Skater: Flag-Bearer Coin Toss Done ‘Dishonorably’

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Poor little Shani Davis was cheated out of being able to carry the flag at the Olympics by that Damned racist coin.

Shani Davis tweet hints race had something to do with luger Erin Hamlin getting picked over him

In this Jan. 6, 2018, file photo, Shani Davis competes in the men’s 1,500 meters during the US Olympics long track speed-skating trials in Milwaukee. (AP Photo/John Locher, File)

NEWSER) – It was a feel-good story for a few hours: Luge veteran Erin Hamlin gets the chance to enter her last Olympics carrying the US flag into the opening ceremony of the Pyeongchang Games, winning that distinction after a vote by some of her fellow athletes. And then Shani Davis tweeted. With that, the entire process was called into controversy, the AP reports. The tweet posted to Davis’ account Thursday said the process by which Hamlin won was executed “dishonorably” and included a reference to Black History Month—raising the question of whether the speedskater was suggesting that race played a role in the decision. Davis is black, Hamlin is white. Hamlin and Davis were among eight nominees, from each of the eight winter sports federations, for the flag-bearer role on a Wednesday night ballot.

The final vote was deadlocked at 4-4, and Hamlin won a coin toss, the predetermined method of picking a winner if all else fails. Hours before the tweet, Hamlin, a four-time Olympian with a bronze medal from Sochi and 23 World Cup medals, was beaming about the opportunity. “[My brothers and I have] grown up watching the Olympics and we’re always like, ‘Who’s going to be carrying the flag?’ … To actually be that person is insane,” she said. Davis is also a worthy candidate: He’s a five-time Olympian, with two gold medals and two silver medals. It couldn’t be determined if Davis posted the tweet himself or if someone with access to his account did. It’s not the first time Davis has seen Olympics controversy. In 2006, Davis opted out of the team pursuit at the Turin Games and raised the ire of teammate Chad Hedrick. Davis stormed out of a presser when Hedrick broached the matter.


Cops: 7 Bounty Hunters Made Fatal Mistake Outside Walmart



None of these seven men look like they have sense enough to pour piss out of a boot with instructions printed on the sole.

I hope all seven are locked away for life.

All 7 charged with murder after allegedly shooting at wrong car, killing unarmed man
This combo of booking photos released by the Clarksville Police Department shows, top row from left, William L. Byles, Kenneth Chiasson, Antwon D. Keesee and Jonathan Schnepp; bottom row from left, Roger D. West, Prentice L. Williams, and Joshua Young.   (Uncredited)

(NEWSER) – Seven bounty hunters who descended on the wrong car outside a Walmart have been indicted on first-degree murder charges in the killing of an unarmed man and the wounding of another, Tennessee cops announced Wednesday. The charges come after a chaotic scene in Clarksville on April 23, where police said the bounty hunters shot at four people in a Nissan sedan and chased them for seven miles. None of the men in the car was wanted on outstanding charges, the AP reports. In fact, the bounty hunters were looking for someone else, with no indication any of the victims fired at the defendants or were even armed, police spokesman Jim Knoll says. Killed was 24-year-old Jalen Johnson, a father of three from Clarksville. His family called him an innocent man who died in an act of terrorizing violence.

Johnson’s uncle, Toni Jenkins, says his nephew and and his three companions thought they were being attacked by gang members and tried to flee. The bounty hunters, Jenkins says, started shooting in the Walmart parking lot and kept firing during the chase. Clarksville cops wouldn’t discuss these details. The Montgomery County grand jury charged the seven men from Clarksville—William Byles, 31; Kenneth Chiasson, 38; Antwon Keesee, 32; Jonathan Schnepp, 31; Roger West, 31; Prentice Williams, 34; and Joshua Young, 27—with first-degree felony murder, three counts of attempted second-degree murder, and a slew of other charges, police say. Some of the men charged were bonding agents, others were strictly bounty hunters, per Knoll. Bail bondsmen can hire or act as bounty hunters to bring in people who violate jail bond terms, but they can’t use deadly force unless it’s self-defense.

Family of Teen Who Drank Liquid Meth at Border Gets $1M

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I have a big problem with this kids parents getting a dime he was a mule carrying drugs.

I do not believe for one minute the kid thought it was juice in those bottles.

It was ‘the most inhuman kind of cruelty,’ lawyer says

(NEWSER) – Customs and Border Protection has paid $1 million to the family of a Mexican teen who died three years ago after sipping liquid meth at the US-Mexico border. Cruz Marcelino Velázquez Acevedo, 16, was traveling through the pedestrian entrance at the San Ysidro Port of Entry on Nov. 18, 2013, when border officers discovered two jars of amber liquid inside his knapsack, reports the San Diego Union Tribune. The Tijuana high school student said the liquid was juice, according to his family’s lawyer, Eugene Iredale. But officers Adrian Perallon and Valerie Baird told him “to drink the liquid to prove [it],” Iredale says. The boy took four sips of what turned out to be liquid meth and began “screaming in pain,” reports NBC San Diego.

Acevedo died of acute methamphetamine intoxication two hours later. And though Iredale suspects he was paid a small sum to carry the drugs, he was “basically a good boy” who was treated with “the most inhuman kind of cruelty,” he tells the Washington Post. “To cause him to die in a horrible way that he did is something that is execrable,” especially as officers could have tested the liquid easily, he adds. While “it’s never enough when you lose a human life,” the Mexican Consul General in San Diego notes Acevedo’s family is “at peace” with the $1 million settlement reached in January after a lawsuit accused Parallon and Baird of wrongful death and other crimes. Both officers remain at work with Customs and Border Protection. (Officers previously found a Mexican snail statue stuffed with meth.)

Judge Chucks Sex Offender’s $4M Lawsuit Against Victim

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It is good to hear there are still a few judges with a brain and understand how to administer justice.

He sued over being called a rapist on Facebook

Yee Xiong, 24, sits for a photo at her attorney's office in Sacramento, Calif., on Aug. 12, 2016. She has spoken publicly about her ordeal.   (AP Photo/Darcy Costello)

Yee Xiong, 24, sits for a photo at her attorney’s office in Sacramento, Calif., on Aug. 12, 2016. She has spoken publicly about her ordeal. (AP Photo/Darcy Costello)

(NEWSER) – A sex offender serving time in a California jail can’t sue his victim for calling him a rapist, a judge in California has decided. The Sacramento Bee reports that the judge took less than 30 minutes to throw out a $4 million defamation lawsuit from Lang Her, a 26-year-old former University of California, Davis, student who stood trial twice for allegedly assaulting fellow student Yee Xiong at a party in 2012. Instead of going to trial a third time after the first two resulted in hung juries, he pleaded no contest to assault by means of force likely to produce great bodily injury—but also sued Xiong and three of her siblings for calling him a rapist in Facebook comments.

Her claimed the Facebook posts caused him “mental and emotional distress.” McGregor Scott, who represented Xiong, says the lawsuit is part of a trend of men found guilty of sexual assault trying to sue their victims, the Guardian reports. Xiong has previously called the lawsuit a “slap to the face,” per AP. “This was all about causing her additional grief and causing her additional stress and revictimizing the victim for no purpose,” says Scott, who believes Monday’s decision will deter similar lawsuits from other sex offenders—especially since the judge ordered Her to pay attorney’s fees. Scott actually worked pro bono, and he plans to donate any fees he receives to an organization that supports rape victims.

Ohio Cops Kill 13-Year-Old Carrying BB Gun

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 Tyree King 13 was carrying a BB Gun with a laser sight attached got stupid and got his feral ghetto ape ass shot.

He fled officers investigating an armed robbery: police


NEWSER) – A police officer fatally shot a 13-year-old boy carrying a BB gun after he ran from officers in Columbus, Ohio, on Wednesday, authorities say. Officers were investigating an armed robbery—in which the victim said a group of people, one of whom had a gun, had demanded money from him—when they saw three males matching the descriptions of the suspects about a block away, reports the AP. As officers approached them, two suspects took off running, police say. “Officers followed the males to the alley … and attempted to take them into custody when one suspect pulled a gun from his waistband,” police say. “One officer shot and struck the suspect multiple times.”

Tyree King, 13—whom police later determined was carrying a BB gun with an attached laser sight—was rushed to a children’s hospital, where he was pronounced dead at 8:22pm, reports NBC News. WCMH identifies the officer who shot King as a nine-year veteran of the force who had just been transferred to the zone where the shooting occurred. No one else was injured. The male suspect with Tyree was interviewed by police and released. Officers say they are still looking for other robbery suspects.



‘Aggressive’ Russians Buzz US Warship

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This is from 

These are the things that happen when the American Commander In Chief has no balls and leads from the rear.

This would not have go unchallenged by Ronald Reagan our last real leader.

Baltic Sea encounter was one of the most brazen in years.

A Russian Sukhoi Su-24 attack aircraft makes a low-altitude pass by the USS Donald Cook in the Baltic Sea. (US Navy via AP)

(NEWSER) – In a move that American officials are calling “aggressive,” “potentially provocative,” “unprofessional,” and simply “unsafe,” Russian fighter jets and a helicopter buzzed a US warship in international waters Monday and Tuesday. The Guardian reports that US European Command says the encounters were “simulated attacks” on the USS Donald Cook and in the closest approach, a Russian Su-24 came within just 30 feet of the destroyer while it was conducting helicopter landing drills in the Baltic Sea just off the coast of Poland. The Navy says the aircraft didn’t respond to safety warnings in English or Russian.

A defense official tells the AP that a pair of Su-24s made around 20 close passes on Monday. On Tuesday, a helicopter taking photos circled seven times, followed by another pair of Su-24s that made almost a dozen passes, the official says. American officials say the Russian encounters count as “one of the most aggressive acts in recent memory,” the BBCreports. Reuters notes that the encounters may have violated a Cold War-era agreement banning “simulated attacks against aircraft or ships, performing aerobatics over ships, or dropping hazardous objects near them.” US officials say the incident is being addressed from diplomatic channels. There has been no official response from Moscow.

Staffer Who Set Up Clinton Server Gets Immunity

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Will the  result of the released information be an indictment being handed down against Hillary Clinton?

Or will Loretta Holder (Lynch) quash any indictments?


That’s bad news for Clinton, says one legal scholar.

(NEWSER) – The former State Department staffer who in 2009 set up Hillary Clinton’s private email server has been granted immunity in the investigation into whether classified information was mishandled, the Washington Post reports. Bryan Pagliano, who pleaded the Fifth before a congressional panel in September, will now cooperate with the FBI, a senior law enforcement official says. That’s bad news for Clinton, legal scholar Jonathan Turleytweets, saying the “DOJ does not give immunity without something valuable from a potential target like Bryan Pagliano. The situation just got more precarious.” The Clinton campaign had encouraged Pagliano to testify before Congress, the Post notes. A Clinton spokesman says he is “pleased” that Pagliano is now cooperating.

Though the Clinton camp has characterized the inquiry as a security review, officials close to the case say authorities are seeking to determine potential damage that could have resulted from classified information in the emails being exposed. “There was wrongdoing,” says a former senior law enforcement official. “But was it criminal wrongdoing?” The Clinton rep says the former secretary of state has been cooperating with investigators. Clinton has since acknowledged she should have used two email addresses—one for personal use and one for State Department business. She says “not doing so was a mistake.” A former federal prosecutor tells the Post that the upcoming election—and the possible perception of trying to influence it—creates an added wrinkle to the inquiry and any action that may result. “The timing is terrible whether you do it before or after,” he says.

Lawsuit: Disney Illegally Replaced Tech Workers With Foreigners

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This is outrageous boycott Disney.


First-of-its-kind legal action slams outsourcing firms.

(NEWSER) – Disney and two outsourcing companies abused immigration law by colluding to bring in foreign workers to replace Americans, according to lawsuits from two tech workers.

Leo Perrero and Dena Moore say that before they were laid off with around 250 other people in 2014, they had to train lower-priced replacements who were brought in on H-1B visas, reports the Orlando Sentinel.

H-1Bs are temporary visas for high-tech workers, and the lawsuits accuse the companies of lying under oath on visa applications when they declared that “similarly situated employees would not be adversely affected,” the Sentinel reports.

The lawsuits filed Monday, which both seek class-action status, mark the first time Americans have sued outsourcing companies and former employers for abusing the controversial H-1B system, the New York Times reports.

Disney issued a statement saying the “lawsuits are based on an unsustainable legal theory and are a wholesale misrepresentation of the facts.” “I don’t have to be angry or cause drama,” Moore tells the Times. “But they are just doing things to save a buck, and it’s making Americans poor.” She says that at 53, starting over at a new company has been tough—and her 13 grandchildren definitely miss the free Disney passes.

Family Finally Learns Fate of Man Who Punched Nazi

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This young man had a large brass pair.


(NEWSER) – A University of Cambridge archaeologist has discovered the sad end to a tale of resistance on the only British territory to be occupied by the Nazis during World War II—the Channel Islands. Sidney Ashcroft was 20 years old and living on the island of Guernsey in 1942 when, as family members recall, he punched a German officer who had pushed his mother; he may have also stolen food. (The Guardian notes that there was one German soldier for every three Channel Islanders, making it “more heavily guarded than other occupied territories.”) He was arrested and sent from Guernsey, which sits off Normandy in the English Channel, to a Nazi prison in mainland Europe the day before his 21st birthday, never to return home. His mother, who died in 1981, tried to learn his fate and always believed he would someday surface.

But during a BBC investigation, Dr. Gilly Carr discovered that he had survived the war only to die of tuberculosis in the Straubing prison hospital in Germany just a week after the country surrendered. Carr—who says she had an “overwhelming desire … to seek justice” for Ashcroft after seeing a haunting photograph of the young man—used Red Cross records to find the unmarked mass grave where he was buried. She traveled there with his second cousin, Chris Roberts, who left a memorial stone at the site describing Ashcroft as a political prisoner. “It’s an appalling thought that Sidney just disappeared into the maw of Europe,” Roberts tells the BBC. Ashcroft’s name is also on a memorial to Nazi victims unveiled on Guernsey earlier this year, the Reporter notes. (The forest outside a Nazi death camp has yielded a disturbing find.)

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