Hat tip Mad Jewess.

Is this a Stalin purge?

I can not help thinking it is.


More Purging? 3 More Big Military Brass Thrown Under Obama’s Bus? Inc. NVY CMNDR, All  Arrested For “Bribery Scheme

When a tyrant is in power, a free people must question all and any of his actions.

So far, this is 20 big military men (total) under Obama’s bus of Stalinesque style purges…  Is it really a bribery scheme (below)?   I have never seen this many Commanders, Generals and Navy men ‘relieved.’   EVER.    It is possible that there was a scheme involved in this ‘scheme’.  But, I don’t believe or trust one, single thing that the administration tells us–not one thing. Zero, zilch, nada. So, I leave it upo to you to question.  Just remember one thing:  Obama said the military is HIS military.. NOT ours:  Whose army? 

So, purging will commence if the obedience Obama demands is not met.  That’s my opinion..

The U.S. Navy is being rocked by a bribery scandal that federal investigators say has reached high into the officer corps and exposed a massive overbilling scheme run by an Asian defense contractor that provided prostitutes and other kickbacks.

Click to read it-Bribery scandal rocks Navy


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