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This teacher should be in jail from assault and battery and never be allowed to teach again.

She got off with a slap on the wrist and will be reinstated after half of her penalty because she is black. 

While it is normal for everyone to get crazy pissed off occasionally, and possibly even raise your voice, it is NOT normal to get so infuriated that you can’t control your emotions. Like this teacher.

This past September a teacher was caught red-handed abusing a mentally challenged student. She drug the special needs student across the floor by her hair like a rag doll. Now her big punishment… a light slap on the wrist!

Twelve whole years of not teaching. Then what, after twelve years she can go right back to it? How will this help her temper? If anything this woman will just get even older and more crotchety. The real issue needs to be addressed.

Why did this woman flip a switch so quickly that she would drag a child with special needs along the ground?

She made light of the situation to the Mississippi’s Teacher Licensure Commission ‘I am an imperfect human who has made a grave mistake,’ she stated flatly. She may have gotten away with it too if footage of the shocking incident hadn’t leaked onto social media. You better believe that it quickly went viral, drawing over 6 million views on Facebook!

A state Office of Educator Misconduct investigator accused Winters-Johnson of ‘grabbing, hitting in the head and dragging of a special-needs student during P.E. class at Greenville High School’ around Sept. 21.
Raina Lee, a lawyer who handles educator misconduct proceedings for the state, said the 12-year suspension was the longest such sanction she’d seen.

Mississippi has no legal provisions for permanently revoking a teacher’s license, although department officials say they plan to ask lawmakers for that power.

The move means Winters-Johnson can’t even ask for her license back until the suspension is over, while the commission could have allowed the teacher to seek reinstatement after half the penalty.

‘Yes, you can wipe out 20 years of experience in a minute, 20 seconds, because it doesn’t take but one,’ Lee told the commission, rebutting Winters-Johnson’s pleas.

A Washington County grand jury indicted Winters-Johnson on a misdemeanor charge of abusing a vulnerable person.

Winters-Johnson tried to argue that videos watched by millions were only part of the story, begging the commission to balance the act against her long years of service.

She said she was trying to prevent the student from harming herself and that parts of the video were misleading.

Winters-Johnson testified she did not forcefully strike the student with a metal cup, saying she only brushed the student’s head ‘in an exaggerated motion.’

‘I was there and I know I didn’t hit her with the cup,’ Winters-Johnson stated.

She told the panel that she would accept its decision as if she had any other choice, her lawyer did say, however, that she could appeal to the State Board of Education. What would that do? There is proof that she did this.

The short hearing ended with a withering cross-examination of Winters-Johnson after the teacher said she acted only when the student misbehaved by jumping on bleachers, digging through Winters-Johnson’s belongings, and leaning on an exit door. Does mentally handicapped mean anything to this woman?! Good gosh, of course, they won’t listen! If she expected them to she should have picked a different career.

At one point the teacher was asked:

‘Do you have any remorse for your actions?’

To which Johnson replied:

‘I do,’

They questioned her again:

‘Would you like to start sharing that with the commission?’

The hearing also revealed that Winters-Johnson could have gotten off lightly if the videos hadn’t surfaced.