Obama’s military contempt: The outrageous treatment of Clint Lorance

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This is from The Washington Times Communities.

Army First Lieutenant Clint Lorance takes charge of his platoon

after his commander was killed.

He does what he needs to do by taking out a threat of being

set up for a motar attack.

Yet some dumbassed paper schuffler make up Bravo Serria

rules about combat to protect the enemy.

These morons have never fired a shot in combat of have even

been close to combat.

But they dictate the rules of combat.


A recent case against a young Army soldier shows once again how our military is under fire from all sides here at home.

Photo: Defend Veteran Lorance Organization

WASHINGTON, October 14, 2013 – If the fact that the Obama Administration has blocked aging veterans from visiting the World War II memorial and denied death gratuity benefits for fallen warriors doesn’t seem to indicate contempt for our military, how about this most recent story?

Army First Lieutenant Clint Lorance, a 28-year-old combat leader in the 82d Airborne Division from Celeste, Texas was recently found guilty of two counts of murder in Afghanistan and sentenced to 20 years in Ft. Leavenworth.

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The story of First Lieutenant Lorance has not been covered by a single major media source.

In July 2012, Lorance was ordered to take command of a platoon in the southern Afghanistan province of Kandahar, a region where I also spent two and a half years training and advising the Afghan National Army. The platoon Lorance now commanded had lost its previous leader to enemy attack.

During a patrol in enemy territory, Lorance ordered a marksman to engage two unarmed Taliban fighters on a motorcycle operating as scout spotters.

In Afghanistan and Iraq, a common enemy tactic is for unarmed fighters on motorcycles with cell phones to track unit movements. In fact, enemy combatants had previously used the tactics against this same platoon.

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Lorance, who was operating in a combat zone, saw the scout spotters and assessed them as a threat to his platoon. Aerial surveillance later backed up Lorance’s on-the-ground assessment.

It seems obvious that enemy scouts reporting a unit position and movements in order to facilitate an ambush would define “hostile intent.” But not according to the watered-down Rules of Engagement with which our warriors must contend.

In little more than a year, First Lieutenant Lorance was tried and sentenced to prison. Swift justice to be sure, but why then did it take four years to try and convict Nidal Malik Hasan, who fatally shot 13 and wounded more than 30 during his 2009 rampage at Ft Hood Texas?

The irony of the dilemma currently facing our troops, those who have volunteered to protect and defend our freedoms, is appalling. Shall they fight and kill the enemy but then risk imprisonment because of insidious rules by lawyers?

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Or shall they be killed and denied their rightful benefits for their families, because of insidious declarations by lawyers and politicians?

We are sending the wrong message to our enemies, and we are clearly sending the wrong message to those who would sacrifice their lives for our nation.

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Politicians and Gun Free Zones To Blame For Another Tragedy

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This is from Clash Daily.

Gun Free Zones mean a target rich environment.

Dumb assed laws like passed by Bill Clinton make are military personnel targets.

What a dumb ass our military unarmed on base. 


Though the investigation continues, there are several things we already know  about this shooting: It happened in a ‘Gun Free Zone’, it was carried out by a  disturbed individual and finally of course, the liberal left and the media are  demanding more ‘gun-control’, the very thing that contributed to the deaths of  some 12 innocent people.

You would think that after the terrorist attack at Fort Hood when a devout  Muslim Major Nidal Hasan, walked into a U.S. Army pre-deployment center and  conducted his own personal jihad against uniformed service members; 12 murdered,  31 wounded, we would have learned from our mistakes. We did not, in fact our  government made conditions worse.

In his September 13, 2011, article titled : Voices  From the Field — Domestic Terrorist vs. Our Troops: They don’t stand a  chance, Paul G. Markel laid it on the line with his biting commentary about  how political correctness had contributed to the numbers of innocents killed.  Markel became a United States Marine in 1987. He has spent his entire adult life  in the service of this nation during times of war and peace as a Marine, Police  Officer, and Small Arms and Tactics instructor.

‘In the aftermath the nation was in shock. Many of my family members and  acquaintances were stunned to learn that Hasan was able to walk through the  crowded hall unchecked and fire shot after shot. “How could this happen?” a  family member asked me. “Why didn’t the soldiers shoot back?” The answer was  shocking to those outside of military circles but patently obvious to those of  us who have been there. Every soldier in the center was unarmed. Hasan’s murder  spree was only stopped after two CIVILIAN security officers arrived on scene and  shot him…Disarming the warriors is not a new trend. It has been ongoing since  long before I earned the Eagle, Globe and Anchor. While on active duty I was a  member of the Marine Security Forces Battalion. We were tasked with overseeing  the security of nuclear weapons both on land and sea. As a Corporal of the Guard  I was in charge of the Detachment Armory that contained M-60 machine-guns, M-16  and M-14 rifles, M203 grenade launchers and thousands of rounds of  ammunition.

During duty hours I wore a loaded sidearm and issued pistols, shotgun, and  rifles to my troops. Nonetheless, we were forbidden to possess personally owned  firearms and even our personally owned Ka-Bar fighting knives had to be locked  in a safe in the 1st Sergeants office. Yes, I was trusted with the security of  myriad nuclear weapons but could not be trusted to keep a fighting knife in my  locker.

In the year 2011 with an ongoing war against terrorists worldwide you’d think  the situation would have changed and that every service member would be trained  and armed to fight off attack at any time. Having spent three years (2007 to  2010) teaching small arms and tactics to troops preparing for overseas  deployment to combat I can testify to the fact that is at least as bad if not  worse.’ – Markel

Another contributing factor brought to light by a news organization:  Aaron Alexis, the ex-Navy reservist who killed 12 in the massacre at  Washington Navy Yard, had been treated for mental issues including paranoia, a  sleep disorder and had been hearing voices. Politicians choose to ignore  the part mental illness plays in these mass killings, unless the murderer fits  their profile, and it would be politically advantageous to point it out. For  example, there have been numerous cases in the past where the media has  incorrectly reported that the shooter was: Christian, white, veteran, NRA  supporter, conservative…not the typical profile of one of these mass  murderers.

Then there is the villianization of the gun; but not just any gun, it’s that  evil AR-15! Just to be clear, Alexis did NOT carry an AR with him to the killing  spree: A shotgun and two handguns were recovered.

Washington, D.C. has some of the most restrictive gun laws in the country,  yet they did absolutely nothing to stop the killing. Regardless of this, right  on cue, politicians and anti-gun pundits demand more ‘gun-control’, disarming  law-abiding citizens and allowing killers to wrack up the body counts. We don’t  need more gun-control, we as Americans want our God-given right to  self-defense!

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20 Questions The Media Would Be Asking Barack Obama If He Were A Republican

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This is by John Hawkins in Town Hall.

Obama is a DemocRat and the media is his lapdog.

So these questions will never be asked accept by the New Media.


If the mainstream media were a college class, Republicans would be taking advanced calculus taught by a short tempered professor from South Korea with bad English, while Democrats would be taking remedial reading pass/fail. In other words, as long as liberals don’t do anything to embarrass the Democrat Party, they get treated with kid gloves while all Republicans should assume reporters would just as soon punch them in the throat as ask them a question. What this means is that Obama seldom has to deal with tough questions a Republican in his shoes would have to hear asked on an almost daily basis. That was the case in 2008, it was the case in 2012 and it’s still the case today. Whether you’re talking about press conferences, cable news shows, or the editorial pages, Barack Obama should be hit with questions like these on a regular basis until he comes up with some real answers instead of stonewalling or ignoring them until they’re heard no more.

1) Maj. Nidal Malik Hasandescribed himself as mujahedeen” and yelled “Allahu Akbar” as he murdered 13 of his fellow soldiers. As Commander-In-Chief, do you agree with the Department of Defense report that labeled that killing as“workplace violence” or was that an act of terrorism?

2) Do you regret aggravating racial tensions in America by inserting yourself into the George Zimmerman/Trayvon Martin case by saying, “If I had a son, he would look like Trayvon?”

3) Americans died in Benghazi and it’s a “phony scandal” — Would you tell a mother who lost a son there that it was a “phony scandal?”

4) If it’s legal for you to unilaterally delay the implementation of the Affordable Care Act‘s Employer Mandate without Congress having a say, couldn’t a Republican President legally choose to unilaterally delay or stop the entire bill?

5) How can the American people trust the federal government to have their private data on file when we already know unreliable people like Edward Snowden and Bradley Manning are being given access to that data? Beyond that, given that your administration has refused to come clean about what you’re doing and has been caught lying on more than a few different issues, how can the American people just take your word for it when you say that private information about American citizens you have no right to view isn’t being looked at anyway?

6) If Republicans send you a bill without funding for Obamacare in it, are you willing to shut down the government to fund the program?

7) Your administration is flat out refusing to enforce existing immigration law. Since that’s the case, shouldn’t the American people assume that if a comprehensive immigration bill were to pass that grants legal status to undocumented Americans in return for tough new laws, that the new laws wouldn’t be enforced either?

8) Given that the IRS has illegally targeted Tea Party groups, isn’t it reasonable for Republican groups to demand that the IRS not be allowed to participate in Obamacare?

9) Unarguably, the economy has performed extremely poorly since you became President. Do you think you’ve made any mistakes that helped cause the problem? If so, what are they?

10) Do you consider your administration’s strategy in Egypt, Syria, and Libya to be a success? If not, what did you do wrong that caused you to fail?

11) Early on in your administration, Hillary Clinton rather famously presented a button to Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov that was supposed to say “reset,” but actually said “overcharge.” Since the Russians are refusing to hand over Edward Snowden, is it fair to say that the “reset” failed and that relations have actually deteriorated since you took over from George Bush?

12) Are you now willing to admit that a lot of the promises made to the American people to sell the Affordable Care Act just weren’t true? Prices are going up for most people, not down. Congress is getting the cost of its care supplemented. Not everybody is going to get to keep his doctor. It goes on and on. Do you feel any attacks of conscience over all the lies that were told? Does it keep you up at night?

13) In 2008, you promised to change how things worked in Washington and bring unity to the country. Obviously you’ve failed and things have gotten very hostile between you and the Republicans in Congress. Do you believe you’ve done anything to contribute to the polarization in the country and the acrimonious relationship you have with Republicans or do you believe you haven’t made any mistakes?

14) After seeing the behavior of Anthony Weiner, Eliot Spitzer, and Bob Filner, are Americans justified in asking if your party is engaged in a war on women?

15) Many people have compared your administration to the Nixon Administration because of the stonewalling of Congress, using executive privilege to keep the truth from Congress, and because the IRS has been used against your political enemies. Do you think that it’s fair to compare your behavior to Richard Nixon’s behavior before he was almost impeached and if not, why not?

16) If Al-Qaeda has been decimated and it’s on the run, why have we had to recently close down 22 embassies and consulates because of the threat from Al-Qaeda?

17) The IRS is still flagging and holding Tea Party applications. So not only was the IRS’s behavior a problem, it still is a problem today. Why did your administration allow this to happen, why haven’t you taken action to fix the problems at the IRS, and what are you going to do to ensure that the IRS doesn’t continue to target your political opponents on your watch?

18) How do you justify going on extravagant vacations and sending hundreds of millions to the Egyptians and Palestinians when you’re cancelling Easter Egg rolls at the White House and pleading poverty because of the sequester?. Aren’t you deliberately sabotaging parts of government that are popular with the country to give the false impression that the sequester is having a serious impact on government spending?

19) To this day, we still don’t know what you were doing during the Benghazi attack, what directives you issued, why your administration lied about what was going on, whether you had good reason to have such lax security in the first place, and whether Americans troops could have potentially arrived in time to save the lives of the men who died. When is your administration going to come clean so that the families of the men who lost their lives can have some peace?

20) In 2012, you said, “We refused to throw in the towel and do nothing. We refused to let Detroit go bankrupt. We bet on American workers and American ingenuity, and three years later, that bet is paying off in a big way.” Since Detroit has now gone bankrupt, do you think that bet is still paying off or did the American people waste billions of dollars for nothing? Do you think you deserve any blame for Detroit going bankrupt? How about unions? Are they a significant part of the problem in Detroit?



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This is from Breitbart’s Big Peace.

It is real simple Obama does not believe Muslims are not terrorist.

Obama thinks only Americans commit terrorism.

Obama thinks only Americans are hate filled.

He feels his bother Muslims are peaceful followers of the Koran.

When is actuality Muslims are murdering seventh century savages.

The victims at Fort Hood are being victimized twice.

First by this Muslim scumbag and second by the government.

Victims of the Nov. 2009 Ft. Hood shooting are being denied benefits commensurate with combat injuries because the Obama administration refuses to label the attack an act of terrorism.

Instead, the shooting Maj. Nidal Hasan carried out after screaming “Allahu Akbar” it is still being labeled “workplace violence.”

The difference between labeling the incident “workplace violence” and “terrorism” is not only the rightful recognition 13 of our troops deserve for being killed in service to their country on Nov. 5, 2009, but also ongoing benefits that would help survivors pay for the physical therapy, and other medical and psychological treatments that might be necessary to a full recovery.

Texas Gov. Rick Perry has openly stated that the shooting, which took place in his state, was an act of terrorism and that the president such recognize it as such. He said, “President Obama’s refusal to call it an act of terror is a shining example of this administration’s devotion to political correctness over the defense of our men and women in uniform.”



Fort Hood Shooter Trial Delayed Indefinitely Over Beard



This is from The Blaze.

Why is the Army letting this Muzzie POS dictate what he will do?

I say tie him down and dry shave him with a straight razor.

If he gets his throat cut during the struggle then it would suck to be him.

This Muzzie POS has been on the wrong side of the grass way too long.

Send him to be with the pedophile he follow in Hell.

A military appeals court placed the trial for accused Fort Hood shooter Maj. Nidal Hasan on hold indefinitely Friday amid continuing issues surrounding Hasan’s refusal to shave his beard, CNN reported.

The court-martial was first halted Wednesday so the appeals court could consider the Army psychiatrist’s objections to being forcibly shaved. He has been fined and held in contempt repeatedly for remaining bearded, which is a violation of Army regulations, but says the facial hair is an expression of his faith. Hasan, 41, is an American-born Muslim.

Hasan’s court martial had been scheduled to start Monday for the 2009 mass shooting at Fort Hood, for which he faces 13 charges of premeditated murder and 32 counts of attempted meditated murder.

Hasan first grew the beard in June, prompting a pre-trial hearing to be postponed. The judge in the case, Col. Gregory Gross, threatened in July to have Hasan forcibly shaved if he did not comply with orders to remove the beard on his own.

According to CNN, it was unclear how long the case would be on hold.



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