Jeb Bush: There’s Not a National Right to Gun Ownership

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This is from Freedom OutPost.

One more reason Jeb Bush is not fit to be a dog catcher, let alone President Of The United States.

I hope his RINO ass drops lower and lower in the polls until he quits.

This past week Jeb Bush was a guest on The Late Show with new host Stephen Colbert when Bush said something that some conservative voters might find shocking.

When Colbert asked the Governor if the Constitution implied a national right to gun ownership, Bush seemed to indicate that he believed each state had the right to legislate gun ownership as they see fit.

Stephen Colbert: Well, the right to have an individual firearm to protect yourself is a national document, in the Constitution, so shouldn’t that also be applied national…

Jeb Bush: No. Not necessarily…There’s a 10th amendment to our country, the Bill of Rights has a 10th amendment that says powers are given to the states to create policy, and the federal government is not the end all and be all. That’s an important value for this country, and it’s an important federalist system that works quite well.

After the story broke, the Bush campaign contacted the Daily Caller to explain that Bush is a strong supporter of the 2nd Amendment and that he wasn’t trying to argue that states have the right to limit the 2nd Amendment.

Governor Bush is a strong 2nd amendment advocate and reiterated his view that the federal government should not be passing new gun control laws. He believes in states rights and as Governor of Florida he used the 10th Amendment to expand gun rights with a “Six Pack of Freedom” bill and received an A+ ratings from the NRA.

While I appreciate what Governor Bush was trying to say in the interview, that the states are supposed to have as much power as the federal government (thus creating our federal system), on this issue, he is wrong. See, that’s the whole point of the Bill of Rights. It’s an enumeration of our specific rights that the federal government AND the states must respect. If the 2nd Amendment did not exist… then his 10th Amendment argument would make sense.

Colbert wasn’t asking if the government could expand gun rights, he was saying that since the right to gun ownership is nationally mandated so too should gun laws be nationally mandated.

While Jeb tries to use a states-right argument here, he should have simply turned Colbert’s argument back on itself. Because the Constitution mandates the right to gun ownership, this means that the federal government (and the state governments) have no right legislating against gun ownership. If we can’t trust Jeb to counter a simple and easily refuted attack on the 2nd Amendment, how can we trust him with more complex issues?



Fox’s Bolling Goes After ‘Liberal Posse’ of Stewart, Colbert, and Maher

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This is from Mediaite.

I do not know how much our troops are paid, but I do know it is not enough.

It is a disgrace that many of our troops have to get food stamps because their pay is not enough.

The fast food workers do not need $15.00 per hour.

Fast food is an entry level position to get you some work experience.

Eric Bolling ended today’s Cashin’ In going after the “liberal posse” of Jon Stewart, Stephen Colbert, and Bill Maher for going after him whenever he calls out food stamp abuse or “minimum wage rage” on the left.

Bolling argued they have their priorities backwards, because he’s more worried about members of the military getting decent, entry-level salaries. And it really outraged Bolling that fast food workers are demanding a $15/hour minimum wage, when entry-level military salaries are only a little over half that.

Bolling said, “Every time I suggest we spend more money on troops, Colbert, Stewart, and Maher go on the attack… We have our priorities backward, thanks to the Mo, Larry, and Curly of the left.”

Stewart and Colbert have both roasted Bolling in the past (though for the record, we couldn’t find any clips of Maher going after Bolling specifically), and as recently as this week, Stewart reacted to Bolling’s comment about “latte-gate” by telling him, “Fuck you and your false patriotism.”

Watch the video below, via Fox News:

Rush Claims CBS’s Choice of Colbert is a ‘war on heartland of America’

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This comes from The Prescription For America.

Rush is 100% correct the left is at war with America’s Heartland

Here in America’s does not believe in the nonsense the left is trying to shove down our throats.

We believe the God,Guts and Guns made this country.

We believe We are One Nation Under God.

If we forget that we are one nation gone under.



Rush Limbaugh has blasted the hiring of Stephen Colbert as David Letterman’s Late Night replacement and says that it should be viewed as an attack on Republicans.

‘CBS has just declared war on the heartland of America,’ the conservative radio personality said after the hiring was confirmed on Thursday.

Colbert shot to national fame in his satirical eponymous show, and though the character he plays has his same name, it is a parody of right-wing television hosts.

As such, he uses the comedy on the show to criticize many conservative issues by playing such an outlandish character.

‘No longer is comedy going to be a covert assault on traditional American values, conservatism. Now it’s just wide out in the open,’ Limbaugh said.

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Read the rest of this Dr. Hotze article here:

Rep. Yvette Clarke: The Dutch owned slaves in Brooklyn as recently as 1898 [VIDEO]

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This is from The Daily Caller.

I want to say up front I detest Stephen Colbert.

Idiots like Yvette Clarke is why New York is so screwed up.

This is the modern day DemocRat Party.

This woman is so stupid she makes Slow Joe Biden look smart.


A Democratic congresswoman from Brooklyn appears to believe that slavery existed in her district until 1898.

Against the advice of her party’s leadership, Rep. Yvette Clarke appeared on “The Colbert Report” on Tuesday for one of host Stephen Colbert’s occasional “Better Know a District” segments. After getting in a few digs at Brooklyn, Colbert asked Clarke, who is currently serving her third term in the House, what she would say to her district if she could go back to 1898 in a time machine.

“Set me free!” Clarke said.

“From?” Colbert asked.


Trying to hold back his laughter, Colbert said he didn’t realize there was slavery in Brooklyn in 1898. “I believe there was,” Clarke responded.

Sounds like a horrible part of the country, that kept slavery going until 1898,” Colbert said. “Who would be enslaving you?”

“The Dutch,” said Clarke.

“Those sneaky Dutch bastards,” Colbert said, to which Clarke responded “Exactly.”

The good stuff starts around the three-minute mark. And for those wondering, no, there were no Dutch-owned slaves in Brooklyn in 1898.


Read more:




Super funny comedy interview of OWS representatives

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A big hat tip to Opus#6 at American Perspective.

Colbert special report on OWS protest. This video should go viral. Super funny!


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