9/11 Budweiser Commercial – AIRED ONLY ONCE


The Budweiser Clydesdales pay tribute to the 9/11 victims.

This is a very touching tribute to the 3,000 victims.


9/11 Budweiser Commercial – AIRED ONLY ONCE

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The Budweiser Clydesdales pay tribute to the 9/11 victims.

This is a very touching tribute to the 3,000 victims.


9/11 Bud Commercial – AIRED ONLY ONCE

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Lest We Forget.

The Budweiser Clydesdales pay tribute to the 9/11 victims.

This is a very touching tribute to the 3,000 victims.



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A Big Hat Tip To FireBird over at  She’s Right.


REMEMBER:  [Jan 6, 2013]  CAMP LEJEUNE,  North Carolina – A U.S. Marine pleaded guilty on Wednesday to urinating on the bodies of dead Taliban fighters [whom they thought had killed a fellow Marine] in Afghanistan and then posing for photographs in a scene captured in a widely circulated video on the Internet and denounced by world leaders.
Staff Sgt. Edward W. Deptola said he knew desecrating the corpses and posing for the “trophy photographs” was wrong and he offered no excuse for the behavior during his court martial at North Carolina’s Camp Lejeune.
“I was in a position to stop it and I did not,” said Deptola, a native of Southold, New York, and married father of two.
Although the judge presiding at Deptola’s trial recommended a stiffer sentence, the maximum penalty he will face under the terms of a pre-trial agreement is a reduction in rank to sergeant.
Daniel Pearl was held for more than a week by the militants and then beheaded – allegedly by Khaled Sheikh Mohammed, one of the architects of the Sept. 11 attacks.

His body was found, beheaded and mutilated, in a shallow grave outside Karachi. Pakistan’s links to militant Islamic groups became an increasing topic of discussion in the corridors of power in Washington.
Dzhokhar Tsarnaev admitted to authorities Sunday that he and his brother were behind the Marathon bombings, according to a senior law enforcement official.

Tsarnaev made his admissions to FBI agents who interviewed him at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center, where he is being treated for multiple gunshot wounds. He had not yet been given a Miranda warning.
Tsarnaev’s attorneys are certain to challenge the legal admissibility of those admissions, and other information he gave them, such as claiming that he and his brothers acted alone, and that his brother was radicalized in an extreme form of Islam in part because he opposed US actions in Iraq and Afghanistan.
Marathon bombings mastermind Tamerlan Tsarnaev was living on taxpayer-funded state welfare benefits even as he was delving deep into the world of radical anti-American Islamism, the Herald has learned.  In addition, both of Tsarnaev’s parents received benefits, and accused brother bombers Dzhokhar and Tamerlan were recipients through their parents when they were younger, according to the state.


“Peaceful” Muslims Destroy Dozens of WW2 Headstones

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This is from Godfather Politics.

 The goat humping pigs are not from a peaceful religion.

The safest way to protect these military is pour

pigs blood are the perimeter of the cemetery.

Then polish the headstones with bacon fat and maybe

Place a couple of pigs at the entrance.


I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard someone say that Islam is a religion of peace.  They pose no threat to anyone.  All they want is to live in peace and enjoy the same freedoms and privileges that we do.

I didn’t believe it then and certainly don’t believe it now.

What I see of the religion of peace is an entire culture taught that anyone that is not a Muslim is an infidel and the Quran tells them that infidels should be killed.

I’ve read and talked to many Muslims from countries like Iran, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Afghanistan and Pakistan who all say the same thing that they were taught as young boys to hate Christians, Jews and especially Americans.

I worked with a man who spent every penny he had to smuggle him and his family out of Iran back with Jimmy Carter was president and in the heart of the Tehran hostage situation.  He was a licensed doctor, but the US would not recognize his medical license, so he worked with me at a hardware-lumber store.

We often talked and he told me how in school growing up, all of the boys (girls were not allowed to attend school) were taught to hate America.  It was drilled into them day after day after day that their goal in life should be to grow up and help destroy America and they would be a hero if they were martyred in the process.

America has witnessed Muslim attacks including Benghazi and the murder of 4 Americans.  Let’s not forget the attack on the USS Cole; the 1983 attack on the US Embassy in Beirut that killed 63 and injured 120 more.

Then there was the first attack on the World Trade Center in New York in 1993 that killed 6; the attack on the US Embassies in Kenya and Tanzania in 1998 that killed 224 and injured over 4000 others.

We all remember September 11, 2001 when Muslim extremists commandeered 4 passenger airliners that were used to attack the two World Trade Centers, the Pentagon and a fourth failed attempt that all toll killed over 3,000 and wounded thousands of others.

ut don’t feel that we are the sole targets of the world’s peaceful Muslims.  They have launched attacks on Israel, one of which killed the Israeli Olympic team at the 1972 Munich Olympics.

In case you need to see just how peaceful and respectful Muslims are of others, take a look at this video.  It was taken by a Muslim who was part of a mob that vandalized and desecrated a cemetery that contained the remains of British and Italian soldiers killed during World War 2.

The cemetery just happens to be located in Benghazi, where the same peaceful Muslims attacked the US Embassy last year.

These Muslims show no respect for the fallen men who died in war.  If anyone did that to a Muslim cemetery, the entire Muslim world community would be up in arms demanding the death of those involved. Islam is the most intolerant religion in the world and they continually prove that by their actions.

Muslims expect us to welcome them with open arms and believe that nothing will change after they move into the neighborhood.  But look at places like Dearborn, Michigan which has the largest enclave of Muslims in the US.  They are taking over the city government, the schools and even public events like fairs.  Muslim judges have already issued rulings based upon sharia law which went against American law.

Islam is not a religion of peace and they don’t want just to move in and be part of our neighborhoods.  They have an agenda to convert America into the United States of Allah and I guarantee that we Christians will be more persecuted than ever before.

Read more:


Let’s Stop Acting Like There’s a Debate about the 2nd Amendment

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This is from Godfather Politics.

There is not any debate form the left on The Second Amendment.

The left only wants to void the Second Amendment and  confiscate guns.

In fact they want to scrap The Bill Of Rights.

The left only wants The First Amendment to apply to them only.

Guns and Flag

After the president, with help from his fraternizers in the deceptive state-run media, somehow won his re-election campaign, I thought it was important to note the first thing Obama and his administration did was turn its attention to the United Nations gun treaty talks.

Hmm, I wonder … If he really had the support of the American people, why is he so busy trying to disarm those who supposedly love him so much?

And all the while Obama and his administration are busy trying to disarm the American people by conjuring up criminals guilty of some sort of gun crimes as an excuse for new gun legislation.

Well, then, let me help: This administration need not look any further than within its own ranks.

And this, friends, is the very reason we are an armed people.

As you know, Attorney General Eric Holder is guilty of putting thousands of assault rifles (AK-47s) into the hands of Mexican drug lords in an attempt to blame the American people for the crimes administration officials are guilty of contriving and committing. As a result, Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry was killed, along with hundreds of Mexican civilians, including teens at a birthday party and a Mexican beauty queen.

The state-run media conveniently pulled a media blackout on Fast and Furious, and some Americans gave them a pass and have “forgotten” the atrocities committed upon them by their own government, therefore strengthening tyranny so it might assault the people again on a later date.

The “later date” occurred in Benghazi, when Ambassador Chris Stevens, two Navy SEALs and another U.S. citizen were killed on Sept. 11, 2012.

The Blaze reported:

“The details of the September 11 attack that killed four Americans at the U.S. consulate in Benghazi are still murky, and there is certainly more to be known.

“Former CIA officer Clare Lopez argues that the key issue is the relationship of the U.S. government, Ambassador Christopher Stevens and the U.S. diplomatic mission in Libya with al-Qaida.

“‘That relationship, Lopez argues, could be connected to the rise of Islamic brigades in Syria, who recently created a “Front to Liberate Syria” to wage jihad against the Syrian regime and turn the country into an Islamic state.’”

The Business Insider stated:

“In 2011 the U.S. sold $33.4 billion worth of weapons to Saudi Arabia and $1.7 billion to Qatar as sales tripled to a record high and accounted for nearly 78 percent of all global arms sales.

“‘The opposition groups that are receiving most of the lethal aid are exactly the ones we don’t want to have it,’ one American official familiar with the situation told the New York Times.”

So, America, was Ambassador Stevens gun running to extreme jihadists? Was Eric Holder responsible for putting guns into the hands of Mexican drug cartels? You decide.

Holder has been contriving a gun grab for years. For those who didn’t know, it recently came to light that Holder encouraged the media to “brainwash” the youth about how bad guns are when he was a part of Clinton’s anti-gun administration.

What is interesting here is that the young, through Hollywood and video games, are conveniently taught a “thug” mentality and how to commit crimes. In the meantime, corrupt politicians wait to trample the Constitution and legislate new policies to disarm the American population, leaving them defenseless when the crimes are committed.

Just look at Sandy Hook, Aurora, Columbine, etc.

Thomas Jefferson stated that the whole purpose of government is to “ensure your rights,” not to take them away.

What this administration is attempting to do is exactly what Hitler, Stalin, Mao, or any other dictator has done. They blame the weapon rather than the person committing the crimes and all the while subtly encourage criminal activity.

Friends, this is not about guns; it is about control. And this issue is not to be overlooked, because gun rights stand between a free country and an enslaved, possibly an exterminated, people.

The Second Amendment: “A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a FREE State, the Right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed [violated].”

According to Federal Statute Title 10, Chapter 13, Section 311 (a), all males between the ages of 17 and 45 who are either citizens of the United States or have declared their intent to become citizens are members of the “unorganized” or reserve militia.

It is time for America to get out of the debate because there is no debate.

We have rights given unto us by our Creator. Period.

President George Washington, when arming the people of the United States of America, said:

“A free people ought not only to be armed and disciplined, but they should have sufficient arms and ammunition to maintain a status of independence from any who might attempt to abuse them, which would include their own government.”

We would do well to heed President Washington’s warning, since over 56 million people in the 20th century were exterminated by their own governments under the guise of gun control.

Read more:

Issa: Obama Admin Ignored Requests for Increased Security in Libya

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This is from Breitbart’s Big Peace.

Why were requests for additional protection repeatedly denied?

Hillary Clinton and Ambassador Susan Rice have blood on their hands.

Today, Reps. Issa and Chaffetz sent a letter to Secretary of State Hillary Clinton asking why requests for more protection at the Benghazi embassy were denied. Rep. Issa is the Chairman of the House Oversight Committee and Rep. Chaffetz is the Chairman of the subcommittee on National Security, Homeland Defense and Foreign Operations. The full committee will hold a hearing on October 10, 2012 to assess the security situation preceding the terrorist attack of September 11.

“Based on information provided to the Committee by individuals with direct knowledge of events in Libya, the attack that claimed the ambassador’s life was the latest in a long line of attacks on Western diplomats and officials in Libya in the months leading up to September 11, 2012. It was clearly never, as Administration officials once insisted, the result of a popular protest,” the committee’s chairman, Rep. Darrell Issa, R-Calif., and subcommittee chairman, Rep. Jason Chaffetz, R-Utah, write. “In addition, multiple U.S. federal government officials have confirmed to the Committee that, prior to the September 11 attack, the U.S. mission in Libya made repeated requests for increased security in Benghazi. The mission in Libya, however, was denied these resources by officials in Washington.”

The letter includes a long list of security concerns that occurred in Libya in the six months preceding the murder of Ambassador Stevens. Of particular concern is an attempt on the life of the British Ambassador that took place on June 10.

June 10, 2012, BENGHAZI – On or about June 10, 2012, a two-car convoy carrying the British Ambassador to Libya from a conference on reforming Libyan military law was attacked in broad daylight by a militant with an RPG.  This attack was an important escalation in the violence against Western targets in Benghazi, as prior attacks had been at night and were often preceded by warnings from the attackers.  Photos from the aftermath of the attack are attached.

The committee has asked the state department to make the appropriate officials available for the hearing along with answers to the following questions:

1. Was State Department headquarters in Washington aware of all of the above incidents? If not, why not?

2. If so, what measures did the State Department take to match the level of security provided to the U.S. Mission in Libya to the level of threat?

3. Please detail any requests made by Embassy Tripoli to State Department headquarters for additional security, whether in general or in light of specific attacks mentioned above.  How did the Department respond to each of those requests?

A copy of the letter can be found here.

Chilling 9/11 note reaches family 10 years later

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This is from Fox News.

I can not imagine the renewed heart ache of this family.

They had hoped that their loved one died instantly.

This note shattered their illusion of a quick painless death.

I can not imagine the fear and desperation felt by Randy Scott.

The horror and fears  were the same for the other 11 trapped people.

My hope is they were able to make their peace with God.

We should pray the other families will find answers like Randy Scott’s family.

How many more victims of this cowardly attack died in this manner?

WTC note.jpg

“84th Floor west office 12 people trapped.”

The words were scrawled on a note by Connecticut resident Randy Scott on the morning of Sept. 11, 2001, when the World Trade Center was attacked. Scott perished that fateful day, but the note withstood the collapse of the towers and was passed from hand to hand for nearly ten years before it finally reached his family, according to the Stamford Advocate.

Scott’s wife, Denise, learned about what her family refers to as “The Note” in August 2011. She had previously believed her husband died instantly after Flight 175 flew into the tower near the offices of Euro Brokers, where he worked. The scrap of paper has robbed the family of any illusion Randy Scott died a quick and merciful death.

“I spent 10 years hoping that Randy wasn’t trapped in that building,” Denise, 57, said to the newspaper from her Stamford home, with two of her three daughters, Rebecca, 29, and Alexandra, 22, at her side. “You don’t want them to suffer. They’re trapped in a burning building. It’s just an unspeakable horror. And then you get this 10  years later. It just changes everything.”

The Note not only has the final words written by Scott, it also has a trace amount of his blood, according to the Advocate. DNA testing confirmed a match and helped the New York City Medical Examiner’s office track down his family, the paper reported.

Randy had phoned Denise before writing the note at the school where she teaches first grade, but believing that the first crash was minor, he simply left a message with the main office letting her know that he was fine, Scott recounted to the Stamford newspaper. Denise Scott said she did not know about the attacks until later that morning, when daughter Rebecca called her from Ohio.

For the next few days, the Scotts frantically checked around at hospitals, hoping the family patriarch had dodged death. Hope slowly gave way, yet they were able to believe that because Scott’s office was close to the point of impact, he had not suffered, according to the Advocate.

Just over a year ago, as the nation marked the 10th anniversary of the attacks, Denise Scott was contacted by Dr. Barbara Butcher, head of forensics investigations for the Office of the Chief Medical Examiner of New York, the Advocate reported. A tiny note had been determined to have been written by the hand of Randy Scott.

“She said, `It’s something written.’ And that’s when I just fell apart,” Denise Scott recalled in the interview with the Advocate.

When Scott saw the note, she knew her husband had written it.

“The minute I saw it I didn’t need to see the DNA test,” she said to the paper. “I saw the handwriting. It’s Randy’s handwriting.”

Butcher informed Scott that she had retraced where the note had gone for the past decade. The note was dropped from the 84th floor. It was discovered by someone on the street, who immediately handed it to a guard at the Federal Reserve Bank just before the building collapsed.

“He [the guard] went to radio, and the building was gone. The building collapsed,” Scott recalled being told.

The Federal Reserve branch held the note for safekeeping before turning it over to the National September 11 Memorial and Museum, which worked with the Medical Examiner’s Office to trace its origin.

“[The note] is “exceptionally rare. I don’t know of anything else like it,” Jan Ramirez, chief curator of the museum, said to the Advocate.

“There have been other pieces of paper that came out of the towers that day, to which we have been able to attach some powerful stories, but none have been quite as rare and unusual and inspiring and sad and touching as this particular one. It really is in a class by itself,” she said Saturday.

At Butcher’s request, Scott granted permission for the museum to exhibit the letter once she told her daughters about it. But the right time didn’t come until last January, after her own father’s death.

This past March, Scott and Rebecca took a hard-hat tour of the museum and was shown where Randy’s note will be displayed, as part of an exhibit on the final moments inside the towers.

“It’s so amazing to think that Randy Scott wrote it and it eventually ended up with his wife and three daughters, which is an amazing arc of a day,” Ramirez said to the Advocate. “We are incredibly proud to be able to show it and I think it will be one of the most powerful artifacts in the museum.”

Some families of victims have chosen not to be notified by the medical examiner’s office when fragments are found.

“I can’t do that,” Denise Scott said to the paper. “The last notification of remains I got was in 2008. And I can’t do that. I can’t leave him there.”

Click here for more from the Stanford Advocate

9/11 Bud Commercial – AIRED ONLY ONCE

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The Budweiser Clydesdales pay tribute to the 9/11 victims.

This is a very touching tribute to the 3,000 victims.

Rep Mike Kelly: Take the heavy boot off the throat of job creators

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Rep.Mike Kelly(R-Pa.) is correct.


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