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The new rules bu Queen Moochelle Antoinette are not popular.

Her majesty’s forced food rules are causing hunger and wasted food.

Even people on the left coast are getting mad.


BLUE RIVER, Ore. –  Some school lunchroom cooks in Oregon say a new federal law designed to get young people to eat better is having unintended consequences.

Cooks are spending more time on the paperwork that reports the nutritional content of their meals and less time at the stove.

The Eugene Register-Guard reports that at the McKenzie Elementary School in rural Lane County, the cook is offering fewer options in entrees and is probably going to use more heat-and-serve meals rather than those cooked from scratch.

A state Department of Education official says districts are also unhappy about the requirement that students get at least half a cup of fruits or vegetables, even if they don’t want them. That means paying for the food and for disposing of it.

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