religious convictions?

Muslims are never told to compromise their religious convictions.

Homosexuality is an abomination.

Leviticus 18:22

King James Version (KJV)

22 Thou shalt not lie with mankind, as with womankind: it is abomination.


Today the New Mexico Supreme Court ruled that Christian photographers cannot decline to participate in gay-marriage commitment ceremonies, even though that state does not have gay marriage and the court acknowledged that providing services for the ceremony violated the Christian’s sincerely-held, traditional religious beliefs. This becomes one of the first major cases where religious liberty collides with gay rights, and could now go to the Supreme Court of the United States.

Elane Huguenin is a photographer in New Mexico. She and her husband Jonathan jointly own their family business, Elane Photography. Specifically, Elane is a photojournalist—using a carefully-planned series of photographs to tell a story and convey a message. She is also a devout Christian, who believes that marriage is the union of one man and one woman.

In 2006, Vanessa Willock contacted Elane Photography, asking Elane to photograph her lesbian commitment ceremony. It was a private commitment ceremony because New Mexico recognizes neither gay marriage nor gay civil unions. Elane thanked Willock for her interest, but explained that due to her religious beliefs she only does traditional weddings.

Willock filed a complaint against Elane with the New Mexico Human Rights Commission, citing a state law that does not allow discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation. The commission ruled Elane’s decision illegal, and imposed a fine of $7,000 to cover legal fees.

Elane took this matter to court, represented by Jordan Lorence of the Alliance Defending Freedom (ADF). The trial court upheld the fine, as did the court of appeals.

The New Mexico Supreme Court has now affirmed the lower courts, holding that Elane Photography is a “public accommodation,” and because they photograph wedding ceremonies they cannot refuse a gay-commitment ceremony (even if it is not a legal wedding).

In a concurring opinion, Justice Richard Bosson wrote Elane and Jonathan:

… now are compelled by law to compromise the very religious beliefs that inspire their lives… the result is sobering. It will no doubt leave a tangible mark on the Huguenins and others of similar views.

… At its heart, this case teaches that at some point in our lives all of us must compromise, if only a little, to accommodate the contrasting values of others. A multicultural, pluralistic society, one of our nation’s strengths, demands no less. The Huguenins are free to … pray to the God of their choice … But there is a price, one that we all have to pay somewhere in our civic life.

Bosson goes on to say having to violate your religious beliefs when they conflict with social issues like gay marriage “is the price of citizenship.”

In response to today’s decision, Lorence said in an ADF statement:

Government-coerced expression is a feature of dictatorships that has no place in a free country. This decision is a blow to our client and to every American’s right to live free. Decisions like this undermine the constitutionally protected freedoms of expression and conscience that we have all taken for granted. America was founded on the fundamental freedom of every citizen to live and work according to their beliefs and not to be compelled by the government to express ideas and messages they decline to support. We are considering our next steps, including asking the U.S. Supreme Court to right this wrong.

A recent Rasmussen poll showed that 85% of Americans support the right of a religious photographer not to participate in a gay-marriage ceremony.

A petition to the U.S. Supreme Court asking for review is due by mid-November.



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This is from Breitbarts Big Government.

 I hope this is correct that the stockpile is a myth.

But I have some serious doubts.


There are dozens of articles hyping government purchases of ammunition over the last nine months. After spending weeks researching this topic, this is a collection of commonly held myths that are based more on panic than fact.

With the recent release of a letter from the Department of Homeland Security to Senator Coburn, the numbers we calculated independently seem to corroborate the narrative coming from DHS. The concerns surrounding DHS stockpiling ammunition are nothing but more fear-mongering and largely unwarranted. For once, here are the facts to set the record straight:

MYTH: DHS purchased 750 million rounds of several different types of ammunition in August 2012.

FACT: The DHS contract never stated 750 million rounds at any time. It is a five year contract with a maximum purchase of 70 million rounds over the life of the contract.Military Times recently addressed this issue as well.

MYTH: DHS purchased an unprecedented 450 million rounds of .40 S&W 180gr hollow point bullets in 2012.

FACT: This is a standard five year contract that follows a historical purchasing pattern of DHS. Furthermore, it is not an “unprecedented” purchase by DHS. In fact, it is not even a purchase by DHS but by Immigrations and Customs Enforcement (ICE).

Starting in 2003, orders of 50 million and 225 million .40 S&W hollow point ammunition totaling 275 million rounds were purchased. After the expiration of the five year contracts in 2008, ICE purchased an additional 575 million rounds of .40 S&W hollow point ammunition with two separate orders (200 million and 375 million). Now, with the expiration of the 2008 contract, ICE has ordered a maximum of 450 million rounds over the next five years.

MYTH: DHS recently purchased 21.6 million rounds for their New Mexico Training Center.

FACT: The math doesn’t add up. The FedBid listing is actually for 240,000 rounds.

MYTH: The estimated 1.6 billion rounds purchased by DHS would sustain the military for over 20 years.

FACT: This myth was even reported by Forbes. While this number is comparable to rounds expended at the height of combat in Iraq, the actual ammunition produced for the military annually is, quite ironically, 1.6 billion rounds. Many conspiracy theorists are not accounting for ammunition expended in training.

A well-trained police officer will expend a minimum of 2,000 to 5,000 rounds per year, yet may never fire their weapon in defense. There is a significant disparity between rounds fired for training and those fired in a real world scenario.

Similarly, DHS agencies train quarterly, with an expectation of using 1,000 rounds per year per firearm for training and qualifications, while an officer may never fire a single round from their firearm on duty.

MYTH: DHS purchasing a wide variety of calibers for training means they are training for war with the American people and to utilize common civilian weapons.

FACT: DHS has purchased large quantities of ammunition in a variety of calibers once in20062008200920102011, and 2012. The orders included .22 LR, .44 Magnum, 7.62 x 39mm, .45 LC, and a variety of other popular calibers to be used at several Federal Law Enforcement Training Centers across the country by a wide variety of agencies and entities.

MYTH: The government is purchasing 1.6 billion rounds to cause shortages on the civilian market.

FACT: Actually, the total number of rounds purchased from late 2011 to 2013 is less than 800 million rounds over five years. Conspiracy theorists have overestimated the round counts by at least 800 million rounds. Current orders mirror prior purchases totaling 766 million rounds from 2006-08 and 454 million in 2003, all over five year periods.

The total for government purchase orders on a per year delivery basis calculates out to less than 160 million rounds purchased this year. For perspective, the National Shooting Sports Foundation and NRA estimate a minimum of 10 billion rounds of ammunition is produced domestically annually. This translates to the Department of Homeland Security affecting 1.6% of the market share of ammunition domestically produced.

recent response by the Department of Homeland Security to Senator Tom Coburn reflects even lower numbers. In 2013, DHS expects to purchase $37 million of ammunition. This total is in between the last two years of purchases and puts their total round count closer to 105 million rounds. In reality, DHS has closer to 1.05% of the total market share for this year and far less than the last three years.

MYTH: Then why can’t I find ammo? What’s causing the shortage?

FACT: We’re causing the shortage. As an employee for a major firearms retailer, I can testify we receive shipments of the three highest demand calibers (9mm, .22 LR, and .223 Rem/5.56 NATO) at least 3-5 times weekly and in quantities far exceeding our normal shipments. We see as many as 1,000 boxes of ammunition disappear in as little as four hours.

People are responding to the unknown with fear and hoarding of ammunition. Manufacturers are replenishing the shelves, but the civilian market is buying it too fast due to warranted (and unwarranted) concerns. Don’t believe me? Ask your dealers, or wait at a local Wal-Mart.

MYTH: If the government isn’t stockpiling, why would they purchase so much at once? To save money?

FACT: The government purchases large quantities of ammunition in ID/IQ (Indefinite Delivery/Indefinite Quantity) orders, only guaranteeing to purchase as little as 1,000 or 100,000 rounds per year. The large orders lock in rates in the event ammunition prices increase as they have in recent years.

For instance, a large order means DHS can purchase ammunition in 2012 at 2008 prices from a contract secured in 2007. However, it can translate to manufacturers passing the cost onto consumers. But remember, these orders account for less than 1.6% of the annual market share for just domestically produced ammunition–not including foreign imports. For now, price increases are demand related.


Anti-Trapping Bills Introduced Across Country

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This is from Sportsmen Daily.

The people of Connecticut,New Mexico and Oregon better wake up.

I can remember trapping as a kid to make some money.

We only trapped the animals that were valuable.

We took care placing our traps and checked our traps daily.

Anti-trapping bills have been introduced in Connecticut, New Mexico, and Oregon.  Sportsmen in these states need to contact their legislators and ask them to oppose the bills.

In ConnecticutHouse Bill 5566, sponsored by Representative Alfred Camillo (R-Old Greenwich), would ban all foothold traps within 100 feet of any school or day care property, state park, municipal park, municipal playground, public road or highway, public boat ramp, public campground, rest area, public picnic area, blazed trail, or state hiking ground.

The anti-trapping bill is being cloaked as a “child safety” bill.  Similar legislation was introduced in the state last year despite the fact that the Connecticut Department of Energy and Environmental Protection stated that there have been no reports of children ever being caught in foothold traps.

Connecticut House Bill 5566 is currently pending in the Joint Committee on Children.

In New MexicoHouse Bill 579, sponsored by Representative Roberto Gonzales (D-Taos), would ban most forms of trapping in the state.  Not only would the bill make trapping a crime, it would also make it a crime for a landowner to allow trapping on their lands.  Additionally, the bill prohibits buying or selling the raw fur of any furbearer taken by trapping even if they were legally trapped out of state.

If passed, trapping would only be allowed in New Mexico by government officials under very limited exceptions where trapping is the “only feasible method” to protect human health and safety.

New Mexico House Bill 579 is currently pending in the House Committee on Energy and Natural Resources.

In OregonSenate Bill 494, sponsored by the Senate Judiciary Committee, would ban all body-gripping traps in the state, including foothold traps, conibear traps, snares, and any other trap that grips an animal.

Additionally, the bill would:

  • Require trappers to post a sign warning the public of the location of and “the danger posed by the trap to animals and humans” within 5 feet of each trap;
  • Ban trapping within 100 feet of any trail, campground, picnic area, or any other area frequented by the public;
  • Decrease the required trap check time from 48 hours to 24 hours; and
  • Require all traps be tagged with a metal identification tag that includes the name and telephone number of the trapper.

Oregon Senate Bill 494 is currently pending in the Senate Committee on Environment and Natural Resources.

Take Action!  Sportsmen in these states should contact their legislators and ask them to vote against these bills.  Tell them that trapping is a proven and effective means of managing wildlife populations that does not pose a risk to the public or other wildlife populations.  Visit USSA’s Legislative Action Center to find your state legislators’ contact information.

Mexico Asks US to Provide Gun Registration Info for All Border States

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This is from Godfather Politics.

How long before Obama bows to Mexico’s wishes?

 I say screw you to Mexico.

Clean out your drug cartels before saying anything about America.

f you’ve been concerned about the steps our federal and some state governments have been taking to outlaw guns and ammunition, then you’ll be really upset over the request being made by the government of Mexico.

Believe it or not, the Mexican legislature voted to ask the United States government to CREATE a gun registry of all commercial firearms in the four US States that borders their country.  Once the registry has been created, then they want the US government to SHARE that registry with them so that they know where every gun in California, Arizona, New Mexico and Texas is located.

Considering the fact that the massive gun control bill introduced by CALIFORNIA Democratic Sen. Dianne Feinstein included a requirement to register every gun in America, regardless of make, model, year, how long you’ve had it or how you got it, is it a mere coincidence that Mexico has made this request at this point in time?  After all, California is one of the four states involved with the request the republic of Mexico.

So let me get this straight, Mexico is offended when we try to take action against their people trying to come into the US illegally.  They are upset that we want to deport their citizens back to their counties so that they no longer send the money they make here back to their country.  The Mexican government treats many US citizens like criminals even when they’ve done nothing wrong.  Mexican politics and police are known for their corruption.

I worked with a guy who owned a bright yellow Ford 4×4 pickup.  One morning he woke up and his truck was gone.  Several weeks later, some friends of his found the truck in a small Mexican town about 50 miles south of the border.  As they observed the truck, they discovered that it was being driven by the town’s police chief.  A week later, my co-worker and several of his friends stole his truck back.  Living in a border state for over 35 years, I’ve heard and seen a number of examples of similar corruption in Mexican law enforcement and politics.

And now they want us to provide them with the complete gun registration list for every gun owner in the four border states?

First of all, I don’t believe our own government has the right to demand the registration of guns.  That constitutes an infringement on our Second Amendment rights.  Secondly, it’s none of Mexico’s damn business who owns what in the US.  I don’t trust that information in the hands of our own corrupt government and I surely don’t trust it in the hands of Mexico’s corrupt government or law enforcement community.  Perhaps it’s time to fire a warning shot across the border to get Mexico’s attention and then tell them to butt out of our business or face the consequences.

Read more:

25 Examples Of What America Would Be Like If Everyone Was A Liberal

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This is from Town Hall.

We are headed this way now.


1) America’s credit rating would get so low that it would force President Dennis Kucinich to petition the UN for donations to pay for Social Security, Medicare, and his newly implemented 350 weeks of unemployment plan.

2) There wouldn’t be a Pledge of Allegiance said in schools, no one would sing the Star Spangled Banner before any sporting event, and no one would celebrate the 4th of July.

3) Gas would cost $9 a gallon. Liberals would consider this a plus because it would cause more people to get tax credits to buy government subsidized $40,000 electric cars.

4) Seven year olds would be able to vote. Free candy and endorsements from cartoon characters would become a staple of campaigning.

5) The corporate tax rate would be 15 percent higher, most American workers would be unionized and tax rates would soar. As a result, our economy would be stagnant and our unemployment rate would permanently be in the 10-20% range.

6) Prison sentences would be short, crime would be rampant, and the police would be so undermanned and tied down with regulations that they wouldn’t even bother to lock people up for committing crimes like burglary..

7) There would be price controls on electricity, gasoline, and most household goods. Of course, there would also be regular shortages of electricity, gasoline, and most household goods.

8) Children would be taught to be androgynous, gender-confused weirdos in school rather than risk exposing them to “gender stereotypes.”

9) Conservatism would be considered hate speech that could draw a massive fine or even jail time for repeat offenders.

10) The good news is that housing would be free. The bad news is that it would mostly be in ugly cement buildings with drug addicts, former homeless people, the severely mentally ill, and career criminals peppered all through the complex for the sake of “diversity.”

11) Wearing a cross, mentioning the Bible, or advocating Christian beliefs anywhere outside of a church would be illegal because it might “offend people.”

12) Meat, 32 ounce sodas, and trans fats would be illegal. Crack, meth, and heroin would be legal.

13) America’s military would be so weak we’d have to rely on Mexico and Canada to defend us from potential threats.

14) The Israelis would be driven into the sea, Taiwan would be swallowed by China, and Russia would begin to gobble up the countries that broke free after the Soviet Union fell.

15) Not only would partial birth abortions be legal, but a mother would be allowed to kill her child forthree months after he’s born without penalty.

16) Stopping sex offenders from teaching school or adopting children would be considered discriminatory.

17) Activists would be able to sue on behalf of individual plants and animals in court.

18) The government would control health care top-to-bottom. It would take six months to get an operation, which would be considered a feature, not a bug because a lot of old people would die in the interim and save the government money.

19) Only government employees would be able to legally own guns.

20) Income inequality would be nearly eradicated after all the rich Americans and big corporations fled the country rather than pay confiscatory tax rates.

21) Wal-Mart would only be allowed to hire union employees and completely coincidentally, their prices would double.

22) We’d have open borders and so many illegal aliens in the southern United States that California, Arizona, New Mexico, and Texas would end up being ceded back to Mexico.

23) There would be a free, in-house abortion clinic in every junior high in America.

24) President Kucinich’s new idea to help deal with the soaring jobless rate? Paying workers the new minimum wage, $80,000 a year, to dig holes and fill them back up.

25) The federal government would spend 134 billion dollars replacing the current Presidents on Mount Rushmore with Gloria Steinem, Harvey Milk, Cesar Chavez, and Margaret Sanger.



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