This is by Firebird over at She’s Right.

Please help us spread the word about this election.

This is about the race for a seat on the NC Supreme Court. This is the deal.
This race is non-partisan. If someone comes in an votes a straight ticket for either party, THEY WILL NOT HAVE VOTED IN THE SUPREME COURT SELECTION – WHICH IS AT THE END OF A LONG BALLOT. So one has to work thru to the end of the ballot and vote for this race since it is non-partisan.
The two candidates are:
North Carolina Supreme Court Justice Paul Newby:  A Republican, but it will not be listed as such.
He is being challenged by North Carolina Court of Appeals Judge Sam Ervin, IV who is a Democrat and who is the grandson of Sam Ervin of Watergate Fame. He will not be listed as a Democrat.
The reason this is important is that currently the Republicans have a four to three majority on the State Supreme Court. If Ervin wins, it will switch to a four to three majority for the Democrats who can then undo anything and everything the Republican legislature has passed during this last term while Perdue has been governor. This would even include redistricting which has just been redone.
Even though McCrory is likely to be the governor and it is likely the Republicans will have the State House and State Senate, but they would not have the State Supreme Court if Ervin wins. There are at least 5 lawsuits pending about legislation reform from this term from the legislature and there will be many more if the Dems get control of the State Supreme Court.
This is a BIG deal for folks to know about so be sure to pass this on to all your family and friends who can vote.