Cuomo’s Fracking Ban Leads 15 Towns To Consider Seceding to Pennsylvania Read more at

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This is from Mental Recession.

 Little Andy Coumo is a bigger liberal jack wagon that his father and that is saying a mouth full.

Little Andy and his moronic actions are causing the Remington Arms Company to leave the state and he is driving out the gas drilling companies.

The gas companies leaving has 15 cities want to leave the state of New York and join Pennsylvania.


Governor Cuomo’s indecision on the fracking issue in New York led businesses to leave the state for years.  His recent ban will certainly do little to curtail the departure of those businesses.

There’s an even more surprising migration being discussed because of the fracking ban, however – entire towns.

Fifteen of them to be exact.

Fifteen towns in the Upstate New York Towns Association are actively researching whether or not they can secede to Pennsylvania, in part due to staples of the Cuomo economy – high property taxes, low business revenue, and of course, fracking.


The local economy is pushing one organization in Upstate New York to pose a question: Is it possible to secede to Pennsylvania?

The Upstate New York Towns Association is researching this very topic. The group says a few factors pushing its research are high property taxes, low sales tax revenue and the recent decision to ban hydraulic fracturing in New York.

“The Southern Tier is desolate,” said Conklin Town Supervisor Jim Finch (R). “We have no jobs and no income. The richest resource we have is in the ground.”

Finch said the ground in Conklin is rich with natural gas in the Marcellus Shale. However, that shale is unable to be tapped. He described this ban as a violation of his natural rights as a property owner.

There are 15 towns interested in the secession, according to the Towns Association. These towns are in Broome, Delaware, Tioga and Sullivan counties. The association declined to name the towns without their permission and also declined to comment on specifics at this time. As of now, research is ongoing. The group will be updating Action News with all of their findings in the coming weeks.

Why Pennsylvania?

While New York is squandering an economic gold mine in fracking, Pennsylvania is experiencing an economic boom due to their willingness to drill since 2005.

Via Fox News:

Anybody looking for the story of how natural gas can light a fire under a cooling economy should ask officials in Bradford County, Pa.

Gas companies have been drilling there since 2005. Nearly 1,200 wells have been fracked. The county seat of Towanda, which had been in decline after its manufacturing base moved away, is now a boom town. Even a recent slowdown in drilling because of rock-bottom gas prices hasn’t blunted the growth. Gas revenues allowed the county to retire a $5 million debt — and lower real estate taxes by 6 percent.

Fracking has been an economic game-changer for the entire area, said Bradford County Commissioner Daryl Miller.

“The amount of job growth has been phenomenal. The amount of business growth has been phenomenal,” Miller told Fox News.

Cuomo, it would seem, would rather continue down the path of being a “death-spiral” state.


How ignorant jerks are going to treat good cops now; ‘I’m scared for my life . . .he’s trying to Mike Brown me’

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This is from BizPac Review.

Thanks to Barack The Racist In Chief Obama and Eric I will not prosecute my people Holder this will get worse.

Many blacks like this asshat think their skin color gives them a license to steal.

How long will police officers get this shit shoved at them?

Care to bet the stuff was stolen.

Michael Brown’s name is being invoked all across the country, and it’s sure to cause more problems for law enforcement officers trying to do their job.

A shopper detained on Black Friday at a Pennsylvania Walmart became unreasonable when asked to prove that he had paid for his merchandise and refused to show his ID, claiming the officer knew who he was.

Watch the disgusting incident unfold here and see if you agree that the man was doing little more than exploiting the death of Michael Brown to save his own hide:

Loud and overbearing, the shopper kept waving a receipt in front of the officer but would not allow him to closely examine it.

The officer, identified in the YouTube video description as Michael Manfredi of the South Strabane Police Department in Washington County, Pennsylvania, remained calm throughout the incident.

Even when the shopper leveled a veiled threat as he brazenly walked out of the store with his merchandise.

“Don’t touch me, I have the right to defend myself,” he said. ” They kill them in Missouri, but not in Pennsylvania you won’t.”

But his theatrics were only beginning.

“My hands are up!” the man begins screamed as Manfredi again tried to look at the receipt. “He’s trying to Mike Brown me!”

Top 5 states with most deep-fried turkey accidents

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This is from Fox News.





Although a mighty delicious tradition, deep-frying a turkey on Thanksgiving can be risky.

Every year deep-fryer fires are responsible for five deaths, 60 injuries, the destruction of 900 homes, and more than $15-million in property damage, according to the National Fire Protection Association.

So you want to know which state has the most accidents?

For the last seven years, Texas has led the country in most grease- and cooking-related insurance claims on Thanksgiving Day, with 38 according to insurance company State Farm.  Illinois follows, with 27 reports and Pennsylvania and Ohio are tied for third with 23.  New York ranked fourth, with 22 claims and South Carolina and Georgia claimed fifth with 16 claims each.


Southern Discomfort: U.S. Army seeks removal of Lee, ‘Stonewall’ Jackson honors

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This is from The Washington Times.

This is outrageous Gen. Robert E. Lee and Gen. Thomas  

Johnathan ” Stonewall Jackson were great tacticians.

This history revision bullshi* has gone too far.

ILLUSTRATION Confederate Gen. Thomas Jonathan ‘Stonewall’ Jackson (L) and Confederate Gen. Robert E. Lee

Revisionist history would remove portraits of Confederate legends.

The U.S. Army War College, which molds future field generals, has begun discussing whether it should remove its portraits of Confederate generals — including those of Robert E. Lee and Thomas “Stonewall” Jackson.

Nestled in rural Pennsylvania on the 500-acre Carlisle Barracks, the war college is conducting an inventory of all its paintings and photographs with an eye for rehanging them in historical themes to tell a particular Army story.

PHOTOS: Top 10 handguns in the U.S.

During the inventory, an unidentified official — not the commandant, Maj. Gen. Anthony A. Cucolo III — asked the administration why the college honors two generals who fought against the United States, college spokeswoman Carol Kerr said.

“I do know at least one person has questioned why we would honor individuals who were enemies of the United States Army,” Ms. Kerr said. “There will be a dialogue when we develop the idea of what do we want the hallway to represent.”

She said one faculty member took down the portraits of Lee and Jackson and put them on the floor as part of the inventory process. That gave rise to rumors that the paintings had been removed.

“This person was struck by the fact we have quite a few Confederate images,” she said, adding that the portraits were rehung on a third-floor hallway. “[Lee] was certainly not good for the nation. This is the guy we faced on the battlefield whose entire purpose in life was to destroy the nation as it was then conceived. … This is all part of an informed discussion.”

It is the kind of historical cleansing that could spark an Army-wide debate: Lee’s portrait adorns the walls of other military installations and government buildings.

Two portraits of Lee are on display at the U.S. Military Academy at West Point, N.Y.: In the Cadet Mess Hall is a painting of Lee when he was superintendent as an Army captain. A portrait of Lee in full Confederate regalia hangs on the second floor of Jefferson Hall, the campus library.

Opened in 1901 to study the lessons of war, the Army War College is a history class and modern warfare symposium for lieutenant colonels and colonels who know that a diploma from the institution helps their chances with the promotion board. The college graduates more than 300 U.S. officers, foreign students and civilians in two classes each year.

Lee’s life story is full of personal conflict.

Born and raised in Virginia, the son of a Revolutionary War hero and governor, Lee graduated from the Army’s premier undergraduate school, West Point, and returned as its superintendent. Serving as a combat engineer, he distinguished himself in the Mexican-American War, during which he was wounded and received several battlefield promotions. Yet he broke with the Union and agreed to lead the Army of Northern Virginia for the Confederate States of America.

Jackson, who also received battlefield promotions during the Mexican-American War, is another West Point graduate.

In 1975, Congress enacted a joint resolution reinstating Lee’s U.S. citizenship in what could be considered a final act to heal Civil War wounds. The resolution praised Lee’s character and his work to reunify the nation. It noted that six months after surrendering to Gen. Ulysses S. Grant, Lee swore allegiance to the Constitution and to the Union.

“This entire nation has long recognized the outstanding virtues of courage, patriotism and selfless devotion to duty of General R.E. Lee,” the joint resolution stated.

President Ford traveled to Arlington HouseLee’s former home in Virginia, to sign the resolution into law on Aug. 5, 1975.

Ford quoted from a letter that Lee wrote to a former Confederate soldier: “This war, being at an end, the Southern States having laid down their arms, and the questions at issue between them and the Northern States having been decided, I believe it to be the duty of everyone to unite in the restoration of the country and the reestablishment of peace and harmony.”

Ford said: “As a soldier, Gen. Lee left his mark on military strategy. As a man, he stood as the symbol of valor and of duty. As an educator, he appealed to reason and learning to achieve understanding and to build a stronger nation. The course he chose after the war became a symbol to all those who had marched with him in the bitter years towards Appomattox.”
Read more:


PETA Writes to Bear Mauling Victim

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This is from Central

What a bunch of pompous arrogant asses. 


Camille Bombay. Image courtesy Facebook

PORTER TOWNSHIP, CLINTON COUNTY – People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals or PETA, has asked a local young woman who was mauled by a bear to stop hunting.

PETA sent a letter to Camille Bomboy, the 18-year-old hunter who narrowly survived an attack by a mother bear Friday morning.

Bomboy was attacked by a bear Monday morning at her family’s farm, and suffered bite injuries to her arms and shoulders and almost lost an ear. Her step-father was able to scare the bear off by shooting a rifle into the air.

Bomboy is at home healing and had said that the mauling won’t stop her from hunting. PETA suggested that Bomboy take up hiking or photography.

The full text of the letter is below.

December 13, 2013

Dear Ms. Bomboy,

I am writing on behalf of PETA and our more than 3 million members and supporters, including thousands across Pennsylvania, to send our best wishes for your speedy recovery and ask you to take a few moments to reflect on this incident. This seems to be a good opportunity to put yourself in the place of the individuals you and the rest of your hunting party were trying to kill. As terrifying as it must have been to be attacked by a bear, please consider the frightening and painful experiences that hunters set out to impose upon animals. There used to be a bumper sticker that read, “I support the right to arm bears!” That was a joke, but in all seriousness, it would be a blessing if you were to abandon hunting and decide to live and let live.

As this mother bear demonstrated, animals form intense bonds with their young, just as we do, and will go to great lengths to protect them, just as your stepfather did for you. Like us, animals value their lives and don’t want to be killed. And many animals endure prolonged, painful deaths when they’re injured by hunters but not killed outright, which I’m sure you know firsthand from being in the woods. A study of 80 radio-collared deer found that of the 22 deer who had been shot with “traditional archery equipment,” 11 were wounded but not recovered.

Now that you’ve experienced the horror of an attack—although this one was in self-defense—we hope you will choose to enjoy nature in only nonviolent ways. Thank you for your consideration.

Kind regards,

Alicia Woempner
Special Projects Division Manager

1 Arrested After Nun Hospitalized Following Assault And Rape

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This is from CBS Pittsburg.

A son of Obama raped a nun in Aliquippa, Pennsylvania.

This savage needs to be put down like the rabid savage he is.

(Photo Credit: Aliquippa Police)

                                                   (Photo Credit: Aliquippa Police) Savage

BEAVER COUNTY (KDKA) – An 18-year-old has been charged in the brutal rape and beating of an elderly nun in Aliquippa.

Andrew Bullock, of Orchard Street, faces at least 10 charges in the Friday morning attack.

The nun serves at St. Titus Church on Franklin Avenue.

She was walking in a parking lot behind the church when she was approached by a man who choked her, punched her, then threw her to the ground where she was assaulted and raped.

Assistant Chief Dan Couch told KDKA’s Kym Gable, “The first thing you notice when you look up up where this horrific act occurred, is the statue of the Virgin Mary looking down.”

Couch told Gable the savage beating outraged officers in his department.

They worked with the Beaver County D.A. to make a swift arrest.

A key piece of evidence was a boot print in the snow that investigators say matches the boots Bullock was wearing.

Bullock was arraigned at Aliquippa Police Headquarters.

KDKA does not identify victims of sex crimes.

The nun, who is in her 70s, is recovering at Allegheny General from a broken jaw.

Assistant Chief Couch says it was his department’s goal to get Bullock behind bars as soon as possible.

“We did that and I’m very proud of the work they did,” he said.

As of Saturday morning the nun was reportedly in stable condition and expected to be released from the hospital.

The Sisters of St. Joseph also released a statement Saturday, saying in part: “The Sisters of St. Joseph are deeply saddened and heart-broken by the assault of one of our Sisters. Through God’s grace and goodness, Sister is expected to be released from the hospital today.

Top 5 states with most deep-fried turkey accidents

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This is from Fox News.

Although a mighty delicious tradition, deep-frying a turkey on Thanksgiving can be risky.

Every year deep-fryer fires are responsible for five deaths, 60 injuries, the destruction of 900 homes, and more than $15-million in property damage, according to the National Fire Protection Association.

So you want to know which state has the most accidents?

For the last seven years, Texas has led the country in most grease- and cooking-related insurance claims on Thanksgiving Day, with 38according to insurance company State Farm.  Illinois follows, with 27 reports and Pennsylvania and Ohio are tied for third with 23.  New York ranked fourth, with 22 claims and South Carolina and Georgia claimed fifth with 16 claims each.

Check out State Farm’s safety video starring Si and Jase Robertson from “Duck Dynasty” fame.  They give helpful and hilarious tips on how to avoid those nasty shooting flames.


1960s’ Toy Commercial that Would Horrify the Anti-Gun Left

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This is from Godfather Politics.

The children from the30’s 40’s 50’s and 60’s are the last of the children that knew how to play.

We did not have game consoles and computers and we 

only had between two and four television channels.

Children from the 30’s and 40’s only had a radio.

The liberals would have a stroke because we got our

rear ends paddled be  at home or at our friends house.

Every kid growing up in the 1950s and 1960s played with toy guns, many of which looked like the real thing. The toy commercials of the era advertised these plastic replicas to millions of children with little or no ill effect,

Mattel Tommy Burst Detective Set_boxed

Mattel Tommy Burst Detective Set

I graduated from high school in 1968. There were some problem students. I do remember a student who robbed a bank during lunch and hid the money in his locker, but that was the rare exception. It was big news at the time because it was so out of the ordinary.

There were fights and petty thievery. The perpetrators were dealt with swiftly by the administration without having to worry that their parents would hire a lawyer and sue the school. There were no metal detectors. Lots of kids carried pocket knives.

My wife grew up in a small town in the northwestern part of Pennsylvania. The schools closed for the first day of doe and buck season. There was no reason to hold classes because most of the boys would be out with their dads hunting deer. No one ever took a gun to school to shoot anybody. You could see kids riding down the street with a rifle across the handle bars.

Many people do not know that many high schools across the country used to have shooting clubs. Consider the very anti-gun (anti-First Amendment) state of New York:

“In 1975, New York state had over 80 school districts with rifle teams. In 1984, that had dropped to 65. By 1999 there were just 26. The state’s annual riflery championship was shut down in 1986 for lack of demand. This, sadly, is a familiar story across the country. The clubs are fading from memory, too.

“A Chicago Tribune report from 2007 notes the astonishment of a Wisconsin mother who discovered that her children’s school had a range on site. ‘I was surprised, because I never would have suspected to have something like that in my child’s school,’ she told the Tribune. The district’s superintendent admitted that it was now a rarity, confessing that he ‘often gets raised eyebrows’ if he mentions the range to other educators. The astonished mother raised her eyebrows — and then led a fight to have the range closed. ‘Guns and school don’t mix,’ she averred. If you have guns in school, that does away with the whole zero-tolerance policy’”

Times have changed. Well, actually, people, moral standards, and schools have changed.

Consider this commercial for the Mattel Tommy Burst Detective Set.[1] Note how realistic the guns look.

Read more:

High School Hunter Forgets He’s Carrying a Pocket Knife, Turns It In, Gets 10 Day Suspension

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This is from The D.C. Clothesline.

You can not make this stuff up department.

Honesty is the best policy except for the Fox Chapel school’s principal’s office.

This idiocy is part of the zero tolerance policies at our schools.


I remember arriving at work one day and looking down to realize I had mistakenly worn my tennis shoes to work instead of the required steel-toed boots. I said nothing and hoped they would not notice. I was sent home later in the day and scolded for my dishonesty, as well I should have been. I was wrong, not because I made a mistake but because I tried to cover it up.

So is honesty the best policy? Yes it is. But it is the best policy because it builds character and not always because it yields the best results. Sometimes honesty still gets one punished as a 16-year-old Pennsylvania hunter recently found out.

CBS Pittsburgh reports:

FOX CHAPEL (KDKA) – A high school student says he is being punished for trying to do the right thing.

He told school officials when he realized he brought his pocketknife to a football game.

But he was suspended anyway.

“I dropped him off right at the corner there by the stop sign,” said David Schaffner, father to the 16-year-old who was suspended.

Schaffner is a proud father, but now also an angry one. He dropped off his son at Fox Chapel Friday night for a football game.

In his pocket, his son had a knife. He’s a hunter and uses it in the woods – in fact, he had just used it.

“He was cutting branches and what not with it,” Schaffner said. “Just forgot he had it in his pocket.”

There is no metal detector, no bag check there, but Schaffner grabbed a security guard.

“Intentionally, willfully handed the pocket knife,” he said.

He even voluntarily wrote out and signed a statement, saying:

“I was in the woods behind my house at my tree stand and forgot to take my knife out of my pocket … came to the game and gave it to the security guard.”

With that, the Fox Chapel principal kicked him out of the game and then early Monday morning kicked him out of school for 10 days.

This story is unbelievable and it seems like the 2013-2014 school year is going to follow the same theme as 2012-2013. It would seem our schools are “zero tolerance zones” that are devoid of common sense.

How can you suspend a kid for ten days for doing the right thing?

I can’t blame his father for being furious.

We teach our children to be honest in all situations and then we watch some wannabeObama-esque school dictator show no mercy toward a kid who did the right thing. This is unacceptable.

You know the drill my friends. It’s our job to call and raise a little hell. Put pressure on the school administration and in a day or two we might hear about them changing their minds. Here is the phone number I have for Fox Chapel High School:

(412) 967-2433

I am not sure what the principal’s name is but that may be for the best. If you intend to call it’s always best to be as annoying as possible. Go through as many underlings as you would like on the way to the dictator. This is straight from Obama’s playbook so you know it works. Cause a little dissent and division along the way. :-)

Editor’s UPDATE Courtesy of Tim Brown: The school is basing their lack of common sense on this statement and a “possession of weapons prohibited” code.

Weapons in schools and on school grounds can lead to accidents and situations that place student safety in jeopardy. The principals in the Fox Chapel Area school district successfully handle discipline each day with the ultimate goal of ensuring the safest environment possible for all students. When there is a weapon on school property, we must follow the steps that are required by law. This is a responsibility we have to our community, students, and staff. Safety is a priority in each of our schools, both during the school day and at school events, 24-7.

As part of our responsibility to keep our students safe we have had a separate line for students to enter football games for the last three years. Students may be required to submit to a security search when entering games.

School officials cannot talk about the details of any discipline case to be able to outline all of the facts that lead to a specific decision. We can say that our principals work hard to be consistent and fair to all students when it comes to discipline. We must and do always follow the law.

The Fox Chapel Area School District remains committed to protecting the safety of all students and staff members.

The following is the Pennsylvania law on weapons on school grounds that all public school districts must follow:


24 P.S. § 13-1317.2 (2013)

§ 13-1317.2. Possession of weapons prohibited

(a) Except as otherwise provided in this section, a school district or area vocational-technical school shall expel, for a period of not less than one year, any student who is determined to have brought onto or is in possession of a weapon on any school property, any school-sponsored activity or any public conveyance providing transportation to a school or school-sponsored activity.

(b) Every school district and area vocational-technical school shall develop a written policy regarding expulsions for possession of a weapon as required under this section. Expulsions shall be conducted pursuant to all applicable regulations.

(c) The superintendent of a school district or an administrative director of an area vocational-technical school may recommend modifications of such expulsion requirements for a student on a case-by-case basis. The superintendent or other chief administrative officer of a school entity shall, in the case of an exceptional student, take all steps necessary to comply with the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (Public Law 91-230,20 U.S.C. § 1400 et seq.).

(d) The provisions of this section shall not apply to the following:

(1) a weapon being used as part of a program approved by a school by an individual who is participating in the program; or

(2) a weapon that is unloaded and is possessed by an individual while traversing school property for the purpose of obtaining access to public or private lands used for lawful hunting, if the entry on school premises is authorized by school authorities.

(e) Nothing in this section shall be construed as limiting the authority or duty of a school or area vocational-technical school to make an alternative assignment or provide alternative educational services during the period of expulsion.

(e.1) A school district receiving a student who transfers from a public or private school during a period of expulsion for an act or offense involving a weapon may assign that student to an alternative assignment or provide alternative education services, provided that the assignment may not exceed the period of expulsion.

(f) All school districts and area vocational-technical schools shall report all incidents involving possession of a weapon prohibited by this section as follows:

(1) The school superintendent or chief administrator shall report the discovery of any weapon prohibited by this section to local law enforcement officials.

(2) The school superintendent or chief administrator shall report to the Department of Education all incidents relating to expulsions for possession of a weapon on school grounds, school-sponsored activities or public conveyances providing transportation to a school or school-sponsored activity. Reports shall include all information as required under section 1303-A.

(g) As used in this section, the term “weapon” shall include, but not be limited to, any knife, cutting instrument, cutting tool, nunchaku, firearm, shotgun, rifle and any other tool, instrument or implement capable of inflicting serious bodily injury.

Notice the open-endedness of the “weapons” as being defined as “any tool, instrument, or implement capable of inflicting serious body injury.” Remind me again why there is anything mobile allowed in this school system, including pens, pencils, books and various other objects that can be used in this manner.

Unions Finally See Obama’s War On Coal Is Costing Jobs

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This is from the Liberty Alliance.

The unions are getting stabbed in the back by Obama.

The unions went to the wall to get Obama elected.

They were expecting Obama to be in their corner while they tried to 

wrap their tentacles of death wrapped around more companies. 


Obama’s war on coal represents a huge opportunity for Republicans. A story, Unions protest Obama on coal, covers the growing recognition that Obama’s war on coal is costing them jobs.

The Boilermakers Local 154, a union representing workers in Western Pennsylvania, Ohio and West Virginia, took a public stance against the EPA’s attack on the coal industry.

Responding to an editorial in the Pittsburg Post-Gazette, in a letter to the editor a leader of the union said: I represent more than 2,000 boilermakers in Western Pennsylvania, Ohio and West Virginia. My members learned the hard way that the EPA’s goal isn’t clean air; it’s eliminating coal and our way of life.

Critics of coal malign the thousands of boilermakers, mine workers and hard-working men and women who earn an honest living in our region from coal.

They insult us — calling us polluters and murderers. In its Aug. 6 editorial (“Coal Barons”), the Post-Gazette made outrageous claims about our livelihood, attacking our integrity and ignoring the tremendous environmental gains made by coal. In the last three decades, coal usage has tripled, but pollutants like sulfur dioxide have fallen by 56 percent.

The union thanked Republican Representative Tim Murphy of Pennsylvania for supporting union workers. The story also noted disapproval from the United Mine Workers Union about Obama’s climate change policy. Continue Reading at

Read the rest of this Liberty Alliance article here:


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