This POWERFUL Letter Explains Why THIS Police Officer Will Not Respond To Calls Anymore


This is from US Hearld.

Please read this letter as it makes you stop and think.

This letter from a police officer really makes you fully understand how dangerous of a job being a cop really is.

They put their lives on the line every single day and don’t get the respect they deserve while serving their communities. This is a top down issue that has created an atmosphere of contempt towards the police in our country that has been led by none other than our President, Barack Obama.

This letter is going viral and for good reason…

“Today, I will not answer the radio call that your boyfriend has come home drunk and is beating you again. Today I will not answer the radio call that your 16 year old daughter, who is very responsible, is four hours late coming home from school. Today I will not answer the radio call that your store has been robbed or your house has been burglarized. Today I will not stop a drunk driver from killing someone. I will not catch a rapist or a murderer or a car thief. Today I will not answer the radio call that a man has a gun or tried to abduct a child or that someone has been stabbed or has been in a terrible accident. Today I will not save your child that you locked in a car or the child you were to busy to watch who went outside and fell into the swimming pool, but that I revived. No, today I will not do that.

Because Today I was killed by a drunk driver while I was helping push a disabled car off the highway. Today I was shot and killed during a routine traffic stop to simply tell someone that they had a taillight out. Today I was killed in a traffic accident rushing to help a citizen. Today I was shot and killed serving a warrant on a known drug dealer. Today I was killed by a man when I came by to do a welfare check because his family was to busy.

Today I was killed trying to stop a bank robbery or a grocery store robbery. Today I was killed doing my job.
A chaplain and an officer will go to a house and tell a mom and dad or a wife or husband or a child that their son or daughter or husband or wife or father or mother won’t be coming home today.

The flags at many police stations were flown at half-mast today but most people won’t know why. There will be a funeral and my fellow officers will come, a twenty-one-gun salute will be given, and taps will be played as I am laid to rest. My name will be put on a plaque, on a wall, in a building, in a city somewhere. A folded flag will be placed on a mantel or a bookcase in a home somewhere and a family will mourn.

There will be no cries for justice. There will be no riots in the streets. There will be no officers marching, screaming “no justice, no peace.” No citizens will scream that something must be done. No windows will be smashed, no cars burned, no stones thrown, no names called. Only someone crying themselves to sleep tonight will be the only sign that I was cared about.
I was a police officer.”



Myth of Racist Cops: False Narrative of Fact-Averse Liberals

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This is from Patriot UpDate.

For as long as I can remember the media has been  painting the police as racist killers.

The bad apples in uniform help make it seem all police officers are the same.

I have several friends and some family members that are in law enforcement so I know the racist narrative is a lie.


Police officers have been getting a bum rap lately.

During the Ferguson fiasco liberals created a false narrative about racist cops, a myth they have perpetuated since.

Jason Riley, senior editorial page writer for the Wall Street Journal, wrote about this false narrative in the January 2015 issue of Imprimis.

Author of the new book, Please Stop Helping Us, the distinguished journalist who happens to be black wrote: “The shooting death of a young black man by a white police officer in Ferguson, Missouri touched off a national discussion about everything except the aberrant behavior of so many young black men that results in such frequent encounters with police.

We talked about racial prejudice, poverty, unemployment, profiling, the tensions between law enforcement and poor black communities, and so forth. Rarely did we hear any discussions of black crimes rates.”

In his article for Imprimis, Riley put his finger squarely on why I think cops are getting a bum rap. But before getting more deeply into the issue of the false narrative being promulgated by liberals with an agenda, a few caveats are in order.

First, I acknowledge that there are racist cops, although it must be said that not all racist cops are white. Bad cops come in all races. However, I believe that racist cops—regardless of their race—represent a small minority of the nation’s overall police force. Second, I am an advocate of community policing.

However, although this strategy can help relieve tension between police officers and black citizens, it will not solve the problem of black crime in America. In fact, the issue of black crime in America will never be effectively dealt with until we can have an honest dialogue about it. And therein is the rub.

As things now stand, the myth of racist cops is being controlled by people who benefit from perpetuating the false narrative that currently prevails—people such as Al Sharpton and his supporters in the mainstream media.

Any honest dialogue concerning the racist cop myth must begin with some hard facts about black crime in America that liberals demand be ignored. In fact, just bringing up the issue of black crime in America is sure to get one labeled a racist in today’s politically-correct social environment, regardless of the race of the individual who raises the issue.

Ironically, although Jason Riley is black and one of the most distinguished journalists in America, he is just as likely to be labeled a racist for straying from liberal orthodoxy on black crime as are people of other races. In fact, the issue of black crime and other problems in the black community taken together comprise a political mine field for people who—unlike paternalistic liberals—would really like to see life improved for black Americans.

But Riley cares enough to present the hard facts that all Americans—liberals of all races—must understand and accept if we are ever going to make progress on racial issues in this country.

Riley walks courageously into the political minefield of crime, drugs, entitlement, fatherless families, and other destructive issues in the black community—most of them self-inflicted—in his book Please Stop Helping Us and in his article for Imprimis.

As a white journalist, my thoughts on these issues will simply be dismissed by liberals as the racially biased rants of a member of the “great right-wing conspiracy.”

Although they are likely to label Jason Riley in the same way, in truth it is harder for liberals to simply dismiss the thoughts of such a distinguished journalist who happens to be black. Consequently, the facts about black crime contained in this column come from Riley’s article. Using a distinguished journalist who is black and who obviously cares about the plight of black Americans as my source is not likely to change the minds of fact-averse liberals, but it might influence others who have open minds on these issues and would like to see black Americans improve the quality of their lives. Here are some of the hard facts from Riley’s article in Imprimis:

  • The leading cause of death for young black men in America is homicide and 90 percent of these deaths are black-on-black crime. Clearly it is not police officers who are killing young black men. Further, police officers are six times more likely to be killed by a black person than they are to kill one. This is why police officers—including black officers—tend to view young black men with suspicion. They would be unwise not to. Granted this can lead to inconvenient encounters between police and young black men who are not criminals, but the blame for this unfortunate circumstance lies with those who create the perception of young black men as criminals, not with those who develop this perception on the basis of experience.
  • Blacks commit a disproportionate number of the crimes in America. Blacks comprise approximately 13 percent of the U.S. population but account for almost 50 percent of the murders. Further, the arrest rate for blacks for such crimes as aggravated assault, robbery, and property damage is more than two times their representation in the population. Once again, this tendency to commit a disproportionate number of crimes is why police officers often approach young black men with suspicion and even trepidation. Experience is the most effective teacher known to man, and police officers should not be criticized for learning from experience.
  • Liberals want to blame the disproportionate involvement of blacks in crime on poverty and racial bias. But even a cursory glance at the facts belies this assertion. If crime was caused by poverty, all poor people of all races would be criminals. Since this is hardly the case in the population in general or within the black community, the high crime rate among blacks cannot be blamed on poverty. But what about racial bias? This assertion fails to explain the data either. In the 1940s and 50s when the racial bias and discrimination of Jim Crow were at their peak, the crime rate among blacks was much lower than it is now. Further, black poverty was much more prevalent in the bad old days of Jim Crow, yet black crime was significantly lower than it is now in the age of Equal Opportunity, Affirmative Action, integration, and voting rights for all. In fact, the highest crime rates in America occur in cities governed by black public officials, including black mayors and police chiefs.

In his article for Imprimis, Jason Riley quotes the late Harvard professor, William Stuntz, on the issue of black crime in America. Stuntz said: “High rates of black violence in the 20th century are a matter of historical fact, not bigoted imagination. The trends reached their peak not in the land of Jim Crow but in the more civilized North, and not in the age of segregation but in the decades that saw the rise of civil rights for African Americans—and of African American control of city governments.”

I will give Jason Riley the last word on this subject: “Liberal elites would have us deny what black ghetto residents know to be the truth. These communities aren’t dangerous because of racist cops or judges or sentencing guidelines. They’re dangerous mainly due to black criminals preying on black victims. But pointing this out has become almost taboo. How can we even begin to address problems if we won’t discuss them honestly?”

An Open Letter to Captain Ronald S. Johnson

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This is from


From a former St. Louis Metro Area police chief.


I have to call you out.

I don’t care what the media says. I expect them to get it wrong and they often do. But I expect you as a veteran law enforcement commander—talking about law enforcement—to get it right.

Unfortunately, you blew it. After days of rioting and looting, last Thursday you were given command of all law enforcement operations in Ferguson by Governor Jay Nixon. St. Louis County PD was out, you were in. You played to the cameras, walked with the protestors and promised a kinder, gentler response. You were a media darling. And Thursday night things were better, much better.

But Friday, under significant pressure to do so, the Ferguson Police released the name of the officer involved in the shooting of Michael Brown. At the same time the Ferguson Police Chief released a video showing Brown committing a strong-arm robbery just 10 minutes before he was confronted by Officer Darren Wilson.

Many don’t like the timing of the release of the video. I don’t like that timing either. It should have been released sooner. It should have been released the moment FPD realized that Brown was the suspect.

Captain Johnson, your words during the day on Friday helped to fuel the anger that was still churning just below the surface. St. Louis County Police were told to remain uninvolved and that night the rioting and looting began again. For much too long it went on mostly unchecked. Retired St. Louis County Police Chief Tim Fitch tweeted that your “hug-a-looter” policy had failed.

Boy did it.

And your words contributed to what happened Friday night and on into the wee hours of Saturday. According to the St. Louis Post Dispatch, you said the following regarding the release of the video:“There was no need to release it,” Johnson said calling the reported theft and the killing entirely different events.

Well Captain, this veteran police officer feels the need to respond. What you said is, in common police vernacular—bullshit. The fact that Brown knew he had just committed a robbery before he was stopped by Officer Wilson speaks to Brown’s mindset. And Captain, the mindset of a person being stopped by a police officer means everything, and you know it.

Let’s consider a few examples:
On February 15, 1978 Pensacola Police Officer David Lee conducted a vehicle check. He didn’t know what the sole occupant of the vehicle had recently done, but the occupant did. Who was he? Serial killer Ted Bundy. Bundy attempted to disarm Lee. Lee was able to retain his firearm and eventually took Bundy into custody.

On April 19, 1995 Oklahoma State Trooper Charlie Hangar stopped a vehicle for minor traffic violations. He didn’t know that 90 minutes earlier the traffic violator, Timothy McVeigh, killed 168 people with a truck bomb at the Murrah Federal Building. But McVeigh sure knew it, didn’t he? Fortunately, given his training and experience Hangar was able to take McVeigh into custody for carrying a concealed firearm. It was days later before it was determined that McVeigh was responsible for the bombing.

On May 31, 2003 then-rookie North Carolina police officer, Jeff Postell, arrested a man digging in a trash bin on a grocery store parking lot—an infraction that would rise to about the level of jaywalking. Postell didn’t know that he had just captured Eric Rudolph, the man whom years earlier had killed and injured numerous people with bombs and was on the FBI’s Ten Most Wanted list.

So now, let’s consider Ferguson Officer Darren Wilson’s stop of Michael Brown. Apparently Wilson didn’t know that Brown had just committed a strong-arm robbery. But Brown did! And that Captain, is huge.

Allegedly, Brown pushed Wilson and attempted to take Wilson’s gun. We’re also being told that Officer Wilson has facial injuries suffered during the attempt by Brown to disarm him. Let’s assume for a moment those alleged acts by Brown actually occurred. Would Brown have responded violently to an officer confronting him about jaywalking? Maybe, but probably not.

Is it more likely that he would attack an officer believing that he was about to be taken into custody for a felony strong-arm robbery? Absolutely.

Officer Wilson survived the encounter with Brown as did Lee, Hangar, and Postell. Michael Brown didn’t survive and it’s too soon to say if Officer Wilson’s use of deadly force was justified and legal. You and I both know that not all officers survive such confrontations. Officers die in incidents like this Captain Johnson, including a couple that I remember from your own organization:

On April 15, 1985 Missouri Trooper Jimmie Linegar was shot and killed by a white supremacist he and his partner stopped at a checkpoint; neither Trooper Linegar nor his partner were aware that the man they had stopped had just been indicted by a federal grand jury for involvement in a neo-Nazi group accused of murder. The suspect immediately exited the vehicle and opened fire on him with an automatic weapon.

Just a month before, Missouri Trooper James M. Froemsdorf was shot and killed—with his own gun—after making a traffic stop. When the Trooper made that stop he didn’t know that the driver was wanted on four warrants out of Texas—But again the suspect knew it.

So Captain Johnson, I guess the mindset and recently committed crimes of the suspects that murdered those Missouri Troopers didn’t mean anything. The stops by the Troopers, as you have said, are entirely different events right?


Some information contained in this article came from the Officer Down Memorial Page (ODMP).

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Video Shows Monticello Mayor Cursing, Breaking Clock After DWI Arrest

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This is from CBS 2 New York.

This son of Obama has an attitude and alcohol problem.

Yet his less than honorable has to play the race card.

So he can distract his sheeple and divert the spotlight

from his misdeeds.

MONTICELLO, N.Y. (CBSNewYork) — A video recording shows the mayor of the Sullivan County municipality of Monticello in a heated confrontation after being arrested by his own police officers.

As CBS 2’s Steve Langford reported Sunday, Monticello Mayor Gordon Jenkins was arrested on Nov. 16, on suspicion of drunken driving.

Warning: Videos Contain Graphic Language


He was taken into custody after showing up to take a look at a serious car accident on Main Street. A volunteer firefighter noticed the mayor looked drunk, according to police, and notified law enforcement. Jenkins was arrested on the spot.

In a video recorded at his own police headquarters, a man identified as Jenkins was shown seated in a chair with one hand handcuffed to a wall. During the first minute of the video, he is heard apparently talking to himself, using a variety of obscene insults to describe the officers.

Soon afterward, an officer comes in to interview him.

“You know something, Davis?” he says to the officer in the video. “I’m the one that hired you in this job, man. I mean, it doesn’t matter. It doesn’t matter about that. But you know something? How the f**k you guys going to play the game?”

When the officer later addresses him as “sir,” Jenkins replies: “Don’t call me sir.”

“Mayor? Is that better?” the officer says.

“Don’t call me mayor,” Jenkins replies. “Call me n****r, because that’s what I am when I’m right here in handcuffs. But you know something? I don’t give a f**k.”

Altogether, hours of video were released, showing Jenkins not happy about his arrest.

“What are you going to do? Put me in jail five years? I’ll get out in five years, and I going to f***ing tell you what the f**k you did to me, and I’m going to come back to you,” he tells an officer later.

The mayor was charged with DWI, refusing a Breathalyzer, obstruction of justice and criminal mischief.

The final charge came following an incident seen about an hour and 22 minutes into the first of three video clips. Jenkins stands up, pulls a clock off the wall, and hurls it out the door of the interrogation room while demanding to know who is at the police station desk.

“Why did you break the clock?” an officer says.

“Because I called you and you didn’t answer, and you f***ed… these cuffs are too tight,” Jenkins replies. When the officer returns to the room, Jenkins accuses the officer of trying to “humiliate” him.

The mayor’s DWI arrest was just the latest episode in a history of hostility between the mayor and the local police force, according to the mayor’s attorney.

“People in Monticello who form his base have suffered indignities at the hands of the same police officers, and they understand what he was saying,” attorney Michael Sussman said.

Monticello Village Trustee Carmen Rue filed the request to release the videos of the mayor in custody. She has called on him to leave his post.

“He needs help. He really needs help,” Rue said. “He needs to step down for the good of the community.”

Sussman did not dispute the fact that his client uses profane language in the video, but he did challenge the DWI charge.

“He doesn’t sound drunk to me,” Sussman said. “He sounds very coherent to me, even if very angry.”

The head of the local Policemen’s Benevolent Association said handcuffing the mayor to the wall for most of the night was not unusual treatment.

“The way he was acting, how intoxicated he was — he was treated the way everybody else was treated,” said Monticello PBA President John Riegler.

Meanwhile, residents of Monticello had serious questions Sunday about the mayor’s latest alleged conduct.

“It’s not a good example for a person in that position to be setting for the public,” one person said.

“He’s not fit for being mayor,” another said. “What mayor would do something like what he does?”

Jenkins pleaded guilty three years ago for selling knock-off sneakers at his local store. He was arrested again last year for allegedly hitting a police officer.

Jenkins also raised eyebrows earlier this year when he appointed his longtime girlfriend to the village Board of Trustees.

Jenkins pleaded not guilty to the charges against him. As for the mayor’s future, it will likely come up at the next Monticello Village Trustees’ meeting on Dec. 6.




Unarmed Couple Executed On False Assumption; No Cops/Shooters Suspended More Than Ten Days

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This from Political Outcast.

Hat tip to disturbeddeputy.

Officers fired 137 shots thats a lot of lead flying.

Was Bonnie and Clyde or perhaps even Al Capone in the car? 


When Police tell you they were involved in a “full blown-out firefight” you would think that this referred to both them being shot at by the bad guys as well as shooting back.

Not true. Business Insider reports:

Cleveland officials are suspending 63 police officers for their roles in a November car chase that ended in the shooting deaths of an unarmed man and woman, The Plain Dealer reports.

Cleveland Police Chief Michael McGrath said the officers violated police protocol during the chase, according to the newspaper.

Officers’ offenses include engaging in a chase without permission and providing false information on police reports, the Plain Dealer reports. The officers will be suspended temporarily, with no one officer being suspended for more than 10 days.

Police officials have not yet reviewed the 13 officers who were involved in the shooting itself, but that’s coming in the next and final stage of the investigation, officials told The Plain Dealer. More than 100 officers had some involvement in the chase

Malissa Williams, 30, and Timothy Russell, 43, were each shot about two dozen times in a police chase that turned deadly. They were shot at 137 times while in their car, which was parked in a middle school parking lot after the chase.

It was all based on some kind of bizarre mistake on the part of the police who “thought the suspects fired at them.” One supervisor was fired for “an administrative role” in the incident and others were demoted or discipline, though they weren’t the shooters. This may be because false information was given on the radio that the suspects were armed.

As much as I can see why the police have a gripe about false information, it is impossible for me to believe that it is good to have such a slaughter get so lightly punished. Did the “suspects” flee because they were stupid, or because they became convinced that the cops trying to stop them had murder on their minds?

What kind of mindset are police trained to have that they wouldn’t be skeptical that someone would try to shoot them? Contrary to what cops will often tell you about themselves, they are not putting their lives at much risk. In this list, they barely make the top ten. According to this website, that was only true for 2010. Why don’t we hear people rhapsodize about the courage of fishermen and roofers?

Society cannot afford to allow people who are entrusted with public safety to be given nothing but a hand slap when they break the rules to kill people and to falsely justify killing people (especially when others are punished more severely for siding with society). These kinds of stories (and worseare all too common. In the context of the government ongoing campaign against the Second Amendment, they are especially concerning.


Constitutional cops do exist

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This is from Jews For The Preservation of Firearms Ownership.

I know there are many more Constitutional Law Enforcement Officers.

The other types of Law Enforcement Officers get all of the press.


Here are two refreshing reports and videos, showing that there are still individual police who honor the Constitution and have a rational common sense approach to firearms. Both examples show what most might wish to see everywhere. We include the text supplied along with each video, as presented on YouTube.


Open Carry protesters vs Constitutional LAWFUL Sheriff
Published on September 20th, 2013

“We saw the a OC Sheriff car pull up so we all took out our camera-phones right away, anticipating trouble. This officer gets out of his car, waves to us, and walks right over. He shakes all of our hands, introduces himself, and states his purpose for walking over to us. (Somebody got scared and called).

He never asked us to disarm, never threatened us, never asked for our names or identification. I think I can speak for everyone in the group that it was an honor to meet this man. This is what we need to see from police officers everywhere! ”


Waco,Tx Open Carry long gun at Wal-Mart. Positive Peace Officer Interaction
Published on August 3rd, 2013

UPDATE: If you would like to send Sargent Pagent #121 a email commending him for his professionalism :

Overview of this video …

On 8-3-13 had a positive open carry rifle event at the Ft. Worth stockyards. After the event it was asked if we would do a Wal-Mart event. We did 2. One in Waco and one in Temple. This is the police interaction from the Waco Tx Walmart event.

… So on the way back to home base, we contacted Walmart and was told that the company policy was to abide by all State/fed/local laws etc. We informed the manager of what we were going to do … and was told if it was legal it was fine. ( I don’t think she thought we were serious!)

Then things got better, We contacted Waco PD to give a courtesy call in to let them know what we were doing. We got a quick call back from Sargent Pagent Badge #121 and spoke to him about what we were doing. He was very knowledgeable of the laws and covered 42.01 (a) 8 on the phone with us. We noticed by the composure of the phone call that Sarg. Pagent was a officer that upheld the oaths he took and invited him to meet us in the parking lot before we went into Walmart.

It is becoming rare in todays time that you meet a true Peace Officer/Oathkeeper. The Sargent understood that open carry of a long gun was unregulated in Tx and he preformed his duty’s like a true Peace Officer should by his actions with our little event.

We were not harassed, we were not subject to identifying, we were not detained. We took the initiative to show respect and notify our actions to the officer and he returned the respect to us.

… if we could just have more Officers like Sargent Pagent #121


Army Vet Violently Threatened By Police For LEGALLY Carrying His Gun

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This is from Mr. Conservative.

Many police officers lack the understanding of the state laws

and the local laws on carrying a firearm.

You can open or concealed or open carry a handgun in Indiana

As long as you have a license to carry a firearm.


A retired army vet has won $15,000 from the town of Bellingham after he claims a police officer violated his civil rights by refusing to recognize the vet’s right to carry his weapon openly, going so far as to pull a gun on the vet.

(Read MoreN.Y. School Bans Students From Saying Words “War” “Gun” “Dinosaur”.)

Washington State is an “open carry” state, meaning that citizens can openly carry licensed weapons. John Laigaie (lah-GAY) III, a 64-year old retired U.S. Army master sergeant and Second Amendment supporter, is one of those who routinely takes advantage of this right. He always carries a handgun on his hip, saying “It’s my job, it’s what I do. I protect myself and my family.”

On December 19, 2011, Laigaie was walking his dog in a Bellingham, Washington, park with his 9 mm handgun on his hip. A police officer came up to him, asked Laigaie for his identification, and told him that it was illegal to have a gun in the park.

(Read MoreGun Control Advocate Runs Over Man Carrying Airsoft Gun.)

Laigaie did not touch his gun. Instead, he explained to the officer that Washington is an “open carry” state, and offered to show the officer a copy of the statute, which Laigaie carried in his pocket. Rather than discussing the matter or showing any interest in the law, the officer drew his gun and aimed it directly at Laigaie’s chest.

The officer eventually backed down and allowed Laigaie to leave without charging him. Laigaie, however, felt that the Bellingham police needed to learn the laws given that they’re in charge of enforcing them. Accordingly, he hired a law firm to sue the city for violating his civil rights.

(Read MoreLiberal Editor Who Published Addresses Of Gun Owners Fired.)

Realizing that it was both statutorily and constitutionally wrong-footed on this one, the city of Bellingham, Washington has now agreed to pay $15,000 in damages to Laigaie, and to provide police officers and 911 operators with additional training in gun rights laws in order to prevent similar situations in the future.


Cops doing good…

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Hat Tip To Old NFO.

This is a very heart warming story.

I am having trouble seeing my keyboard.

There is a dust storm near my computer.


Yes, it does happen, but these are the stories that never seem to make the media…

Police give young mom a helping hand after shoplifting accusation

by Ashley B. Craig

Charleston Daily Mail staff

Charleston Patrolman Ryan Williard and Detective Duane Fields helped a struggling mother accused of shoplifting at the Patrick Street K-Mart.

What started as an ordinary shoplifting call turned in to something more for two Charleston police officers.

Patrolmen Ryan Willard and Duane Fields were dispatched July 30 to K-Mart at the PatrickStreetPlaza to look into a shoplifting. They spoke to the loss prevention officer when they arrived and then were led to a room inside the store.

There they found a young woman and her two young daughters – a 7- or 8-year-old and a 2-year-old who was still in diapers.

When they learned what the woman had tried to take from the store, their hearts went out to her.

“She didn’t take anything to benefit herself,” Willard said. “She had only taken baby diapers, rash cream and some clothes for her children, ’cause she said she was going through kind of a rough divorce and her husband wasn’t really helping out.”

Willard, 24, and Fields, 34, talked about the situation with each other and then with the loss prevention officer.

“I just felt bad for her,” Fields said. “I’ve got kids at home.”

Fields, a father of two who just made detective, offered to buy diapers and rash cream for the baby and Willard took her and the children into the store to pick out a couple of outfits, shoes and socks.

“You could tell she was just down on her luck, and it’s good for the police to be able to show people that we’re just normal just like them and that we can step out of our boundaries and help in their time of need as well.

Read the rest of the story HERE.

Kudos to them!


Lancaster teen Temar Boggs hailed as a hero in 5-year-old’s abduction

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This is from Lancaster Online.

This story gives me hope for the youth of America.

These you men are to be commended.

Temar Boggs had a feeling he’d find the 5-year-old girl who was abducted Thursday in Lancaster Township.

He was right.

Boggs, a McCaskey freshman who lives in Gable Park Woods, had been hanging out with a friend at nearby Lancaster Arms apartments and helping move a couch when a man came by asking if they’d seen a missing girl.


They hadn’t, Boggs said, so they went to watch TV.

A short time later, his friend went outside and saw lots of police officers and people from the neighborhood looking for the girl.

Police said that the girl had been taken that afternoon from the 100 block of Jennings Drive.

Boggs and about six friends joined the search.

Update: Man charged with kidnapping, sexual offenses in abduction of girl, 5

“We got all of our friends to go look for her. We made our own little search party,” Boggs, 15, said Saturday, though he didn’t know the girl or her family.

They walked through some nearby woods and along a creek where they were told the girl might have gone.

When Boggs and his friends returned to Lancaster Arms on Jennings Drive, they saw more police officers and TV news crews.

“The whole block was filled,” he said.

That’s when, Boggs said, “I had the gut feeling that I was going to find the little girl.”

A friend asked Boggs to hold his bike. Boggs figured the bike would help him search for the girl.

So he and another friend, Chris Garcia, rode on area streets — Michelle Drive, St. Phillips Drive, Gable Park Road — looking for her.

That’s when a maroon car caught his eye. (He had gotten a bit ahead of Garcia.)

Related: Pictures of massive search for missing girl

The car was on Gable Park and turned around when it got near the top of a hill toward Millersville Pike, where Boggs said several police officers were gathered with the kind of cart used to carry an injured football player off the field.

The driver, an older white man, then began quickly turning onto and out of side streets connecting to Gable Park, Boggs said.

The neighborhood is something of a maze; many of its streets are cul-de-sacs.

Boggs got close enough to the car to see a little girl inside. Garcia was nearby.

The driver looked at Boggs and Garcia, then stopped the car at Gable Park and Betz Farm Road and pushed the girl out of the car. The driver then drove off, Boggs said.

Boggs said he didn’t see where the car went.

“She runs to my arms and said, ‘I need to see my mommy,’ ” Boggs said.

Boggs scooped the girl onto his shoulders and began riding the bike toward home, but then decided that wasn’t safe, so he carried her and walked back while Garcia pedaled along, guiding the bike Boggs had been using.


Back at Lancaster Arms, when Boggs and Garcia arrived with the girl, someone summoned a firefighter or law enforcement officer.

Boggs said the girl was reluctant to leave him and go to the official.

“She didn’t want to leave me because she thought they were going to do something to her. I said, ‘No, it’s OK,’ ” he said.

Police said later that the abductor took the little girl for ice cream, and that there were indications of an assault.

Boggs met the girl’s family Thursday evening, after he told police his story.

The girl’s family members “were just saying that I was a hero, that I was a guardian angel and that it was amazing that I was there and was able to find the girl,” he said.

Boggs doesn’t see himself as a hero.

“I’m just a normal person who did a thing that anybody else would do,” he said.

He described himself as a typical kid.

He plays football, basketball and track (he runs the 100- and 200-meter and the 400-meter relay, and does the high and long jump).

He likes sneakers, and if his hopes of being a professional athlete don’t pan out, he’d like to be a clothing or sneaker designer. Or maybe work in the culinary arts.

He’s modest, but knows he did something special Thursday.

“It was like fate, it was like meant for me and Chris to be there. If we wouldn’t have left (to look for the girl) who knows what would have happened to the little girl,” he said.

Boggs did wake up in the middle of the night afterward, though, thinking he might have saved the girl’s life.

“It was a blessing for me to make that happen,” he said.

His mother, Tamika Boggs, said she’s proud of her son.

“You just hope you raise your child the right way. … He’s learning what I tell him, to help others,” she said.

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Civilians are Safer than Police

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This is from Jews For The Preservation Of Firearms Ownership.

From some of the stories about police officers from various

parts of the country discharging  their weapons.

In some high-profile cases the officers fired as many as

seventy rounds and hitting innocent bystanders.

I have no trouble believing this story.


By Rob Morse, June 4th 2013

Article source


I respect my friends in the gun culture, but gun-control politicians sure don’t. These politicians put the police on a pedestal when it suits them. These politicians write gun laws that often exempt the police or demand that civilians match the standards set for police. I don’t know what is so special about law enforcement officers that civilian gun owners should imitate them. A badge doesn’t suddenly make people more responsible or better shots.

I think the gun grabbing politicians have it backwards. Civilians with a concealed carry license are more responsible and law abiding than cops based on the data! These civilians obey laws in general, and firearms laws in particular, better than the police. Said another way, society would be safer if the police were able to match the record set by civilians with concealed carry licenses. That isn’t what politicians tell us.

Civilians, not the police, are the usual targets of crime. Everyday civilians are violently attacked a few million times each year. We could save thousands of victims if we make civilians even slightly safer. The average criminal leaves a long wake of citizen-victim’s before the criminal finally meets a police officer. Most criminals commit twenty to thirty crimes before they are arrested. Stated precisely, civilians have many more contacts with criminals, and therefore the necessity to defend themselves, than do police. Armed civilians don’t shoot criminals very often despite the vast number of contacts between them. That makes sense and is an important point.

It is true that each policeman meets more criminals than the average civilian, so law enforcement officers give us a good point of reference about self-defense. Policemen are very glad they can protect themselves with a firearm even though they will probably never have to shoot someone during their entire career. That brings two things to mind. First, I want law enforcement officers to have the tools they need for their own safety. Second, I’m glad the police seldom have to use lethal force.

Civilians deserve the same range of options, particularly since they encounter criminals twenty to thirty times more often than the police. Fortunately for the armed citizen, criminals are consistent in one regard. Few criminals press their attack when they face an armed victim just as most criminals stop when faced by an armed police officer. For the civilian, presenting a weapon in the face of an immediate violent threat is enough to stop most crimes. Gun control politicians ignore that fact and tell us we would be safer if we were helpless victims. Fortunately, most Americans are not helpless.

Because armed citizen’s encounter so many criminals, over two million each year, civilians also shoot and kill more criminals than do the police. This is astounding because civilians and police have very different roles and training. The police want to apprehend a criminal while the citizen simply wants the criminal to go away. Permit holders and police are trained differently; police are trained to control the encounter while civilians are trained to retreat and diffuse a potentially violent situation. Even though lethal encounters are rare, civilians are forced to defend themselves with lethal force more often than police because of their very large number of criminal contacts. It is the ordinary civilians who live on the cutting edge of self-defense, not the police.

It is a strong testament to human nature and good firearms training that armed civilians do the right thing so often. The licensed concealed carry holder is much less likely to shoot the wrong person compared to the police. The trained law enforcement officer is over five times more likely to shoot the wrong person than a concealed permit holders, 11 percent versus 2 percent.

The gun control politician doesn’t talk about that. They don’t mention when the police shoot an unarmed and innocent hostage. They don’t mention when the Philadelphia police shoot seven people in a week and kill four of them.

Some states and the District of Columbia propose that gun owners must carry firearms liability insurance. The price of that insurance should be much higher for police officers than for CCW holders. I’ll argue that permit holders should be paid since they reduce the overall level of crime more effectively than the police.

Yes, CCW carriers are more law abiding than police. They have a lower rate of conviction for alcohol, firearms or battery than police.



Note in this graph civilians are several times more law abiding for sexual assault and homicide. The crime rate for police is very similar to the general population for other crimes. In contrast, permit holders in North Carolina commit violent crimes with a firearm 82 percent less often than the average citizen and are convicted of a DUI 85 percent less often than the general population. I can’t find data for every state, but Texas permit holders are much safer too.

It matters. Unarmed civilians are shot in Washington, DC (video – sorry, marked as private) where civilians are not allowed to carry firearms in public. Hundreds of citizens are murdered in Chicago each year (video). The laws that gun-grabbing politicians and some law enforcement executives want to spread across the US will lead to more deaths. That is wrong.

We should save lives instead. I have no tolerance for gun-grabbers who lead us to more murders


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