Cleveland City Council President: Gun Control Needed Whether It Works or Not

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This is from AmmoLand.

While the state of Ohio moves toward freedom the city of Cleveland moves toward a dictatorship.

How many millions must the city of Cleveland waste before the understand they cannot override the Second Amendment?



Cleveland City Council President Kevin Kelley

Washington DC – -( On April 20 2015, the Cleveland City Council passed a sweeping body of gun control measures supported by Mayor Frank Jackson (D), although there is a great deal of concern about whether the measures are effective or even enforceable.

City Council President Kevin Kelley (D) made clear his belief that the effectiveness of the measures ought not become a litmus test. Rather, he asserted that the gun control should pass because it is a “reflection of [the] council’s values and is good public policy.”

According to, Kelley went so far as to admit “the legislation was not designed to stop gun violence” to begin with. Instead, he hopes it will “encourage responsible gun ownership.”

Here are the myriad new gun control measures that were passed on April 20 to reflect the council’s values:

  • Prohibits carrying a concealed deadly weapon or handgun, unless the person is a police officer or a person who holds a license to carry a concealed weapon.
  • Requires a person who sells or transfers a gun, and who is not a licensed gun dealer, to report such transactions to police
  • Requires an owner to report a lost or stolen gun to police.
  • Creates a gun offender registry, requiring people convicted of gun crimes to register their names with Cleveland’s Safety Director.
  • Prohibits the display, marking or sale of a facsimile firearm and prohibits brandishing a facsimile firearm in the presence of law enforcement or with the intent to frighten people.
  • Prohibits the negligent transfer of a firearm to a felon or intoxicated person.
  • Sets restrictions for firearms in the hands of minors and restricts discharging firearms in public areas, including schools, churches, cemeteries, playgrounds, and parks.
  • Requires owners to safely store firearms to keep them from being stolen or out of the hands of children.

Note the gun offender registry. It will ensure that people who commit a crime with a gun, and do time, will remain under police watch and have to check in with the government once released from jail or prison. In other words, it is post-prison prison.

Note also the requirement barring any gun sales and transfers, save those about which the police are informed. Does this mean criminals and gang members will no longer sell or transfer guns without talking to police, or is it really just another law that will burden law-abiding citizens?

Cleveland Safety Director Michael McGrath is a proponent of the new gun laws, although he admitted they might not do any good. McGrath said, “But at least we’re in the batter’s box swinging the bat, instead of doing nothing.”

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Top 5 states with most deep-fried turkey accidents

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This is from Fox News.





Although a mighty delicious tradition, deep-frying a turkey on Thanksgiving can be risky.

Every year deep-fryer fires are responsible for five deaths, 60 injuries, the destruction of 900 homes, and more than $15-million in property damage, according to the National Fire Protection Association.

So you want to know which state has the most accidents?

For the last seven years, Texas has led the country in most grease- and cooking-related insurance claims on Thanksgiving Day, with 38 according to insurance company State Farm.  Illinois follows, with 27 reports and Pennsylvania and Ohio are tied for third with 23.  New York ranked fourth, with 22 claims and South Carolina and Georgia claimed fifth with 16 claims each.


Ten Threats To Our Ohio Gun Rights In 2014


This is from Buckeye Firearms Association.

These are threats to gun rights nation wide not just Ohio.


As 2014 dawns, the gun community has a lot to be thankful for because of so many hard fought victories in 2013. The Colorado recall election wins, the failure of President Barack Obama and Vice President Biden’s anti-gun cabal to create momentum for universal gun registration and the end of Michael Bloomberg’s tenure as New York Mayor not only helped our cause in 2013, but will yield benefits for the foreseeable future. In a stunning turn of events, a judicial ruling forced Illinois to become the last state to allow legal concealed carry as well.

Based on most estimates, 2013 was a record year for gun sales in America with many people buying their very first gun. The gun community also continues to add diversity to the ranks as more women and non-traditional demographic groups started to buy guns in huge numbers.

All is not perfect for America’s gun owners, however, since Colorado, Connecticut and several other states did pass draconian gun control schemes. President Obama continues his use of the presidential bully pulpit to push gun control measures as well, and even though all 50 states have a legal mechanism that allows private citizens to carry guns, in many states the right to carry exists on paper only. In Hawaii, for example, it remains nearly impossible for a private citizen to get a concealed carry license – a situation that calls for reform.

At this point, the low hanging fruit in the battle for restoring the right to bear arms have been picked off and the work will only get harder from here. With that in mind, here are the biggest threats to gun rights for the upcoming year. As usual, the biggest threat to the gun community once again, comes from within.

10. Reactionary Gun Owner – As we move forward, the gun community needs to change how we react to tragedies like the Sandy Hook massacre. Instead of running to the nearest gun shop to buy everything in sight, there needs to be a logical and more measured reaction. By creating a gun buying frenzy, it gives the media a pivot point to equate law-abiding gun owners with spree killers. Sadly, the victims’ bodies aren’t even cold yet and the anti-gun leadership and media ramp up their exploitation machine. But, the same is true when it comes to gun owners sprinting to the local gun shop to gobble up the entire stock of .223 ammo. We are all guilty. I still remember buying my first SKS right after the Clinton AWB passed and early in my life ran out to buy ammo each time a spree killing took place. There is also an increase in gun prices and the prices of ammunition which freezes the less financially well-off among us out of the market. This issue is a hard sell among gun owners and not a popular opinion. So, there is little chance things will change after the next spree killing.

9. The Next Dick Metcalf – Despite being rebuked for pushing his anti-gun viewpoint in one of the flagship gun magazines, Dick Metcalf hasn’t learned his lesson and continues to claim he was wronged by the gun community. The anti-gun media is already trying to portray his exile as being driven by a vocal minority in the gun movement. Metcalf is feeding that myth and that is further proof of his status as an anti-gun gun owner. As he fades into oblivion, Metcalf will also lose his voice and his 15 minutes of mainstream media fame will be over as well. The unfortunate fact, however, is another Dick Metcalf will pop up or will be created by the anti-gun leadership and it is people of that ilk who do tremendous damage to the pro-gun cause.

8. Anti-gun Gun Clubs/Sportsmen’s Groups – Too many gun clubs cling to the misguided stereotype about handgun owners and civilian tactical gun aficionados. Even with the explosion of concealed carry there are still gun club directors who want to ban the practice on club premises. By doing so, they create an argument for the anti-gun establishment media, or the anti-gun movement to claim that even gun clubs believe concealed carry licensees can’t be trusted. The good news is that many clubs have been enlightened, but even one club that bans their legally licensed members from carrying is too many. Consider too that some established “sportsmen’s clubs” are opposing the use of noise suppressors for hunting which highlights the fact that some gun groups haven’t changed with the times.

7. Law Enforcement Bureaucrats and Union Leaders – In Ohio, the Fraternal Order of Police has never supported a pro-gun bill. They also use the same misguided prediction that any loosening of gun laws will lead to countless dead police officers. Luckily, that line of thinking has long since been discredited, but we need to remember that the general public still clings to the silly notion that law enforcement officials are experts on civilian gun ownership. Instead, we need them to accept that it takes a civilian to understand how citizens utilize guns.

6. Michael Bloomberg – Bloomberg can turn his attention to pushing his misguided anti-gun agenda without being constrained by his duties as the Mayor of New York. If he turns his attention to gun control full-time, it will threaten gun rights in a way not seen since the passage of the Clinton Assault Weapons ban in 1994. Based on his spokesman’s statement that until now he only put his “toe in the water” in the gun rights battle and will now “put his whole foot in,” it might signal a mortal threat to our rights. Only has lack of effectiveness to this point keeps him so low on the list – a situation that can change, quickly.

5. Harry Reid (D-NV) – U.S. Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid has almost total control of the chamber’s legislative agenda, making him one of the most powerful individuals in America. His position gave him the ability to ram through the so-called “nuclear option” when it comes to presidential appointees to the federal courts. By doing so, Reid took away the best option pro-gun Senators had for blocking the confirmation of anti-gun judges to the bench. In typical fashion, President Barack Obama praised the move and will likely use Reid’s gutless maneuver to add judges to the court who would otherwise be blocked by a filibuster. This situation poses a grave threat to gun rights since pro-gun advocates carry such a slim margin on the Supreme Court. Sadly, however, it is a self-inflicted wound since President Obama needed gun owners to vote for him to win in 2008 and 2012.

4. The Establishment Media – As gun ownership and legal concealed carry become more common, it hasn’t forced the establishment media to stop pursuing their traditional anti-gun bias. Coverage of the George Zimmermann-Trayvon Martin incident was one-sided and, despite the increase in minority gun owners, the establishment media continues to push the myth that all gun owners are rural, uneducated whites who have more in common with Klu Klux Klan members than mainstream Americans. It’s a portrayal of gun owners that is impossible to support, considering the explosion of concealed carry across America and the sheer number of guns being purchased. Sadly, the truth won’t get in the way of the establishment media’s quest to push gun control, and our fight for fair coverage will continue.

3. President Barack Obama/Vice President Joe Biden – The power of the President can never be undersold and, now that he is a lame duck, he has nothing to lose. If the Democrats pick up seats in the upcoming congressional elections it will only serve to empower President Obama and his lackey – Joe Biden. President Obama has also shown a willingness to use the Executive Order as a means of pushing his gun control agenda. By far the biggest threat, however, is if President Obama gets to appoint another Supreme Court Justice because he can tip the court in favor of the anti-gun minority in America.

2. The Conspiracy Theorist Gun Owner – Sadly, there are gun owners out there who think by getting a concealed carry license, or permit, it will put their name on a mythical government created list. These are the same people who refuse to buy a gun at a gun shop because it creates a paper trail. Yet, most people in this demographic think nothing of ranting about the evil federal government on every gun related forum on the Internet – a move that will immediately flag them if the government is secretly making a list to use in the eventual confiscation of guns in America. Refusing to get a concealed carry license only serves to give elected officials an artificial number for how many pro-gun voters exist in their district. Such a dynamic can affect the passage of pro-gun bills since elected officials see every concealed carry license holder as a voter. If that number is reduced, it has a direct effect on the gun lobby’s ability to protect the right to keep and bear arms. If there were 750,000 license holders in Ohio, gubernatorial candidates would do anything possible to show they are pro-gun.

1. Gun Owners that Voted for President Obama – When Barack Obama was elected to a second term as President, it set the pro-gun movement back at least 10 years. Granted, President Obama can’t run for another term, but the damage done by gun advocates who cast a vote for the most anti-gun president in U.S. history will also have a detrimental effect as we move forward. President Obama might get to appoint the next Supreme Court Justice, and combined with Senate Majority Leader Reid’s cowardly decision to end filibusters in cases of presidential appointees, even the Senate’s pro-gun Democrats are powerless to stop him. While it’s true that Obama ran away from his anti-gun record during both campaigns for president, the fact remains that his record of action to destroy gun rights was well known, and he continues to probe for ways to use presidential executive orders to infringe on the right to bear arms.

By finding a way to get so many gun owners to vote for him, President Obama also gave the next anti-gun Democratic candidate for president a blue-print on how to trick gun owners in future elections. You can bet Hillary Clinton and other Democrats learned from the Obama campaign and will use the same plan in 2016.

Where the pro-Obama gun owners become a huge threat, however, is in the upcoming Congressional elections. If the anti-gun Democrats are able to trick enough gun owners it might give them total control of the government, which will be an unmitigated disaster for the future of gun rights. As gun owners continue to win the battle to expand the right to keep and bear arms, far too many have forgotten how important it is to vote only for pro-gun candidates – a situation that was exploited by Barack Obama and can’t be allowed to continue.

According to some studies there are upwards of 100 million gun owners in America. Yet, the National Rifle Association has less than 7 million members. There are more than 300,000 concealed carry license holders in Ohio, yet Barack Obama won the state in 2012 by less than 200,000 votes.
The biggest threat to gun rights remains guns owners, a fact that hasn’t changed in the last 50 years, and, sadly, isn’t likely to change in 2014.

Gerard Valentino, a former military intelligence analyst, is a member of the Buckeye Firearms Foundation Board of Directors and the author of “The Valentino Chronicles – Observations of a Middle Class Conservative,” available through the Buckeye Firearms Association store.

OH Bill Would Require Parents to Undergo State Investigation Before Homeschooling

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This is from Truth Revolt.

Senator Capri Cafaro (D-Ohio)  is bowing down and licking the

boots of of his master the teachers unions.

The public schools need to be investigated not homeschoolers.

I also understand this is an attack on Christianity and


As most homeschoolers fall into both categories.


A new bill proposed by Senator Capri Cafaro (D-Ohio) would require parents who have decided to homeschool their child to undergo an investigation by social services, who would then decide whether or not it would be permitted.

The Home School Legal Defense Association (HSLDA) website is reporting that on December 3, 2014, Senate Bill 248 was introduced in Ohio. This bill is the latest attack against families from state legislatures who want to severely restrict choice to homeschool children. The HSLDA summarizes this bill:

It requires all parents who homeschool to undergo a social services investigation which would ultimately determine if homeschooling would be permitted. Social workers would have to interview parents and children separately, conduct background checks and determine whether homeschooling is recommended or not. If it is not recommended, parents would have to submit to an “intervention” before further consideration of their request to homeschool.

The reasoning for this bill stems from one incident in January 2013 where a 14-year-old boy died after being beaten by his mother’s boyfriend while being taught at home. The mother had pulled him from public school after school officials reported signs of abuse to authorities. Seemingly, she attempted to cover up the abuse by homeschooling him, keeping him from the watchful eyes of public teachers.

However, that brings up an interesting point to counter the need for such a bill. The abuse was reported by the public school teachers to authorities and nothing was done. There is no reason to conclude that homeschooling the child had anything to do with facilitating a murder. This bill “unfairly targets homeschooling” by taking the focus away from the state – who did not protect the child when it was first reported – and laying it on an often stigmatized educational choice.

The HSLDA is fighting for withdrawal of this bill in the Ohio state legislature. They are on the side of protecting parents who choose this educational path for their children. Here is what they are saying:

SB 248 turns fundamental American values upside downThis law replaces parents with unqualified social workers to make educational decisions for children. Rather than target tens of thousands of decent Ohioans who homeschool, policymakers like Cafaro should try to discover what prevented police and social workers who knew what was going on from taking action and faithfully enforcing Ohio’s already adequate child protection laws. This bill is misguided and a step in the wrong direction.

The state should uphold the parent’s right to choose an education that is best for their family, not restrict their choice because of one bad apple. They have the evidence from the thousands of families in Ohio that are successfully homeschooling their children without incident. If SB 248 passes, parents will be viewed as guilty until proven innocent.


Proposed Law Would Fine Ohio Cities Into Obeying Firearms Laws


This is from Ammo Land.

I say Bravo to the State of Ohio for standing up to

the regimes in the anti gun cities.

I am glad to see the loophole in the law being closed.

These anti gun regimes have been abusing the law.


Arizona -( As with most states, Ohio pre-empts  local governments from enacting gun ordinances that are stricter than state law.

To allow such laws would make the exercise of second amendment rights a legal minefield, as it would be practically impossible to keep up with hundreds of variations in the law that could make a perfectly legal act on one side of the street a serious crime on the other side.

Cleveland challenged the law in 2010, claiming that “home rule” prevented the state from restraining the cities power.   The Ohio supreme court upheld earlier  rulings in favor of state authority to protect second amendment and state constitutional rights.

Many local governments continued to keep laws that infringed on second amendment rights on the books, producing a chilling effect on the exercise of those rights.   A provision in the statute provided for the recovery of costs and attorney’s fees when cities were sued, to provide incentive for them to follow the law.

Several cities changed their local ordinances as a result.   But some cities learned to exercise a loophole in the law in order to discourage further lawsuits.  They refused to change the law, fighting the effort in court until the last minute, wasting city resources and costing those challenging their illegal practices as much money as possible.  Then, before a court ruling was made, they would repeal the statute, preventing the plaintiff from recouping any costs or attorney’s fees.

As part of a number of reforms Ohio gun laws proposed in House Bill 203, the bill would change to law to close this loophole.

Once sued, cities would be subject to a $100 a day fee if they lost the lawsuit or repealed the ordinance.

While $100 a day is only a fraction of the cost of one city worker per day,  it provides some reimbursement of the costs of funding the lawsuit and provides and incentive to prevent the city from delaying the action as long as possible.

Other reforms included in House Bill 203 include reform of Ohio self defense law to bring it into concurrence with most other states (Stand Your Ground provision),  and reforms of the Ohio Concealed Carry permit law.

©2013 by Dean Weingarten: Permission to share is granted when this notice is included.
Link to Gun Watch

About Dean Weingarten;
Dean Weingarten has been a peace officer, a military officer, was on the University of Wisconsin Pistol Team for four years, and was first certified to teach firearms safety in 1973.  He taught the Arizona concealed carry course for fifteen years until the goal of constitutional carry was attained. He has degrees in meteorology and mining engineering, and recently retired from the Department of Defense after a 30 year career in Army Research, Development, Testing, and Evaluation

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Secret Vechicle Compartments – Felony?

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This is from Joe For America.

This law is one of the laws for our own protection.

This law should not stand up to Constitutional Challenge

However as screwed up as the courts are who knows.

WKYC is reporting that the first arrest has been made “To enact section 2923.241 of the [Ohio] Revised Code to pro

article-0-150C44DC000005DC-819_634x399hibit designing, building, constructing, fabricating, modifying, or altering a vehicle to create or add a hidden compartment with the intent to facilitate the unlawful concealment or transportation of a controlled substance” (Senate Bill 305). Fortunately, for now, “[t]his section does not apply to a box, safe, container, or other item added to a vehicle for the purpose of securing valuables, electronics, or firearms provided that at the time of discovery the box, safe, container, or other item added to the vehicle does not contain a controlled substance or visible residue of a controlled substance” (Senate Bill 305). Many may decry the non-violent action of drug trafficking, but there is a larger issue here.

There is an ongoing criminalization of nonviolent action in this country. First, they will ban compartments in cars for ‘unseemly purposes’, then they will ban them outright, and then these laws will start to apply to your home. This is a continuation of the assault on the people’s civil liberties that has the potential to criminalize victimless actions.

First they came for the communists,
and I didn’t speak out because I wasn’t a communist.

Then they came for the socialists,
and I didn’t speak out because I wasn’t a socialist.

Then they came for the trade unionists,
and I didn’t speak out because I wasn’t a trade unionist.

Then they came for me,
and there was no one left to speak for me.

What are your thoughts?

Appeals Court Rejects Obamacare Contraception Mandate

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This from NewsMax.

We will take the victories where ever and when ever we can.

I want this  dead one and for all.

Even if it means death by a thousand cuts. 



A federal appeals court struck down Obamacare‘s controversial birth control mandate, declaring that requiring contraception coverage in employee health plans is unduly burdensome for business owners who oppose birth control on religious grounds.

The U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia ruled 2-1 Friday in favor of Francis and Philip Gilardi, the Roman Catholic owners of Ohio-based Freshway Foods and Freshway Logistics, who argued that the provision in the new healthcare law would violate their religious freedom, The Hill reports.

“The burden on religious exercise does not occur at the point of contraceptive purchase; instead, it occurs when a company’s owners fill the basket of goods and services that constitute a healthcare plan,” wrote Judge Janice Rogers Brown in the court’s decision.

Had the plaintiffs refused to comply with the law, they would have faced a $14 million fine.

Two of the judges on the panel disagreed with parts of the ruling, saying the rights of religious people do not extend to the companies they own.

The Obama administration has long argued that the requirement under the Affordable Care Act for contraceptive coverage — including sterilization — as a free preventative service is necessary to protect women’s reproductive rights, though churches and other houses of worship are already exempt from the provision in the healthcare law.

Religious conservatives have blasted the requirement as a violation of First Amendment rights.

The case is the latest in a string of challenges to the birth control mandate.

According to the Thomas Becket Fund for Religious Liberty, some 74 lawsuits with over 200 plaintiffs representing hospitals, universities, businesses, and schools have been filed challenging the mandate on grounds of religious liberty.

Rulings in the circuit courts have so far been mixed, leading legal analysts to predict the issue will reach the Supreme Court.

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SEIU unionists strike over Obamacare-related cuts

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This is from The Washington Examiner.

The Unions spent millions of dollars extorted from the members to elect Obama.

Now they got what the wished for Obamacare.

Now it is biting them in the ass.

Be-careful of what you wish for you just might get it.


Members of the Chicago-based Service Employees International Union Local 1 have gone on strike over recent job cuts by a janitorial company called Professional Maintenance.

The reason for the cuts? The employer says it is because of the Affordable Care Act, also known as Obamacare. This is ironic since SEIU is a major supporter of the law.

Tyler French, Local 1’s organizing director, told Mediatrackers Ohio the company claimed it had to cut its employees’ hours due to Obamacare mandates.

French did not believe the explanation, though, calling it the “latest excuse in a long line of many that we’ve seen from corporate America.”

But others throughout the organized labor movement have warned that such actions will be a direct consequence of the President Obama’s health care law.

At the AFL-CIO‘s convention in Los Angeles earlier this month, Loretta Johnson, secretary-treasurer of the American Federation of Teachers, said it was already happening in her union.

“We are seeing employer after employer cut hours so as to avoid the 30-hour definition of a full-time job,” Johnson said. The AFL-CIO passed a resolution demanding either Congress or Obama fix the law to stop it from hurting union members.

Under Obamacare, once a person works more than 30 hours a week, that person counts toward the requirement that companies provide insurance if they have more than 50 employees.

SEIU enthusiastically backed Obamacare when it passed and remains a booster of the law today. Earlier this month, it announced that it was sending nurses, doctors and other health care professionals out to promote the law in 30 cities over the coming months.


Boehner: Why Will Obama Negotiate with Putin, but not Republicans?

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This is from Minutemen News.

Obama will negotiate Putin because they are fellow despots.

Putin is and always be KGB.

Obama is and will always be an American Hating Socialist.


Speaker John Boehner (R-Ohio) released a Web video on Thursday seeking  to contrast the White House’s willingness to work with the Russians to find a  diplomatic solution in Syria against President Obama’s declaration that he won’t  negotiate with Republicans over the debt  limit.


“The Obama administration on working with Congress to address the debt and  deficit,” the ad says, before cutting to a montage of Obama and senior members  of his staff saying they will not negotiate over the country’s debt ceiling.“The  Obama administration on working with Putin on Syria,” the ad continues, before  cutting to pictures of Obama looking chummy with Russian President Vladimir  Putin.“Why is the Obama administration willing to negotiate with Putin on Syria  … But not with Congress to address Washington’s spending problem?” text from the  ad asks.

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Cleveland Kidnapper Ariel Castro Committed Suicide in Prison Cell, Condemned by Prosecutor

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This is from Good Morning America.

Ariel Castro saved the taxpayers of Ohio millions.

Ariel is now roasting in Hell where he richly deserves to be.

Not living on the taxpayers dime.


Ariel Castro, who was convicted of kidnapping, torturing and imprisoning three young women for over a decade in his Ohio home, committed suicide by hanging in his prison cell. He was characterized as a degenerate and a coward by the prosecutor from his case.

“These degenerate molesters are cowards,” Cuyahoga County Prosecutor Timothy McGinty said in a statement. “They con and capture vulnerable children. This man couldn’t take, for even a month, a small portion of what he had dished out for more than a decade.”

“Let this be a message to other child kidnappers: There will be a heavy price to pay when you are caught,” he said. “You won’t enjoy the captive side of the bars.”

See the Evidence from the Ariel Castro Kidnapping Case

Castro, 53, died after being found hanging in his cell at Correctional Reception Center in Orient, Ohio, Tuesday at 9:20 p.m. local time, Ohio Department of Corrections spokeswoman JoEllen Smith said.

Facility staff tried unsuccessfully to resuscitate the prisoner, according to Smith. Castro was taken to Ohio State University Medical Center and was pronounced dead at 10:52 p.m.

Autopsy results showed that the death was a suicide by hanging, Franklin County coroner Dr. Jan Gorniak told today.

“The autopsy findings and the ligature that I was shown, it’s consistent with a bed sheet,” Gorniak said of the manner in which Castro committed suicide.

She did not know provide details of how he was found.

His room was an 8 by 12 cell with a bed, urinal, sink, shower stall and writing surface, according to the Ohio Department of Corrections. Inmates are also allowed to have some personal property if they are not on any type of disciplinary probation.

“Inmate Ariel Castro was found hanging in his cell this evening at 9:20 p.m. at the Correctional Reception Center in Orient. He was housed in protective custody which means he was in a cell by himself and rounds are required every 30 minutes at staggered intervals,” Smith said in a statement.

Castro was not on a suicide watch, which would have required constant observation.

“A thorough review of this incident is underway and more information can be provided as it becomes available pending the status of the investigation,” the statement concluded.

A public relations company that has represented Michelle Knight, Amanda Berry and Gina DeJesus said that Castro’s former captives will not be commenting on the matter.

DeJesus’ brother told ABC News that they are aware of Castro’s death and are all doing okay so far.

Castro’s attorney Jaye Schlachet told ABC News’ Cleveland affiliate WEWS-TV that the defense team had requested for a forensic psychologist to evaluate Castro when he was in the county jail and the state’s prison reception center.

“Local and state authorities denied our requests,” Schlachet said in the statement. “There is an institutional failure beyond Ariel Castro and the citizens of Ohio are entitled to something better. It’s just sad.”

Cleveland Mayor Frank Jackson said focus should remain on the survivors.

“Our focus remains on the well-being of the survivors of Seymour Avenue,” Jackson said. “It is our sincere hope that they will continue to heal and recover. I ask the community to continue to respect the privacy of the survivors so that they can move forward with their lives.”

Castro was sentenced to life in prison without parole plus 1,000 years by an Ohio judge Aug. 1. Castro, a former school bus driver, kidnapped Knight, Berry and DeJesus between 2002 and 2004 and imprisoned them, sometimes restrained by chains, in his Cleveland home.

Castro pleaded guilty to 937 counts, including kidnapping, rape, assault and aggravated murder. The plea deal spared Castro the death penalty because he was accused of the aggravated murder of a fetus after forcibly causing an abortion in one of his victims that he is accused of impregnating.

Cleveland Kidnapper Ariel Castro: ‘I Am Not a Monster’

The women escaped May 6, when Berry broke part of a door and yelled to neighbors for help. Castro was arrested that evening.

The home where Castro held his victims was torn down last month as part of the plea deal.

Castro was also watched closely in the Cuyahoga County Jail in the weeks after his arrest. He was taken off county jail suicide watch in early June after authorities determined he was not a suicide risk.

At Castro’s sentencing hearing last month, he shocked a Cleveland court by saying he was “not a monster,” “lived a normal life” and that the sex he had with the three women he held captive for more than a decade was “consensual.”

Castro’s statement came after Knight confronted him for the “hell” she endured in his house for 11 years.

Castro showed no reaction to the remarks by Knight. Instead, he gave a rambling speech in which he depicted himself as a person who had “everything going” for himself but was plagued by an addiction to porn.

Cleveland Kidnapper Ariel Castro’s ‘House of Horrors’ Demolished

During the hearing, detectives told how he captured the three women and subjected them to a decade of torture, which one woman wrote in a diary was like being held as a “prisoner of war.”

While in captivity, Berry gave birth to her now 6-year-old daughter, who Castro fathered.


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