Mandela Funeral = New World Order Party

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This is from Victoria

This is food for thought.


o and raul


My Florida friend Marielena Stuart, who ran for Senate in 2012, escaped Cuban communism as a teenager. She understands dictatorships. She knows what tyranny looks like. She is qualified to explain who Nelson Mandela really is, why Obama shook hands with Raul Castro, and exactly what is happening in Africa in this thorough article of facts, facts the mainstream media will not report.

Marielena begins, “It is extremely difficult for someone like me, as a survivor of communism, to witness this international massive socialist takeover. Members of my family, including my father, were political prisoners under Castro’s bloody regime. One of my uncles became one of the longest held political prisoners in the Western Hemisphere. Other family members were tortured and executed– or died fighting against Castro’s Communist forces. I visited Castro’s political prisons during my childhood in Cuba, so I have full authority to speak about the communist atrocities that I witnessed.”

Marielena explains how Nelson Mandela was a communist just like Castro and Obama, and how Nelson Mandela left Africa racially divided, jobless and impoverished, while he personally acquired millions of dollars, “his children and grandchildren active in some 200 private companies.” Mandela was a hypocrite and a terrible leader.

Even his comrades dissed him. The World Socialist Website of the International Committee of the Fourth International (ICFI), December 7, posted this;

“South Africa today ranks as the most socially unequal country on the face of the planet. The gap between wealth and poverty and the number of poor South Africans are both greater than they were when Mandela walked out of prison in 1990. Fully 60 percent of the country’s income goes to the top 10 percent, while the bottom 50 percent lives below the poverty line, collectively receiving less than 8 percent of total earnings. At least 20 million are jobless, including over half of the younger workers.

Meanwhile, under the mantle of programs like “Black Economic Empowerment,” a thin layer of black ex-ANC leaders, trade union officials and small businessmen has become very rich from incorporation onto boards of directors, acquisitions of stock, and contracts with the government. It is under these conditions that ANC governments that have followed Mandela’s, first under Thabo Mbeki and now Jacob Zuma, have come to be seen as the corrupt representatives of a wealthy ruling establishment.

Mandela, who played a less and less active role in the country’s political life, nevertheless served as a facade for the ANC, which traded on his history of sacrifice and his image of humble dignity to hide its own corrupt self-dealing. Behind the facade, of course, Mandela and his family raked in millions, with his children and grandchildren active in some 200 private companies.”

Marielena ends with, “The presence of these leaders in Johannesburg has everything to do with a show of force, to assert their New World Order of power, greed and control—and absolutely nothing to do with the well-being of the black population.

The citizens of South Africa deserve better.”

The New World Order (United Nation’s Agenda 21) is global redistribution of wealth. It is Marxism. It will enslave the masses, including you. Population control will kill millions. An oligarchy, the elite will rule, just like the old feudal system. Kings and slaves. If this is what you want, keep your eyes and ears covered. If you want freedom, tell your friends to read this.

Go here for more info.

Here is Marielena Stuart’s article.

(Marielena Stuart)



‘He was not an AMERICAN!’: Sheriff defies Obama’s order to lower flag for Mandela

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This is from BizPac Review.

I say Bravo to Sheriff Rick Clark of Pickens County, S.C.

Not only is Mandela not an American he is a terrorist and

a Communist.

Sheriff Rick Clark

                                     Pickens County Sheriff Rick Clark  Facebook

For one South Carolina sheriff, defying President Obama’s order to lower the American flag to half-staff in honor of former South African PresidentNelson Mandela is simple: Mandela “was not an American.”

Pickens County Sheriff Rick Clark took toFacebook Friday to explain to seemingly supportive residents why he will not lower the flag at the Sheriff’s Office for Mandela, despite Obama’s Dec. 5 Presidential Proclamation:

I usually don’t post political items, but today is different. I received this notification today, “As a mark of respect for the memory of Nelson Mandela, the President orders that the flag of the United States be flown at half-staff effective immediately until sunset, December 9, 2013″

Nelson Mandela did great things for his country and was a brave man but he was not an AMERICAN!!! The flag should be lowered at our Embassy in S. Africa, but not here. Our flag is at half staff today for a Deputy in the low country who died going to help his fellow Deputy. He deserves the honor. I have ordered that the flag here at my office back up after tomorrow’s mourning of Pearl Harbor Day!

On Thursday, Obama took the rare step of ordering all American flags on government buildings lowered to half-staff until Monday, Dec. 9 in honor of the death of a foreign leader.

According to NPR, Obama did not issue the same proclamation upon the death of former British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher.

“In fact, the last foreign dignitary to be memorialized with the flag was Pope John Paul II in 2005,” NPR reported.

The Presidential Proclamation on the death of Nelson Mandela read, in part:

As a mark of respect for the memory of Nelson Mandela, by the authority vested in me as President of the United States by the Constitution and laws of the United States of America, I hereby order that the flag of the United States shall be flown at half-staff at the White House and upon all public buildings and grounds, at all military posts and naval stations, and on all naval vessels of the Federal Government in the District of Columbia and throughout the United States and its Territories and possessions until sunset, December 9, 2013. I also direct that the flag shall be flown at half-staff for the same length of time at all United States embassies, legations, consular offices, and other facilities abroad, including all military facilities and naval vessels and stations.

H/T: Talking Points Memo

Related: Obama honors Mandela in ways he snubbed Thatcher

Breitbart’s @JoelPollack OUTRIGHT LIES About ‘Race Relations Being Better’ In SA Post Mandela

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Hat Tip To Mad Jewess.

Breitbart’s @JoelPollack  OUTRIGHT LIES About ‘Race Relations Being Better’ In SA Post Mandela

Little white South African girl who was beaten just for being white:

Sure, Pollack brings up some negatives.. But, to just outright LIE about racial relations being ‘dramatically better’ makes me want to puke.

I get so damned sick and tired of the LIES these phoney’s spread.  This moron states:

Race relations are dramatically better. Mandela brought South Africa from the brink of civil war to aunity that was once unthinkable. Politicians continue to exploit race, but everyday relations among members of the “Rainbow Nation” are good, thoughsome ’grievances’ remain. An entire generation has grown up with no direct experience of apartheid,  and against the backdrop of a vibrant cultural cross-pollination. One problem is the position of the formerly dominant Afrikaans-speaking minority, whose language is being pushed aside.


So, race relations are better for the South Africans?  What a liar.  South Africa is now the murder capital of the world and the blacks there are going to make every, single white person pay for ‘apartheid.’     Over 64,000 whites have been murdered by black South Africans since Mandela became KING: See for yourself   Go ahead JoelTell us how the # is not accurateIsn’t that the same garbage we hear from people that deny the # of the German Holocaust victims, JOEL? 

South Africa is a hell hole with daily insanity:

In September 2013 the police reported that they had “made more than14,000 arrests at Communist/liberaol protests in the past four years in SA- see here: CLICK (Wikipedia)

The nuts in South Africa even protest delivery services: See this new site for yourself.

The ‘flash mob’ loot stores and steal millions in jewelry & other in S.A.  See this news site here

Sell your BS somewhere else, JOEL.

South Africa today is the murder capital of the world, a nation where a woman is raped every 30 seconds, often by AIDs carriers who go unpunished, and where whites are anything but the citizens of a democratic country which honors the principles of equality and freedom. From David Horowitz

Nelson Mandela Joins Yasser Arafat As Dead Terrorists Who Won Peace Prizes

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This is from Clash Daily.

Obama has ordered the flags flown at half staff to pay

tribute to this evil Communist bastard.

It is a shame the line of bull shi* that has been fed the

 unknowing uncaring public.

Contrary to what the media is telling you, Nelson Mandela wasn’t jailed merely for opposing the apartheid government of South Africa.  He was jailed to stop him from carrying out wide-scale terrorism on behalf of the global-communism-seeking Soviet Union.

As Peter Wright points out in his article, Mandela–Mass Murderer Turned Into Saint by Media,

Mandela was imprisoned for conspiring and supporting acts of terrorism, mainly the blowing up of infrastructure (power lines) plotting to place bombs in public places (railway stations, etc.) and stockpiling weapons and explosives to carry out terrorist attacks.”

mandelaThe American Free Press reports that at the trial of Mandela and the 19 other members of the terrorist group he founded, with whom he was captured (half of whom were white communist Jews), the prosecutor said that the munitions they possessed were “sufficient to blow up a city the size of Johannesburg.”

According to’s Peter Cleburne, those who would have otherwise been killed and displaced by Mandela’s terrorist faction, along with all of us, have apartheid to thank for keeping him locked up long enough to prevent his brutal ascendancy to power as a younger man, to see him mellow out over the years, and instead learn how to manipulate public opinion toward his communist goals in less violent ways.In his article, The Mandela Monster: We Owe Apartheid South Africa, Cleburne writes:

But Mandela worship is not just another case of MSM Magic Negro mania.  It is a flat-out lieMandela was actually a nasty individual who freely admitted assembling a large arms dump and planning a terrorist campaign(and to being a Communist).  Had he obtained power as a younger man, the world would know him as at least a Mugabe, possibly a Pol Pot.  And the fears of those who opposed black rule are being justified, as documented by Ilana Mercer...”

Nelson Mandela’s wife, Winnie, earned infamy for herself for her urging followers to engage in the “necklacing” of political opponents–a tire is placed around the bound victim’s neck, doused in gasoline, and set on fire.  Thousands and thousands of people in South Africa have been murdered in this way.

Multiple sources report that Winnie publicly taunted her foes by shaking a box of matches in her hand, proclaiming, “We may not prevail at the ballot box, but we will win with the matchbox.”

Even the later version of Nelson Mandela, the exalted, supposedly peace-loving statesman that the Western white liberal media turned him into, openly sang and danced to popular songs calling for the killing of all white people in South Africa.  It’s on video.The heinous genocide being carried out against whites in South Africa and Zimbabwe in recent decades, along with South Africa’s horrific, runaway violent crime spiral, is well-known to those who follow such things.The American Free Press puts the number of whites murdered by blacks in South Africa at 68,000 since 1994, when Nelson Mandela became president.

At this rate, Weather Underground terror mastermind Bill Ayers (who joined with black radical terrorists here in the states to bomb and murder with the declared goal of fomenting a race war on “honky America”) is right on schedule to win the Nobel Peace Prize before he croaks, too, seeing as he hasn’t been publicly tied to the murder of anyone in awhile now–around the same number of years his fellow-traveler Nelson Mandela spent behind bars.

And since Ayers got off on a technicality all those years ago, he gets extra credit from the liberal establishment–not only for not obviously murdering anyone during all that time he’s been “free as a bird,” but also for his role in helping to turn the entire U.S. education system toward communism via his role as distinguished Marxist professor, as a member of various multi-million dollar Left-wing education boards and foundations, and in his helping to write the new-fangled socialist “Common Core” curriculum.

Gag me with a chainsaw.  Those Nobel idiots gave Barack Obama their Peace Prize merely for denouncing “air-raiding villages and killing civilians” during his first campaign, just before he started air-raiding villages and killing civilians from his new perch in the Oval Office, I mean golf cart.  Not to mention Obama using billions of our taxes to send Al Qaeda, Hamas, Hezbollah, Taliban, and Muslim Brotherhood terrorists massive stockpiles of weapons, money, and other support in hot-spots where they thrive and kill.  Meanwhile, our troops and military chaplains are prosecuted if they dare praise the benevolence of Christianity, especially if they do it within earshot of our new “partners,” the Islamofascist, murdering Taliban.

As old-school purveyors of communist terrorism, Nelson and Winnie Mandela make Bill Ayers and Bernardine Dorhn look like Sunday school teachers.  Heck, thanks to our liberal courts and communist-infested educational institutions, Ayers and Dorhn actually did become teachers–full professors and heads of departments at prestigious top American universities, no less.Even after being freed and re-made into a man of “peace,” Nelson Mandela threw in with Palestinian terrorists.  His public statements of support for the PLO are a matter of record.

Just as I did not mourn the departure of made-over Palestinian terrorist Yasser Arafat from this mortal coil, the world has rid itself of another Nobel Peace Prize winner whose loss makes me breathe a sigh not of grief, but of relief.

Investigate the racial context behind Martin’s death

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This is from The Chicago Sun Times.

The United nations has no say as to what happens in America.

Jessie you and Al need to close your race baiting pie holes.

Jessie and Al have done real well for themselves in this

horrible racists country.


f Trayvon Martin were not a young black male, he would be alive today. Despite the verdict, it’s clear that George Zimmerman would never have confronted a young white man wearing a hoodie. He would, at the very least, have listened to the cops and stayed back. Trayvon Martin is dead because Zimmerman believed that “these guys always get away” and chose not to wait for the police.

Trayvon Martin’s death shatters the convenient myths that blind us to reality. That reality, as the Chicago Sun-Times editorial board wrote, is that “black men carry a special burden from the day they are born.”

Both the prosecutor and the defense claimed that the trial was not about race. But Trayvon Martin was assumed to be threatening just for walking while being young, black and male.

That is the reality that can no longer be ignored. Through the years, gruesome horrors — the murder of Emmitt Till, the shooting of Medgar Evers in his front yard — have galvanized African Americans and public action on civil rights. Trayvon Martin’s death should do the same.

What it dramatizes is what Michelle Alexander calls “the New Jim Crow.” Segregation is illegal; scurrilous racism unacceptable. But mass incarceration and a racially biased criminal justice system have served many of the same functions. Since 1970, we’ve witnessed a 600 percent increase in the number of people behind bars, overwhelmingly due to the war on drugs. Those imprisoned are disproportionately African Americans. The U.S. now imprisons a greater percentage of its black population than South Africa did at the height of apartheid.

Drug usage is not dramatically greater in the black community. But young black males are racially profiled, more likely to be stopped and frisked (something New York Mayor Bloomberg defends), more likely to be arrested if stopped, more likely to be charged if arrested, more likely to be jailed if charged. In schools, zero tolerance — once again enforced disproportionately against people of color — results in expulsions, creating a virtual pipeline to prison.

The results are devastating. Young fathers are jailed. Children grow up in broken homes, in severe poverty, since those convicted never really leave prison. They face discrimination in employment, in housing, in the right to vote, in educational opportunities, in food stamps and public support. As Alexander argues, the U.S. hasn’t ended the racial caste system, it has redesigned it.

As Trayvon Martin’s death shows us, the norm increasingly is to police and punish poor young men of color, not educate or empower them. And that norm makes it dangerous to be young, black and male in America.

There are three possible reactions to this reality. African Americans can adjust to it, teaching their children how to survive against the odds. We can resent it, seething in suppressed fury until we can’t stand it anymore. Or we can resist, assert our rights to equal protection under the laws, and challenge openly the new reality.

We need a national investigation of the racial context that led to Trayvon Martin’s slaying. Congress must act. And it’s time to call on the United Nations Human Rights Commission for an in-depth investigation of whether the U.S. is upholding its obligations under international human rights laws and treaties. Trayvon Martin’s death demands much more than a jury’s verdict on George Zimmerman. It calls for us to hear the evidence and render a verdict on the racial reality that never had its day in court at the trial.



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This is from Breitbart’s Big Government.

Obama wants to use the idea dreamed up by Emperor Franklin the First.

The idea is straight out of The Communist Manifesto.

The article says it is modeled on the south African model.

They both came from the Communist Manifesto.


Mere hours after Breitbart News published an excerpt from an interview with Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) in which he speculated that President Barack Obama would “prefer a different kind of constitution,” one with a Bill of Rights based on the South African model, former Obama administration regulatory czar Cass Sunstein published an op-ed making a similar argument: that the president wants a “second Bill of Rights” alongside the existing one.

Sunstein located the source of Obama’s inspiration in Franklin Delano Roosevelt’s 1944State of the Union address, rather than the South African constitution–though the American academics whose writings inspired South Africa’s ambitious Bill of Rights could well have taken Roosevelt’s proposals as their foundation.

Roosevelt’s Second Bill of Rights–not a list of constitutional amendments, but policy goals–was as follows:

In our day these economic truths have become accepted as self-evident. We have accepted, so to speak, a second Bill of Rights under which a new basis of security and prosperity can be established for all regardless of station, race, or creed.

Among these are:

The right to a useful and remunerative job in the industries or shops or farms or mines of the Nation;

The right to earn enough to provide adequate food and clothing and recreation;

The right of every farmer to raise and sell his products at a return which will give him and his family a decent living;

The right of every businessman, large and small, to trade in an atmosphere of freedom from unfair competition and domination by monopolies at home or abroad;

The right of every family to a decent home;

The right to adequate medical care and the opportunity to achieve and enjoy good health;

The right to adequate protection from the economic fears of old age, sickness, accident, and unemployment;

The right to a good education.

All of these rights spell security. And after this war is won we must be prepared to move forward, in the implementation of these rights, to new goals of human happiness and well-being.

Sunstein points out Roosevelt was not a socialist–and yet many of the “rights” he proposed were inspired by socialist policies. The Soviet constitution of 1936, too, included the right to work, among other guarantees.

In addition, Sunstein argues that Obama has made progress on least one of these rights: the right to health care, through the highly controversial Obamacare–whose costs will begin to be felt this year in earnest.

The analogy is not perfect: one “right” on which Roosevelt would not have agreed with Obama, for example, is the “right” of public sector workers to bargain collectively and to strike, which Roosevelt opposed.

Regardless, both conservatives and liberals may agree: Obama is aiming at achieving a new set of socioeconomic rights, whether through law or through policy. It is the dream of progressives and liberals for the better part of a century–a dream that has resisted the reality that these “rights” are not justiciable; that they degrade the value of other, fundamental, rights; and they create more policy problems than they solve.



Soft plastics — banned?

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This is from Bass Masters.

State Representative Paul Davis (RINO-ME) claims to be an avid fisherman.

Yet Rep.Davis is ignorant of what is used in soft bait lures.

It is plastic not rubber there is a huge difference in the two materials.

Rep.Davis is a fisherman like Obama shoots skeet in his mind.



Soft plastics are on the chopping block in the state of Maine.

On Jan. 17, state Representative Paul Davis introduced a bill that would prohibit the use of all “rubber” lures. The bill does not define “rubber” — which is not a standard material for soft baits — so it leaves it open that all soft baits would be prohibited if the bill is passed. Tomorrow, the state’s Joint Standing Committee on Inland Fisheries and Wildlife will hold a public hearing on this bill.Make your voice heard!

KeepAmericaFishing officials released a statement last week, noting that it is not aware of any study of fish in the wild regarding problems with soft baits and that research experience is that fish either regurgitate or pass baits that they ingest.

“We are very grateful for our alert and connected Maine B.A.S.S. Nation folks who contacted us concerning this proposed legislative action,” said Noreen Clough, B.A.S.S. national conservation director. “Immediately, we joined forces with American Sportfishing Association (ASA) and its KeepAmericaFishing advocacy site to squash this ill-conceived proposal. B.A.S.S. Conservation is the home of the ReBaits program, providing recycling for discarded plastics in 37 states, Canada and South Africa. When anglers bring discarded plastic baits in, there is absolutely no need to legislate a ban on their use.”

Below is the testimony that Gordon Robertson, vice president of ASA, will present tomorrow. You can send your own letter to the committee at this link just by submitting your contact information. You do not have to live or fish in Maine to make your voice heard.

Testimony of the American Sportfishing Association on LD 42/HP 37, “An Act to Prohibit the Use of Rubber Lures for Fishing

Maine Joint Standing Committee on Inland Fisheries and Wildlife

Submitted by Gordon Robertson, Vice President

February 5, 2013

Thank you, Mr. Chairman and members of the committee, for the opportunity to present testimony on the topic of soft baits used for recreational fishing. The American Sportfishing Association (ASA) is the sportfishing industry’s trade association and has represented the industry since1933. We understand that for our members’ businesses to succeed the Nation must have abundant and sustainable fisheries. Therefore, we spend considerable resources assuring that actions at the state and federal level support clean waters, healthy habitats and angler access to the public’s fishery resources.

We urge the committee to not pass this legislation but instead allow the Maine Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife to conduct the appropriate field studies to determine if this theoretical problem with soft baits poses any practical population management problem in Maine to fish and other aquatic life and to further determine the role of angler education in minimizing the number of soft baits discarded while fishing.

To the best of our knowledge the Maine legislature is the first to consider legislation on this topic. Also, we are not aware of any study other than the 2009 laboratory study by G. Russell Danner published in theNorth American Journal of Fisheries Management that raises a concern with soft baits. In addition, we know of no study of fish in the wild on this topic. To the contrary industry research involving literally thousands of soft baits to test fish of many species (particularly bass and trout) has indicated minimal problems for the research fish involved. The research experience is that the fish either regurgitate or pass the baits without problem. These studies fed baits appropriate for the size of the fish being tested. It is possible that the Danner study may have fed trout large soft baits and the selection of those size ranges is much less likely to occur by free swimming trout in the wild. There is a wide variety of types, sizes and shapes of soft baits and we are not aware of these causing problems, even in laboratory experiments.

We do know that soft baits are popular among anglers and that they comprise a considerable segment of the artificial bait market. They are popular because they negate the need to obtain and keep live baits and they are effective. For this reason they are especially popular with non-resident anglers who visit Maine to sportfish.  From the publication Sportfishing in America published in January 2013 we know that anglers in Maine provide a $614,401,455 economic infusion to the state each year supporting 6,723 Maine jobs. This economic engine from recreational fishing in Maine also provides $42.8 million in state and local tax revenue.  Forty-four percent of Maine’s angling days are done by non-resident anglers. Obviously curtailing the use of popular artificial baits may cause a negative impact on tourism expenditures in Maine. In addition, forcing anglers to use live bait, or once live baits, can cause the inadvertent introduction of nonnative invasive aquatic species.

Obviously Maine wishes to take prudent steps to sustain its fishery resource base and the economic base that flows from recreational fishing. Given that there is no study of the impact of soft baits on fish and other aquatic life in the wild, legislation banning these types of popular baits is unwarranted. The legislation seeks to ban “rubber” baits with rubber being undefined.  Realistically, there are no such baits on the market as soft baits are made from various substances, none of which are rubber. There are biodegradable soft baits available and this legislation would ban even the use of those baits and certainly does nothing to encourage further research into that area or to improve consumer demand for those types of baits.

Much can also be done through angler education to minimize the number of soft baits lost. There are, and can be more, soft bait recycling programs and programs describing the proper disposal of used soft baits. Anglers by nature are conservationists and they will react positively to practical, commonsense programs that allow them to fish with effective baits and that educate them on their use and disposal. We encourage the Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife to work with local angler groups to accomplish this.

Again, Mr. Chairman and members of the committee, we urge you to reject this legislation and instead allow the Maine Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife to conduct the appropriate field studies to determine if this theoretical problem with soft baits poses any practical population management problem in Maine to fish and other aquatic life and to further determine the role of angler education in minimizing the number of soft baits discarded while fishing.

Thank you and please make these comments part of the official hearing record.


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