Robber Found Dead With This In His Hand After Encountering Armed Clerk


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Store Clerk 1 Dead Thug 0, I love Happy Endings.

One less thug in the world is always a good thing.

An armed robber went into a package store in Dekalb County (GA) last night and flashed a handgun at the store’s clerk.

He was clearly not impressed.

A man in a mask and black hooded sweatshirt jumped over the counter where the clerk was seated and demanded money at gunpoint, according to an incident report obtained by The Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

The clerk told police he stood up and the man started firing at him.

The clerk took out a silver revolver and returned fire, according to the incident report.

The man ran out of the store. He was later found face down and unresponsive in a grassy area. He was still holding a black handgun in his left hand, according to the incident report.

The man was taken to Grady Memorial Hospital with gunshot wounds to each arm and the left upper side. He died at the hospital.

The clerk was not injured in the shooting, police said.
While officers did not release the dead man’s name, they told Channel 2 Action News he had an extensive criminal history.

This seems to be as about a clearcut case of armed self-defense as you can expect to fid anywhere. When an armed robber opens fire on someone, they quite clearly are under a lethal force attack and have every right to use deadly force in response. Fortunately, the “good guy with a gun” was clearly the better shot in this incident, and the now-deceased suspect didn’t so much as graze the clerk.

As the typical revolver carries 5-6 shots, the clerk had a hit rate of 50% or more, which is phenomenal marksmanship under fire.

It isn’t the first person who fires who wins gun fights, but is instead usually the first person to start landing effective hits. Use your sights, folks. I can all but promise you the robber didn’t, and the clerk did.


Baton Rouge Home Invader Dies After Tangling With Wrong Homeowner

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There is one less career criminal in Baton Rouge. 


A Louisiana man who apparently began his life of violent crime at just 14 years old is now deceased after his targeted victim turned the tables on him during a home invasion robbery.

Deputies say a homeowner shot and killed an armed robber at a home on Glenlea Ave. Tuesday.

The shooting happened around 12 p.m. Tuesday in the 7700 block of Glenlea Avenue. The East Baton Rouge Sheriff’s Office says 19-year-old Terione Williams pushed his way inside a home and robbed the occupants at gunpoint.

The victim allegedly retrieved his gun and fired shots at Williams. Once hit, Williams fled on foot and died from his injuries a short distance from the victim’s home.

Williams was previously arrested in 2012 in connection to another armed robbery in Baton Rouge.

Williams had only been out of jail 11 days at the time of his death.

The shooting is expected to be ruled justifiable self-defense.

What Jeff Sessions Confirmation Means For The 2nd Amendment ~ VIDEO


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As Attorney General Jeff Sessions will be a strong advocate for gun owners and the Second Amendment.

USA –  -(  With the recent confirmation of Jeff Sessions to Attorney General, gun owners and pro second amendment supporters could be heard breathing an audible sigh of relief.

The 52-47 vote confirmed the Senator from Alabama as The United State’s 84th Attorney General. Jeff Sessions is a long time supporter of the second amendment, and this support has even earned him an A+ rating from the NRA. When you take a look at President Trump’s cabinet, Sessions was on of the first politicians to support Trump’s fun for President.

In fact, shortly after his confirmation Executive Director of the NRA Chris W. Cox stated, “The NRA and our five million members would like to congratulate Jeff Sessions on his confirmation as attorney general. He will make America a safer place by prosecuting violent criminals while protecting the Second Amendment rights of law-abiding gun owners.”

Jeff Sessions support for gun owners and the second amendment does not stop with empty promises.

A constitutional lawyer with great respect for the law, his record that shows that he is not afraid to act on his beliefs. Sessions has repeatedly stated that the people who should be refused the right to bear arms are criminals breaking current laws. He believes that enforcing these laws, not imposing new laws that only restrict those who are not criminals is the way to move forward.

Some of Session’s notable contributions toward maintaining the sanctity of the Second Amendment are:

  • In 2005, he fought for the Protection of Lawful Commerce of Arms Act, which would protect gun manufacturers from the threat of being implicated in crimes committed using guns they had produced.
  • Sessions actively worked to try to prevent the nominations of Sonia Sotomayor and Elena Kagan to the Supreme Court, both of whom are actively against second amendment rights.
  • He is also opposed to and voted against the government being able to perform firearm confiscation in a state of emergency.
  • His belief in removing restraints on legal gun carriers by allowing national carry permits led him to vote for the National Right to Carry Amendment, which ultimately did not receive enough votes to pass.
  • He is also a strong supporter of Project Exile, which made violent gun crimes punishable with sentences to federal prisons. This project is credited with lowering crime rates in Virginia dramatically.

Possibly the most refreshing thing about Jeff Sessions is his understanding that making it harder for law abiding citizens to legally obtain firearms, no matter the type, does nothing to prevent criminals acquisition of firearms. According to Sessions, the only way an American Citizen should lose their Second Amendment rights to a firearm is through voluntary choice.

In his words, “People can forfeit their right to have a gun, and it can be a factor in receiving sentences and being prosecuted if you carry a gun, for example, during the commission of a crime. That can add penalty and convictions to you. I think that’s a legitimate and responsible restraint on the Second Amendment right to keep and bear arms”.

Those who do not support the second amendment should use this confirmation, and the upcoming confirmations for Solicitor General and the eagerly anticipated Supreme Court vacancy as a wake up call. The American people are tired of having their constitutional rights threatened, and they are appointing leadership that has already made moves to ensure the second amendment is safe.

The NRA is surely taking notes on those who voted against the confirmation of Sessions, and with only Democrat Joe Manchin III breaking party lines, there are many Democrats who will be receiving updated ratings.

It is exciting to think about a future in which criminals will be prosecuted in ways that do not also slander and criminalize those who are legal, law abiding gun owners.

Jeff Sessions’ strong record and his stated intentions are a breath of fresh air in a country where law abiding citizens have been criminalized for far too long.

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Philadelphia Deli Owner Shoots Armed Robber


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Hopefully the shot from the Deli owner will stop this punk from polluting the gene pool.

A deli owner in Overbrook, PA said he was forced to shoot an armed robber Thursday night.

The shooting occurred shortly after 8 p.m. at the 65th and Lebanon Avenue Deli in Overbrook.

Police say a gun-toting man walked into the deli and declared a holdup.

That’s when, police say, the owner pulled out his gun and shot the suspect in the groin.

Police say the owner is licensed to carry.

The suspect was taken to a nearby hospital for treatment and is expected to survive.

Georgia gun shop gives new gun to man who shot armed robber

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The owners on CL Defense gun shop need to be commended for their generosity in presenting a new firearm to shop owner Billy Harrell.

Billy Harrell, left, received a new Smith & Wesson .38 Special from Lamar Marshall and Chris Ellis, owners of CL Defense. Harrell was accompanied by Telfair County Sheriff Chris Steverson, right. (Photo: The Telegraph)

Billy Harrell, left, received a new Smith & Wesson .38 Special from Lamar Marshall and Chris Ellis, owners of CL Defense. Harrell was accompanied by Telfair County Sheriff Chris Steverson, right. (Photo: The Telegraph)

A restaurant manager who turned the tables on armed robbers last week in Dublin, Georgia, was given a new gun by a local gun shop after his was confiscated by law enforcement.

The shop, CL Defense, gave Billy Harrell a new Smith & Wesson .38 Special on Wednesday after hearing that he was temporarily unarmed as investigators needed to test his two guns for their investigation.

Telfair County Sheriff Chris Steverson, who highlighted the random act of kindness on social media, commended the 66-year-old for his actions, saying he “did a good thing.”

He explained that both of Harrell’s guns will be held until the suspects’ court dates as one gun may have a perpetrator’s DNA or fingerprints and the other will be matched to the bullet that struck the second suspect.

“Being proud advocates for ensuring our ability to exercise our 2nd Amendment rights, and believing in the right of law abiding citizens to use a firearm for protection, CL Defense notified me that they will be happy to provide a brand new weapon, free of charge to this citizen so that he will continue to have the means to protect himself. Boy, Ain’t that America!” Steverson said.


The revolver retails for around $400, but it was given to Harrell free of charge. Harrell, who holds a valid firearms license, picked up the new .38 Special Wednesday.

According to authorities, the robbery attempt occurred on Feb. 3 when Harrell was getting ready to close up the Ole Times Country Buffet. The suspects approached him around 7:30 p.m. as he walked to his SUV in the parking lot.

The suspect demanded Harrell’s money, but Harrell informed him that he had none. The suspect then forced Harrell to sit in his vehicle as he rummaged through the console and glove box. In the vehicle, the suspect found a pistol owned by Harrell and some other valuables.

The suspect took the loot and started to walk away, but then turned around and aimed a gun at Harrell. What the suspect didn’t know at the time was that Harrell had a second gun stashed in his vehicle and retrieved it when the suspect’s back was turned. Staring down the barrel of the suspect’s gun, Harrell fired a single shot, striking the suspect, who immediately fled from the scene.

Responding officers located the second suspect, 22-year-old Quantavis Jones, not far from the restaurant. A short time later, the first suspect, 21-year-old Devin Wilbert, showed up at an area hospital suffering from a gunshot wound. Both suspects were arrested and remain behind bars on charges of armed robbery and aggravated assault.

Harrell, who Ellis said was very appreciative of the new revolver, was not injured.

Authorities say they have reason to believe Jones and Wilbert were involved in an armed robbery at a convenience store last month.

Concealed Carrier Kills Armed Robber In New Orleans

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There is one less thug in New Orleans.

A man attempting to rob a T-Mobile store in New Orleans last night didn’t count on an armed customer drawing his concealed weapon and putting him down hard.

A customer foiled an apparent armed robbery at the T-Mobile store on St. Andrew Street, police said, shooting and killing the armed robber.

Right around the time police were investigating the shooting of six people in Central City, officers in the same NOPD district were called to a T-Mobile store in the 500 block of St. Andrew Street.

Chief Michael Harrison said a suspect was attempting to rob the store, when a customer shot and killed the man. Both weapons were retrieved, and the customer is being questioned by police, Harrison said.

New Indiana Law Aims to Empower Victims of Abuse

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I am glad to hear my home state of Indiana is willing to help protect victims of domestic abuse.

The state of Indiana has introduced new legislation that aims to provide greater protection for victims of sexual assault, domestic violence and stalking.

Under HB1071, a protected person must meet the following criteria:

  • Must be a woman or man over the age of 21.
  • Must have obtained an order of protection as a result of being a victim of sexual assault, domestic violence, or stalking.
  • Must be eligible under all federal and Indiana state laws to legally purchase, own, and carry a concealed firearm.

If all of the aforementioned is met, HB1071 provides the following:

  • The victim may lawfully carry a handgun without an Indiana License to Carry Handgun for 60 days from the day they obtain the Order of Protection; or 60 days from the day they apply for their License to Carry Handgun; whichever is greater.

So what does all of this mean?

Statistics show that when someone is sexually assaulted, stalked, or a victim of domestic abuse, an order of protection does not necessarily equate to the safety of the victim. Sometimes filing a personal protective order (PPO) enrages an already volatile and unstable person.

Although a PPO is concise in its legal meaning, only those who follow the rules and fear consequences are apt to abide by a PPO. Unfortunately for victims, most perpetrators of abuse do not follow the law, and an abuser is considered most dangerous during the first 72 hours after they have been served.

HB1071, once signed into law, will protect a victim’s decision to engage their Second Amendment right, ensuring that those in harm’s way will not again be a victim to their abuser.

Guy Relford – a prominent Second Amendment attorney, NRA Certified Instructor, author of Gun Safety and Cleaning for Dummies, and host of an Indiana radio show “The Gun Guy” – made it clear that HB1071 is a law that protects victims.

“Basically,” explains Guy, “what this bill does is provide a victim some peace of mind knowing they have control of their lives. HB1071 helps to ensure that all victims of domestic violence, sexual assault, or stalking, who have obtained a protective order; and are otherwise lawful to carry a gun, are not going to be victimized again, either by an attacker or by the state for carrying a handgun for self-defense without a license.”

The timing seems right for Indiana to sign HB1071 into law, as national motivation to empower those who are abused keeps picking up steam. Virginia residents just saw the introduction of a similar bill in their state.

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