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I hope the people of Virginia need to remember the state motto of Sic Semper Tryannis.

Does this DemocRat imbecile seriously think they will be able to enforce background checks for private sales?


While Virginians will certainly be thrilled to be out from under the thumb of Gov. Terry McAuliffe in 2018, his gun-limiting legacy looks to be here to stay for the time being.

McAuliffe, who was a staunch Hillary Clinton supporter so entrenched in the democratic party that he was once rumored to be a veep pick for the former candidate, made headlines in 2016 when he attempted to swing the entire state’s voting scheme to the left.  The shady governor worked to restore voting rights to hundreds of thousands of convicted felons, understanding that they they would overwhelmingly support Clinton in the general election.

Luckily, McAuliffe’s malfeasant maneuver was too little, too late in a nation whose conservative awakening was just getting started.

Unfortunately for Virginia, (and the nation at large), McAuliffe will be leaving the governor’s mansion in the coming weeks, with fellow democrat Ralph Northam taking his place.  Northam has an even more sinister plan set to be unleashed on his state in the form of a gun sales ban that would affect the ability of Americans to sell firearms to one another.

“NBC Washington reports that Northam will be pushing ‘universal background checks for gun buyers.’ This means private gun sales will be treated like retail sales, with a point-of-sale background checks required at time of purchase. Such a framework will require a law-abiding gun owner to seek out a government representative, a federal firearms license holder, and have a background check performed before he sells a gun to his neighbor, co-worker, lifelong friend, or acquaintance.

“Other states that have outlawed private gun sales charge a fee for the required background checks. That fee effectively serves as a new tax on the gun sale or transfer, thereby driving the price of firearms up.

Northam referred to the legislative package banning private gun sales as ‘nonpartisan’ and ‘commonsense,’ but he did not explain why punishing law-abiding, private gun sellers and average Americans is sensible in any way. After all, private gun sales have been the law of the land since the Second Amendment was ratified in 1791. Why would banning such sales suddenly be evidence of commonsense?”

Northam’s claim that the legislation is “nonpartisan” may be the most offensive bit of this dialogue, with Americans surely understanding that this is nothing more than a democratic deception.

Apparently, emblazoning your state flag with “sic temper tyrannis” wasn’t an effective reminder of what happens when you remove the rights of your citizens.