Police: Man Breaks Into Chelsea H.S., Goes Wild With Fire Extinguisher

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This is from CBS 2 New York.

It is time for DiFi and Mayor Loonberg to call for immediate

ban of all fire extinguishers.

Obozo needs to appear on television with fake tears and

demand Congress take up a ban on fire extinguishers.

At Least 17 People Treated, Including Students And Safety Officers.

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — Emergency responders were treating several students after an incident at Liberty High School for Newcomers in Chelsea.

It all took place at around 1:30 p.m. Friday. A man entered the school illegally looking for a former teacher, according to police.

Sources told CBS 2 the man is a 24-year-old former student.

When he was questioned by school safety officers, the man grabbed a fire extinguisher off the wall and ran upstairs spraying the extinguisher as he went, sources said.

“There were kids dangling out of the window. They were on their phones, they were crying. At one point they screamed and one girl looked like she was trying to jump out. And the police were like no no no stay in,” witness Debra Fisher said.

The man was taken into custody.

Three school safety officers suffered minor injuries while subduing the suspect, sources said.

At least 14 other people, including students, were also being treated for difficulty breathing after being exposed to the cloud of extinguisher material.

The suspect was taken to Bellevue Hospital. Charges were pending.


Gonzaga Students Face Possible Expulsion After Pulling Gun On Home Intruder


This is from KHQ NBC6 Spokane, Washington.

A son of Obama tries to break in and rob white students.

A white student pulls a legally owned handgun and is

able to scare off the son of Obama.

Now the white student is facing possible expulsion

because said student was unaware of the firearms rule. 

Gonzaga Students Erik Fagan and Dan McIntosh face possible expulsion from the university for pulling a gun on an intruder.

SPOKANE, Wash. – Two Gonzaga students are facing possible expulsion from the University after they pulled a weapon in self defense as a six time felon attempted to get into their on campus apartment. According to the student handbook, students may not possess handguns on campus or university owned property.

On Friday a university discipline board decided to move forward with sanctions, including possible expulsion, for using the weapons. The students will learn in the near future about their future with the school. It all happened late in the night on October 24th when roommates Erik Fagan and Dan McIntosh were hanging out in their university owned apartment.

At 10:15 Fagan answered the door and was greeted by John Taylor. John TaylorTaylor is a felon with an extensive criminal history and when he arrived Fagan said Taylor showed him what appeared to be an ankle bracelet as he tried to intimidate him. Fagan said Taylor then demanded money and was frustrated when he was turned down.

Taylor then attempted to force entry into the apartment. At that point McIntosh brandished his pistol. McIntosh has a concealed weapons permit for the gun and did not know it was in violation of policy at the time. Once Taylor saw the gun he left the property. McIntosh said Spokane Police took Taylor into custody after their report because he was wanted on a Department of Corrections warrant.

Gonzaga released a statement speaking of their long standing weapons policy that has been in effect. The University says the policy has been in place to reduce threats to the school. This story is developing and will be updated as more information becomes available.




NJ College Students Lose Low Cost Coverage Thanks To ObamaCare Regs

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This is from Breitbart.

Some New Jersey college stupids learn the truth about hope

and change.

They also learn how expensive free health care can be.

They  also found out they will pay the  bill.

Along with documenting the many technical failures of Obama’s so called signature website, thisCBS New York item reports the Obama sticker shockmany Garden State college students now face thanks to the increasingly misleadingly named Affordable Care Act.

New Jersey built up a relatively extensive network of junior colleges in the 1970’s and 80’s. Now, ObamaCare is forcing them to drop cost effective insurance programs they had previously provided to students.

Many students have found themselves in health care limbo this semester. Community colleges in New Jersey used to offer cheap health insurance for hundreds of dollars a year but they had to drop the practice because Federal Law prohibits the sale of bare bones policies.

Under the Affordable Care Act it would have cost more to run the program and the cost would have been passed on to students.

Chalk this up as one more of a growing number of reports demonstrating that Barack Obama’s now infamous promise of being able to keep your health insurance if you liked it was a flat-out lie.

 It was a health care shocker for college students in New Jersey who found out that they can’t buy low-cost health insurance at their schools because of the Affordable Care Act.

GHASTLY: Students Decide Who Lives, Who Dies in Death Panel Discussion

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This is from Clash Daily.

Adolph Hitler,Joseph Stalin and Chairman Mao would be proud of these

teachers and students.

These students are future Death Panel members for Obama.



A classroom of 14 and 15-year-old Illinois high school students was assigned the task of deciding the fate of ten fictional characters in an exercise that critics called a lesson in death panels.

The assignment was part of a sociology unit for freshmen and sophomore students at St. Joseph-Ogden High School in St. Joseph, just east of Champaign. The story was first reported by Champion News.

The lesson involves 10 people who are in desperate need of kidney dialysis.

“Unless they receive this procedure, they will die,” the lesson states.

But there’s a problem. The local hospital only has enough machines to support six patients.

“That means four people are not going to live,” the assignment states. “You must decide from the information below which six will survive.”

According to the worksheet I received, the student opted to spare the doctor, lawyer, housewife, teacher, cop and Lutheran minister.

The others weren’t so lucky.

Among those unceremoniously dispatched to the hereafter were an ex-convict, a prostitute, college student and a disabled person.

Read more:

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University Students Suddenly Racist Against Obama


This is from The Black Sphere.

There be hope for America.

Especially in the la la land of Colorado.



Should I believe what I’m hearing, and that is university students are blaming Obama for the shutdown?

Did wackademia get a lobotomy while I was traveling?

When University of Colorado students blame the person who IS to blame, I have to wonder when the meteors will destroy Earth.

Talk about a strategy backfiring! Obama’s punishing of the little people has been a disaster. I hope he continues his arrogance, and the lame ploy of blaming Republicans for everything.

I don’t credit the Republicans for this, but I do credit people like Ted Cruz and Mike Lee for changing the game.

My friend Caleb Bonham shot this video, proving that America has not completely lost its way. Prepare to be shocked about the shutdown, as well as the university students’ responses to questions about ObamaCare.




High school art display encouraged students to step on American flag

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This is from Joe For America.

What is taking place in Kentucky?

A few veterans and parents need to stand on this teachers face.


PADUCAH, Ky. – In America, we’re free to express ourselves in many different ways
Some believe disrespectful treatment of the American flag should be on that list. That’s a topic of debate that will probably rage on forever. What shouldn’t be debatable is whether we allow our public schools to encourage this type of behavior.

At Kentucky’s McCracken County High School, a teacher has apologized for setting up an art display involving a U.S. flag lying on the floor in front of a small writing table, according to a report from Students were reportedly encouraged to step on the flag and write how the experience made them feel. The display was apparently a re-creation of a 1989 art display titled “The Proper Way to Display an American Flag.”

As far as how students felt when they stepped on the flag, we’re guessing the standard response was probably “lousy” or “disrespectful.”   But they didn’t need to actually stand on the flag to understand that. Most kids already know that millions of Americans have died or been severely injured in defense of that flag and the values it represents.

So they should understand, without personal experience, that any act of disrespect toward the flag is sickening and morally wrong. You don’t have to rob a bank and murder the employees to know that such an act is wrong. Of course schools should teach students about our constitutional right to express ourselves.

They should also teach students that such freedoms are rare in the world, and they should be grateful to live in a nation that allows such liberty. Putting a flag on the floor and encouraging people to stand on it is not a good way to communicate that lesson. We’re guessing it was some liberal teacher’s attempt to display his radical views while safely framing it as an educational experience.

The good news is that school administrators joined a group of local veterans in giving the flag a proper retirement ceremony, the news report said. We hope the residents of this district made their feelings known about this moronic endeavor and the school board forbids it from happening again.



Female teacher is accused of ‘rewarding’ male students with sexual favors

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This is from Joe For America.

Where do they find these disgusting life forms to teach school?

These perverts are destroying young lives.

I say lock them up and throw away the key.

CORONA, Calif. – A high school special education teacher is being charged with reportedly offering sex as a “prize” for underage students.
sexual favors

Michelle Hanson, who teaches at Centennial High School in southern California, is being charged with 16-sex related felonies, reports The Blaze.

The charges include having “unlawful sexual intercourse” and “unlawful oral copulation” with five boys all under the age of 18.

One court document states that Hansen allegedly offered sexual favors to a student as a “prize” for performing well in a baseball game.

Hansen reportedly asked the student what he wanted as a prize. The conversation concluded with Hansen declaring that she wanted to have sex, reports the Press-Enterprise.

The Riverside County District Attorney claims that some of the sexual encounters occurred on the school campus, among other places.

“The crimes are alleged to have taken place from May 2012 through May 2013, and took place in her classroom, in a utility room at the school, in her vehicle while parked near one victim’s home, and at another victim’s home,” said the District Attorney in a press release.

One crime reportedly occurred when Hansen was voluntarily supervising Saturday school. She allegedly committed a sex act with a boy after all of the other students had departed.

While none of the students were reported to be in Hansen’s classes, they were all students at Centennial High.

If convicted, Hansen could face up to 13 years in prison, according to the news report.

First lady-backed school lunch regs cost school district $100,000

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This is from The Daily Caller.

It seems the shaved Wookie Moochelle is a failure just

like her Socialist Communist husband.

Failure does not run through the Obama family it takes

a leisurely stroll through the Obama family.

A New York school district is giving the boot to the National School Lunch Program (NLSP) and its new restrictive regulations mandating the number of calories and nutrients in each meal.

The Burnt Hills-Ballston Lake school district announced this month that after a school year struggling with the new guidelines under the Michelle Obama-backed Healthy and Hunger Free Kids Act, the school will not be participating in the program this coming school year.

“Students complained of being hungry with these lunches and the district lost money,” assistant superintendent Chris Abdoo said in a statement. “I’m confident we can do better on our own next year.”

According to the district, the new options, implemented by the Department of Agriculture, resulted in lower sales and a loss of about $100,000.

“Students felt they weren’t getting good value for their money,” food service manager Nicky Boehm said. “The high schoolers especially complained the portion sizes were too small, and many more students brought in lunch from home.”

The decision to leave the NSLP will result in the school district losing partial reimbursements for the cost of food served to students receiving reduced-price or free food.

With just 9 percent of the student population qualifying for subsidized lunches, compared to the New York state average of 43 percent, the district will still be offering free and reduced-price meals to those who need them — but the district will be increasing the cost of a complete meal by 25 cents, which the it says it would have had to do anyway.

Without the regulatory restrictions, the district said it will still be offering healthy options within the recommended calorie limits, but will be able to offer more options.

The intent of the federal regulations was great, but the rigidity of the program was a back-breaker,” Boehm said.

Other school districts have also opted out of the program due to the regulations.

The Department of Agriculture has estimated that that cost of implementing the changes to the school lunch program will be $3.2 billion over the next five years.

Read more:

University orders student to remove ‘offensive’ cross necklace

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This is from BizPac Review.

 Sonoma State University is a haven for Christian Haters.

The University is no doubt over run with muslims and atheists.

Sadly the anti Christian attitude will only get worse.


A 19-year-old California university student filed a religious accommodation request after school officials ordered her to remove a necklace with an attached crucifix because it may “offend others.”


Audrey Jarvis and her offending cross

Audrey Jarvis was working at a Sonoma State University orientation fair for the Associated Student Productions when she was told to remove her necklace,Fox News Radio reported.

“She could not wear her cross necklace because it might offend others, it might make incoming students feel unwelcome, or it might cause incoming students to feel that ASP was not an organization they should join,” Jarvis’ attorney, Hiram Sasser of the Liberty Institute, told the radio station.

“My initial reaction was one of complete shock. I was thrown for a loop,” said Jarvis, a devout Catholic. “I was offended because I believe as a Christian woman it is my prerogative to display my faith any way I like so long as it is not harming anyone else,” she said. “I was very hurt and felt as if the university’s mission statement – which includes tolerance and inclusivity to all – was violated.”

Sasser said it was hypocritical to consider such religious symbols objectionable when other forms of personal expression are OK.

“It’s unfortunate there are university officials out there who think that it’s okay to tell Christians to hide their faith – but would cringe if somebody said the same thing about hiding someone’s pride in whatever political or cultural affiliation they may have,” Sasser told Fox.

He added that California law provides that “employees may wear crosses while they are performing their duties as long as the wearing does not interfere with the employees’ duties or harm the employer’s business interests.”

University spokeswoman Susan Kashack said the school regretted the incident.

“Someone who works here was concerned that the cross might be off-putting to students who are coming to campus for the first time,” she said. “It was absolutely an inappropriate action for him to make that request of her.”

Sonoma State President Ruben Arminana was “angered” by the incident, Kashack said, and school officials are trying to contact Jarvis so they can apologize.

The essence of the First Amendment’s “free exercise clause” is religious tolerance. In the interest of tolerance, the Dearborn, Mich., school system bent over backwards to accommodate Muslim students by providing prayer space in the primary and high schools in its district.

In Jarvis’ case, we’re talking about a university setting, where tolerance, diversity and acceptance should be the norm, not the exception


Fired for using word ‘Negro,’ Bronx teacher files lawsuit

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This is from The Examiner.

Seeing how I am trying to limit my obscenities

I will  only use a quote by Charlton Heston.

“Political correctness is tyranny with manners.”

I say it does not have manners just condescending.


A teacher in the Bronx was fired for allegedly using the word “Negro” when referring to a student in her seventh-grade classroom, the New York Post reported May 23. She was also accused of calling her students “failures.”

The teacher who used the word Negro said she was just using the Spanish word for the color black during a language lesson in her classroom. But the student she directed the word at apparently felt differently and reported her for using the word Negro.

The teacher, non-tenured junior high instructor Petrona Smith, 65, was fired from bilingual PS 211 in the Bronx in March 2012. Smith herself is black.

The incident involving the use of the word Negro is making headlines now, a year after the teacher was fired, because she has just filed a lawsuit against the school district. The accused teacher said she hasn’t been able to find a job since being fired.

The teacher’s attorney, Shaun Reid, said the firing resulted from a misunderstanding and that the use of the word Negro was taken out of context by the students and the school.

The teacher denies directly calling a student a Negro. She told investigators that she was simply teaching students how to say different colors in Spanish. She also denied calling students failures, saying that she simply asked students who had failed a test to move to the back of the classroom.

Now it looks like the courts will decide who is right in the use of the word Negro in that Bronx classroom.


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