Palestinian Authority rewards jihadis for number of Jews they murder

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This is from Jihad Watch.

Adolph Hitler would be proud of his Muslim stooges continuing to murdering Jews.

He would be proud of the Palestinian Authority from rewarding his Muslim stooges for murdering Jews. 

Don’t you dare call it savagery, you racist, bigoted Islamophobe. “Palestinian Authority Rewards Terrorists for Number of Jews They Kill,” by Edwin Black, Algemeiner, February 8, 2015:

Last year, Congressional legislators were astonished to learn that the Palestinian Authority was issuing monthly payouts totaling between $3 and 7 million as salaries and other financial rewards to specific terrorists and their families.

The money was channeled, in part, through the Ministry of Prisoners pursuant to the Law of the Prisoner. The law set forth a graduated scale, pegging monthly salaries to the length of Israeli jail sentences, which generally reflects the severity of the crime and the number of people killed and/or injured.

Thousands of documents, newly obtained by this reporter through a lawsuit to unseal court-protected files, demonstrate that these payouts are not blind automated payments. Rather, senior Palestinian Authority officials as high as President Mahmoud Abbas scrutinize the details of each case, the specific carnage caused, and the personal details of each terrorist act before approving salaries and awarding honorary ranks in either the PA government or the military.

Ministry of Prisoners spokesman Amr Nasser has explained, “We are very proud of this program and we have nothing to hide.” Nonetheless, in response to the international furor, the Palestinian Authority announced that it would replace the Ministry of Prisoners with an outside PLO commission known as the Higher National Commission for Prisoners and Detainees Affairs.

The PA is dependent upon foreign donor countries to supply much of its budget, which now exceeds $4.2 billion annually. About ten percent of the PA budget, more than $400 million, is contributed annually by United States foreign aid. The U.S. and many other countries have enacted laws forbidding any payments when the monies directly or indirectly support or encourage terrorism.

The interdepartmental bureaucratic notations the Palestinian Authority has recorded on each terrorist before approving the level of salaried compensation is extensive. For example, one prominent case involved Ahmad Talab Mustafa Barghouti, who personally coordinated numerous terrorist acts. These included a January 2002 shooting spree on Jaffa Street in Jerusalem, killing two and wounding 37; a March 2002 shooting spree at a Tel Aviv restaurant, killing three and wounding 31; and finally a March 27, 2002, attempt to smuggle an explosive suicide belt in an ambulance. The Israel Defense Forces arrested Ahmad. On July 30, 2002, a military court concluded that he was responsible for murdering 12 Israelis, and Barghouti was sentenced to 13 life sentences.

According to on-going internal Palestinian Authority security reviews dated February 3, 2009, and July 6, 2009, Barghouti’s special compensation began retroactively to July 1, 2002, the first of the month that the 13 life sentences were imposed. At the time of his arrest, Barghouti was a Sergeant in the Palestinian Police. As a reward, while in an Israeli prison, Barghouti’s annual salary of 12,953 Israeli shekels was continued and gradually escalated when he was promoted to First Sergeant.

Still in prison, Barghouti was promoted again, this time to Warrant Officer, pursuant to a November 13, 2008, Presidential Order 15999/3, according to Palestinian internal security records. One document lists Barghouti’s bank account as account 36079 at the Housing Bank for Trade and Finance in Ramallah. A related document tabulates additional monthly allocations for Barghouti’s two named beneficiaries, showing they jointly received 900 shekels monthly in 2002, beginning the month he was sentenced. That monthly allocation rose to 1,000 shekels in January 2004. The beneficiary payments were deposited into account 628134 at the Arab Bank’s al Bireh Branch 9030, the documents show….


ISLAMIC THUGS: Palestinians Are Just a Mob of Them

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This is from Clash Daily.

How long before Pete Parker gets harassed by CAIR?

How long before the death threats by the cult of death aka Islam start?




Allow me to be beyond blunt: Palestinians are just a mob of Islamic thugs.

That’s right–a mob of Islamic thugs that teach their children (according to Koranic doctrine) that the only good Jew is a dead Jew.

In fact–Palestinians take great pride in training their children how to kill Jews utilizing various terrorist methodologies. From torture to suicide bombings–Palestinian children know how to “exterminate” the “pigs.”

Israeli Ambassador to the UN Ron Prosor addressed this issue last January during a meeting of the General Assembly: “As we speak, a generation of Palestinian children is being taught that murder is moral, racism is righteous and terror is tolerable. The Palestinian Authority’s media quotes Hitler, describes Jews as less than human, and displays maps that erase Israel’s existence.”

Truth be told–the Palestinians are part of a wider Islamic machination to expunge all Jews (and Christians) from the Middle East. Whether it’s Hamas, Boko Haram, ISIS, Islamic Jihad or Hezbollah–these Koran-carrying, terrorist organizations are following Mohammed’s command that the “people of the book” must be driven far from Arabia.

And the Palestinians have clearly demonstrated that they’re willing to sacrifice anything (including their own children) to obey the prophet’s insidious decree.

Amnesty International recently reported that “Palestinian armed groups have repeatedly shown total disregard for the most fundamental human rights, notably the right to life, by deliberately targeting Israeli civilians and by using Palestinian children in armed attacks.”

The Coalition to Stop the Use of Child Soldiers documented that there were at least 9 Palestinian children used in weaponized attacks against Israelis between 2000 and 2004.

And according to the Israel Defense Force–29 suicide attacks were carried out by Palestinian minors during a three year period from 2000 to 2003.

(Not to mention the egregious use of Palestinian children as human shields over the past 20 plus days of the current conflict.)

I could go on–but you get the point.

Despite endless declarations by left-wing politicos (and their mindless minions) that Palestinians are “freedom fighters” and “victims”–well informed Americans know better.

From their unbridled Jew-hatred to using their children as human bombs in order to appease a dead prophet/ psychopath–Palestinians are just a mob of Islamic thugs.




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