Klansman, Racist, and Democrat Robert Byrd’s Name and Portrait Must be Removed

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This is from Godfather Politics.

I can add a few more names to this list John F. Kennedy for his opposition to President Dwight Eisenhower’s Civil Rights legislation.

Bobby Kennedy for wiretapping and trying to destroy Reverend Martin Luther King Jr.

J. Edgar Hoover for spying on Rev. King and keeping blacks out of the FBI.

Franklin D. Roosevelt for sending Japanese Americans to internment camps and denying Jews escaping the Holocaust entry to America.

Woodrow Wilson for his segregationist views.

I could go on but I think I have made my point.

In the early 1940s Robert Byrd recruited 150 of his friends and associates to create a new chapter of the Ku Klux Klan in Sophia, West Virginia…. In 1946 Byrd wrote the following to segregationist Mississippi Senator Theodore G. Bilbo:

“I shall never fight in the armed forces with a negro by my side… Rather I should die a thousand times and see Old Glory trampled in the dirt never to rise again than to see this beloved land of ours become degraded by race mongrels a throwback to the blackest specimen from the wilds.”

“In 1946 Byrd wrote a letter to a Grand Wizard stating ‘The Klan is needed today as never before and I am anxious to see its rebirth here in West Virginia and in every state in the nation.’”

His portrait needs to be removed from the lobby of the capitol.



Here’s a list of all the places named after former Klansman and racist Robert Byrd that need to be removed if Democrats are going to be consistent: 

  • Robert C. Byrd Academic and Technology Center Marshall University in Huntington.
  • Robert C. Byrd Academic and Technology Center Marshall University Graduate College in South Charleston.
  • Robert C. Byrd Auditorium National Conservation Training Center in Shepherdstown.
  • Robert C. Byrd Biotechnology Science Center Marshall University in Huntington.
  • Robert C. Byrd Cancer Research Laboratory University in Morgantown
  • Robert C. Byrd Center for Legislative Studies Shepherd University in Shepherdstown
  • Robert C. Byrd Center for Pharmacy Education University of Charleston in Charleston
  • Robert C. Byrd Center for Rural Health Marshall University in Huntington
  • Robert C. Byrd Clinical Teaching Center Charleston Area Medical Center Memorial Hospital in Charleston
  • Robert C. Byrd Green Bank Telescope Green Bank
  • Robert C. Byrd Hardwood Technologies Center Princeton
  • Robert C. Byrd Health and Wellness Center Bethany College in Bethany
  • Robert C. Byrd Health Sciences Center University in Morgantown
  • Robert C. Byrd Health Sciences Center Charleston Division Charleston
  • Robert C. Byrd High School Clarksburg
  • Robert C. Byrd Institute for Advanced Flexible Manufacturing (RCBI) Bridgeport Manufacturing Technology Center Bridgeport
  • RCBI Charleston Manufacturing Technology Center South Charleston
  • RCBI Huntington Manufacturing Technology Center Huntington
  • RCBI Rocket Center Manufacturing Technology Center Rocket Center
  • Robert C. Byrd Institute for Composites Technology and Training Center Bridgeport
  • Robert C. Byrd Library Wheeling
  • Robert C. Byrd Library and Robert C. Byrd Learning Resource Center University of Charleston in Beckley
  • Robert C. Byrd Life Long Learning Center Eastern Community and Technical College in Moorefield
  • Robert C. Byrd Life Long Learning Center University in Morgantown
  • Robert C. Byrd Metals Fabrication Center Rocket Center
  • Robert C. Byrd National Aerospace Education Center Bridgeport (affiliated with Fairmont State University)
  • Robert C. Byrd National Technology Transfer Center Wheeling Jesuit University in Wheeling
  • Robert C. Byrd Regional Training Institute Camp Dawson near Kingwood
  • Robert C. Byrd Science and Technology Center Shepherd University in Shepherdstown
  • Robert C. Byrd Technology Center Alderson — Broaddus College in Philippi
  • Robert C. Byrd United Technical Center
  • Robert C. Byrd Hilltop Office Complex Rocket Center
  • Robert C. Byrd Industrial Park Moorefield
  • Robert C. Byrd Community Center Pine Grove
  • Robert C. Byrd Community Center Sugar Grove
  • Robert C. Byrd Rooms Office of the Senate Minority Leader State Capitol in Charleston
  • Robert C. Byrd United States Courthouse and Federal Building Beckley
  • Robert C. Byrd United States Courthouse and Federal Building Charleston
  • Robert C. Byrd Federal Correctional Institution Hazelton
  • Robert C. Byrd Clinic School of Osteopathic Medicine in Lewisburg
  • Robert C. Byrd Clinical Addition to Veteran’s Hospital Huntington
  • Robert C. Byrd Addition to the Lodge at Oglebay Park Wheeling
  • Robert C. Byrd Conference Center (also known as the Robert C. Byrd Center for Hospitality and Tourism) Davis & Elkins College in Elkins
  • Robert C. Byrd Visitor Center Harpers Ferry National Historical Park in Harpers Ferry
  • The Robert C. Byrd Bridge crossing the Ohio River between Huntington and Chesapeake, Ohio.
  • Robert C. Byrd Appalachian Highway System Appalachian Development Highway System
  • Robert C. Byrd Bridge crosses the Ohio River between Huntington and Chesapeake Ohio
  • Robert C. Byrd Bridge Ohio County
  • Robert C. Byrd Drive Routes 16 and 97 between Beckley and Sophia
  • Robert C. Byrd Expressway United States Route 22 near Weirton
  • Robert C. Byrd Freeway United States Route 119 between Williamson and Charleston (also known as Corridor G)
  • Robert C. Byrd Highway United States Route 48 between Weston and the Virginia state line near Wardensville (also known as Corridor H)
  • Robert C. Byrd Interchange on Interstate 77
  • Robert C. Byrd Interchange on United States Route 19 Birch River
  • Robert C. Byrd Intermodal Transportation Center Wheeling
  • Robert C. Byrd Locks and Dam Ohio River in Gallipo




5 Ways Liberal Race Hustling Is Bad For America

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This is from Town Hall.

The liberals only hope is to play the race card.

They cannot win in the arena of logic without using the charge of racism.



Calling someone a “racist” used to mean that a person disliked certain people because of their skin color.

Today, MOST OF THE TIME, it means something entirely different.

Now, if someone is better and smarter than a liberal, a liberal cries “white privilege.”

If a liberal is failing and he doesn’t know what to do about it, he yells “racism.”

If a liberal doesn’t know how to counter your argument, he calls it “racist.”

If liberal can’t counter your political argument, he screams out “bigot.”

So, if you’re conservative, it’s almost a backwards compliment at this point. “You’re just too good for me and this is the only way I know how to deal with it!”

Of course, it’s still irritating to be falsely accused of racism. Additionally, it does a lot of real damage to the country that’s just shrugged off and brushed aside by the shameless, selfish people who view crying “racism” as nothing more than a big political game.

1) It creates a victim mentality that turns people into losers: If you’re Hispanic or black and you really believe all the liberals who say America is hopelessly racist, why work hard, go to school, and try to get ahead? How are you going to make it in a society that’s 63.3% white, if all those white people are going to hate you for the color of your skin no matter what you say or do? How many black and Hispanic Americans have given up on making a good life for themselves and have settled for a mediocre life of dependency because they falsely believe that life in America is stacked against them?

2) It does more to promote real racism than the KKK: Most people, after being convinced that someone hates them, detest them back. If you’re black and you believe most white people are no different than George Wallace, Bull Connor, and Robert Byrd, why wouldn’t you be racist? If most black Americans were actually hateful, anti-white mooches like Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton, who could blame white people for being racists? Liberals spend a lot of time trying to turn people against each other based on the color of their skin and they undoubtedly create racism in the process.

3) It has led to both political parties treating minority voters like an afterthought: Democrats get roughly 90% of the black vote and 70% of the Hispanic vote. In return for that incredible loyalty from important constituent groups, they call Republicans racist non-stop. Republicans respond to that by incessantly trying to prove that we’re not racist. What this means is that ultimately, neither party does anything of significance for minorities. Democrats feel like they have minority voters in the bag and Republicans feel like they will be branded as racists no matter what they do; so what motivation does any politician have to actually try to make the lives of their minority constituents better?

4) It takes the focus off of our real problems: Even if you think racism in America is a serious problem, it’s still small potatoes compared to the other challenges we face as a people. It doesn’t matter what color you’re talking about, how much of an impact does racism make versus jobs, crime, or out-of-wedlock births? Yet, we hear about racism incessantly because Democrats believe it helps them at the polls. Maybe it does. But, does it ever make anybody’s life better? Does it make any neighborhoods safer? Does it put people to work? Does it keep families together? Is there ever a point when the big issues impacting people’s lives get addressed or twenty years from now, is everyone still going to be mired in the same place, yelling at each other over the next “Trayvon” or “Donald Sterling?”

5) It creates the “Boy Who Cried Wolf” effect:One of the problems with crying “racism” every time someone criticizes Obama, knocks the Democrat Party, or just doesn’t do whatever liberals want him to do is that it masks real racism. Because of talentless wastes of space like Toure and Eugene Robinson whose whole careers revolve around pretending the world hasn’t changed since the sixties, minorities who are really discriminated against because of their skin color often have to overcome deep skepticism about their motives after they’ve been wronged. Just as false cries of “rape” hurt women, false cries of “racism” hurt minorities in this country.


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A Big Hat Tip to FireBird over at She’s Right.


Two interesting historical commentaries on a slow news day.
Senator Robert Byrd (D-WV) died in 2010.  Byrd “joined the Klan at the ripe young age of 24 — hardly a young’un by today’s standards, much less those of 1944, when Byrd refused to join the military because he might have to serve alongside “race mongrels, a throwback to the blackest specimen from the wilds,” according to a letter Byrd wrote to Sen. Theodore Bilbo at the height of World War II. [Byrd was the Exalted Cyclops]
Today’s obituaries, however, made little mention of Byrd’s once-deeply held hatred for African Americans.”
On January 10th, 1878, Senator Aaron Sargent (R-CA) introduced the ‘Anthony Amendment’ to the Senate “for a decision on women’s suffrage in the United States. This was the first constitutional amendment on this issue to be brought before Congress…  While it did not pass, it set the precedent for similar legislation to be proposed each year until the 19th Amendment was finally passed [almost 40 years later] in 1919 by both houses. The original text was written by Susan B. Anthony with the help of Elizabeth Cady Stanton.”


More Gun Lies From Gabby Giffords

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This is from Town Hall.

The Giffords and Bloomberg dog and pony show is back on the

 road lying to and trying to intimidate legal gun owners.

Lies and intimidation is all the anti gun loons have.

But guns owners will not buy the lies and we refuse to be

intimidated by these goons. 


Gabby Giffords and her still-weightless astronaut husband are like a gun-grabbing Foghat, eternally playing the state fair circuit of American politics. Now they are literally going on tour again, hoping that their audience will forgo the old favorites and welcome a track off their new album.

She’s really just a one-hit wonder hoping to match the airplay of her power ballad “I Suffered a Tragedy So I Have Special Moral Standing (To Advocate Stripping You of Your Fundamental Rights).” The sad truth is that she is the Psy of liberal advocacy, far past her 15 minutes yet valiantly trying to recapture the glory of her gun control Gangnam Style.

Her new tune is apparently entitled “Patriot” because her latest op-ed uses some form of that term four times in about 750 words. I guess it’s now “patriotic” to want to impinge on the constitutional rights of fellow Americans. She doesn’t explain why.

She also warbles about how gun rights come with “responsibilities,” using some version of that term eight times. Except the point of a “right” is that it isn’t contingent upon fulfilling “responsibilities.” It is a foundational element of our social contract and is not subject to infringement by leftists simply because they cloak their oppression with focus group-erriffic labels like “responsibilities.”

If you misuse a gun, the judicial system deals with you afterwards. But you have to misuse a gun before the government gets to limit your rights. Clichés about “responsibility” that sound like they were cribbed from Spiderman movie dialogue are not a meaningful statement of basic Constitutional principles.

Giffords is just the latest leftist trying to speak “Conservative” to us mindless yokels to sucker us into signing on to their petty fascism du jour. You remember the Soros-funded, simpering evangelist woman shilling for the immigration scam whose ad buy on conservative talk radio exceeded even LifeLock’s? They truly think if someone says “Jesus” and leaps off a cliff, we’re going to follow, lemming-like, along behind.

So now the magic words are “patriotic” and “responsibility.” But “patriotism” wasdéclassé to Giffords’s fellow liberals before President Obama got sworn in, and liberals embracing “responsibility?” Give me a break. Liberalism isn’t a coherent ideology; it’s a collection of lame excuses for the sloth, laziness and lifestyle chaos of Democrat voters.

It’s always amusing to hear a liberal like Giffords babbling about “responsibility.” Perhaps Alec Baldwin can lecture us on tolerance, patience, and fatherhood. Too bad the Democrats’ beloved icon, noted KKK kleagle Robert Byrd, can’t share his insights on racial harmony.

There’s more. Now Giffords and her husband are super-duper believers in the Second Amendment who even have guns themselves! Convenient, since the conservative media caught Astro-Giffords himself buying one of those evil, awful assault rifles he and his wife are trying so hard to keep out of the hands of lesser Americans like you and me.

Liberals really do think we’re stupid.

In fact, we’re apparently so dumb they don’t even need to acknowledge obvious facts. Gifford writes that, “in New Hampshire, 93% of Democrats, 79% of Republicans, 82% of gun owners and 60% of NRA households support background checks.” But of course, we already have background checks – the issue is the wisdom of mindlessly expanding them. That’s like saying 95% of Americans support generic drunk driving laws as a specific argument to drop the DUI limit to .01% (well, except for illegals).

Nor does she bother to address our actual concerns. The Toomey-Manchin bill, like every other jammed-down “bipartisan compromise,” was poorly drafted andfilled with loopholes that utterly failed to secure the promises of the sponsors. It purported to prevent a national gun registry but the actual language did not – for some wacky reason, people who take the Second Amendment seriously don’t trust bureaucrats. It also acted to, at best, inconvenience and, at worst, criminalize the innocent behavior of law-abiding citizens.

No, apparently we oppose all background checks because we hate children or something. Maybe we just aren’t “patriotic” or “responsible” enough.

Now, as her “We Love Guns Except When People Like You Have Them” tour begins, look for Giffords’s new tune to not even chart. We’re just not falling for it. And when she realizes she’s getting no traction, look for more whining about how people are being mean to her by actually assessing the form and content of her arguments instead of simply surrendering to her policy preferences because some creep shot her.

Your ideas about how to prevent a tragedy do not become better because you suffered a tragedy. Nor does the fact that you suffered a tragedy insulate you from harsh criticism of the bad ideas you choose to submit into the public debate.

Gabby Giffords has a right to pretend to change her tune on gun control. And we have a right not to listen.


Report: Robert Byrd sought FBI/CIA docs to target civil rights leaders

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This is from Hot

Robert “Sheets”Byrd  targeting civil right leaders I am shocked.

Robert “Sheets”Byrd was a Kleagle and Exalted Cyclops in the KKK.

If the truth be known Byrd probably burnt crosses and lynched people.

ABC News, in a rather surprising bit of actual investigative journalism, is covering some newly released documents from our intelligence agencies dating back to the 1960s. In response to an Associated Press FOIA request, the FBI has provided records of some very interesting and potentially highly embarrassing exchanges between a young Senator Robert Byrd, who sought secret documents regarding unnamed civil rights leaders of the time. His actions also managed to spark something of an internal war between two agencies over their inability to keep secret documents under control.

U.S. Sen. Robert C. Byrd obtained secret FBI documents about the civil rights movement that were leaked by the CIA and triggered an angry confrontation between the two agencies in the 1960s, according to newly released FBI records.

Byrd, who died in June 2010 at age 92, had sought the FBI intelligence while suspecting that communists and subversives were guiding the civil rights cause, the records show. Decades before he became history’s longest-serving member of Congress, or gained the title “King of Pork” for sending federal funds to West Virginia, the Democrat had stalled and voted against major civil rights legislation in the mid-1960s. He also belonged to the Ku Klux Klan while a young man in the 1940s, and the FBI cited that membership while weighing his requests for classified information, the records show…

The FBI had provided Byrd only with publicly available information about three unidentified individuals involved in civil rights matters when he revealed the leaked documents to an FBI agent during a September 1966 meeting, a memo to FBI Deputy Director C.D. DeLoach said.

“Why can’t a United State Senator, the best friend the FBI has in the Senate, get information directly from the FBI which he has already received from a third party,” Byrd was quoted as saying. The memo said Byrd then showed the agent Xerox copies of two secret FBI investigative reports and one internal memo.

While the civil rights leaders in question remain “unnamed” in these documents, it wouldn’t take a vast stretch of the imagination to guess who they might have been. Another item which the documents don’t delve into is the cover story that Byrd used during his “investigation.” While it’s true that there were plenty of officials in a panic over possible communist infiltration back in the day, picturing the likes of the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King as card carrying commies is a bit of a stretch. When you combine that with Byrd’s later disavowed membership in the Klan, it certainly looks like racial bias may have been just barely below the surface in his efforts to dig up some dirt on leaders of the civil rights movement.

Another interesting note is how the two agencies worked together to solve the problem back during that era, not to mention the level of civility and professionalism which almost looks alien today.

The records show that Helms’ security chief, Howard Osborne, ran down the leak: Two CIA employees provided the documents to an unidentified Maryland county law enforcement official, who then handed them off to the senator.

Osborne told the FBI that both “he and Mr. Helms are distressed over the incident and that they intend to make an example of the guilty CIA employees to insure that such an incident never occurs again,” a follow-up memo to DeLoach said.

The employees’ final fate is unclear, though the memo said Osborne was confident Helms would support firing one or both of the culprits.

The report is a couple of pages long, but well worth the read. An interesting look through a window into the past.


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