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It is time to ban assault hammers and full semi automatic hammers.

Remember when hammers are outlawed on outlaws will have hammers.

A man with a hammer injured 10 people in an attack on a Canadian tribal headquarters Wednesday morning, according to reports.

Police said the attacker died at the Xwísten band office in Lillooet, British Columbia, after he was “subdued and restrained” by the time they arrived, CBC News reported.

The as-yet-unidentified man burst into the office around 8:30 a.m. local time and assaulted members of the aboriginal tribe also known as the Bridge River Indian Band around 155 miles northeast of Vancouver, the Royal Canadian Mounted Police told CBC.

The attacker hit one council band staff member with the hammer and then let loose on the others who came to help, according to sources cited by The Vancouver Sun.

Xwísten Chief Susan James speaks to reporters after a man allegedly burst into her band’s headquarters in Lillooet, B.C., and injured 10 people in an attack with a hammer.

Two of the hurt people were in critical condition, two were in serious condition and six suffered non-life threatening injuries on Wednesday, said Michaela Swan of the Interior Health Authority.

RCMP officers arrested the attacker, but they administered CPR and called in paramedics when he became unresponsive. He died at the scene.

RCMP investigators are probing the rampage, and the provincial Independent Investigation Office will examine the suspect’s death in police custody, the Sun reported. Coroners may release his name as early as Thursday.

Tribe members of the 440-member band are now mourning after the assault on their office in a multi-purpose community building.

“Our attention now will be on the healing work we need to do,” Xwísten Chief Susan James told the Sun in a statement. “This tragedy has put our community into shock.”