More Purging? 3 More Big Military Brass Thrown Under Obama’s Bus? Inc. NVY CMNDR, All Arrested For “Bribery Scheme”

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Hat tip Mad Jewess.

Is this a Stalin purge?

I can not help thinking it is.


More Purging? 3 More Big Military Brass Thrown Under Obama’s Bus? Inc. NVY CMNDR, All  Arrested For “Bribery Scheme

When a tyrant is in power, a free people must question all and any of his actions.

So far, this is 20 big military men (total) under Obama’s bus of Stalinesque style purges…  Is it really a bribery scheme (below)?   I have never seen this many Commanders, Generals and Navy men ‘relieved.’   EVER.    It is possible that there was a scheme involved in this ‘scheme’.  But, I don’t believe or trust one, single thing that the administration tells us–not one thing. Zero, zilch, nada. So, I leave it upo to you to question.  Just remember one thing:  Obama said the military is HIS military.. NOT ours:  Whose army? 

So, purging will commence if the obedience Obama demands is not met.  That’s my opinion..

The U.S. Navy is being rocked by a bribery scandal that federal investigators say has reached high into the officer corps and exposed a massive overbilling scheme run by an Asian defense contractor that provided prostitutes and other kickbacks.

Click to read it-Bribery scandal rocks Navy


Barack HUSSEIN Al Obama



Syracuse-Mob Of Obama’s Sons Brutally Beat 70 Year Old White Male In “Knockout Game”

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Hat Tip to the Mad Jewess.

No surprise this story gets little or no media coverage.


Mob Of Obama’s Sons Brutally Beat 70 Year Old White Male In “Knockout Game”

Our prayers are with this elderly gentleman, beaten for walking while white.

Lincoln said:

Our republican system was meant for a homogeneous people. As long as blacks continue to live with the whites they constitute a threat to the national life.Family life may also collapse and the increase of mixed breed bastards may some day challenge the supremacy of the white man.

Of course, there are exceptions to the rule, but how ‘wrong’ could a man be??

Click- Hate crime mob attack against 70 year old in Syracuse

Black supremacists have been emboldened by their black power president.


Mob Of Obama’s Sons Brutally Beat 70 Year Old White Male In “Knockout Game”

Our prayers are with this elderly gentleman, beaten for walking while white.

Lincoln said:

Our republican system was meant for a homogeneous people. As long as blacks continue to live with the whites they constitute a threat to the national life.Family life may also collapse and the increase of mixed breed bastards may some day challenge the supremacy of the white man.

Of course, there are exceptions to the rule, but how ‘wrong’ could a man be??

Click- Hate crime mob attack against 70 year old in Syracuse

Black supremacists have been emboldened by their black power president.


Mob Of Obama’s Sons Brutally Beat 70 Year Old White Male In “Knockout Game”

Our prayers are with this elderly gentleman, beaten for walking while white.

Lincoln said:

Our republican system was meant for a homogeneous people. As long as blacks continue to live with the whites they constitute a threat to the national life.Family life may also collapse and the increase of mixed breed bastards may some day challenge the supremacy of the white man.

Of course, there are exceptions to the rule, but how ‘wrong’ could a man be??

Click- Hate crime mob attack against 70 year old in Syracuse

Black supremacists have been emboldened by their black power president.


#BlackPrivilege: Horrific Week Of Racial Crimes Perp’d Against Whites In Obama’s “Post Racial” America

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Hat Tip To The Mad Jewess.

I thought Obama was going to bring Americans together?

Race relations in America are at a lower point than in the 1960’s.

I recall some real bad race relations from the 60’s.

It scares me to think we are going backwards race relations.

#BlackPrivilege: Horrific Week Of Racial Crimes Perp’d Against Whites In Obama’s “Post Racial” America

Meanwhile, Americans are shaking in their boots hoping the left-wing does not call them ‘racists’.  If you are white and unarmed, you are an irresponsible person.

Colorado is paying the price for voting in Obama: Rash of brutal hate crimemob attacks in Denver

Click: Black nurse indicted after ‘negligent‘ death of 3-year-old White girl

Kayla Andrews

Click-White ‘good Samaritan’ couple repaid by black ‘family friend’ ex-felon who raped and attempted to murder wife

Leanna Whitlock

Click- Raleigh black pleads not guilty in slaying of his white ex-girlfriend, mother of his two children

Laura Jean Ackerson

Click-83-Year-Old Man Attacked, Robbed Of Wallet, Important Papers by Black Male with Corn Rows

Nichola Capozzoli

See all of it:

16 August 2013 archived – (click at left for full coverage)

Blacks have a shoot-down in Oakland, nobody cares and walk on by:

Enjoy your country, we get what we deserve.

-David Ben Moshe


Serious #BlackPrivilege: Son Of Barack Completely Vandalizes Store In Houston, TX


Hat Tip To The Mad Jewess.

It is amazing how many of these stories go unreported or under reported.

I guess the media is afraid of being called racists.


Obama’s kid walked into this store and vandalized everything in site. For what? Dunno. The Kenyan experiment has failed. Please put a White Christian, God fearing man back in charge.  Someone please do something, its going to get worse if you dont.


We know…We are not supposed to talk about this problem because…


Tim Wise (NAZI “Jew”)-Whites Need To “Improve Race Relations” But, Says Nothing About Black Racist Murderers

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Hat Tip To The Mad Jewess.




im Wise (NAZI “Jew”)-Whites Need To “Improve Race Relations” But, Says Nothing About Black Racist Murderers


Let’s start facing the truth; Many blacks are racists that hate white people (NO, not all, they are not the issue-ditto right minded Jewish people and other minorities…)  They (American blacks) murder, rape and rob white people–daily.  Wise is a sick Nazi.  He is a JEWISH Nazi.  That’s what he is.  What does this idiot do to encourage black people stop their evil hatred of whites? Nothing.  He hides crimes against white people. Making him no different than Hitler in the opposite direction.  In fact, by this moron suggesting that whites need to be more submissive toward blacks puts him in the same league as the SS. 

Fact: Hitler hid the crimes of the NAZIS against his victims.  That is what the left wing media does; they HIDE black on white crime, just like Hitler all while calling YOU& ME a NAZI–what a joke..

What can we do to change this, bloggers and activists?  You can start by re-blogging these stories, talk about it in public, A LOT.  I see many of my blogger friends don’t look for these stories.  You are worried about Obama.  There is nothing you can do to change Obama-he is where he is because of #BLACKPRIVILEGE. He aint going nowhere, because that would be racccist.  Even though he is the worst ‘prez’ ever.  SO, you CAN do something to stop what is happening by getting some gonads.  And, CARING about white people or fellow whites.

There is a genocide taking place against white people. That you say nothing makes you guilty. How can you stand before God, having said nothing, doing nothing??

White people are the ‘oppressed class’ in America. Psychologically, mentally, and physically.  They are persecuted for being white. WWW-Walking While White.. They are demanded to bow down and worship Obama. If they do not, they are racist, made fun of, ostracized, fired from jobs, beaten by blacks, raped and murdered by blacks  etc…  Funny, if one did not like Bush (who was also semi-totalitarian) That was not racist.. Its only going to get worse.  In the 1930′s, it was the same way for Jews, minorities and Germans that would not tow the line of the fascism. Same as it is in America, today. 

So, resist we much.

Bullshit Tim Wise story: Tim Wise Tells CNN’s Don Lemon The 5 Things White People Should Do To Improve Race Relations



Playing the Race Card, Again

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This is from Joe For America.

One more brain-dead liberal being heard from.

It is very clear Francis Wilkinson knows nothing about firearms.

There are armed citizens of all races.

Why do liberals think only white people own firearms?

I have added a link to the editorial in Bloomberg.

Read it at your own peril it will make furious .

Bloomberg Editorial – “Guns Are for White People”

WilkinsonI just finished reading an article on the editorial page over at  The article was written by a guy named Francis Wilkinson (face pictured above), a suspiciously white sounding name (the relevance of that comment will become clear if you read his article).  In his article, he looks at three gun magazines (1 issue per magazine, 3 magazines total) after which he comes to the conclusion that apparently guns are just for us racist white folk.

The author of this article appears to be so consumed with his visual perception of what he assumes the race of people pictured in the magazines is, it makes me wonder why?  What is his obsession with other people’s ethnicities?  How come the author choose not to include American Indians (I’ve been told by a few folks of that ethnicity they prefer that term over “Native American”), East Indians, Middle Easterners, etc?  He seems to be judging people (and the magazines) based solely on their outward appearance.  That is very shallow and dare I say, almost racist, for such an “enlightened” person.

I’d just like to point out a few actual facts he might like to consider.  In one of the magazines he chose to “examine”, Guns & Weapons For Law Enforcement (which he only lists the partial publication name), several of the regular contributors (actual paid writers) are not “white”.  The most noteworthy of those being Massad Ayoob who has a regular column that appears in every single issue.  If you are thinking to yourself that is not a very “white” sounding name, you would be right.  His name is not very white sounding (although in photos he sometimes appears to be) and that is because he is an Arab American, whose grandparents immigrated to this country.

Another of the contributors, Jorge Amselle, from his photo and from his writings, appears to be of Hispanic descent.  In addition to extensively writing about guns, he has also written and even testified before the House Judiciary Committee in 1995 about the detrimental effects that Affirmative Action was having on American society.  However, I assume the author of that Bloomberg article, especially when considering what is written in the article, is likely a strong supporter of Affirmative Action, since that is what he is essentially looking for in the photos in gun magazines.Perhaps the author should complain to the Advertising Coordinator for the magazine and express his desire to see more “non-white” people pictured in the magazine.  Her name is Emily Lee, and she happens to be an Asian female.  I’m sure she would be happy to oblige him as he clearly is a regular customer, seeing as he knows so much about the magazine.

Furthermore, the publisher of Guns & Weapons for Law Enforcement is Harris Publications, who publishes other such noteworthy minority-excluding magazines as King (a monthly men’s magazine geared toward African American and urban audiences), XXL (a hip hop lifestyle and music magazine) and Juicy (self described as “ the first celebrity and lifestyle magazine for Black women”).

They sure sound like a bunch of racist white folk to me… or is it the author of that article that is in fact the person consumed by race?  Physician, heal thyself… Wilkinson can keep his white-guilt all to himself.  I’m perfectly fine seeing past folks skin color.

In USA: If You LOOK White, You ARE A Target. If You Don’t GET This…You’re An Idiot

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This is from The Mad Jewess.

This is very eye opening.


In USA: If You LOOK White, You ARE A Target. If You Don’t GET This…You’re An Idiot

I am sickened that more white people do not care about themselves. Teachers & Professors teach white-hatred from cradle to the grave in American schools and colleges and you act like this is not real..

Everyday, my husband faithfully posts on the crimes, murder and mayhem perpetrated by the sons of Obama against white people.  Sadly, when the Zimmerman case was going on, we got tweeted constantly.  Now, when David posts on these horrific crimes–rarely does anyone tweet, facebook, re-blog etc. Right now, the only thing we can do is REPORT this.. I have about 10 faithful soldiers with me on twitter that tweet these horrendous acts of violence with the ‘hash-tag’,  ”#BlackPrivilege”.  Unfortunately, they are the only ones that do this for white people and the victims of these atrocious crimes.

Its incredible that white people are so damned brainwashed that THEY believe they are the ‘racists.’  How can this be possible?  I don’t get it, people. White on black crime is almost non-existent in USA.  There are thousands of black on white race-hate crimes posted on sites that we link up–sites that we believe to be honest-hearted people who care.  Yet, white people don’t give a damn about themselves. AT ALL.

I will tell you for one last time:  If you are white, or look white, you are a target.  Just as the blacks were targeted in the south in the 1960′s, YOU are now the target.

 Racism is a very serious thing.  It is an affront to God.  For people to be beaten, raped and robbed just because they are perceived as being weak or having a different skin color–that, in itself – is an incredible evil.  That more Jews are not helping in this fight against race-hatred isastounding to me.  This vile insanity is not much different than how the Jews were dealt in Nazi-Germany. Targeted just for BEING Jews.   And, if that is too much for so many “Jews” to believe in, start sifting through these crimes on this blog.  I am ashamed of ‘Jews’ AND ‘Christians’ in America.  All you seem to care about is tweeting the latest thing that the impossible jackass, Obama does instead of worrying about your own neighbor.  It is appalling.

In America, the white is now as the Jew was in NAZI-Germany. and if you don’t think so, you are an idiot.  WE are on the right side of history, you fake “Jews” and “Christians” are NOT.

Youtube contributed by @binggreen:


HUD’s New ‘Fair Housing’ Rule Establishes Diversity Data for Every Neighborhood in U.S.

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This is from CNSNews.

This is more social engineering by HUD.

Is HUD wanting to spread the blight of the ghettos?

Get the government out of our lives.

( – To ensure that “every American is able to choose to live in a community they feel proud of,” HUD has published a new fair-housing regulation intended to give people access to better neighborhoods than the ones they currently live in.

The goal is to help communities understand “fair housing barriers” and “establish clear goals” for “improving integrated living patterns and overcoming historic patterns of segregation.”

“This proposed rule represents a 21st century approach to fair housing, a step forward to ensuring that every American is able to choose to live in a community they feel proud of – where they have a fair shot at reaching their full potential in life,” said HUD Secretary Shaun Donovan.

“For the first time ever,” Donovan added, “HUD will provide data for every neighborhood in the country, detailing the access African American, Latino, Asian, and other communities have to local assets, including schools, jobs, transportation, and other important neighborhood resources that can play a role in helping people move into the middle class.”

Social engineering

According to HUD, long-term solutions include “helping people gain access to different neighborhoods and channeling investments into under-served areas.” The mapping tool may guide development and zoning decisions, for example.

In a July 16 speech to the NAACP, Donovan said the American Dream still isn’t within equal reach of all communities. He lamented the lack of diversity in America’s boardrooms, schools, and the nation’s “strongest neighborhoods.”

“We have got to shape a future where ladders of opportunity are available for all Americans,” Donovan said. “For African Americans, this is critically important.  Historically, for this community, the rungs on these ladders have been too far apart -– making it harder to reach the middle class.”

Donovan said HUD’s new neighborhood mapping tool, which uses Census data, will “expand access to high opportunity neighborhoods and draw attention to investment possibilities in under-served communities.”

“Make no mistake, this is a big deal,” Donovan said. “With the HUD budget alone, we are talking about billions of dollars. And as you know, decades ago, these funds were used to support discrimination. Now, they will be used to expand opportunity and bring communities closer to the American Dream.”

Under the Fair Housing Act, HUD requires grantees, such as cities, that receive federal housing funds to “affirmatively further fair housing.”

Under the proposed rule, the neighborhood data provided by HUD will be used to evaluate patterns of integration and segregation, racial and ethnic concentrations of poverty, and access to “valuable community assets.” HUD wants to know if existing laws and policies — such as zoning, financing, infrastructure planning and transportation — create, perpetuate or alleviate segregation.

The proposed rule explicitly incorporates fair-housing decision-making into existing planning processes and “other decision-making that influences how communities and regions grow and develop.”

– See more at:


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This is from Breitbarts Big Journalism.

You can fill volumes with the information the media with holds

from the Zimmerman case.

The media like Obama are just teleprompter readers.


In the wake of the Zimmerman not-guilty verdict, the media’s outright liesrace-baitingmisinformation,shrillnessdownplaying of events inconvenient to their narrative, and hysterical and dangerous stoking of racial animus have been in fifth-gear 24/7 for going on five days now. And they are just getting started. NBC’s Al Sharpton is currently arranging for 100 weekend protests in 100 cities.

Cutting through the muck to the truth is therefore New Media‘s job; and here are ten things the media are either ignoring or downplaying in their partisan effort to turn a loss into a win…


1. There is Zero Evidence Race was Involved In the Shooting

Early last year, as the tragic and fatal shooting of teenager Trayvon Martin was just starting to bubble up, the media falsely described George Zimmerman as “white.” The name Zimmerman apparently fooled the media into believing they had a white versus black narrative on their hands. Once they learned Zimmerman was Hispanic, rather than change course, in order to cover up their mistake, the media put the pedal to the metal in pushing a racial angle.

This crusade, however, is anti-science. A thorough federal investigation into Zimmerman found absolutely no evidence that there was any racism in his past or in his motivations the night of the shooting.

During the trial, the prosecution did not accuse Zimmerman of having any kind of racial motive.

The one juror who has spoken out said the jury saw no evidence of a racial motivation.

The media’s racial narrative is based on nothing more than partisan lies, speculation, innuendo, and a cynical alchemy conjured from nothing to enflame division and hate.

Moreover, it is reasonable to assume the media have been swarming Zimmerman’s life looking for anything that might point to racism. But as of yet there have been no media reports (that weren’t later debunked and retracted) reporting Zimmerman has been found to be a closet racist.

On the contrary…


2. Zimmerman’s Admirable History of Being Colorblind Toward Blacks

Zimmerman’s past indicates he is color blind. He has dated black womentutored black children, once stood up for a black homeless man against the police (we’re told he so desperately wants to impress), has black relatives, and voted for the first black president.


3. Zimmerman is Hispanic, Not White

Like President Obama, Zimmerman has one white parent. Quite properly, the media have never referred to Obama as “half-black,” a “self-described black,” or a “white black.” Obama is black. Period.

Zimmerman, however, has been stripped of his Hispanic racial identity across almost every media outlet in America. Though he is as Hispanic as Obama is black, because it is inconvenient to the white versus black racial narrative the media are hyping, the media refuse to identify Zimmerman as a Hispanic.

A full fifteen months after the media learned they had made a mistake and that their prey was Hispanic, some in media are still referring to Zimmerman as “white.

Those not referring to him as white are either ignoring his racial heritage altogether, or describing him as a “white Hispanic” or some variation of a “self-described Hispanic.”

As far as I know, this is an unprecedented editorial decision.

Speaking of unprecedented…


4. Obama’s Justice Department Has Launched a National Fishing Expedition Against Zimmerman

Probably because the reporting of such a frightening and Orwellian act of federal overreach might make look Zimmerman look sympathetic and hurt Obama, the media have apparently decided to ignore Attorney General Eric Holder’s public witch hunt. The Justice Department is setting up a public tip line for Americans to “help build a case against Zimmerman.”

In order to build a civil rights case, the government needs evidence of racism.

The federal government crowd-sourcing for evidence against a single American is both chilling and something heretofore unheard of.


5. Like Some Conservatives, President Obama Feared Violence After the Verdict

One of the false racially-charged talking points some in media are using against conservatives is that we are racist for fearing there might be violence in the wake of the verdict.

Something inconvenient to that narrative is the fact that a black, leftist American president beloved by the media also feared there would be violence in the wake of the verdict. After the verdict was announced, the president released a statement that said in part:

I know this case has elicited strong passions.  And in the wake of the verdict, I know those passions may be running even higher.  But we are a nation of laws, and a jury has spoken.  I now ask every American to respect the call for calm reflection from two parents who lost their young son.

Unfortunately for a race-baiting media, this, one of the president’s better moments, has to be ignored in order to serve an artificial narrative.

Which brings me to number six…


6. There Has Been Widespread Violence After the Verdict

The fear President Obama and those “racist” conservatives shared about the possibility of violence in the wake of the Zimmerman verdict has been vindicated.

In just a few days, Breitbart News has documented over two dozen separate acts of violence and lawlessness throughout the country.

The media are dutifully covering up this widespread violence. Yes, they report on each separate act, but always with a “mostly peaceful” qualifier. The media also refuse to connect the dots and widen their reportorial context to show the entire picture.

One aspect of this lawless spree the racially-obsessed media adamantly refuse to report on are the reported “hate crimes” being committed by black against whites and Hispanics.

Which brings me to…


7. Zimmerman Protesters Commit Numerous Racially-Motivated Assaults:

While the irresponsible media is inventing from whole cloth a racial narrative in the Trayvon shooting, at the same time, they are willfully ignoring actual racially-motivated assaults occurring in the wake of the verdict.

Thus far, there have been three reported hate crimes — actual assaults — committed by Trayvon supporters. But like the awful murders taking hundreds of black lives in Chicago, the media refuse to call national attention to these verdict-inspired hate crimes because there is no political upside in doing so. How can a liberal media call attention to the violence in Chicago when liberals and liberalism are the problem?

The same thinking holds true for these reported assaults by blacks against Hispanics and whites. To focus on reality might undermine the fabricated narrative that an innocent black teenager was stalked and murdered by a racist white man.


8. “Stand Your Ground” Has Nothing to do With the Zimmerman Case

Other than ginning up black turnout for Obama’s re-election effort in the crucial swing state of Florida and enflaming racial tensions (which solidifies the Democrat base), another partisan goal the media hopes to achieve from the Zimmerman case is to toxify the “Stand Your Ground” laws that currently exist in 30 states.

But like the fact that Zimmerman is not white and that there is zero evidence showing race was in any way involved in his actions the night of the shooting, the media have also bumped into another inconvenient reality: “Stand Your Ground” had nothing to do with Zimmerman’s defense or acquittal.

The Zimmerman case was a simple case of self-defense:

The jury received standard instructions. Zimmerman did not invoke the Stand Your Ground provision. Zimmerman later waived his right to a pretrial immunity hearing under the Stand Your Ground procedures.

And as National Review’s Sterling Beard points out, “The only time Stand Your Ground came up during the trial proper was when a prosecution witness stated that he’d taught a class Zimmerman had attended that covered Stand Your Ground.”

Even the prosecution rejects the cynical attempt to tie Martin’s death to Stand Your Ground. Prosecutor John Guy couldn’t have made it clearer during the trial: “This case is not about standing your ground.” During their post-trial press conference, as conservative talk show host Victoria Taft first noted, a Miami Herald reporter asked the prosecution team specifically whether Stand Your Ground “affected the facts in this case and whether this case could have been won, perhaps, pre the changes in the law.”

Prosecutor Bernie De La Rionda replied: “You know, self-defense has existed for a long time. And we’ve dealt with it in Jackson for a long time.

These facts, though, have failed to stop Eric Holder or the media from pretending the complete opposite is true.


9. Rachel Jeantel Might Be Responsible for the Deadly Confrontation

An unfortunate mix of marijuana, homophobia, and a friend whispering warnings in your ear at night, could go a long towards explaining why a physical altercation occurred:

[CNN’s PIERS] MORGAN: And he was freaked out by it [Zimmerman following him]?

JEANTEL: Yes. Definitely after I say may be a rapist, for every boy, for every man, every — who’s not that kind of way, seeing a grown man following them, would they be creep out?

She continued:

“And people need to understand, he didn’t want that creepy ass cracker going to his father or girlfriend’s house to go get — mind you, his little brother was there. You know — now, mind you, I told you — I told Trayvon it might have been a rapist.”

Evidence that shows why Trayvon might have been the aggressor, though, is inconvenient to a media desperate to enflame racial tensions. Moreover, bringing the issue of homophobia into the personal narratives of Trayvon and Jeantel just can’t be allowed to happen.

This bombshell has been swept under the rug just as effectively as the other nine.


10. The Florida Justice System’s Leniency Towards Trayvon Led to His Death

In order to make his crime statistics look good, Police Chief Charles Hurley of the Miami-Dade School Police Department is suspected of juicing the numbers by treating outright crimes as simple disciplinary problems. As Robert Stacy McCain reports in the American Spectator, Trayvon Martin ended up being a victim of this practice.

Instead of being arrested and charged after being found with a burglary tool and 13 pieces of jewelry stolen from a house a half-mile from the school, Trayvon was suspended from school. Trayvon was also caught with marijuana:

Either of those incidents could have put Trayvon Martin into the custody of the juvenile justice system. However, because of Chief Hurley’s attempt to reduce the school crime statistics — according to sworn testimony, officers were “basically told to lie and falsify” reports — Martin was never arrested. And if he had been arrested, he might never have been in Sanford the night of his fatal encounter with Zimmerman.

What we have here is a case of police corruption in which the media have shown no interest, even though you can connect the dots to Trayvon’s tragic death.

But to report this story would mean upsetting the narrative that Trayvon was an innocent (like many of us at 17, he got in trouble) and that the only cause of his death was a racist white man protected by racist white laws (passed almost unanimously by Republicans and Democrats).

While the simple and noble act of reporting the full truth might help to ease tensions, as racial violence breaks out across the country, the media have shown no remorse for enflaming citizens with falsehoods.

Sadly, the media have not even signaled that they might slow down.

If anything, the media are just warming up for what they seem to hope will be “a long, hot weekend.



Here We Go: Alabama to Implement “Race-Based Standards” in Public Schools

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This is from Town Hall.

This why common core education is wrong for American.

These race based standards that America back to the

days of segregated schools with out the segregation.

This flies in the face of the Brown vs Board of Education.

The Brown ruling was to help improve the of minority children.

If you use Common Core why not go back to segregated schools?

Common Core will have the same effect.


Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to post-racial America. Via the Wall Street Journal:

The Alabama Federation of Republican Women (AFRW) strongly opposes “race-based standards for student achievement” pushed by the Alabama Department of Education, as reported in The Tuscaloosa News on Sunday, June 30. Minority students will be held to a lower standard, and would be tracked at a lower standard throughout their academic career from K-12.

According to this article by Jamon Smith, “Beginning this fall, Alabama public schools will be under a new state-created academic accountability system that sets different goals for students in math and reading based on their race, economic status, ability to speak English and disabilities.” Alabama’s Plan 2020 “sets a different standard for students in each of several subgroups — American Indian, Asian/Pacific islander, black, English language learners, Hispanic, multirace, poverty, special education and white.”

The “race-based” standards are part of Common Core, adopted by the state board of education in November 2010.

Walter Russell Mead points out that race-based standards are hardly new. Indeed, he writes, 27 out of the 33 states that received waivers from No Child Left Behind’s strict academic requirements in 2012 “now have different achievement goals for different groups of students.” This in turn works out well for public schools who can keep receiving federal funds even though many of their students are falling by the wayside. But just because this practice is exceedingly common and popular doesn’t necessarily mean it’s morally defensible. One of the more powerful arguments against Plessy vs. Ferguson — the infamous “separate but equal” Supreme Court ruling in 1896 — was that sending white and black students to separate but unequal school systems seriously harmed children. Why? Because it made young blacks feel inferior. Question: How on earth would lowering academic standards for non-whites in Alabama’s public schools be any less discriminatory?

The implicit assumption here is that minority students can’t compete with white students. And while it’s certainly true that perhaps some students lag significantly behind their white counterparts in the classroom, what kind of message does it send to persons of color when the achievement bar is purposefully lowered for non-academic reasons? Uniform academic benchmarks might be impossible in Alabama, but I find it reprehensible that minority students would be consigned to dumbed down standards solely because of the color of their skin and/or their parents’ level of income.

It’s self-evidently true that any child — regardless of race, class or gender — has the ability to attain the highest levels of academic achievement. Lowering standards and racial profiling in public schools is a terrible idea, not least because it seems to suggest otherwise.

H/T Via Meadia

UPDATE: Note also how the organization in Alabama that opposes race-based standards is not comprised of progressives but of conservative women. Remember that the next time someone on MSNBC shrieks that Republicans down in Dixie are “racists.”


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