Woman Shoots, Kills Home Invader

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H/T Bearing Arms.

Here is an example of a firearm saving a life.


Guns save lives. We say that over and over, and we provide a mountain of data to prove it, but some people refuse to see it that way. They look at the numbers and apparently read it as “Blah, blah, blah” or something. So we tend to share stories of people defending themselves to prove that it does happen and isn’t some clever manipulation of data.

You know, like this woman in South Carolina who killed an alleged attacker with a shotgun.

Cherokee County Coroner Dennis Fowler said a Gaffney man was shot and killed during an alleged home invasion early Friday morning.

Fowler said a woman shot and killed Charles Shannon Alley, 41, of Tansi Trail after he forced his way into a home while armed and began fighting with another man in the house.

“According to witness statements Alley knocked on the door of a residence armed with a shotgun at 112 Piney Knob Drive in Gaffney about 3:25 a.m.,” Fowler said. “When a male answered the door, Alley allegedly pushed his way inside and began to fight with the resident while threatening to do harm to another male and female also present. While engaged in the altercation, Alley was allegedly shot in the head by the female resident.”

Tim Anthony, the homeowner, said when he opened the door, two men tried to force their way in.

“I went to crack the door open and they barged, at least two of them, barged through the door and knocked me through the wall,” Anthony said.

Anthony said his girlfriend fired two shots at Alley while they were struggling in the middle of the living room.

Frankly, I can’t feel a lot of sympathy for the dearly departed. If he tried to force his way into someone else’s home, he got what he deserved.

More importantly, Anthony and his girlfriend are fine, and the attacker isn’t.

This is what happens hundreds of thousands of times every year. People use a firearm to end an attack, keeping themselves and others safe, far more often than a gun is used to take a life. Though, it’s important to note that many aren’t like this one; in most cases, the weapon isn’t even fired.

Regardless, guns save lives. In this case, it saved two lives. Anyone who doesn’t think that Charles Shannon Alley, based on what witnesses are saying, didn’t want to hurt people is deluding themselves. He wasn’t alone, and his companion may well rethink his life choices after seeing his partner get blasted by a woman with a shotgun.

Additionally, this is a signal to other would-be home invaders in the area to reevaluate their methods.

Let’s be clear. We’ll never end crime.

However, if criminals decide it’s too risky to confront citizens directly, they’ll hopefully either find lawful employment or at least start resorting to crimes that don’t risk the average citizen’s safety.

Cases like this don’t just keep these two people safe; it works to keep a lot of people safe.

It’s just a shame it was necessary at all.


82-Year-Old Homeowner Shoots And Kills Intruder After Being Threatened

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H/T Concealed

There is an old saying that goes “Don’t pick a fight with an old man. If he’s too old to fight, he’ll just kill you.”

KANAWHA COUNTY, W.V. — When a burglar stormed into the garage of an elderly man in the early morning hours, he probably wasn’t expecting the garage’s occupant to be armed.

That was an error that he would soon regret — that is to say, he would regret it had he lived long enough to do so.

As WSAZ reports:

A man is dead after an apparent home invasion in Kanawha County overnight.

Timothy Dean Coker, 24, of Ripley, WV was killed during the incident. Deputies with the Kanawha County Sheriff’s Office tell WSAZ that in the early morning hours Saturday, an 82-year-old man was working in his garage. Coker allegedly broke into the garage through a window and threatened the homeowner.

The homeowner shot Coker, according to deputies, killing him. Detectives are on scene investigating collecting evidence and conducting interviews. No charges are expected to be filed against the homeowner.

I have said it once, and I will say it again: respect your elders.

It’s possible, if not likely, that Coker burst into that garage not expecting a fight. If it was the early morning, the man would have lights on which would broadcast the garage’s occupation, but someone up in the early morning hours tinkering in the garage is not likely someone ready to engage a threat.

However, for this homeowner, his vigilance paid off.

The thug may have been perfectly comfortable threatening an elderly man, but as we’ve seen here many times, you’re probably safer going after a member of another age group. In my experience, older really does often mean wiser, and folks above the age of 70 are pretty likely to be packing some serious home defense capability.

Jacketed Hollow Points Or Full Metal Jacket — Which Should You Carry And Why? (Reader’s Q&A)


H/T Concealed Nation.


It’s almost the end of the year already! For Concealed Nation fans, it means looking forward to a whole new list of original articles and content to keep you on the cutting edge of tips, tricks, and techniques to improve your concealed carry lifestyle. For us editors and writers, however, it means cleaning out the inbox of unanswered questions submitted by you.

In this edition of Concealed Nation: Questions & Answers, we take a topic we have tangentially discussed and bring it into the limelight with one reader’s simple question.

Should I carry jacketed hollow points or full metal jacket? Why?

We wrote a really decent overview of different bullet types and their basic uses in this article here. If you’re interested on my view on defensive ammunition, I wrote up an article discussing the role of self-defense ammunition in concealed carry practices.

In general, I shy away from full metal jacket (FMJ) ammunition as my everyday carry rounds.

There ARE advantages of budget FMJ pistol ammo. Many of these advantages relate to practice, proficiency, and a reduction in mechanical loading in centerfire pistols.

As defensive ammunition – i.e. the ammunition I plan on defending my life with – I would prefer a bullet that does all of the following:

  • Penetrates the target
  • Expands inside the target
  • And/or fragments and disperses inside the target

To get all of these things, I first have to consider what can actually do that.

A jacketed hollow point, by its design, is made to expand the surface area of the bullet as it pushes through soft tissue. This is what’s commonly referred to as the “mushroom” effect.

It’s not because I’m overly cruel that I want this. It’s quite simply because my job, as someone who is attempting to preserve his own life, is to stop the bad guy as fast as possible.

A full metal jacketed round will not create a very large wound channel. If I hit a vital organ with the round, it may be sufficient to stop a bad guy in his tracks. Otherwise, he’ll have probably several minutes to either press on with his attack or maybe even days before he is forced to stop and seek medical attention.

Hollow points are a lot faster at stopping the fight.

There are other types of rounds out there. For instance, Critical Defense makes a Critical Duty round with a FlexLock expandable tip. There are also frangible copper hollow points that create the desired mushroom effect and have the added bonus of dispersing throughout the body.

These types of rounds force a bad guy to stop and, at the very least, seek serious medical attention. That’s the name of the game – neutralize.

To that effect, I think jacketed hollow points correctly address the question. Full metal jacketed rounds do not. Do I still think FMJs are great for practice at the range? Absolutely. However, when it’s my life on the line, I want jacketed hollow points to be the round exiting the barrel of my gun and landing on target in the bad guy.

It takes a good guy with a gun to stop a bad guy with a gun. It takes the right type of round to stop that bad guy before he can continue to hurt anyone else. Carry concealed every single day, everywhere you legally can — and carry defensive rounds in the chamber and magazine when you do.

CCW Weekend: What You Should Know About Disparity Of Force

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H/T The Daily Caller.

This is something everybody that carries a gun needs to think about.

An aspect of legal self-defense and therefore something for the concealed carrier to be concerned about is disparity of force. This concept has a number of ramifications of which you should be aware. After all, all the fun hardware stuff – such as pistols, gun holsters and so on – is actually a small part of defending yourself.

You will be called upon to justify your actions after the fact. This may be in a statement to police, to a prosecuting attorney, to a grand jury or in a criminal and/or civil trial – or in all of the above. Assault, after all, is a crime. Shooting or killing someone is a crime. The only instance in which it’s not a crime is if you act under the conditions that the law (written laws and case law) set out for doing so legally. Knowing how to shoot is as important as knowing when to shoot.

Disparity of force has to do with the relative amount of force that is employed by one or more persons in an altercation. One of the more specific aspects is whether an armed person can shoot an unarmed person or someone that could reasonably be assumed to be unarmed.

After all, a simple shove is less than a gunshot. A punch or kick is less than a blow from a baseball bat or a knife wound. For a defensive action to be justified, it has to be a reasonable amount of force. In other words, you can’t shoot someone for lightly pushing you. But what if they were to punch you? A blow with a fist can be deadly, make no mistake. History is littered with examples of boxers killed in the ring and people die all the time from a blow with a fist. What’s rather common in fistfights is for one person to be knocked out and suffer a fatal brain injury when they hit the pavement.

The day of this writing, the New York Daily News reported the death of an elderly woman in The Bronx from just such an injury. Her assailant was angered at the price of beer in a bodega in October 2016, walked out and cold-cocked the first person he saw, 69-year-old Eve Gentillon. Gentillon fell to the pavement and suffered head trauma, and had been fighting for life in the hospital since the incident. The perpetrator is likely to face murder charges.

For legal self-defense, force must be applied in equal proportion to the force in opposition. In other words, if two people of equal size, strength, age, health and so on engage in a fistfight, one of them doesn’t necessarily have legal justification to pull a gun to win the engagement. However, if one is 5’4″ and weighs 130 pounds soaking wet, and the other is 6’3″ and weighs in at 250 trim pounds, that’s a serious disparity.

What about multiple assailants? Serious or even fatal injury can occur in a fistfight involving two people, let alone if two or three people gang up on one person. Once a person is beaten to the ground and the kicks start coming it doesn’t take much for a a debilitating or deadly brain injury. In this instance, it wouldn’t take much to argue that three people posed you a lethal threat, as did two – but one might not. If facing three unarmed assailants, this may dictate that you can only shoot two, and deal with the third via nonlethal means. They aren’t armed, and since the group is no longer a threat (only one person remains) the disparity is on the side of the armed person.

This is all well and good to talk about, but the outcome of a defensive shooting on paper and the outcome in real life are two entirely different things. On paper, a small person shooting someone that clearly outmatches them in a physical altercation should be relatively easy to justify.

In real life, that may not be the case. A case that Massad Ayoob recounted here on the Daily Caller in 2013 involved a man in West Virginia of average stature who was attacked by a man who was nearly a foot taller and significantly outweighed him, most of it muscle. The larger man, of notoriously intemperate disposition, began beating the smaller man in front of his house. The smaller of the two pulled out his handgun – for which he had a permit – and emptied his magazine into his attacker, who staggered into the adjacent yard, collapsed and expired.

Authorities were called and within 12 minutes of police arriving on site, the shooter was placed under arrest. The shooting occurred in Nov. 2010, and the matter wasn’t resolved until a jury rendered an acquittal in Feb. 2013.

The disparity of force clearly existed, but proving it legally? That’s a whole other ballgame.

Read more:

Getting Home Safe – Alert Your Spouse with a Safe Word or Phrase

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H/T AmmoLand.

This is something everyone can benefit from.

Getting Home Safe – Alert Your Spouse with a Safe Word or Phrase

Getting Home Safe – Alert Your Spouse with a Safe Word or Phrase

USA –-( It’s late at night, you and your Spouse are walking through a heavy fog in the parking lot of the local Theater – the light standards providing nothing more than a feeble dull glow, its normally bright light unable to cut through the pea soup – the quiet of the night is further muffled by the thick air, the only sound is the soft clicking of your shoes on the asphalt.

The movie you attended was the last one showing, and as you walk through the chill night air you become aware of the few cars still in the lot, scattered here and there like huge rocks in a barren desert.

Your antennae is up, reflecting Condition Yellow, as you make your way to the corner of the lot.

As you move within 50 yards of your car, you begin to see shadows moving in the foggy darkness beyond your car, several of them.

Due to a combination of the late hour, fog and remoteness of your vehicle in the parking lot, you move from Condition Yellow to Condition Orange, your focus now sharp, mind alert and ready as you assess the immediate area and the influx of new sensory information.

At 25 yards, the shadows are now a group of people – five or six – standing on the far side of your car, about 25 feet past your vehicle. You do a quick 360° sweep and quickly refocus your attention on the people.

Still walking, you touch your Spouse’s arm and say “Keep your eyes open and stay close to me.”

“Why?” They ask, looking at you suspiciously.

“Just do what I say… please….stay close and be alert.”

“Why? What the heck is going on,” and they pull on your arm, trying to stop you, to make you explain your intentions.

Your mind is working, assessing your surroundings, the possible threat, distance, who they are, what are they doing – and while you do this, you are whispering harshly to your Wife to be quiet and stay close.

Finally, at the last 10′, keeping your car between you and the possible threat, you can hear some laughter, normal chatter, no threatening posturing, and as you get to your car, you catch the eye of one of the young men and nod, he returns the nod and you open the car door, let in your Spouse before coming round – still in Condition Orange – get in the car, start it up and motor away unscathed.

Your Spouse is now a chatterbox of questions, why, why and why?!

The drive home is a step by step explanation of what was happening, the possible threat and your own high alert and why you were asking them to just “… do what I ask without questions!”

“Safe Word”

A “safe word” is a code word – one word (or phrase) that explains you are on high alert – something you can say to your Spouse that should instantly make them aware there is a possible problem or threat and they should immediately be quiet, stay close and be ready to react to instructions.

When a Condition Orange situation arises, you want two things to happen;

  • One – Be able to focus completely on the possible threat.
  • Two, to focus on the possible threat without confused peripheral input from your Spouse.

I explained to my Wife we needed a word that would bring her to the same high alert as me, in an instant. We decided on a phrase – “Hon, we have to get home and let the dog out.” We don’t own a dog, so she will immediately know there is a problem. No confusion. It’s also a phrase I can say while at a store standing an aisle or two over from where she is, without it sounding odd. After settling on the phrase, we talked about what it is I would expect from her.


I explained to her that when I am with her, my only concern, my only thought, my only job, is to make sure she gets out safe. That’s it, nothing else matters to me.

But how do I accomplish this? I told her that when I give the safe phrase, she should be quiet, open her eyes, get her head up and be aware of our surroundings – where we are, is there somewhere safe to go – and, if I say so, be ready to run.

I explained I want her to stay a half-step back and go to my weak hand side. Put her hand on my back (or grab my belt) and move when I move, where I move, without questions.

I’m not looking to pre-plan what to do in full on Condition Red – more of Condition Yellow / Orange. “Hon, we have to get home to feed the dog” – and she will know immediately there is a potential problem. To stay close, be quiet, eyes open and aware.

We all know you can’t plan what to do in a gunfight – beyond the immediate reaction, a gunfight is a fluid and volatile situation – but you can make sure your spouse is not caught off guard. I want my wife thinking along with me, seeing the problem and working to get home safe. So I wanted something easy to remember, to keep her thinking and calm.
Self Defense Conditions

Self Defense Conditions

I wanted to break it down to something simple, so these are the Four Rules I wanted her to remember.

1) Quiet
2) Stay Close
3) Be Aware
4) Do exactly what I say – no questions asked.

“Condition Orange”

It’s also important to note that these precautions are – for me- used in “Condition Yellow / Orange”. The Safe Phrase is meant to bring her up to Condition Orange immediately and is an attempt to keep us out of the fray before the fray has a chance to begin.

“Have a back-up plan, because the first one won’t work. “No battle plan ever survives 10 seconds past first contact with an enemy.” Use cover or concealment as much as possible.” ~ Joe B. Fricks

The Safe Phrase or Word cannot protect you once you move to Condition Red and the fight has come – the chaos of such situations will put the pressure on your training and your ability to adjust, improvise and overcome – But it can put you in the best position to get you and yours home safe before the shooting starts.

And in the end, isn’t that what we all want?

Read more:
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77-year old with shotgun confronts burglars in Jefferson County

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Blast them in to the next world granny.

Two burglars in Jefferson County found themselves staring down the barrel of a shotgun held by an elderly woman and are lucky to be alive to tell about it, police say.

Source: 77-year old with shotgun confronts burglars in Jefferson County –

Domestic Violence Victim Issues Final Warning Signed in Lead 

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This story ended well for this woman but she will carry the mental scars of the shooting for the rest of her life.

How many women will die thinking that the restraining order will protect them?


Police say a Leitchfield, KY woman had an active domestic violence order against her ex-boyfriend but do criminals follow rules or the law? Nope.

Source: Domestic Violence Victim Issues Final Warning Signed in Lead – Bearing Arms

Tennessee Woman Shoots Monster Under Bed, Won’t Face Charges – 

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The monster picked the wrong bed to crawl under and got shot for his stupidity.

Wrong house.

Source: Tennessee Woman Shoots Monster Under Bed, Won’t Face Charges – Bearing Arms

Self-defense leads to fatal shooting at gas station, say police

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This is from WWLTV 4 CBS. 

Why is it when some aggressive scumbag like this gets killed he is called the victim?

MANDEVILLE, La. — A shooting at a gas station left one person dead in a possible of self-defense case.

According to Mandeville Police, the shooting happened at the Shell station, at 3959 Highway 22.

Police said two people, both males, were involved and both were customers at the gas station. The initial call to police started as a call to help clear a disturbance and it turned into a response to a shooting.

‘We got a call around 10:15 a.m. this morning, what we call a disperse subject. Apparently, the store was having a problem with a customer,” said Capt. Ron Ruple. “They were asking that law enforcement come and remove the subject.”

According to Mandeville Police, the victim, later identified as Shawn Breland, 42, of Folsom, was inside the store and after buying something he began berating the clerk. The clerk ordered Breland to leave the store, and Breland came back inside several times.

Another man who was inside the store and carried a visible firearm in a holster also tried to de-escalate the situation and warned Breland to leave.

“The deceased left but returned throwing what appears to be potatoes chips at the clerk. The shooter then follows the deceased outside to get his vehicle license plate number for the police. When the deceased saw the shooter getting his plate info, he exited his vehicle and physically attacked the shooter,” said a statement from Mandeville Police.

The unidentified man then drew his gun after being attacked. The man then went inside the store, but Breland followed him inside and continued to attack him.

“The video shows the deceased, who his larger than the shooter, physically shoving and pulling the shooter back and forth. The video also shows the deceased attempting to grab for the firearm. The shooter order the deceased back and told him he would shoot him if he did not stop,” said a statement from police.

“The shooter retreated into a corner of the store while still being attacked. With nowhere left to retreat, the shooter fires one round striking the deceased. The deceased does not stop his attacks and the shooter fires two more rounds, striking the subject, who then falls to the ground,” the statement concluded.

Before police arrived on the scene, the shooting occurred, police said.

The shooter, who was not identified, was questioned at the scene by police, but no charges have been filed. His name will not be released due to safety concerns police said. However, police did say the man was a concealed carry and self-defense instructor.

Breland was taken to Lakeview Regional Medical Center, where he was pronounced dead.

The situation left people who live and work nearby struggling to comprehend it.

“That’s amazing and it’s scary too,” said Stephanie Smith, who works near the gas station. “In the middle of the day like that. Really, really scary.”

Mandeville Police are filing the case as self-defense. The case will be referred to the District Attorney’s office for further review.

92-Year-Old World War II Vet Uses His Handgun to Stop Axe-Wielding Intruder

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This is from Freedom OutPost.

It is a shame the state of Kommifornia’s laws deter self defense rather than promote self defense.

At the end of January, a 92-year-old World War II veteran used his 1911 .45 handgun to stop an intruder with an axe from entering his home.

An intruder attempted to make his way inside 92-year-old Joe Milspa’s home early Sunday morning.

According to the San Jacinto Police, the intruder used an axe in an attempt to gain entrance into Milspa’s home.

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Milspa told CBS Los Angeles that he heard the noise at the door and drew his 1911 handgun, chambered in .45 and walked towards the door.

As he approached the door, Milspa, according to Sgt. Craig McDonald of the San Jacinto Police, “suddenly saw an exterior glass window of the home shatter, followed by the suspect attempting to crawl into his home through the window.”

The World War II vet fired one shot at the intruder, who immediately ran off, leaving his axe and several other things behind, according to police.

Why would Milspa have been in trouble? Wouldn’t he have been defending himself? Perhaps it’s due to the ridiculous pretended laws of California.

Mr. Milspa was a mechanic for the Los Angeles Police Department for 21 years. He continues to go to the shooting range to practice his marksmanship.

Police need your help in locating the man who was described as between 20 to 30 years old with a dark complexion. If you have any information that could result in the apprehension of the suspect, please call Deputy Rutigliano at the San Jacinto Police Department at (951) 654-2702.

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