Black Shoots White Cop, Will Anyone Protest?

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This is from Godfathers Politics. 

Where are the white people rioting and looting after a black thug shoots a white cop?

Oh, I forgot the white people are working to pay for the welfare that the black thugs get.

Forty years ago I applied for the local police department. I passed all the tests and physical except at the time my eye sight without my glasses did not meet the minimum requirement. I truly wanted to be a police officer at the time to help protect my family and community.

America has drastically changed in the past 40 years and given the same circumstances I would not want to be a police officer anywhere in the United States. Law enforcement officers are under attack by criminals, the media, racists like Al Sharpton and the Obama administration. If a white officer looks at a black person as a possible suspect in a crime, they are labeled as being racist. If a white officer is forced to use lethal force to stop a black criminal, blacks across the nation protest and threaten his life and in some cases the lives of the officer’s family.

Yet when a black person shoots a police officer, there are no protests, no outcry from the liberal media or civil rights organization. Will it be the same for Winston-Salem Police Officer Nicholas Wayne Powell, a white officer, who was shot by Gary G. Lynn, a black felon during a traffic stop?

Fellow Officer Adam Gardner spotted a car speeding and pulled it over at 1:53am. There were three black men in the car and when Gardner approached them, he thought he could smell marijuana, which is still illegal in North Carolina. He asked the three men to step out of the car as several other officers arrived on the scene.

Then Lynn jumped back in the car and started it up. Officer Powell went to the driver’s side and Gardner to the passenger side, trying to prevent Lynn from putting the car in gear, but he managed to do so anyway, dragging Powell for nearly a quarter of a mile. As Powell struggled with Lynn, the convicted felon pulled a gun and began firing. Powell was shot several times and somehow Lynn managed to shoot himself. Both men were taken to the hospital but none of their wounds are life threatening and Lynn was quickly arrested.

There are three points I want to make.

One is that after a black man shot and wounded a white police officer, there are no accusations of racism, no protests and no civil rights activists descending upon Winston-Salem and I doubt there ever will be. It seems that only a white person can be guilty of racism in today’s warped and twisted culture, but a black person can never be racist no matter how much they hate whites and act upon that hatred.

Two, Lynn is a convicted felon who was illegally in possession of a firearm. According to a North Carolina attorney’s website:

“‘Is there anything that can be done to allow me to own or possess a firearm.’ Until recently, my answer would always be, ‘No, there isn’t anything that can be done.’ However, as of late, our expungement statutes have changed, which have allowed some people who have been convicted felonies, which fall in certain categories, to be expunged from their records. This is one way for convicted felons to be able to possess and own a firearm again. This is also the ‘cleanest’ way to ensure that someone previously convicted of a felony (one that falls in the categories mentioned in the expungement statutes) can once again own or possess a firearm. A less ‘clean’ option to try and have your firearm rights restored is to petition the court for restoration of their firearm rights. The difference between an expungement and an order to restore firearm rights is that the expungement, which is allowed if someone meets all of the criteria, wipes the felony conviction off of the person’s criminal history; whereas, the order does no such thing. An order granting restoration overrides the statute which bans a person convicted of a felony from purchasing, possessing, or having any firearm. The restoration also removes the felony conviction bar on eligibility for a handgun permit and for a concealed handgun permit.”

“Who qualifies for this potential restoration of firearm rights?”

“A person with a single, nonviolent felony conviction, including multiple nonviolent felony convictions arising out of the same event and consolidated for sentencing, who has had their restoration of citizenship rights for at least 20 years before filing of the petition, has no other felony convictions, no misdemeanors involving violence and/or certain misdemeanors involving weapons, who has been a resident of North Carolina for one year or longer and has submitted his or her fingerprints to the sheriff of the county in which they reside for a criminal background check. If you meet the criteria above, then you can petition the court for restoration, however, it is not automatic restoration. There will be a hearing, where the burden is on the petitioner to establish by a preponderance of the evidence that they are qualified to receive the restoration and a district attorney may present evidence in opposition to the petitioner’s request.”

“While this petition to restore firearm rights is not automatic relief, it is an option for some people who have been convicted of a felony and do not qualify for an expungement. It should be noted, however, that this restoration by North Carolina does not necessarily lift a federal ban, which is a separate ban and another blog for another day.”

Lynn did not qualify for the restoration relief as his felony convictions involve weapons violations and robbery, therefore he was not legally permitted to be in possession of a firearm. No background checks or firearms laws kept Lynn from illegally obtaining a gun which only helps support the claim made by many gun rights advocates like myself that the gun control laws do NOT prevent the wrong people from obtaining a firearm if they intend to do so.

Three, with all of the police shootings, some justifiable and some not, more pressure is being placed on police officers to not use lethal force until it’s absolutely necessary. This is causing many officers to hesitate drawing their gun and in some cases that hesitation is going to get officers shot and possibly murdered. That may not have applied in the case with Officer Powell, but it will apply in more and more cases and we are going to see in increase in the number of police officers getting shot and killed in the line of duty for fear of being sued or charged with a crime for doing their job.

As Obama is about to enact more unconstitutional and illegal executive orders that violate the Second Amendment rights of every American, more and more criminals and crazies continue to obtain their guns through illegal means.

The shooting of Officer Powell demonstrates how hypocritical and racist black activists are and how ineffective gun control really is in stopping the wrong people from obtaining a gun.



Obama Will Remove President McKinley’s Name from Mount McKinley

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This is from CNSNews.

I guess the move to change the mountain’s name is because McKinley was a Republican.

Ohio Sen, Rob Portman and House Speaker John Boehner  are gutless nutless wonders.       


WASHINGTON (AP) — The Obama administration will change the name of North America’s tallest mountain peak from Mount McKinley to Denali, the White House said Sunday, a major symbolic gesture to Alaska Natives on the eve of President Barack Obama’s historic visit to Alaska.

By renaming the peak Denali, an Athabascan word meaning “the high one,” Obama waded into a sensitive and decades-old conflict between residents of Alaska and Ohio. Alaskans have informally called the mountain Denali for years, but the federal government recognizes its name invoking the 25th president, William McKinley, who was born in Ohio and assassinated early in his second term.

“With our own sense of reverence for this place, we are officially renaming the mountain Denali in recognition of the traditions of Alaska Natives and the strong support of the people of Alaska,” said Interior Secretary Sally Jewell.

Ohio politicians reacted angrily, although it wasn’t immediately clear if or how they could stop it. Rep. Bob Gibbs, R-Ohio, said McKinley deserved to be honored, and invited his colleagues to join him to try to block what he called Obama’s “constitutional overreach.”

“This political stunt is insulting to all Ohioans, and I will be working with the House Committee on Natural Resources to determine what can be done to prevent this action,” Gibbs said.

The announcement came as Obama prepared to open a three-day visit to Alaska aimed at infusing fresh urgency into his call to action on climate change. To the dismay of some Alaska Republicans, the White House has choreographed the trip to showcase melting glaciers and other cherished natural wonders in Alaska that Obama says are threatened by warmer temperatures.

But Obama’s visit is also geared toward displaying solidarity with Alaska Natives, who face immense economic challenges and have warned of insufficient help from the federal government. As his first stop after arriving in Anchorage on Monday, Obama planned to hold a listening session with Alaska Natives. The president was also expected to announce new steps to help Alaska Native communities on Wednesday when he becomes the first sitting president to visit the Alaska Arctic.

At 20,320 feet, the mountain stands as the continent’s tallest, and is still growing at a rate of about one millimeter per year, according to the National Park Service. Known for its majestic views, the mountain is dotted with glaciers and covered at the top with snow year-round, with powerful winds that make it difficult for the adventurous few who seek to climb it.

Sen. Lisa Murkowski, who had pushed legislation for years to change the name, said Alaskans were “honored” to recognize the mountain as Denali — a change in tone for the Alaska Republican, who had spoken out against Obama’s energy policies in anticipation of his visit to her state.

“I’d like to thank the president for working with us to achieve this significant change to show honor, respect, and gratitude to the Athabascan people of Alaska,” Murkowski said in a video message recorded atop the mountain’s Ruth Glacier, with cloudy snow-capped peaks behind her.

But Ohio Sen, Rob Portman and House Speaker John Boehner joined Gibbs in panning the move, although both stopped short of any threat to try to stop it. Said Boehner, R-Ohio: “I’m deeply disappointed in this decision.”

The White House pointed out that McKinley had never visited Alaska.

The state of Alaska has had a standing request to change the name dating back to 1975, when the legislature passed a resolution and then-Gov. Jay Hammond appealed to the federal government.

But those efforts and legislation in Congress have been stymied by members of Ohio’s congressional delegation. Even when Mount McKinley National Park was renamed Denali National Park in 1980, the federal government retained Mount McKinley as the name of the actual peak.

The White House cited Jewell’s authority to change the name, and Jewell issued a secretarial order officially changing it to Denali. The Interior Department said the U.S. Board on Geographic Names had been deferring to Congress since 1977, and cited a 1947 law that allows the Interior Department to change names unilaterally when the board fails to act “within a reasonable time.” The board shares responsibility with the Interior Department for naming such landmarks.

The peak got its officially recognized name in 1896, when a prospector was exploring mountains in central Alaska, the White House said. Upon hearing the news that McKinley, a Republican, had received his party’s nomination to be president, the prospector named it after him and the name was formally recognized.

Obama won’t personally visit the mountain during his tour of Alaska. He’ll spend much of the trip in Anchorage, south of the peak, where Obama will speak at a climate change summit on Monday. While in Alaska, Obama also planned to meet with fishermen in Dillingham, hike a glacier in Seward and cross the Arctic Circle to visit the rural town of Kotzebue.

In an attempt to show Obama wasn’t coming to Alaska empty-handed, the White House on Sunday also announced plans to create a “young engagement program” to help rural and Alaska Native youth in the Arctic, along with new funding for local fish commissions and U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service advisers.


Convenient: IRS Has ‘Lost’ Two Years of Lois Lerner’s Emails

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This is from Town Hall.

Do you smell what I smell?

It smells like Bravo Sierra.



According to the House Ways and Means Committee, the IRS has “lost” two years of emails belonging to former head of tax exempt organizations Lois Lerner. The IRS doesn’t have a record of her emails to outside groups or government agencies from January 2009 through April 2011, conveniently encompassing some of the same time when tea party groups were being targeted for extra scrutiny and possible criminal prosecution. The IRS says the loss of emails is due to a “computer crash” and claims emails from or to Lerner from the White House, Democratic members of Congress, the Treasury Department, FEC and Department of Justice cannot be located. They do however have emails belonging to Lerner that she sent to other IRS employees.

“The fact that I am just learning about this, over a year into the investigation, is completely unacceptable and now calls into question the credibility of the IRS’s response to Congressional inquiries. There needs to be an immediate investigation and forensic audit by Department of Justice as well as the Inspector General,” Ways and Means Committee Chairman Dave Camp said in a statement. “Just a short time ago, Commissioner Koskinen promised to produce all Lerner documents. It appears now that was an empty promise. Frankly, these are the critical years of the targeting of conservative groups that could explain who knew what when, and what, if any, coordination there was between agencies. Instead, because of this loss of documents, we are conveniently left to believe that Lois Lerner acted alone. This failure of the IRS requires the White House, which promised to get to the bottom of this, to do an Administration-wide search and production of any emails to or from Lois Lerner. The Administration has repeatedly referred us back to the IRS for production of materials. It is clear that is wholly insufficient when it comes to determining the full scope of the violation of taxpayer rights.”

Emails belonging to Lerner that were not “lost” have shown that she was contactin with Democratic members of Congress and the Department of Justice about prosecuting tea party groups. Just this week, emails surfaced showing Lerner sent confidential tax information belonging to conservative groups to the FBI for investigation just before the 2010 midterm elections.

According to Camp, this is the first time the IRS has disclosed the loss of emails since the investigation into IRS targeting of conservatives started more than a year ago.

Camp: Learning about this over a year into the investigation is unacceptable & calls into question the credibility of the IRS’s response

UPDATE: Chairman of the House Oversight Committee Darrell Issa responds:

 “Isn’t it convenient for the Obama Administration that the IRS now says it has suddenly realized it lost Lois Lerner’s emails requested by Congress and promised by Commissioner John Koskinen? Do they really expect the American people to believe that, after having withheld these emails for a year, they’re just now realizing the most critical time period is missing? Congressional oversight has revealed that the IRS has –potentially illegally– shared confidential taxpayer information with the FBI and lost crucial email records even as the agency continues to withhold information by not fully complying with the Committee’s subpoena. Left to the IRS’ own preferences, the White House would still be retelling the lie that this was all about mismanagement confined to a local office. The supposed loss of Lerner’s emails further blows a hole in the credibility of claims that the IRS is complying with Congressional requests and their repeated assurances that they’re working to get to the truth. If there wasn’t nefarious conduct that went much higher than Lois Lerner in the IRS targeting scandal, why are they playing these games?”


This post has been updated.

Texas Gun Shop Sign ‘How Obama Likes His Voters’ is Outrageously Funny. For Left, Maybe Just Outrage

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This is from Independent Journal Review.

Obama and all DemocRats like their voters undocumented, so they can vote the Chicago way Early and Often.

Cue the leftist screaming in 5,4,3,2,1.


Tactical Firearms has hit on something here: a non-PC bit of humor masking some clever social commentary. Why is the Obama administration so keen on forcing everyone to register firearms, but asking people get photo IDs in order to legally vote is considered a tremendous burden for “minorities”?

In any event, a lot of outrage might be whipped up around this sign (and Tactical Firearms hashistory of doing that), but the question is: Does it make anyone think? Because there’s a lot to unpack.

It is Miller Time

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Reining in the ATF for American gun owners

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This is from The Daily Caller.

How many peoples lives and how many peoples businesses have

been ruined by the ATF?

Alcohol,Tobacco,Firearms and Explosives should be the corner

convenience store not a government agency. 


A recently revealed chain of “rogue” Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives (ATF) sting operations have led to the exposure of many concerns about the agency’s intentions and doubts about their integrity. Investigators uncovered the use of deplorable tactics, including the exploitation of the mentally disabled to boost arrest numbers. It’s hardly been three years since the Fast and Furious scandal broke, and ATF has given the American people yet another glimpse into their true role in President Obama’s anti-gun agenda. Disturbingly, however, these mob-style tactics are just the tip of the iceberg.

The frenzy surrounding the sting operations have captured the attention and alarmed the American public. Equally as troubling though, are the lesser known institutional policies that place unchecked limits on gun rights by targeting the firearms industry with unreasonable reporting requirements, bureaucratic stonewalling, and ever-increasing piles of red-tape. In many cases, law-abiding manufacturers could face the added pressure of fines, license revocation, and even jail time as punishment for routine clerical errors.

These “gotcha” tactics are nothing more than an outright attack on the Second Amendment.

This attempt by the Obama Administration to drive up costs throughout the gun industry will ultimately force many independent and family-owned small firearms businesses – which operate between tighter margins – to close.

Executive overreach like this has made it clear that President Obama sees his agencies as a means to dictate his agenda without congressional approval, but the ATF was calling their own shots long before he was on the scene.

In spite of Congress’ explicit intent for the agency to operate within Second Amendment boundaries, it has taken extreme liberties in unilaterally redefining and inflating the government’s role in the gun industry.

For instance, the ATF weapon testing and review process is particularly bothersome. During this case-by-case examination, manufacturers submit their new products for approval through a system that’s invisible to the public eye and routinely disregards the rule of law.

Georgia gun manufacturer Len Savage learned about the ATF’s schemes first-hand. Nine months after ATF approved his new model for sale and distribution, it sent notice that the decision had been reversed.

The flip-flop cost more than half a million dollars in dropped orders and thousands more in manufactured parts. Savage remarked that it’s common in the firearms business for the agency to “change their mind on a whim,” and called it, “enforcement by ambush.”

To justify the process, ATF claims the freedom to interpret statutory definitions as they see fit.

But considering that some determinations have stretched the legal definition of a “machine gun” to include toy guns and aftermarket shoestrings, it’s audacious that agency bureaucrats exercise this sweeping authority to abuse manufacturers.

In order to restore accountability and install a much-needed sense of oversight and congruity at the ATF, I’ve introduced the Fairness in Firearms Testing Act. This legislation will require ATF to make video recordings of each firearms test and make the footage public to manufacturers. Perhaps most importantly, it will clarify for gun manufacturers the guidelines by which they are evaluated.

We must reign in renegade agencies like the ATF, and put a stop to President Obama’s radical oppression of gun owners. Their initiatives are based on false information, unproven theories, and a complete lack of understanding for firearm ownership.

Safeguarding our Second Amendment rights is of paramount importance, and throughout my tenure in Congress, I have worked – and will continue working – to preserve those rights. Rest assured that I take this responsibility very seriously, and will continue to fight for legislation that enforces a law-abiding citizen’s ability to protect themselves, their families, and respond to public threats.

Read more:

Administration close to finalizing rule to give wind farms a pass on killing eagles for decades

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This is from Fox News Politics.

With Obama and company it is ok to kill Golden Eagles in

the name of preserving the environment using windmills.

Will the tree huggers sue Obama like they do the oil companies?


The Obama administration is moving toward finalizing a rule that would give alternative energy farms a pass for killing bald and golden eagles for decades, just weeks after it took legal action for the first time against a company for doing so.

The rule by the Interior Department extends the length of the permits that allow farms to unintentionally kill the eagles without penalty from five to 30 years, according to department records.

The rule authorizes the “non-purposeful” killing of eagles, but also will require farms to implement certain guidelines to help with eagle conservation. The White House finalized its review of the rule Thursday, The Hill reports.

An official with the Interior Department tells The Hill the department has been working for more than a year on the proposal with stakeholders.

The Obama administration, which has been a big supporter of green energy initiatives, faced backlash in August from environmental groups over the 30-year permit proposal. The Hill reports supporters argued the White House needed to better research the effects alternative energy companies could have on the environment.

The administration last month also prosecuted its first case against an energy company for killing 14 golden eagles, which get sucked into the farm’s wind turbines accidentally while they are hunting prey.

Duke Energy agreed to pay $1 million for killing the birds over the past three years at two Wyoming wind farms.  The company pled guilty to misdemeanor charges under the Migratory Bird Treaty Act

A study by federal biologists this year found that wind energy facilities in 10 states had killed at least 67 golden and bald eagles since 2008, according to the Associated Press.





Error 4-0-What? 5 Internet Problems You Didn’t Know Existed Before Obamacare

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This is from GenFringe.

Obamacare like Obama is a cluster fu$$.


President’s landmark healthcare legislation finally starting to make its way into the hands of the general public, the problems have been piling on. Even before the healthcare “exchanges” opened on October 1, the Obama administration was delaying the law piece by piece, giving breaks to businesses, members of congress, even his own family.

Clearly, Obamacare is the coolest thing since, like, sliced bread and 90′s rock bands.

But the problems didn’t stop when the healthcare marketplace opened up for Americans to begin buying their new, improved, better than before health insurance plans. Rather, the problems began to multiply like rabbits in the springtime.

404 Errors, server crashes, and unresponsive webpages became the norm for curious Americans who were eager to find out exactly how much the “afforable” care act would cost them.

The jury is still out on that number for me, but for many others their computer problems were met with interesting explanations from the “Agents” who were sometimes accessible for live chat on the healthcare exchange websites. From their official capacity, their explanations were anything but. Here are 5 problems I’ve found seem to be plaguing the Obamacare roll out.

1. There are just too many people on the internet!

Because clearly, when it comes to Google’s 5.135 million visitors per day, it just shuts the whole interwebs down.

2. We all have the wrong computer settings.

Darn it all, I still can’t figure out how to set my background… perhaps that’s the problem?

3. Poor internet signals are causing problems.

It’s not like 4G internet and high speed broadband are accessible and used by 80%+ of Americans…

4. Those who are able to access the exchange sites are spending too much time looking around.

Have you seen the website? It’s not exactly user friendly, and should we be rushing into selecting our forced healthcare plans?

5. Virtual waiting rooms are necessary.

A bad omen? Definitely. If you’re stuck in a virtual waiting room to even choose your insurance, imagine what it will be like trying to see a doctor in a real waiting room?

Have you attempted to access the healthcare exchanges? What problems, if any, have you encountered?



20 Things You Never Want To Hear In Obama’s America

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This is by john Hawkins in Town Hall.


1) The Death Panel will now decide if your treatment is too expensive.

2) Yeah, right! There’s a better chance Democrats would go after veterans or kids with cancer than do that!

3) We’ll get to the bottom of this scandal in no time now that the Obama Administration is investigating itself!

4) Sure, it’s dangerous being in this embassy, but the Obama Administration is handling security; so we have nothing to worry about.

5) Come on, you really think liberals are going to be offended by that?

6) As long as Lindsey Graham doesn’t cave, Republicans have got this one in the bag!

7) So, I lost my job. No big deal! In this economy, I’ll have a new one in no time!

8) That shouldn’t be a problem as long as you can trust the government to do the right thing.

9) Guess what? Your company is unionizing!

10) The only way that could happen would be if Obama has been lying to us all along.

11) You really think the park service would be that vindictive?

12) As long as Obama doesn’t behave like a bratty little child who’s going to hold his breath until he turns blue if he doesn’t get his way, everything will work out fine.

13) Come on! The only way we could get in trouble for writing something like that would be if the government was reading our emails.

14) Even Obama wouldn’t blame Bush for that, would he?

15) Good news! The Al-Qaeda rebels Obama backed in Syria won and took over the country! They’re sending America a “special surprise” as a thank you for all of our support!

16) No, you couldn’t have heard gunshots. We’re in a gun-free zone!

17) There’s no way anyone would call me a racist just because of that, is there?

18) We have to pass it so you can find out what’s in it.

19) This crime is as good as solved now that Eric Holder is on the case!

20) The only way that check will stop coming is if the government goes bankrupt!


#Shutdown – Jan Brewer Offered To Re-open Grand Canyon W/ State Money: Obama Said No

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Hat Tip to the Mad Jewess.

It is time to tell punk ass Obama No More.

We need to reclaim America.


Governor Jan Brewer Offered To Re-open Grand Canyon W/ State Money: Obama Said No

Obama is just doing what he does best:  Divide and conquer.  Barack is an ass.


I offered to reopen the Grand Canyon to visitors by using state money, but federal officials declined my offer. I really shouldn’t be surprised that the Obama Administration doesn’t want Arizona’s help.

LIKE if you stand with me to keep the Grand Canyon open!

Here is her Facebook pageCLICK

The Grand Canyon is beautiful.. How does one close the earth down…!!



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