Why Should The NYPD Stand Up, If Almost Nobody Else Will?

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This is from Clash Daily.

If the NYPD cannot get anyone in power in New York to stand up for them, why should they risk their necks?


A few days ago I found myself arguing with some idiot about the Michael Brown/Darren Wilson case.

“Have you even looked at the mountain of eyewitness testimony and other evidence showing that Wilson acted legally, in self-defense?” I asked the nutjob.

“I don’t have to. I just know Wilson lied,” was his reply.

What are we supposed to do with the endless mobs of people like this?  They’re smashing property, attacking and murdering random police officers and civilians, burning down buildings, storming police stations, clogging up our roads, shutting down commerce, keeping people from getting to work or home from work, and generally doing the same type of thing the current top law enforcement officer in the land, Eric Holder, did himself while a student at Columbia University.

That’s right, The Daily Caller reported that in 1970, Holder was a member of a militant group of armed black radicals who not only took over the Dean’s office, but also campus ROTC headquarters, demanding that the space be renamed “The Malcolm X Lounge.”

Back then, the authorities were terrified of the consequences of standing up to the black mob, and the space was renamed.

Eric Holder the militant black terrorist got his way.

That was then.  This is now.  Now, we learn that Eric Holder’s DOJ has doled out at least 1.5 million of our tax dollars to a group which used some of the funding to make a rap video urging the murder of white police officers.

But wait!  There’s more!  If all that isn’t bad enough, the black Muslim who recently executed the two NYPD officers in cold blood worked for one of Barack Obama’s key Islamic advisors.

I could go on and on and on, with countless examples of other horrors in high places and on the ground across this country.  But what’s the point?  Neither you, nor anyone with the power to do so are really going to do anything about it all, and the mobs know it.  That’s why they do it.

Or am I wrong?  Are you going to do something?

I happen to know exactly what we should do with these lawless scum.  I also know what my chances of getting elected to any kind of political office look like.

But if I’m wrong, tell me.  I’m at my post seven days a week, including holidays


NYPD is warned of black militant group’s plan to shoot on-duty cops

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This is from Liberty UnYielding.

The New York Police Department needs to go on a black gorilla  guerrilla hunt.

In the wake of the Eric Garner grand jury decision, a gang of militants that calls itself the Black Guerrilla Family has declared open season on the New York Police Department, the Daily News reports.

The gang, formed in the 1960s in the California prison system, recently surfaced on the East Coast and Maryland, where members are at the heart of a drug-trafficking and corruption probe within the Baltimore prison system.

Members swear allegiance for life and sport “BGF” tattoos, as well as ink depicting a dragon surrounding a prison tower, according to

Sergeants Benevolent Association President Ed Mullins told the paper that a credible threat has been received that members of the gang are “preparing to shoot on duty police officers.”

The NYPD first learned of the threat Friday evening — three days after a Staten Island grand jury declined to indict Officer Daniel Pantaleo in Eric Garner’s death.

Mullins said he believes the threat is “related to the whole atmosphere”in the nation, referring to recent events in Ferguson, Mo., and elsewhere and the protests that have been mounted since. In one of them, yesterday in Berkeley, Calif., two officers were injured when they were struck by bricks hurled by demonstrators.

An alert to NYPD personnel by Mullins urges:

Please WEAR your VESTS and carry your firearm off-duty along with additional magazines. Your priority is to go home at the end of your tour!


EXCLUSIVE: Brooklyn dad killed baby, fed her to pit bull in 2006, police sources say

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This is from the New York Daily News.

A son of Obama murders his infant daughter  the feeds her body to his pit bull.

There is a place in Hell for this punk.

As a father this makes me violently ill.

I could personally kill this POS and feed him to the hogs.

Then scumbag great grandmother says it is a quote dead issue and she did not want to talk about it..


Just shy of her second birthday, Serenity Brown was possibly beaten to death by her father, Edward, who then sliced her up and fed her to a dog, according to law enforcement sources and documents. City social workers discovered the child was missing in 2011, leading her mother, Paula Johnson, to give the grisly account of her daughter’s disappearance.

NYC PAPERS OUT. Social media use restricted to low res file max 184 x 128 pixels and 72 dpivictim

Her name was Serenity — something she barely knew in her short life.

Serenity Brown, just shy of her second birthday, was possibly beaten to death by her father, then sliced up and fed to a pit bull in July 2006, according to law enforcement sources and documents.

But authorities didn’t learn about the giggly toddler’s disappearance until five years later — and are still trying to close the ghastly cold case in which a body was never found and no suspect ever arrested.

City social workers discovered the child was missing during a 2011 visit, and cops opened an investigation into her mother’s claims about the horrors that went down in a Brooklyn apartment.

Little Serenity was listening to her mother, Paula Johnson, read a story inside their Canarsie apartment when, according to Johnson, her ex-con dad, Edward (Chuck) Brown, flew into a rage over the child’s laughter, law enforcement sources said.

A single punch to the chest left the helpless tot unresponsive, Johnson told investigators.

Johnson claimed Brown snatched Serenity’s limp body from the mom’s arms, carried his daughter into the bathroom, put her in the tub and filled it with water, sources said.

He allegedly fetched a knife from the kitchen, turned up the volume on the radio and told Johnson to stay in the bedroom before carving up the dead child, sources said.

Johnson told investigators Brown then fed the girl’s remains to a pit bull, a source said. An anonymous caller last year claimed the crime was covered up when Brown then executed the dog.

The start of the probe was delayed for five years, as investigators only learned about Serenity’s disappearance in October 2011.

Social workers visited the mom’s new address 5 miles away in Flatbush after a report that Johnson, 35, was keeping her 12-year-old son home from school.

While at the Coney Island Ave. home, the workers came to the horrible realization that Serenity — while listed as receiving public assistance — was nowhere to be found, records from the Administration for Children’s Services show.

Johnson initially claimed Serenity was with her paternal grandmother in Alabama before coming clean about her daughter’s gruesome demise.

The mother claimed Brown, 34, killed the child and “they had discarded the body,” according to the ACS documents.

Serenity’s paternal grandmother, Alfreddia Norris, told the Daily News that the NYPD came to her Alabama home looking for Serenity in 2011.

Norris, whose son lives nearby, said she hadn’t seen the baby since the girl was 3 months old.

“I’d like to know what happened to her,” said Norris. “Where is she?”

The grandmother defended her son against the homicide allegations, suggesting the mother was to blame.

“Why did she say that and then say that he had her down here?” Norris said. “She’s the one folks need to be talking to.”

Repeated attempts to reach Serenity’s parents were unsuccessful. Neither has been charged with a crime.

Serenity's body has not been found, and neither dad Edward (Chuck) Brown nor any other suspect has been arrested.Murdering POS Gang Banger

A source said Johnson was questioned in 2011 by police and she told them Brown killed Serenity because the girl was laughing too loudly.

Johnson told authorities Brown plucked Serenity from the bed and slammed her down on a couch in the apartment’s single bedroom, leaving the child stunned. He then allegedly punched the tiny tot in the chest. Her body went limp. Johnson said she put her ear to the baby’s chest but didn’t hear anything, so she tried CPR, the sources said.

ACS received an anonymous phone tip last March claiming that “the mother and father got rid of the child by feeding the child to a pit bull. The father then killed the dog,” agency documents show.

Johnson’s mother, now living in the Coney Island Ave. apartment visited by ACS in 2011, was reluctant to answer questions about her long-missing granddaughter.

“Yes, I feel sad about it,” said Cynthia Johnson, 53, at her apartment. “I don’t know nothing about this.”

She said she rarely saw her granddaughter because Brown, who went to prison in New York for attempted robbery in 2000 and was released a year later, wouldn’t let her daughter bring Serenity around.

By the time caseworkers visited the mom in 2011, the parents had split up and moved from the building where Serenity was allegedly killed.

But investigators have continued to search for evidence in the 70-unit apartment building with views of Jamaica Bay.

Heather Scipio, 58, who took over the lease in 2010, said detectives have been to her apartment five times.

“They would come in here, looking in this closet, in that closet, in the bathroom, on the floor searching for evidence,” she said. “There’d be two of them here each time, for about 30 minutes each time, hoping to find something. … They told me what happened here, that a little girl died.”

She said cops paid extra attention to her bathroom, looking under the rug for evidence, and knocking on a living room wall to see if anything was inside.

“I said, ‘How are you going to find evidence after that long?’ ” Scipio recalled.

She said cops haven’t been back since last winter — around the same time ACS got the phone tip.

Some relatives said they have long wondered what became of Serenity.

A man who said Serenity was his cousin, but asked not to be identified, said he hadn’t seen her since she was an infant.

“She was a gorgeous baby,” he said.

Serenity’s great-grandmother, who asked not to be identified by name, wondered why the mom hadn’t told anyone what happened.

“Why didn’t she say anything?” asked the woman, who lives on Coney Island Ave.

She was reluctant to discuss the tragedy any further.

“That’s a dead issue,” she said. “It was years ago.”

Read more:

NYPD interactive map reveals city’s most dangerous areas

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This is from The New York Daily News.

This is what happens when you have decades of liberal rule.


The online map shows the timing and location of crimes by month, allowing research into the patterns of crime across the five boroughs.

Color coded: The darker the neighborhood precinct the more crime per thousand people is committed. From this map areas of Brookyln, The Bronx and Times Square Manhattan have experienced most violent crime since January


The darker the precinct, the more crime per thousand people is committed. Since January, Brooklyn, the Bronx and Times Square have experienced most crime since January.

The NYPD released a new online, interactive map Sunday that allows users to research major crime across the city.

The map plots the time and location of crimes by month, and for the current and prior year.

A comparison of this map based on 2010 Census Information and the newly released interactive crime map from the NYPD shows that shootings and murders are more prevalent in poorer neighborhoods of New York


A comparison of this map based on 2010 Census Information and the newly released interactive crime map from the NYPD shows that shootings and murders are more prevalent in poorer neighborhoods of New York

People can search the map by address, ZIP code or police precinct.

As a whole, Manhattan suffers greater crime than many parts of the other four boroughs.


As a whole, Manhattan suffers greater crime than many parts of the other four boroughs.

“With unprecedented population levels, New York City is safer than ever, with homicides on pace this year to fall below recent historic lows,” NYPD Commissioner Raymond Kelly said in a statement. “This administration has relied on data to drive its crimefighting, and this map helps enhance New Yorkers’ and researchers’ understanding of where felony and violent crime persists.”

 The crime-mapping website was mandated by city law earlier this year and created by the city’s Department of Information Technology and Telecommunications.
With an average of nearly 26 crimes per 1,000 residents, Precinct 41 in The Bronx has proved to be one of the most dangerous parts of the city.


With an average of nearly 26 crimes per 1,000 residents, Precinct 41 in The Bronx has proved to be one of the most dangerous parts of the city.

Crime statistics by precinct have been available on the NYPD’s website since 2003 and are updated weekly. The site is at



Harlem shows a large number of robberies between January and October.


Harlem shows a large number of robberies between January and October.

But the data posted online previously did not show locations of crimes and were broken down by precinct and patrol borough.

The map only lists the incidents by the type of crime, which falls into the seven major crime categories – murder, rape, robbery, felony assault, burglary, grand larceny and grand larceny auto.

Much of Brooklyn and Staten Island are relatively free from serious crime.


Much of Brooklyn and Staten Island are relatively free from serious crime.

The NYPD does not release information about misdemeanor crime in the city.

Read more:

Nobody is coming to save and protect you – police motto misleading

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This is from Jews For The Preservation of Firearms Ownership.

The left keeps squawking about Separation of Church and State.

Yet they advocate State sponsored Dial A Prayer aka call 911.

I have a home defense system aka Glock model 22 .40 cal.

How the police motto “to protect and serve” has mislead a generation.

By Anthony Veltri, July 31st, 2013.
Article Source

In 1963, the police motto “to protect and serve” was officially adopted by the Los Angeles Police Department. The motto has since been adopted by many departments across the nation. While many officers align with this motto as the aim and purpose of their profession, the fact is that this motto has contributed to a substantial gap between what the public perceives as the responsibility of public safety personnel and what an officer has a legal duty to protect.

In fact, what many citizens believe to be a police, fire and rescue personnel’s duty to “protect and serve” them is actually in direct conflict with the “public duty doctrine” which states: “absent a special relationship between the governmental entity and the injured individual, the governmental entity will not be liable for injury to an individual… the governmental entity owes a duty to the public in general.”

This unforgettable story highlights this misunderstanding in no uncertain terms. In conjunction with the associated court ruling, the video below spells out in no uncertain terms who the police are NOT responsible to protect. It is 13 minutes long, and I implore you to watch all of it.

As you watch this video, pay special attention to what the public perceives the police to be responsible for… Some of those interviewed even exhibit indignation that the question “would the NYPD come to your aid if you were attacked” was asked in the first place. Then watch what unfolds.

On Feb 12th of 2011, 42-year old Joseph Lozito was riding the subway in New York City when he was attacked by Maxim Gellman, a knife wielding madman who police had been on the lookout for in connection with a drug-fueled 28-hour killing spree. The two police officers who were in the same subway car as Lozito retreated into the locked motorman’s cabin and watched as Lozito was brutally attacked by Gellman. Lozito, a martial arts enthusiast, was able to subdue his attacker, but not before receiving several stab wounds. Once the attacker had been disarmed and subdued by Lozito, the two officers advanced from the locked motorman’s cabin to take over and arrest Gellman.

Lozito sued the NYPD in 2012 for injuries he received during the attack, claiming that the NYPD was negligent, as officers did nothing to help him and instead watched the attack. The case was recently dismissed by judge Margaret Chan because “no direct promises of protection were made to Mr. Lozito,” the police had “no special duty” to protect him. (check out the full story here).

Let’s hear that one more time… just to be clear… The police have no duty to protect an individual… just the public at large. I’m not arguing over the law here, my objective is to make as many people as possible aware of what the NYPD officer’s legal obligations were in this situation.

(JPFO’s book “911 and Die” – just 14.95 incl S&H, is the perfect explanation of why responsibility for protection of the self and loved ones, is down to you – and only you.)
What makes this so ironic and infuriating, is that politicians who time and time again act to remove, or strictly limit the right of the individual to protect themselves with firearms, tasers, pepper spray and the like will often cite statistics regarding the efficiency and effectiveness of law enforcement personnel to respond to “save you.” What they fail to mention, is that it matters not how “fast or efficient” an officer’s response time is, if they have no legal obligation to protect you, or intervene when they get there.

I’ll admit, when I sat through the lectures on negligence in my EMT and fire classes, I was taken aback when I learned how the moral code of conduct that a public safety official voluntarily assumes is quite different from concepts of duty and negligence as viewed from a legal perspective.

Once again, I must emphasize that while many public servants WILL be there to render aid, they will not likely be found negligent if they don’t.

In short, courts have ruled, time and time again, that police and emergency response personnel have no duty to protect, rescue or otherwise render aid to a specific individual, only to the public at large.

If a public safety official feels unsafe or fears for their safety, they can stand right there and do nothing as you are beaten, burn, or drown. I’m not saying that police, fire and rescue personnel don’t go above and beyond each and every day, but what is especially important to note is that in many instances, they DON’T have to.

What is even more important to be aware of is that there is an alarming trend in which many, departments choose to respond in ways that are least likely to expose them to lawsuits. What does this mean?

It means that many departmental policies are now written in such a way that often times prohibits or limits responders from actually responding… The department officials know that they can’t be sued for negligence as no “special relationship” exists, but they might get into hot water for taking extraordinary or heroic measures to “serve and protect”… so which do you think wins out…

I’m all for coming home safe at the end of the day, but policy written to protect an agency from litigation rather than to “protect the public at large” is becoming more commonplace… Don’t believe me? check this out:

Warren V District of Columbia it was found that police do not have a duty to provide police services to individuals, even if a dispatcher promises help to be on the way. “… despite the demonstrable abuse and ineptitude on the part of the police because no special relationship existed.

The court stated that official police personnel and the government employing them owe no duty to victims of criminal acts and thus are not liable for a failure to provide adequate police protection unless a special relationship exists.”

And chances are, you don’t have any “special relationship” with the police. But in case you were wondering what would constitute a “special relationship,” let me give you an example… In the train attack scenario described in this article, let’s say that after the assailant (Gellman) was handcuffed by police, passengers on the train decided to beat him.

Police would then have a duty to defend him, (yes the knife-wielding murderer), because the officers had taken him into custody and he was now their charge. If the NYPD officers stood idly by as the murderer was attacked, as they had when Mr. Lozito was, officers could be found negligent, because a “special relationship” existed between the police and the murderer as soon as he was detained.

If you take anything from this article, please let it be these two points:

1: It is important that each and every one of us understand that WE are ultimately responsible for our safety and for the safety of our family and loved ones. Police and fire may be there to help, but ultimately, it may be up to us, as individuals to render first aid, cpr, or defend our family from from criminals.

2: How we choose to react to this information is of paramount importance. I realize that many readers are already familiar with this information and its implications… To those readers, I would ask: What have you done to prepare yourself and your loved ones in the event that public safety does not respond as expected to a call for help…

For those readers for which this discussion of the “to protect and serve” motto is a new concept, I would ask, what will you do to prepare your family to deal with this paradigm shift? What this means for each of us is different… some may wish to take specialized training in first aid, others may wish to become proficient with a firearm…

I believe that many people will shake their heads with disbelief when reading this article and watching the associated video. I implore you: don’t take my word for it… use your favorite search engine and research it yourself. search for “do the police have a duty to protect.” Chances are, if you need help, the system will work as we expect it to, but please understand, we have seen that what the public expects and what you as an individual are actually entitled to when it comes to public safety response are two very different things. What will you do to bridge the gap?

Anthony is the author of Hurricane Katrina – A Journey of Hope, which recounts the work done by emergency search and rescue personnel in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina in 2005. He has also served as a Branch Chief at the US Department of Homeland Security HQ where he led a team of professionals charged with protecting the nation’s critical infrastructure ranging from nuclear power plants to the Hoover Dam. Has its roots in several years of public and private sector work, as well as disaster relief work.


‘NSA should come clean about domestic spying’: Ray Kelly

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This is from The New York Post.

While what the NSA is doing is despicable and invasion of

the privacy of millions of Americans.

The things your boss Mayor Bloomberg is doing is just as

disgraceful and despicable.

Spying on people to see if the are smoking ,eating salt,eating

trans fats drinking Big Gulps and buying sliced bagels.

Or having the garbage police checking peoples trash cans

to see if they are following your tyrannical rules. 


Police Commissioner Ray Kelly launched a stinging rebuke to the federal government’s secret phone and Internet monitoring campaign — and suggested leaker Edward Snowden was right about privacy “abuse.”

“I don’t think it ever should have been made secret,” Kelly said today, breaking ranks with US law-enforcement officials.

His blast came days after the Obama administration and Attorney General Eric Holder outraged New York officials by endorsing a federal monitor for the NYPD.

Kelly appeared to firmly reject Holder’s claim that disclosure of the monitoring campaign seriously damaged efforts to fight terrorism.

Ray Kelly                                      William Miller

“I think the American public can accept the fact if you tell them that every time you pick up the phone it’s going to be recorded and it goes to the government,” Kelly said. “I think the public can understand that. I see no reason why that program was placed in the secret category.”

“Secondly, I think if you listen to Snowden, he indicates that there’s some sort of malfeasance, people . . . sitting around and watching the data. So I think the question is: What sort of oversight is there inside the [National Security Agency] NSA to prevent that abuse, if it’s taking place?”

Kelly has been on the receiving side of this kind of criticism.

The NYPD secretly spied on Muslim organizations, infiltrated Muslim student group and videotaped mosque-goers in New Jersey for years, it was revealed in 2012. The NYPD said its actions were lawful and necessary to keep the city safe.

After the vast federal phone-Internet monitoring program was revealed, President Obama said he had struck the right balance between ensuring security and protecting privacy.

But yesterday, Kelly indicated Obama was wrong.

“I think we can raise people’s comfort level if in fact information comes out as to that we have these controls and these protections inside the NSA,” he said.

Allies of Kelly viewed his criticism as payback for Holder’s decision to recommend — at the 11th hour of a controversial court case — that a federal monitor oversee the NYPD’s stop-and-frisk program.

“Everything that Ray Kelly does has a purpose,” said City Council Public Safety Chairman Peter Vallone Jr. (D-Queens). “If Eric Holder wants to lecture Police Commissioner Kelly on how to fight crime in New York, then one of the world’s foremost experts on public safety [Kelly] can lecture Holder on how to fight terrorism.”

Holder and other law-enforcement officials have trashed Snowden and his claim about out-of-control government snooping.

Kelly said of the leaker:

“He tried to give the impression, it seems to me, that these system administrators had carte blanche to do what they wanted to do,” he said. “I think it’s a problem if that’s in fact what’s happening.”




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