This is from Joe For America.

This is a recipe for disaster we will not have any moral and no sense of comradeship left in the military.

Then to make matters worse homosexuals, perverts and the unqualified to perform their job will kill hundreds of troops.

Then the military  has to lower physical fitness standards to allow women in combat leadership positions.

Dead Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen and Marines are one Hell of a steep price to pay for being stylish and politically correct.


The President didn’t say that today, but we’re expecting the announcement at any time.  Obama believes that funds for social experimentation like the foolishness of transgenderism is far more important than unit cohesion.

New Defense Secretary Ashton Carter said Sunday that transgender people shouldn’t be prevented from serving in the U.S. military solely based on their gender identity, noting it should not “preclude” them from service.

Carter made the comments at a town-hall event in Kandahar, Afghanistan, in response to a question from Navy Lt. Cmdr. Jesse M. Ehrenfeld, a doctor, about transgender soldiers serving in an “austere environment” like the one in Kandahar.

We have to admit one thing.  This makes “women in combat” look pretty tame.

” (W)e want to make our conditions and experience of service as attractive as possible to our best people in our country. And I’m very open-minded about — otherwise about what their personal lives and proclivities are, provided they can do what we need them to do for us. That’s the important criteria,” Carter said. “I don’t think anything but their suitability for service should preclude them.”

Yeah right.  In order to get more women into combat arms billets the military has been forced to reduce the physical requirements for them.

The Marine Corps may have to change its physical standards in order to put females in positions to one day lead infantry platoons in combat.

Both the Marine Corps and the Army continue to wrestle with the mandate that former Defense Secretary Leon Panetta issued in January, directing the U.S. military to open hundreds of combat-arms jobs that have been closed to female servicemembers.

We have a personal stake in this, our son is a US Marine, Ret., thank God.  At one point, between combat deployments 10 years ago we asked him and a group of Marines in his unit how they felt about women in combat.  They agreed that as long as a woman could carry them wounded by herself 100 yards, under fire, to a safe position they were OK with women in combat.  And then they all laughed, secure in the knowledge that their chain of command would never do that to them.


We have really mixed emotions.  We’re glad our son is a civilian, but we weep for the Marines and their families who will bear the brunt of this criminal social experiment.  In real combat situations many fine young men will pay for Barack Obama’s stupidity with their lives.

Compounding the stupidity of putting unqualified women into combat slots, the Obama administration isn’t resting.  Now they want “people” who are confused about their gender.  The thing that saves lives and wins battles is called unit cohesion.  The concept that men will put the mission above their lives.  And that they will die for one another if necessary.  And do it willingly.

The Obama administration, and the President himself, wants to salt into the best men on earth a bunch of freaks.  And yes, we are referring to the transgender lobby as freaks.  They have no place in civilized society, anywhere.  Especially, they have no place in a military unit where people’s lives are in danger.

Will the Congress step up and stop this madness?  Unfortunately, probably not.