There’s Road Rage, and Then There’s This Woman

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This is from The Blaze.

People like this is one more reason why I carry a gun.


Editor’s Note:

Video in this story contains strong language.

A North Carolina woman was arrested after an unhinged road range incident was caught on video and turned over to police.

Kristin Leigh Phillips was charged with reckless driving to endanger, assault and battery, injury to personal property, driving left of center and two counts of communicating threats, the Courier-Tribune reported.

Sherri Hastings, who videotaped Saturday’s incident, is disabled and has a handicapped license plate, the New York Daily News reported. She was driving behind Phillips in Randleman when Phillips stopped her SUV, exited, rushed back to Hastings’ vehicle and began yelling.

Image source: YouTube

“You goddamn f***ing following someone behind their goddamn ass, you stupid goddamn bitch!” Phillips hollered as she punched through Hastings’ partially open driver’s side window.

Image source: YouTube

At that point, a child in Hastings’ vehicle — her 6-year-old granddaughter, the Daily News reported — began crying as Hastings yelled for Phillips to stop.

Image source: YouTube

Image source: YouTube

As Phillips walked back to her SUV, she turned, raised two middle fingers at Hastings and yelled “f*** you!”

Image source: YouTube (redacted)

Describing what prompted the incident on YouTube, Hastings said Phillips tried passing her twice on a two-lane road with double lines on a hill and nearly ran her off the road. She said she let Phillips pass, then called 911 and began recording with her cellphone “which was in a holder on dash board hands free.”

Hastings said she drove trucks for 15 years and “knew what was going to happen” and “wanted it on tape.”

Randolph County Sheriff’s deputies posted images from the incident on Facebook, Det. Sergeant Bernie Maness told the Daily News, which led to tips from the public. After eluding authorities for most of the day, Phillips, 40, turned herself in Monday night and was released after posting bail, the Daily News reported.

“This is a grandmother with a handicapped sign and child in the car,” Maness told the Daily News. “We don’t do that here.”

Here’s the clip — Phillips exits her SUV to confront Hastings just after the 3-minute mark (content warning: profanity ahead):




Sometimes fate brings two idiots together.

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Hat Tip Murphys Law.


And in cases like this, where one of the idiots has a gun, things have a tendency to turn very bad indeed.

Michigan Man charged with muder in apparent road rage shooting.

To sum it up, two idiots joust with each other in traffic. One finally passes the other and it seems to be over, but then at the next red light, the second idiot pulls up behind the first one, gets out of his car, and storms up to the driver’s side of the first idiot’s truck, at which time first idiot shoots second idiot in the face, killing him. First idiot, who had a CCW permit, claims “self defense”, but self defense requires a good-faith belief of immminent serious bodily harm or death AND “clean hands”, meaning that you cannot have provoked your alleged attacker or otherwise contributed to the affray.

As it stands now, first idiot, a 69 year old man name Martin Zale, is facing murder charges, and the second idiot, 43 year old Derek Flemmingwell he’s dead and his family is out doing sob stories about how his daughter will have to grow up without a father now as they beat the drum for a Gofundme account to raise money for his funeral or a party or whatever. But I won’t be contributing, because Derek Flemming wasn’t a victim here. He was a wanna-be tough guy who decided to run up on some old man that he didn’t know in a fit of rage and it was just his dumb luck that the old man that he ran up on had a gun and an impulse-control problem of his own. Flemming, in his fit of ego-driven anger, pretty much killed himself and it’s as much his fault that his daughter has to celebrate her birthday without him there as it is Zale’s. There were no winners here, only two losers, and the only real victims are Flemming’s children and the vast majority of law-abiding gun owners who are now being tarred with the dirty brush in the media even though they know better than to engage in road rage incidents or whip their pistols out to get them out of trouble that their own poor judgement got them into. Zale knew or should have known better at his age, especially after taking the required coursework for a Michigan CCW that includes a lecture on self-defense and the law, and Flemming was also old enough to know better than to jump out of a car and challenge perfect strangers to a fight.

And I know that all of you reading this, many of you CCW holders yourselves, are mature enough to avoid getting into situations like this, so pass this lesson along to anyone else you know who might be considering a CCW. Let them know that one bit of bad judgement combined with a firearm concelaed or openly carried can and will destroy one or several lives. But then again, I‘m pretty much preaching to the choir as, despite isolated incidents like the one above, people with concealed weapons permits are more law-abiding and much less likely to be arrested for violent or nonviolent crimes than the general population as a whole.

Son Of Obama (Cop) Slays White Driver Who Uttered N Word. Words More Important Than Murder


Hat tip to David Ben  Moshe via Mad Jewess.


Racist, Son Of Obama (Cop) Slays White Driver Who Uttered N Word.  Words More Important Than Murder

Are they going to let him go because he’s black and the driver said the N word?? Probably, because blacks have special rights.  Whites are the victims.  Don’t ever, ever, ever say the N word.  It’s more important than murder, rape, beatings, or being robbed.

Whites, get armed and stay clear of the royalty of America, blacks.

A black New Jersey cop facing a possible life sentence for the racially charged road-rage slaying of a white driver

NJ cop in road-rage slay: ‘Law is on my side’

New Jersey detective Joseph Walker (Murderer) wants his day in court following a road-rage shooting.

Dead victim:

Prayers for the family.


-David Ben Moshe


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