In These 13 States, Gas Is Selling for Below $2 a Gallon

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This is from The Daily Signal.

In my part of Indiana gas is still $2.39.9 per gallon.

Yet 92.4 miles away in Franklin, Indiana gas is $1.87.9 per gallon. 



Just two weeks ago, a sole gas station in Oklahoma swept headlines for dropping gas prices below $2 a gallon. Today, 13 states have joined that list, and the trend is expanding.

Gas for less than $1.90 a gallon can be found in at least one station in Oklahoma, Louisiana and Ohio, according to CNN. CNN cites 10 additional states– Alabama, Arizona, Colorado, Indiana, Mississippi, Missouri, Nebraska, New Mexico, Texas and Virginia– that now have gas below $2 a gallon.

“What we’re seeing is markets at work,” Heritage Foundation economist Nick Loris said. “Significant increases in supply and a relatively weak demand is lowering prices not just at the pump, but for most of the goods and services we pay for.”

The national average has dipped to $2.55 a gallon, marking the lowest drop since October 2009, according to AAA’s Fuel Gauge Report. Just a year ago, that average was $3.23.

“Oil prices are plunging because there is so much oil in the market,” AAA spokesman Mark Jenkins said in a press release. “It’s unclear exactly how long this will continue, but gas prices will keep falling as long as oil prices do.”

Jenkins said oil prices are predicted to continue dropping through the first half of next year, increasing the “likelihood of $2 gasoline.”

CNN partially attributes this drop in prices to decreased oil demand because of the “economic slowdowns” across Europe and Asia along with increasingly fuel-efficient vehicles.

Another key reason for the drop is the increase in U.S. output. Domestic oil production is at a three-decade high, contributing to the increase in supply and driving down costs.

But Loris cautions against celebrating too soon.

“The falling prices are certainly a welcome relief,” he said. “But that doesn’t mean policymakers should ignore the government-imposed regulations and restrictions that artificially inflate prices and prevent markets from working more efficiently.”





Botched execution of Oklahoma killer raises questions about new 3-drug lethal injection protocol


This is from Fox News.

So this Son Of Obama suffered a little it is nothing compared to the suffering of the victim and her family.

The feral savage shot her then his cohorts buried her alive.

Clayton Lockett deserved the pain he suffered and more.

He deserved to be shot and buried alive.


A botched execution using a new drug combination left a convicted killer writhing and clenching his teeth on the gurney Tuesday, leading Oklahoma prison officials to halt the proceedings before the inmate’s eventual death from a heart attack.

Clayton Lockett, 38, who shot a 19-year-old woman and watched as pals buried her alive in 1999, was declared unconscious 10 minutes after the first of the state’s new three-drug lethal injection combination was administered. Three minutes later, though, he began breathing heavily, writhing, clenching his teeth and straining to lift his head off the pillow.

The blinds were eventually lowered to prevent those in the viewing gallery from watching what was happening in the death chamber, and the state’s top prison official eventually called a halt to the proceedings. Lockett died of a heart attack a short time later, the Department of Corrections said.

“It was a horrible thing to witness. This was totally botched,” said Lockett’s attorney, David Autry.

The apparent failure of the execution is likely to fuel more debate about the ability of states to administer lethal injections that meet the U.S. Constitution’s requirement they be a neither cruel nor unusual punishment. That question has drawn renewed attention from defense attorneys and death penalty opponents in recent months, as several states scrambled to find new sources of execution drugs because drugmakers that oppose capital punishment — many based in Europe — have stopped selling to prisons and corrections departments.

Several states have gone to court to shield the identities of the new sources of their execution drugs. Missouri and Texas, like Oklahoma, have both refused to reveal their sources, but both of those states have since successfully carried out executions with their new supplies.

Tuesday was the first time Oklahoma used the drug midazolam as the first element in its execution drug combination. Other states have used it before; Florida administers 500 milligrams of midazolam as part of its three-drug combination. Oklahoma used 100 milligrams of that drug.

“They should have anticipated possible problems with an untried execution protocol,” Autry said. “Obviously the whole thing was gummed up and botched from beginning to end. Halting the execution obviously did Lockett no good.”

Republican Gov. Mary Fallin ordered a 14-day stay of execution for an inmate who was scheduled to die two hours after Lockett, Charles Warner. She also ordered the state’s Department of Corrections to conduct a “full review of Oklahoma’s execution procedures to determine what happened and why during this evening’s execution.”

“I believe the death penalty is an appropriate response and punishment to those who commit heinous crimes against their fellow men and women,” Fallin said. “However, I also believe the state needs to be certain of its protocols and its procedures for executions and that they work.”

The governor said the review, to be led by Department of Public Safety Commissioner Michael Thompson, will focus on Lockett’s cause of death, noting that the Oklahoma State Medical Examiner has authorized an independent pathologist to make that determination.

Robert Patton, the department’s director, halted Lockett’s execution about 20 minutes after the first drug was administered. He later said there had been vein failure.

The execution began at 6:23 p.m., when officials began administering the first drug, the sedative midazolam. A doctor declared Lockett to be unconscious at 6:33 p.m.

Once an inmate is declared unconscious, the state’s execution protocol calls for the second drug, a paralytic, to be administered. The third drug in the protocol is potassium chloride, which stops the heart. Patton said the second and third drugs were being administered when a problem was noticed and it’s unclear how much of the drugs made it into the inmate’s system.

Lockett began writhing at 6:36. At 6:39, a doctor lifted the sheet that was covering the inmate to examine the injection site.

“There was some concern at that time that the drugs were not having that (desired) effect, and the doctor observed the line at that time and determined the line had blown,” Patton said at a news conference afterward, referring to Lockett’s vein rupturing.

After an official lowered the blinds, Patton made a series of phone calls before calling a halt to the execution.

“After conferring with the warden, and unknown how much drugs went into him, it was my decision at that time to stop the execution,” Patton told reporters.

Lockett was declared dead at 7:06 p.m.

Autry, Lockett’s attorney, was immediately skeptical of the department’s determination the issue was limited to a problem with Lockett’s vein.

“I’m not a medical professional, but Mr. Lockett was not someone who had compromised veins,” Autry said. “He was in very good shape. He had large arms and very prominent veins.”

In Ohio, the January execution of an inmate who made snorting and gasping sounds led to a civil rights lawsuit by his family and calls for a moratorium. The state has stood by the execution but said Monday that it’s boosting the dosages of its lethal injection drugs.

A four-time felon, Lockett was convicted of shooting 19-year-old Stephanie Neiman with a sawed-off shotgun and watching as two accomplices buried her alive in rural Kay County in 1999 after Neiman and a friend arrived at a home the men were robbing.

Warner had been scheduled to be put to death two hours later in the same room and on the same gurney. The 46-year-old was convicted of raping and killing his roommate’s 11-month-old daughter in 1997. He has maintained his innocence.

Lockett and Warner had sued the state for refusing to disclose details about the execution drugs, including where Oklahoma obtained them.

The case, filed as a civil matter, placed Oklahoma’s two highest courts at odds and prompted calls for the impeachment of state Supreme Court justices after the court last week issued a rare stay of execution. The high court later dissolved its stay and dismissed the inmates’ claim that they were entitled to know the source of the drugs.

By then, Fallin had weighed into the matter by issuing a stay of her own — a one-week delay in Lockett’s execution that resulted in both men being scheduled to die on the same day.

Perry rips ‘out-of-control’ federal government over Texas land dispute

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This is from Fox News Politics.

Why does the federal government need to own this much land?

Is it to keep the state from using any resources  under that land?  




Texas Gov. Rick Perry joined his state’s top attorney on Wednesday in blasting the federal Bureau of Land Management over concerns that it may be looking at laying claim to thousands of acres of property in northern Texas.

“The federal government already owns too much land,” Perry told Fox News.

At issue are thousands of acres of land on the Texas side of the Red River, along the border between Texas and Oklahoma. Officials recently have raised concern that the BLM might be looking at claiming 90,000 acres of land as part of the public domain.

On Tuesday, state Attorney General Greg Abbott, who is running to replace Perry, raised the issue in a letter to the BLM director. He also told he’s ready to “go to the Red River and raise a ‘Come and Take It’ flag to tell the feds to stay out of Texas.”

Abbott reiterated his comments Wednesday night on “On the Record with Greta Van Susteren.”

“At a minimum, (the federal government is) overreaching, trying to grab land that belongs to Texans, or worse, they are violating due process rights by just claiming that this land suddenly belongs to the federal government, swiping it away from our Texans,” said Abbott, who threatened court action. “This is just the latest symptom of what seems to be a federal government run amok that is messing in states’ rights and now messing in private property rights.”

Perry told Fox News he stands with Abbott on this issue.

“It’s not a dare, it’s a promise that we’re going to stand up for private property rights in the state of Texas,” Perry said, calling the federal government “out of control.”

The federal government is currently in a preliminary review phase, and any action on the land would be years away.

The BLM argues that any land in question was long ago determined to be public property anyway.

“The BLM is categorically not expanding Federal holdings along the Red River,” a BLM spokeswoman said in a written statement on Tuesday.

The spokeswoman referred to a 140-acre plot “determined to be public land in 1986” – an apparent reference to a 1986 federal court case. Texas landowner Tommy Henderson lost 140 acres to BLM in that case, and he claims the agency is now using that decision as precedent to pursue more property.

Perry claimed private property would be affected here, and questioned the BLM’s position.

“Is the federal government going to come back in and say, ‘you know what, Mexico used to own the state of Texas so let’s have a conversation of where the rightful ownership of this is’?” he said.

The debate comes on the heels of a tense standoff earlier this month in Nevada, after BLM tried to round up cattle owned by rancher Cliven Bundy – the product of a long-running dispute over unpaid grazing fees. Hundreds of states’ rights supporters, some of them armed, showed up to protest, and BLM back off citing safety concerns.

In the Texas matter, the Supreme Court incorporated the Red River as part of the border with Oklahoma nearly a century ago.

It’s unclear how seriously BLM might be looking at laying claim to additional boundary land.

BLM said it is merely in the “initial stages of developing options for management of public lands,” as part of a “transparent process with several opportunities for public input.”

Oklahoma Moves to Dump Common Core

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This is from National Review Online.

Indiana may not be a leader in many things, but we are leading the way by kicking common core to the curb.

I say Bravo for Oklahoma for following our lead.



The Oklahoma state senate passed a bill Tuesday to withdraw the state from the Common Core standards. If the bill is signed by Governor Mary Fallin, Oklahoma will become the second state to withdraw from the Common Core.

Indiana withdrew last week, with Governor Mike Pence’s signature.

The bill to get the Sooner State was hugely popular in both houses. House Bill 3399 was approved by the state house in a 78 to 12 vote before being sent to the state senate for amendments. On Tuesday, the state senate voted 37 to 10 in favor of the bill. The bill will now go to the House for another vote before being sent to the governor’s desk.

Oklahoma was one of the first states to adopt the Common Core standards in June of 2010, after a vote by the state board of education. However, the Sooner State later dropped out of the Common Core’s standardized testing consortium in the summer of 2013. Fallin then issued an executive order in December directing the Secretary of Education to make sure the federal government “does not intrude in Oklahoma’s development of academic curricula and teaching strategies.”

State representative Jason Nelson, an author and co-sponsor of HB 3399, is confident that the bill will pass its last vote and that Fallin will sign it.

“The strong votes [for the bill] are not an illusion,” Nelson tells National Review Online. “There’s really strong support in both the house and the senate.”

Fallin did not respond to a request for comment in time for publication. She has expressed reservations about a prior version of the bill.

On March 24 — on the same day Governor Pence signed legislation withdrawing Indiana from the Common Core standards — Fallin released a statement praising state authority and criticizing the Common Core.

“As we work to raise the bar in our schools, it is essential that higher academic standards are developed and implemented by and for Oklahomans,” Fallin wrote. “We have no interest in relinquishing control over education to the federal government or outside groups.”

Fallin wrote that she would support legislation repealing the Common Core, if the legislation “increases classroom rigor and accountability while guaranteeing that Oklahoma public education is protected from federal interference.” She did not consider the earlier version of HB 3399 before amendments satisfactory, but said she hopes it will “ultimately be signed into law.”

Nelson believes the legislature has fulfilled the governor’s request. “I think she would probably sign it because we’ve addressed the concerns that the standards are not watered down,” Nelson says.

HB 3399 still allows the Oklahoma state board of education — in consultation with the state’s higher education and vocational training systems– to preserve aspects of the Common Core standards, if it so chooses.

“Specifically, the bill says that the state cannot cede its control over our standards or our student assessments,” Nelson says, “or relinquish our authority over those standards and assessments.” The bill, he says, would still leave the state free to use selected Common Core standards.

If the bill is signed into law, Oklahoma will transition away from the Common Core standards over the next few years as it develops its own standards.

Coburn says ObamaCare cost him coverage for cancer doctor

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This is from Fox News Politics.

Senator Tom Coburn(R-Ok) like many other cancer patients have received a death sentence from Obamacare.


Republican Sen. Tom Coburn revealed Tuesday that his ObamaCare insurance plan does not cover his cancer specialist, forcing him to pay out of pocket — in the latest reminder of complications with the health law as President Obama prepares to address the nation.

The Oklahoma senator, who has been suffering from a recurrence of prostate cancer and plans to retire at the end of the current session, briefly discussed his personal situation in an interview Tuesday morning.

“I’m doing well from a health standpoint, got great docs and fortunately, even though my new coverage won’t cover my specialists, I’m going to have great care and I have a great prognosis,” he said.

Politico reported that Coburn’s office confirmed his coverage was cut and he lost coverage for his Oklahoma. However, Coburn reportedly will pay out of pocket in order to keep seeing the specialist. Coburn spoke earlier on MSNBC.

Like other congressional lawmakers, Coburn, 65, was required to go on the ObamaCare exchanges. Coburn’s case is one of many that will hang over the president as he delivers the State of the Union address Tuesday evening. While Obama plans to focus on economic issues — and especially agenda items like the minimum wage — lawmakers on both sides of the aisle are not letting him forget about the widespread and bipartisan concerns with the health care law.

Coburn was one of three GOP lawmakers who on Monday unveiled a sweeping alternative proposal to the Affordable Care Act which would gut the law’s mandates and taxes while preserving some consumer protections.

“Americans deserve a real alternative, and a way out,” Coburn said.

Others are also drawing attention to how the health care law has impacted coverage. Rep. Marsha Blackburn, R-Tenn., a staunch ObamaCare critic, plans to bring as her guest to the State of the Union a woman with lupus whose plan was canceled due to ObamaCare.

The woman, Emilie, says in a new ad (aired by the conservative Americans for Prosperity) that she lost her prior coverage and now faces her costs rising by more than $6,000 a year.

“I’m worried about losing access to the doctors who have cared for me. President Obama, you broke your promise, and people like me got hurt,” she said in the ad.

Obama late last year tried to assuage the concerns of those losing coverage by allowing insurance companies to re-offer canceled plans. Not all states and companies got on board.

And while the administration has worked to address widespread technical problems that impeded the launch of health care exchanges in October, lawmakers are still voicing concerns about the financial stability of the system.

One such lawmaker, retiring Democratic Rep. Jim Moran, told WAMU that he’s “afraid that the millenials … are less likely to sign up.”

Insurance companies are depending on such young and healthy customers to buy health insurance, to offset the cost of taking on older and sicker customers — as required under the law.

Obama is likely to defend the law in his State of the Union address, arguing as he has before that it provides vital consumer protections — like barring insurers from denying coverage due to pre-existing conditions. The administration notes that enrollment has improved dramatically through the exchanges since the October launch.

But the president’s address appears geared more toward economic and income issues.

He announced Tuesday morning that he’s signing an executive order raising the minimum wage for new federal contract workers to $10.10 an hour, from $7.25. He plans to pursue more go-it-alone approaches in the year ahead, though will need congressional support to achieve the broader goal of raising the federal minimum wage for all workers and other initiatives.

FOR THE CHILDREN: Oklahoma Opposes Hyper Sensitive, Anti-Toy Gun, Zero-Tolerance Policy

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This is from Girls Just Wanna Have Guns.

It sounds like there is some Common Sense in the state of Oklahoma.

I hope we have the same Common Sense here in Indiana.


Oklahoma is finally taking steps to protect kids in schools from the hysterics of uninformed, uneducated, ignorant adults. Legislators have introduced a bill that would do away with zero-tolerance policies in schools. Oklahoma’s bill is called the “Common Sense Zero-Tolerance Act” and if passed, will help stop school personnel from punishing kids from acting like – well, kids.

I have read several articles about the bill but wanted to see the bill itself because I want to make sure I’m not reading someone else’s interpretation, so here are direct quotes from what I feel are the important parts from the bill:

“No school district, school administrator, teacher or other school employee shall punish, humiliate, intimidate, be condescending to, or bully a student, including suspension of the student…”

I particularly like the part where they added that not only would the adults not be able to punish the child in the “typical” fashion but that it also includes prohibiting them from bullying or trying to humiliate them. I myself have seen that happen in schools.

So here are the direct quotes of the things a child cannot be punished for:

“1. Brandishing a pastry or other food which is partially consumed in such a way that the remnant resembles a weapon;

2. Possession of a toy weapon which is five (5) inches or less;

3. Possession of a toy weapon made of plastic or wood snap-together building blocks;

4. Using a finger or hand to simulate a weapon;

5. Vocalizing imaginary firearms or munitions;

6. Wearing articles of clothing or accessories that support or advance Second Amendment rights or organizations. If a school requires students to wear uniforms, the provisions of this paragraph shall not be interpreted to supersede the uniform policy of the school;

7. Drawing a picture of, creating or possessing an image of, a firearm, military vehicle, aircraft or weapon or any object that supports Second Amendment rights or Constitutional freedoms; or

8. Using a pencil, pen or other writing utensil to simulate a weapon.”

Comments I have read that oppose the bill say that it takes away from local control and authority. That’s right, and it should. It should not depend on where the school is located or who it is staffed by (for example, a boatload of liberals). Children should not be punished for acting like children in ANY school district.

One commenter bemoaned that it didn’t allow local common sense responses. Well, if we had actually SEEN or HEARD of any common sense responses, and not stupid responses like the pop-tart incident, there would be no need for this law. But there is.

School is like a prison for kids, especially boys, and we wonder why there is such an education gap, an achievement gap. They HAVE to go to school, there are not options for other schools or private schools in many areas. They get punished for everything, and they’re supposed to WANT to go there every day? Would you ever stay in a job where you were punished or bullied or humiliated every single day? No, only people in prison have to put up with that. Our kids certainly don’t deserve to spend 13 years living that way.

Awhile back I wrote about how early childhood programs are used to brainwash our kids and that it was time we started fighting back against the cultural disrespect. When I contacted my own legislator about this issue he didn’t want to take it on because it’s “such a sensitive issue.” I was very disappointed to find out my newly elected Republican representative was so gutless. No wonder Washington is so overrun with liberal politics.

It’s been obvious that the attacks on our children for simply acting like children will not stop without a law forcing them to. Parents shouldn’t have to hope their child’s story ends up on the news so that everyone will call or write their school about how ridiculous a child’s punishment was in order to make it right.

We all have our own stories about this kind of thing and if our stories didn’t make news, how many others are there out there suffering from the hysterical reactions of a bunch of people who know nothing about guns? What’s even scarier is that even though they work with kids they show they have absolutely no knowledge of normal child development!

I like this bill, I think it’s high time someone had the guts to do it. I can’t help out in Oklahoma since I’m not a resident but I encourage Oklahomans to get out and support this bill. Let’s start the ball rolling, get this one passed and then get it passed in all 50 states. Do it for the children…


My Daughter Died From the Abortion Drug 10 Years Ago Today

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This is from Life News.

These are the stories the Obama Media will not carry.

As it does not promote the pro abortion template.

Obama is worried about the children of Syria being killed.

What about the thousand’s murdered by abortion each day?

The U.S. Supreme Court recently accepted a case Cline v. Oklahoma Coalition for Reproductive Justice, challenging Oklahoma’s regulation of the abortion drug Mifeprex commonly known as mifepristone, RU-486, or The Abortion Pill.​

The case is an appeal by the state of Oklahoma from a ruling by its Supreme Court striking down a 2011 law that requires prescribing physicians to follow the FDA’s protocol for administering the Mifeprex abortion pill regimen using a combination of two drugs; mifepristone and misoprostol.

The Oklahoma law does not ban the use of the Mifeprex regimen, nor does it ban any abortion before or after 49 days gestation. It simply requires that the medical abortion regimen be administered in the way deemed safest by the FDA. The Act imposes no obstacle or undue burden to women seeking access to an abortion.

Monty Patterson’s Participation in the Case

As part of this Supreme Court case, I submitted an “Affidavit of Monty Patterson, father of Holly Patterson” in support of the “Brief of Women and Families Hurt by RU-486.”

My daughter, Holly Patterson, tragically died in 2003, seven days after the initial start of her 7-week-old pregnancy termination from a massive infection known as Clostridium sordellii toxic shock syndrome that was associated with a medically induced abortion.

Planned Parenthood prescribed my teenage daughter an unapproved, off-label RU-486 medical abortion regimen touted to be equally as safe an effective as the FDA protocol. Holly, barely 18-years-old, took advice from her provider and was persuaded to choose their alternative medical abortion regimen.

Holly did not receive accurate and truthful information concerning medical abortion in order to make an informed decision about her safe reproductive healthcare.

Since my daughter’s death, I have researched and studied the risks of mifepristone and misoprostol medical abortion and have built an educational website that discusses and details the facts that reveal significant safety concerns for women who consider an early pregnancy termination.

In the past 13 years, since FDA approval of RU-486, there have been an alarming number of serious health complications and injuries to women, including death.

The FDA has evaluated these injuries and deaths and publicly reported the off-label uses of the Mifeprex regimen has resulted in serious or sometimes fatal adverse events.

Personally, I do not believe any medical abortion pill regimen using mifepristone and misprostol to terminate early pregnancy is safe.

My focus is not to be pulled into the larger national abortion debate that has divided the United States into pro-choice and pro-life camps.

The United States Supreme Court has made it landmark decision on the issue of abortion. Women have certain legal rights to access and reproductive health care choices under the law.

With the legalization of abortion, a woman and her family should therefore be entitled to all the facts and risks to properly make informed decisions that are in their best interest, safety, health and welfare. This includes the choice of medical abortion with the drug regimen of mifepristone and misoprostol.

Abortion providers are promoting the use of unapproved off-label medical abortion regimens that may not have received the same degree of scientific scrutiny as the FDA approved mifepristone protocol. This problem needs to be addressed.

I have made it my focus to help educate women, families, researchers, even health care professionals to become informed of the facts and health risks of medical abortion to terminate an early pregnancy.

Significant issues of concern to me are: What are acceptable medical abortion practices? How are medical abortion providers exposing women to unnecessary health risks to already a potentially dangerous procedure?

The issue of legalized medical abortion should not be in question, but the issues of safe medical abortion protocol(s) and practices remain to be answered.

Off-Label Loopholes and Practices

Special interest groups and abortion providers have been taking advantage of huge loopholes in our drug regulatory system. Once medical abortion was approved by the FDA in 2000 and put on the market, there is absolutely nothing to prevent any abortion provider from using an alternative drug regimen in any manner, in any dose, for any patient he or she chooses. The drug’s labeling contains the indications approved by the FDA and these alternative uses are called “off-label” use of drugs.

Medical Abortion advocates contend that “doctors use drugs off-label all the time!” Organizations like Planned Parenthood are taking matters into their own hands when it comes to the use of medical abortion with mifepristone and misoprostol on their women patients. Sometimes these patients are teenage adolescents as young as 14 years old.

Common off-label usage of drugs in general does not prove it is a good idea, especially where safe medical abortion practices are critical to a woman’s health. Should medical abortion providers continue to promote their off-label prescribing as they continue to gain more confidence in what has been a serious mistake resulting in thousands of injuries and at least 14 deaths?

Medical abortion advocates claim off-label uses are not considered experimental to patients because their regimens have been “demonstrated by scientific research to be safer and more effective.”

Who makes the decisions if the medical abortion industry-sponsored research is sound scientific evidence? Who are these scientific bodies? Is it an organization of professionals trying to protect the special interests of their members?

Medical abortion providers using unapproved off-label regimens represents both a cavalier disregard for the safety of women and a total lack of faith in the U.S. Food and Drug Administration’s drug regulatory system.

Isn’t the whole purpose of FDA approved on-label use to provide assurances to the patient there is sound scientific evidence?

Providers Ignore FDA Public Health Advisories

The argument that the approved FDA protocol is an “old guideline” and considered to be “bad medicine” does not appear to be embraced by FDA officials.

The FDA has published Mifeprex “Public Health Advisories” when women have been seriously injured or suffer fatal consequences as a result of Mifeprex off-label medical abortion practice. These advisories state that the safety and effectiveness of other Mifeprex dosing regimens, including use of oral misoprostol tablets intra-vaginally has not been recognized or accepted by the FDA.

The FDA continues to stand by the Mifeprex protocol they evaluated and publicly remind abortion health care professionals of the approved Mifeprex dosing regimen.

Medical abortion practitioners continue to ignore every FDA Public Health Advisory. They continue to use modified regimens, by increasing the gestational age limit, shortening the process, decreasing their costs, changing the dosing regimen, decreasing physician oversight by allowing women to administer misoprostol at home (instead of at the provider’s clinic) and reducing the number of patient’s return visits back to the clinic. Some practitioners advise their patients to repeat misoprostol dosing to try to improve on abortion success rates.

These practitioners have turned their off-label regimens into  the “Do it Yourself” at home procedure where women are shouldering the responsibility for their own health, safety and well-being.

Making The Case For Safety

Medical abortion rights advocates are trying to make the case that off-label regimens are a safety improvement over the current FDA protocol. They oppose any action where providers may be required to prescribe three-times-more Mifeprex, essential for pregnancy termination, than they think is called for. No matter if it violates FDA approved protocol.

What about the off-label prescribing of the second drug misoprostol?

Is it considered a safety improvement for abortion providers to double the dose of buccal or vaginally administered misoprostol to further induce labor and increase contractions to expel the embryo and placental tissues? Further, additional doses of misoprostol may be prescribed for incomplete abortion complications.

Misoprostol carries its own boxed warnings, but they can’t be found in the Mifeprex drug labeling or the Patient Agreement and Medication Guide. Why aren’t providers informing women about uterine rupture that has been reported when misoprostol is administered to induce labor beyond the eighth week of pregnancy?

Providers have increased medical abortion gestation age limits from 7 weeks to 9 weeks to make it available to more women. Is that another safety improvement?

Mifeprex is being prescribed at a 1/3 reduced dose because medical abortion providers understand the cost benefits of misoprostol over Mifeprex. Mifeprex is expensive but misoprostol is a very cheap and readily available. To increase profits, misoprostol is used by providers as the predominant abortifacient agent in the regimen (not mifepristone) to terminate early pregnancy.

Medical evidence points to the fact that off-label uses of Mifeprex have resulted in more serious adverse health events, including death, than the FDA-approved regimen.

Medical abortion rights advocates claim this action is about punishment and discrimination against women who seek Mifeprex to induce medical abortion. Did the FDA have that in mind when they approved the drug sponsor’s application for distribution and prescribing of Mifeprex?

The off-label prescribing of medical abortion drug regimens has resulted in disastrous health consequences for thousands of women. Every recorded U.S. death, as in the case of Holly Patterson, has been a result of off-label Mifeprex and misoprostol use to terminate early pregnancy.

Medical abortion can be an unpredictable and dangerous alternative, especially when abortion providers choose to ignore and circumvent the FDA approved protocol.

Medical Opinion Or Evidence?

FDA’s approval of mifepristone is supposed to be based on controlled studies and independent analysis of data by qualified doctors and scientists designated to review and monitor clinical medical research.

If abortion researchers and providers believe they have regimens that are “safer and more effective” than the one approved by the FDA in 2000, then they should submit them to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, along with their unbiased and so-called “evidence-based” studies, for rigorous FDA review and evaluation. Obviously, they haven’t, and don’t intend to do so.

After all, shouldn’t women deserve quality information to ensure the medical community has all of the available facts on which to base medical abortion treatment decisions that aren’t biased, industry-sponsored and motivated by profit and market expansion?

If medical abortion advocates, providers, and their researchers were really looking out for the best interest of women’s reproductive health care, this contentious debate requiring a U.S. Supreme Court decision may have been avoided.



Former Australian Official Blames Murder on the NRA


This is from Godfather Politics.

Former Deputy Prime Minister Tim Fischer is using a the 

Liberal playbook blaming the NRA and guns.

Australia has enacted draconian gun control measures yet the 

murder rate has not dropped.

The amount of guns being smuggled into Australia is in the thousands. 


As expected, to deflect attention away from the real story behind the murder of Australian baseball player Chris Lane by three young thugs, some liberal pundits are blaming the NRA and a lack of “gun control” in the United States. Even the former Australian deputy prime minister Tim Fischer is following a script written by liberal pundits in the United States:

“This is the bitter harvest and legacy of the policies of the NRA that even blocked background checks for people buying guns at gunshows. People should take this into account before going to the United States. I am deeply angry about this because of the callous attitude of the three teenagers (but) it’s a sign of the proliferation of guns on the ground in the USA.

There is a gun for almost every American.” I realize that the murder of a young man who was minding his own business in a country that was not his own is a tragedy that can’t be salved over with rational argumentation. Emotional reactions are to be expected.

What Mr. Fischer does not know is “that the alleged shooters were in breach of state law by possessing guns in the first place and were not capable of passing national background checks already on the books.” Criminals don’t care about laws. That’s why they’re criminals.

Any person who will pull out a gun a shoot someone “for the fun of it” because he and his friends were “bored” is not going to care anything about background checks, gun registration, or possessing guns obtained illegally.

Awr Hawkins writing for Breitbart points out: “Oklahoma law states that an individual ‘must be 18 years of age to possess any weapon, except rifles or shotguns used in education, hunting, or sport.’

Yet the two teens charged with first degree murder in Lane’s death were only 15 and 16 years old.” ***** “In addition to violating Oklahoma’s law on possession of a firearm, individuals 15, 16, or 17 could never pass the National Instant Criminal Background Check System (NICS) in place now. The NICS system has been in place since Bill Clinton’s presidency.”

Those responsible for the murder of Mr. Lane were the three young men who decided it would be fun to shoot somebody in the back. Somebody had to pick up the gun, put bullets in it, carry it to the scene, aim it, and pull the trigger. You can’t blame the NRA for that.



Two teens charged with murdering Melbourne baseball player Chris Lane

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This is from The Herald Sun  in Melbourne, Australia.

Three sons of Obama murder Chris Lane of Australia because they

were bored.

What kind of warped animals decide they will kill someone because

they are bored?

Jenifer Luna the mother of the teen accused of firing the fatal shot

said “My son is not like that,My son is a good boy.”

I bet they were on their way home from choir practice and just happened 

to be close by when Chris Lane was murdered.

It has been said these poor yutes mistook Chris Lane for a White Hispanic

Neighborhood Watch Captain that was racial profiling them.

As they walking to friends house going to the Seven Eleven.

 where they bought iced tea and a bag of skittles in their hoodies.

They were just looking for a place to get out of the rain.

So this  White Hispanic neighborhood would not be able to kill them

they shot  him in self-defense. Snark!!!


The young men allegedly accused of killing Melbourne-born baseball star Christopher Lane – James Edwards, 15, Chancey Luna, 16, and Michael Jones, 17. Picture: Channel 7 News Source:HeraldSun

TWO of the three boys who allegedly shot dead Melbourne baseballer Chris Lane in Oklahoma have been charged with first-degree murder.

James Edwards, 15, and Chancey Luna, 16, were charged with first degree murder and face life in prison if convicted.

Michael Jones, 17, was charged with using a vehicle to facilitate the discharge of a weapon and accessory after the fact of murder in the first degree.

Edwards and Luna were refused bail. Bail for Jones was set at US$1 million (A$1.1 million).

The arraignment took place at the Stephens County Courthouse in Duncan, Oklahoma on Tuesday local time (Wednesday morning AEST).

The alleged random drive-by shooting has shocked locals.

Lane, 22, who had a scholarship at an Oklahoma college to play baseball and major in finance, was gunned down while jogging through the town of Duncan in Oklahoma on Friday afternoon local time.

Images of the three accused youths emerged yesterday.

But their parents yesterday protested their innocence.

Jennifer Luna, whose son is suspected of firing the fatal shot, claimed her son was at home saying: “My son is not that way. My son is a good kid.”


Chris Lane wears his baseball equipment in Australia. Picture: Essendon Baseball Club

Chris Lane wears his baseball equipment in Australia. Picture: Essendon Baseball ClubSource: AP

Yesterday, former deputy prime minister Tim Fischer has urged Australian tourists to boycott the US in the wake of the shooting murder of the Melbourne baseball star.

Mr Fischer said he was deeply angered by the latest tragedy and said turning our backs on America would help send a stern message about the need for tighter gun control.

Mr Fischer, who led Australia’s gun control reforms alongside former prime minister John Howard in 1996, said choosing not to travel to the US would help build pressure on the US Congress to finally act.

“Tourists thinking of going to the USA should think twice,” Mr Fischer said.

“This is the bitter harvest and legacy of the policies of the NRA that even blocked background checks for people buying guns at gunshows.

“People should take this into account before going to the United States.

“I am deeply angry about this because of the callous attitude of the three teenagers (but) it’s a sign of the proliferation of guns on the ground in the USA.

“There is a gun for almost every American.”

Meanwhile, Lane’s American girlfriend today revealed her heartbreak at losing her “best friend”, and parents of the accused protested their innocence.

Sarah Harper, 23, also told the Herald Sun that she didn’t know what punishment would be appropriate of the three teenagers, aged 15, 16 and 17 years, accused of Lane’s murder.

It comes as Duncan Police Chief Danny Ford said he had secured the confession of the 17-year-old who summoned investigators to his jail cell and claimed he and the younger boys were bored “so they decided to kill somebody”.

“He said he was the driver of the car,” Chief Ford said.

“They saw Christopher jog by the house they were at, they chose him to be the target, they got in the car, drove up behind him and shot him in the back.

“He said the 16-year-old fired the shot.”

The three teenagers are being held in the Stephens County Jail in Duncan.

The trio were due to appear in a local court over the shooting at 1.30pm Monday (4.30am Tuesday AEST), but it has been pushed back a day.

A spokesperson for District Attorney Jason Hicks said the charges were still being reviewed.

The mother of the 16-year-old accused of firing the single bullet from a handgun into Lane’s back said she didn’t believe her son was involved.

The father of the 15-year-old admitted his son had been in trouble with the law, but described him as a good boy.

Lane, who grew up in Oak Park in Melbourne’s north, had only been back in the US for three days after an eight-week break in Australia with Ms Harper.

“I don’t want them to have any future that Chris wasn’t able to have as well,” Ms Harper said of the accused teenagers today.

“It’s been pretty rough. It’s been hard knowing he was taken so close to home, let alone taken in the way he was. To be pointed out like that …”

Ms Harper said she and Lane had joked about America’s soft gun laws before he was shot.

“He wasn’t a fan of guns,” she said.

She fondly described Lane as a smart, kind and curious guy who would “do anything for anybody”.

Ms Harper, also a talented sportswoman, said she and Lane just “meshed together” within weeks of meeting at college in Oklahoma in August 2009.

“It was more of a personality (we had in common), not so much interests. He was intellectual, into world news, and I found that quite boring,” she said.

“He really wanted to travel more. He loved the idea of seeing the world.”

Two of the accused teens’ parents insist they were not involved in the killing.

“That’s my baby boy,” said the mother of the 16-year-old accused of firing the single bullet from a handgun into the back of Mr Lane.

She doesn’t believe her son was involved in the shooting, saying today he was not a member of a gang and definitely not the one who pulled the trigger.

The father of the 15-year-old accused of being in the car admitted his son had been in some previous “kid stuff” trouble with the law, but described him as a good boy who also was not part of a gang.

“I don’t think so,” the father replied when asked if his son could have been part of the murder.

“Because he’s not the type of person. He likes to wrestle. He’s into sports.”

The two teens have suffered tragic lives, their parents said. The 15-year-old’s mother is in jail. The 16-year-old last year dealt with the death of his stepfather and brother.

The parents of the teens sent their condolences to Lane’s family in Australia and Ms Harper.

“My prayers go out to them,” the father said.

“I have lost several loved ones recently myself. I feel sorry for the individuals and family.”

If convicted of first-degree murder, the boys face a maximum sentence of life in prison.

The boys can be tried as adults, but the spokesperson said because they are under the age of 18 they can’t face a death sentence.

Ms Harper today said the accused “will be taken care of eventually”.

Ms Harper said she wasn’t thinking about the killers at the moment.

“I don’t really care what happens to them,” she told the Nine Network.

“I feel that if they don’t get what they deserve now in the present they will eternally.

“They’re evil people and they’ll be taken care of eventually.”

It comes amid claims Lane was the victim of a gang-related drive-by shooting gone wrong.

Outside the court a woman told reporters the three accused teens had a falling out with a fellow gang member.

She told Channel Nine the teens were angry when they set out and wanted her brother dead.

“I guess he has hung out with gang-affiliated people. I don’t know if he’s really claimed it or tried to be like them so that might be a reason why they’re after him,” she said.

However Chief Ford yesterday said the accused “just wanted to kill someone”.

Chief Ford said the three teens had no motive other than to ”make a name for themselves” and were on their way to another house to murder a second, unrelated victim when they were arrested.

Lane’s death a tragedy with no rhyme or reason

Lane had been in the US on a baseball sports scholarship with East Central University (ECU) as the team’s catcher.

He was jogging through an area of “high dollar homes” after leaving Ms Harper’s home, when he was followed and shot.

Witnesses saw him stumble across the road and then go down on his knees before struggling to a drainage area at the side of the road.

‘I love you so much’: girlfriend’s moving tribute to baseball star

A woman who came from a nearby house tried CPR while another woman who was in a car stopped and called 911.

Ms Lane said she would come back to Australia to farewell Lane with his family.

“I’m probably going to go back and say goodbye with the people he loved the most,” she said.

“It was a great time getting back there and seeing him in his element with all his favourite friends.

“It’s going to be hard going back but it’s something I need to do.

“Thank you to everyone who supported and loved Chris. I really appreciated it.”


A tribute left on the home plate at Essendon Bombers Baseball field for murdered Melbourne baseballer Christopher Lane.

A tribute left on the home plate at Essendon Bombers Baseball field for murdered Melbourne baseballer Christopher Lane. Source: News Limited

Chief Ford said yesterday the attack was not racially motivated.

“It was just three clowns who got together and decided to kill,” he said.

Chief Ford said the police had released the body but was unsure of plans to repatriate Lane’s body back to Melbourne.

He also said the killer left a chilling message on Facebook before the spree – “Bang. Two drops in two hours”.

“They wanted to be Billy Bob Badasses,” Chief Ford said yesterday.

“I think they were on a killing spree.

“We would have had more bodies that night if we didn’t get them.

“Lately there has been some pretty weak motives, but I don’t know that I’ve had one that they told us they were just going to kill somebody.

“I know everybody thinks there has to be a reason, but I’ve been in this business for 30 years and there doesn’t have to be a reason with these kids.

“It is a sad, sad thing what happened with that young man.”

Yesterday, shocked family and friends were trying to make sense of the tragedy.

Peter Lane paid tribute to his son and said the family was still waiting on news from the US authorities regarding the repatriation of the body.

“There is not going to be any good come out of this. It was so senseless. There was nothing he did or could have done,” Mr Lane said.

“It’s happened. It’s wrong and we just try and deal with it the best we can.”

Flowers and a baseball were placed on the home plate at Essendon Baseball Club yesterday morning with a message. “A wonderful young man taken too soon,” it read. “Why?”

College friend Marshall Veal added Lane had “brought light to each of us”.

“Lanes would have done anything in the world for all of us and we would do the same, he was a best friend, teammate, and most of all a Brother. We love you Laney.”

Local Bill Renfrow, who lives just metres from the intersection where Lane was shot, said Duncan locals had erected a flower memorial for him at the site of the attack.

“It’s sad to us, more than anything. It’s shocking. He was a visitor in our country,” he said.

“This is a very quiet neighbourhood, there’s never any trouble here.”

Essendon Baseball Club’s match against the University of Melbourne on Sunday will be turned into a tribute to Lane to raise money for the family.


Toddler Held At Knifepoint In Walmart, Police Shoot Incoherent Suspect At Point-Blank Range

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This is from WPEC-TV CBS 12 West Palm Beach,Fl.

I am happy to hear the police made this dirt bag a

Darwin Award Winner.



MIDWEST CITY, Okla. – Police in Oklahoma are speaking out about a hostage situation at a local Wal-Mart where a 2-year-old girl was held at knife-point by a man, until police shot and killed the suspect. The incident was caught on the store-s surveillance video.

“You can’t make this up,” said Midwest City Police Chief Brandon Clabes. “This is real life and it happened.”

Clabes described the hostage situation as a scene from a movie.

“You’ve got the ingredients of a two and a half year old helpless victim, you’ve got a mother who has to standby helplessly and watch as her daughter is being held by a mental patient with a knife, and you have our officers responding,” said Clabes.

Surveillance cameras at the Midwest City Wal-Mart recorded the whole situation as the suspect, Sammie Wallace, took a 2-year-old child from a shopping cart and held a knife to her stomach.

“You could see the knife,” said Terry Parker, a witness. “You could see the baby, and you could see the mama.”

Without knowing what was going to happen, Parker sprang into action and blocked Wallace with his cart until police arrived.

“If that gentleman was to come my direction he would have to go through me or my cart to do that,” said Parker.

Moments later, the building was evacuated and the negotiations began.

“During negotiations they try all kinds of cues,” said Clabes. “We try to talk about his family, his job, how the child is not afraid of him.”

But Clabes said those efforts failed and Wallace started a countdown to harm the child.

“We waited until the last second in our opinion to use deadly force,” said Clabes.

When Wallace neared zero in the countdown, the negotiator shot him.

“When he took that shot he made sure he was at point blank range to make sure there was no ability to harm that child,” said Clabes.

Parker believes they didn’t do anything that they shouldn’t have done.

“It’s sad,” said Parker. “It’s sad that it even had to happen, but overall I think it ended the way it needed to end.”

The little girl was uninjured in the situation.

Oklahoma County District Attorney David Prater said the officer who shot Wallace was justified in his actions.


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