Federal action sought on ‘stand your ground’ laws

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This is from The Hill.

The problem Holder and Obama have with the

Stand Your Ground Laws too many of Obama’s sons 

are getng shot trying to rob and rape decent people.


A group of congressional Democrats pressed the Justice Department Tuesday to gather new data about the effects of so-called “stand your ground” laws on public safety.

Roughly two dozen states have adopted laws authorizing citizens to use deadly force if threatened, even if they could retreat instead.

The statutes have been the subject of intense debate since volunteer neighborhood watchman George Zimmerman fatally shot 17-year-old Trayvon Martin last year, even though Zimmerman did not rely on Florida’s stand your ground law in his defense.

President Obama and Attorney General Eric Holder have called for reconsideration of the laws and whether they encourage violence.


Echoing those concerns, seven lawmakers issued a letter to Holder Tuesday, asking him to direct the Justice Department to adjust the definition of the term “justifiable homicide” in order to capture all cases involving stand your ground laws.

The group is also seeking data on other variables of such killings, including their location, information about who in the altercation was armed, the kind of weapons used and reasons they were justified.

“We believe this information would prove extremely useful in helping to evaluate the laws that govern the use of lethal force and in quantifying the impact of such laws on public safety and civil rights,” the lawmakers wrote to Holder.

Signatories on the letter were Sens. Dick Durbin (D-Ill.) and Mazie Hirono (D-Hawaii), along with Reps. Elijah Cummings (D-Md.), John Conyers Jr. (D-Mich.), Luis Gutiérrez (D-Ill.), Bobby Scott (D-Va.) and Marcia Fudge (D-Ohio).

The lawmakers are also asking the Justice Department to sponsor research through the National Institute of Justice related to trends in justifiable homicides and state-by-state analyses of the impacts of different variations of “stand your ground” laws.

Durbin, citing existing research, said the laws have led to increased violence.

“But the federal government does not collect adequate data on these laws’ impact,” he said. “That must change.”

While the agency has authority to research the matter, the federal government is largely powerless to stop states from passing or enforcing the laws.



How to Win the Knock-out Game

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This is from Clash Daily.

I am too crippled up to run away.

I am too old to take an ass whooping.

So I will shoot your dumbass and continue to

shoot you until you’re no longer a threat.


There’s a new game in town called the “Knock-out Game” and it’s taking the country by storm! But the great thing about this game is it’s being played by both young and old alike. Kids think it’s fun. Adults, though they’ve yet to embrace the game, are playing regardless, because, well, they really have no choice. You see, the game is played like this. A teenage male strikes an unsuspecting person from behind, or as they walk by, as hard as they can. The goal is to knock them unconscious with one punch. It’s being played with increasing regularity all across our big cities.

I’ve watched all the videos and they sicken me, no, more than that, they anger me. Kids say it’s fun. I say it’s sick and twisted and the end-game of a Godless society. But that’s not what I’m here to talk about today. I don’t care about the “why” or the social causes and ramifications of this disgusting violence. The purpose of this article is to teach you how to defend against roving teen-age punks who are hell-bent on hurting or killing you. Here are some handy tips to help you win the “Knock-out Game.”

1. Always be in a heightened state of awareness. After studying the videos, it’s obvious all the victims were clueless and lost in their own la-la, sheeplike world of innocent oblivion. Step number one to winning the game is to reach back and pull your daydreaming head out of your rectal orifice. Stop being a sheep! The NRA teaches four levels of awareness: Unaware, Aware, Alert, and Alarm. America’s days of walking around unaware are over. Stay in the “Aware” state of mind. You aren’t paranoid, but you’re watching that roving band of teenagers laughing and joking as they herd toward you.

2. Embrace the warrior mindset. Go to and study Lt. Colonel Dave Grossman’s books and articles on sheep, sheepdogs and wolves. Look up, make eye contact with the little beasts and move away. What are you telling them when you make eye contact? “I can see you. I know you’re there. I can pick you out of a police line-up. I am not a sheep. If you mess with me, I will kick your ass!”

But here’s the problem, most of you reading this article are sheep. You stand on the hill and go “Baa!” as you’re being slaughtered. Here’s the skinny. Sheephood is a choice. Sure, some of us are naturally more aggressive than others. We’re jam-packed with testosterone and attitude, and we’d just as soon shoot a bad guy as look at them. If you’re a sheep, start your transition to warrior right now!

3. Get some training. I recommend some basic hand-to-hand tactics you can practice at home. You don’t need a black belt in karate to foil an attacker. Most of us don’t have that much time, and many of the martial arts are more “art form” and less practical for use in the real world. Focus on learning just a few hand-to-hand techniques that you can master in a short amount of time. All you need is just a few seconds of delaying tactics in order to get out your gun and bring it into play.

4. Buy a gun! That’s right. I used the “G” word. Buy a gun. Learn to use it safely. (Safe for you, but dangerous for the bad guy.) Author’s Note: I’m not a lawyer and I’m not giving you legal advice. Take the time to research all local, state and federal firearms laws before gunning down your attacker. But, since I am an NRA Advanced Defensive Pistol Instructor, I will give you some tactical advice. For best results in self defense, I recommend two shots to the chest and one to the head. When facing multiple attackers treat it like a zone defense in basketball. Shoot the greatest threat first. Chances are you won’t have to shoot them all as they’ll be knocking each other down in a futile effort to outrun your bullets.

5. Get some advanced defensive pistol tactical training. It’s not enough to be a good shot. You have to be capable of delivering multiple kill shots while under extreme duress. When teaching advanced pistol classes I always add the element of stress in an effort to raise heart rate and cause an adrenaline dump into the bloodstream. Don’t take sissified gun classes where you stand there and plink at typing paper. Move, shoot and live! Most of my practice these days is point shooting within ten feet. There’s no such thing as a long-distance knock-out punch. If you have to use your firearm you’ll be up close and personal.

6. Get a very good lawyer. If you follow my advice and you have the misfortune of being second-guessed, you’re going to need excellent counsel. Ask George Zimmerman. He’ll tell you. America is a very just land, and you can have as much justice as you can afford. Do what I did. Join one of the many legal defense networks out there. I recommend two: Armed Citizens’ Legal Defense Network, Inc. and also Self Defense Shield by the United States Concealed Carry Association. Both will serve you well and are affordable by most. Don’t wait until after a shooting. Be prepared in all aspects.

Okay, by now some of you are shaking your head and calling me a bloodthirsty, insensitive animal. I don’t care. Tell that to English teacher Jim Addlespurger in Pittsburg who was knocked out with one punch when leaving his school. Tell that to the seventy-eight-year-old woman in Brooklyn who was sucker punched when she stepped off her porch. They were no doubt sensitive to the point of kissing the pavement.

If being sensitive means I have to take a punch to the face which may seriously injure me or kill me, then to hell with sensitivity. If you wind up to punch me, I’ll be watching, and I will fight back. The Coryell household is a “no-sheep zone”. We are armed and dangerous and we don’t care about your poor potty training or whatever other sorry, pitiful liberal sob story you have. We are trained. So get the hell off my lawn!


Jesse Jackson Sues Georgia Over State’s “Stand Your Ground” Law, Claims It Is Racist Against Blacks…


This is from Weasel Zippers.

Jessie The Race Baiter Jackson is looking for 15 more

minutes of fame.

I hope he gets embarrassed and counter sued.

Sadly many politicians are afraid of Jackson and

will bend over backwards appease him.


Even though SYG laws disproportionally benefit blacks.

(Reuters) – A national coalition led by the Reverend Jesse Jackson Sr. is seeking to have Georgia’s “Stand Your Ground” statute ruled unconstitutional, arguing in a federal lawsuit filed late Monday that the law discriminates against minorities.

The 2006 law, which allows citizens to use deadly force in self-defense if they feel threatened, harms black people because they are often perceived by society as more dangerous than other racial groups, Jackson’s Rainbow PUSH Coalition said in the suit filed in Atlanta.

“All Georgians, and particularly those of color, will be compelled to at all times prove that they are not taking part in any action which may lead an individual to form a ‘reasonable belief’ that they are posing a threat to them,” the suit said.

Robert Patillo, lead attorney for the plaintiffs, said he believed the coalition’s legal challenge was the only pending federal lawsuit in the country against a state “Stand Your Ground” law.

The laws came under new scrutiny after the 2012 death of Florida teenager, Trayvon Martin. Police in the central Florida town of Sanford initially declined to arrest shooter George Zimmerman, citing that state’s Stand Your Ground law and evidence that the unarmed Martin was getting the better of Zimmerman in a struggle when Zimmerman drew his gun and fired.

Martin was black, and Zimmerman is white and Hispanic. Zimmerman was later charged in the shooting death of the unarmed Martin but was acquitted by a jury of second-degree murder.


Gun rights expert, economist makes case against racism narrative surrounding ‘stand your ground’ laws

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This is from Real Clear Politics.

The race hustlers say Stand Your Ground equals a license

for whites to hunt blacks.

But the facts prove that Stand Your Groud has been used

By more blacks in Florida than whites.



‘Stand your ground’ laws in states like Florida have drawn scrutiny for the perceived racial disparity with which they’re used in the criminal justice system. A prominent economist and gun policy expert made an effort to rebut that narrative before a Senate panel Tuesday, saying that in fact blacks stand the most to gain from these self-defense statutes.

Testifying at a high-profile Senate Judiciary subcommittee hearing that included the mothers of Trayvon Martin and Jordan Davis, John R. Lott, Jr., president of the Crime Prevention Research Center, contended that it appears “all people benefit” from stand your ground laws when taking data into account. And contrary to arguments that the laws have a discriminatory effect, they benefit black Americans in particular, Lott said.

“Poor blacks who live in high-crime urban areas are not only the most likely victims of crime, they are also the ones who benefit the most from stand your ground laws,” Lott provided in his testimony. “The laws make it easier for them to protect themselves when the police can’t be there fast enough. Therefore, rules that make self-defense more difficult disproportionately impact blacks.”

As evidence, Lott took figures from the Tampa Bay Times that frequently have been used to criticize the effects of stand your ground laws and put them into broader context.

“In Florida, for example, in contrast to the [Trayvon] Martin and [Jordan] Davis cases, there are 15 cases where black men, who were being threatened, defended themselves and successfully relied on this law in their defense, with their charges either being dropped or they were acquitted,” according to Lott’s testimony. He also crunched data to find that 69 percent of blacks in Florida who raised a stand your ground defense in court were not convicted, compared to just 62 percent of whites.

Still, stand your ground opponents were unconvinced during the hearing. Sen. Dick Durbin (D-Ill.), the subcommittee’s chairman, leaned on separate data from the Urban Institute alleging the policy’s bias — data that Lott has criticized on technical grounds – in attacking stand your ground laws. Durbin said that the statutes have the opposite effect of deterring violent situations or functioning as instruments of legitimate self-defense.

“This law is an invitation for confrontation,” Durbin said.

Sybrina Fulton, the mother of slain teenager Trayvon Martin, and Lucia McBath, the mother of another teenager, Jordan Davis, who was fatally shot outside a gas station in a separate circumstance, agreed with Durbin’s assessment at the hearing. Regardless of the non-role that stand your ground played in the trial of George Zimmerman, Fulton said that “this law does not work” in light of his acquittal. McBath made an emotional plea to the committee to resolve the larger issue, saying that ”even the Wild West had more stringent laws governing the taking of life than we have now.”

Harvard law professor Ronald S. Sullivan, Jr., who also testified against stand your ground before the panel Tuesday, put his argument in pointed terms.

“[The law] tells Floridians that they can incorrectly profile young black children, kill them, and be protected by stand your ground laws,” Sullivan said.

Lott disagrees with the premise of such characterizations.

“Racism shouldn’t be tolerated. Yet, precisely because of its seriousness, false accusations of racism are also unacceptable,” Lott provided in his testimony. “Those making explosive claims of racism  should carefully back up their claims.”

Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas), the ranking member of the panel, concurred.

“This is not about inflaming racial tensions,” Cruz said. “This is about the right of everyone to protect themselves and protect their families.”

In that vein, Republicans wondered Tuesday why Senate Democrats were focused on disparaging stand your ground laws while failed economic policies have been such culprits in harming black families.

“While Senate Democrats mobilize to discuss ‘Stand Your Ground’ Laws, I hope they also plan to rally around black youth facing dwindling opportunities and job prospects across the country,” Orlando Watson, Republican National Committee Communications Director for Black Media, said in a statement. “With more than 10 million black Americans living below poverty level, why aren’t Senate Democrats also holding hearings on the impact their disastrous policies have had on the black community?”



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